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The Police Timeline of the Texas School Shooting Has a Lot of Holes | via @VICENews h/t @ItsKey_70sbaby #PunIntended #GunReformNow #WhenGoodGuysWithGunsGoWrong…
“Investigators ‘still grabbing’ information about Texas school shooting as families search for answers” #Uvalde #DemandReform #DemandTheTruth #DemandJustice…
“They create the conditions they lament then refuse all the viable remedies.” They put shit tons of assault weapons on the streets to justify further militarization of America’s police force, which still hasn’t demonstrated competence or capability of neutralizing mass shooters. Image
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Interessant te zien wat #MauriceDeHond hier doet. Een draadje. /1
#CDA nu 8 zetels" met een plaatje van -7 eronder.
Dat is valse beeldvorming, want het suggereert een #Omtzigt-effect.
Houd je de peiling van vorige week (dus voor het gelekte Omtzigt-stuk) ernaast, dan zie je het CDA op 11 staan.
-3 dus, niet -7 (dat was het verschil met de stemming op 17 maart).
Die zetels lijken te gaan naar #BBB, #PVV en #FvD.
Dat zijn maar in beperkte mate de fracties die volgens een andere tabel van De Hond zouden profiteren/verliezen door een zelfstandige lijst Omtzigt:
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UP NEXT: 8th seed Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas) vs 9th seed Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus) #2021MMM  March 17 Myths Monsters March 17 Myths Monsters 100% 10 F2 A Thorny Devil lizard, colored in dark reds, browns and ligh
Is this March Mammal Madness or Most Beautiful Mammal competition? Because the Ghost Bat is here to SLAY with its silky, pale white fur & sharp, pointy smile. #PunIntended #NotAtAllBiased #2021MMM Photoshopped image of a pale grey and white ghost bat being
The bright-eyed beauties are the largest of the 'microbats', weighing between 130 and 170 g with wingspans over half a meter (0.6m). Maintaining these good looks takes a quality diet - MEAT! #2021MMM Ghost bat in flight against a black background. Its head is
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Received some interesting #OneLineHumors and found them

😃Regular naps prevent old age,
especially if you take them while driving.

😃Having one child makes you a parent; having two makes you a referee.

😃😃Read On...
😀😀Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right &
the other is the husband!

😀I was taught that we should pay our tax with a smile.I tried - but they
wanted cash.

😀A child's greatest period of growth
is the month after you've purchased
new school uniforms
😀Don't feel bad. A lot of people
have no talent.

😀Don't marry the person you want to live with,marry the one you cannot live without,BUT whatever you do,
you'll regret it later.

😀You can't buy love, but you pay heavily for it.
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Ώρα για φλασμπάκ σε ιστορίες από τα παρασκήνια, trivia και μυστικά από την παραγωγή του «Mamma Mia!» το 2007. Θα είναι mega-thread οπότε κρατηθείτε. Here we go... #punintended #MammaMia /1
Ας αρχίσουμε από την αρχή. Η παραγωγή ξεκίνησε στις αρχές του 2007. Όσο κι αν θα θέλαμε να ισχύει το αντίθετο, ένα πολύ μεγάλο μέρος της ταινίας γυρίστηκε σε studio. Όλη η "Villa Donna" με την αυλή, τα κτήρια, το βουνό από πίσω φτιάχτηκαν από το μηδέν κάπως έτσι... #MammaMia /2
Η παραγωγή επέλεξε τα Pinewood Studios όπου είχε το προνόμιο να εγκαινιάσει το ριζικά ανακαινισμένο 007 stage. Είχε προηγηθεί η καταστροφική φωτιά μετά τα γυρίσματα του Casino Royale (2006) που οδήγησε στην κατάρρευση της οροφής. #MammaMia /3
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