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Today, President Biden announces a Housing Supply Action Plan to help close the housing supply gap in 5 years.

The administration’s commitment to using federal transportation funds to reduce restrictive local zoning laws, which inhibit construction of apartments and are often deeply rooted in racial exclusion, is especially promising.
The administration also will take actions to support manufactured housing, ADUs and small-scale developments, and will streamline and reform federal financing and funding sources to help lower costs and speed development.
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The Biden admin is taking the severe shortage of affordable housing seriously. Tomorrow they’ll announce plans for immediate admin actions to address crisis (together w/calling on Congress to enact #BBB’s transformative housing $). Details tomorrow.
As rents rise, homelessness increases, public housing deteriorates, and millions of families struggle to keep a roof over their heads, robust federal actions and investments are badly needed and long overdue.
I’m glad to see Biden admin taking decisive action, but the administration cannot solve the crisis on its own. Congress must also act with similar urgency and quickly enact #BBB transformative and badly needed housing investments.
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🚨 Thread dos acontecimentos da madrugada no #BBB22

O que aconteceu na festa?

A festa desse sábado no #BBB22 foi comandada por Ludmilla!

(E não, não tivemos Brunna Gonçalves como dançarina fazendo sua volta ao proframa)
2) Lina comenta que sua “tristeza” com o resultado do paredão falso não foi pela volta de Arthur, mas sim pela mensagem que o público estaria dando poder para o “outro lado da força” no jogo.

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Analisando a trajetória do Lollipop, é impressionante o quão mal eles jogaram nesta temporada e como conseguiram errar em TODAS as decisões até aqui:

As "cabeças" do Lollipop criaram a maluquice de não votar entre si. Erraram em já criar a separação entre os Pipocas e os Camarotes que chegaram muito fortes logo depois.

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Hating this debate, which reminds me yet again that Philadelphians are so much more progressive than mid-state. Malcolm Kenyatta even looks like he's from a different century than Conor Lamb.
Kenyatta speaking out on green energy--like Biden-Harris. Lamb speaking out for fracking. Yikes.
Lamb doesn't answer the question. Kenyatta talks about the groundwater and about environmental racism. He also invokes how Josh Shapiro has been prosecuting fracking.
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#SOTU 🧵-- Tonight @POTUS will deliver his first State of the Union address. In addition to confronting the crisis in #Ukraine, @WhiteHouse says the President will speak in depth about his economic vision.
He will lay out a 4-point plan to lower costs including:
* Making more things in #America, strengthening #supplychains
* Reducing the costs of everyday expenses for working families
* Promoting fair competition, protecting consumers
* Eliminating barriers to good-paying jobs
While you will hear @POTUS tout practical measures like reducing prescription drug, health care and childcare costs, you may NOT hear the words "BUILD BACK BETTER." A senior administration official told me "It's not about the name of the bill. It's about the ideas..."
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🚨Thread dos acontecimentos da madrugada no #BBB22

Tivemos faíscas no parquinho
1) Chutando cachorro morto?

O jogo da discórdia seguiu a dinâmica de colocar plaquinhas na testa dos colegas.

Douglas e Arthur, que estão no paredão, foram os dois que mais receberam comentários negativos de seus companheiros de jogo.
2) E o clima ESQUENTOU!

Durante o ao vivo, tivemos discussões entre Arthur e Maria, Arthur e Scooby, Naiara e P.A, Bárbara e Doulgas, Jessilane e Douglas e muitos outros brothers!

O parquinho vai pegar fogo?
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gente, é uma semana de #BBB e a tem um pessoal dentro da casa que só entrega paranoia. Rodrigo e Natália não sabem falar de outra coisa que não seja votação, gente chata
vão beber, dançar, contar uns causo, passar umas vergonha, mas não, o pessoal já tá numas que tem que fechar a panela, ter posicionamento, cantar a própria estratégia como se "ter personalidade" fosse abrir o que pensa pra um povo que vai votar em vc em algum momento, afff
eita que agora o discurso do Tadeu vai zoar com a cabeça dessa gente, vamos ver depois dessa eliminação se o povo vai entender que que precisa entregar entretenimento pro Brasil que tá vendo
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@MargaretHoover I'm a great fan of you & @JohnAvlon, but you should not buy the attack ads of losing Dem candidates. I'm a Democrat. Here are #facts on the ground in #Virginia CRT is sold as something it is not. #FactsMatter It is pernicious, destructive,toxic, and more. @Acosta
#CancelCulture attacks #Mathematics Opponents of CRT are NOT all right wing. The people who elected @GlennYoungkin were Biden voters, Asian parents, black parents who want better schools for their children. Asians are being hurt. Below: CA lowers standards…
@MargaretHoover @JohnAvlon @Acosta @CondoleezzaRice articulates the issue best. But there is a disturbing expansion of a surveillance state. I don't see masks or vax as that, but BBB contained bank surveillance, #MerrickGarland actions described below,…
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🚨Thread dos acontecimentos da madrugada no #BBB22

Eles mal sabem o que está por vir…

Todo mundo que acompanha o #BBB sabe: Toda quarta-feira é dia de festa.

Mas a produção do #BBB22 olhou para essa quarta-feira e disse: Você não é todo mundo.

Não tivemos festa.
2) E os participantes JURARAM

Grande parte da galera foi para o jardim e esperou, esperou e esperou.

Eles viram as luzes piscando e ficaram na expectativa, apostando que algo ia acontecer
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I've been asking on progressive calls: why not divide #BBB into pieces? Manchin even says he likes the climate piece. Why not pass it? #BuildBackBetter
and I haven't wanted to spill the tea until now, because one answer is simply: progressive solidarity. Climate folk need to stand up for the #BBB child tax credit, and vice versa. #BuildBackBetter
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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Build Back Better provides tax credits for local newsrooms to hire journalists, “helping to stabilize newsroom budgets in the face of unprecedented challenges and sustaining Americans’ access to the independent journalism that informs citizens and holds the powerful accountable.”
#BBB AmeriCorps will receive $15 billion investment expanding service opportunities, increase the living allowance & education award for all AmeriCorps members, making national service a more accessible pathway to good-paying union jobs for more Americans of all backgrounds.
#BBB will create a new Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), bringing together a diverse generation of over 300,000 Americans to work together in common purpose to conserve our public lands and waters, bolster community resilience, and address the changing climate.
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If BBB doesn’t become law, real GDP growth in 2022 will be lower by 0.5% and reaching full-employment next year will prove elusive. Fallout will be quick as families w/ children will lose a tax break. Hard to see the Fed hiking rates 3 times next yr, as investors now anticipate.
Without BBB, the economic recovery will be vulnerable to stalling out if we suffer another serious wave of the pandemic; an increasingly likely scenario with Omicron spreading rapidly. Detractors of BBB worry about inflation, but without it, the worry is more likely to be growth.
There is still hope #BBB in some form will become law, but if so, it will surely be a shadow of what was being negotiated. What a shame. It puts the economic recovery at some risk in the near-term and will diminish the economy longer-run. And what about climate change?
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I’m tired of America pretending Biden isn’t leading a historic economic recovery just so White dudes can be pessimistic about their prospects.
The economy’s consistently improved under Biden’s leadership, but much of White America still feels “anxious.” It ain’t the economy, stupid.
They know damn well their 401Ks are better off than they were in 2017-2020, they just don’t wanna give the White Democrat POTUS who was the Black Democrat POTUS’s VP credit for it.
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An UNELECTED staff atty is blocking immigration relief for nearly 8M immigrants. Senate Democrats have a moral obligation to disregard her advice and pass citizenship as part of #BuildBackBetter. This is still the year. #WeAreHome
Millions of families nationwide are waiting for Senate Dems to do their job and pass the bill that’ll bring relief via the child tax credit, affordable housing & child care, and citizenship. #BBB would be the largest investment in our families in decades.
We elected Democrats to deliver permanent solutions. The lives and stability of millions of people and their families are in the hands of the Senate. Passing BBB, w/ citizenship, would be transformational for the economy, and for millions of Black, immigrant and Latinx families.
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🇺🇸BIDEN REFUSE D'ANNULER LA DETTE ÉTUDIANTE, ROMPANT UNE PROMESSE ÉLECTORALE 🇺🇸 - UN THREAD (oui c'est important, alors hop, les majuscules 😉). 1/x…
De quoi parles-t-on : aux USA les études supérieures coutent (très) cher. En moyenne, les diplomés (et non diplomés qui ont arrêté en cours de route) s'endettent à hauteur de 30 000 $. Près de 45 millions d'américains sont ainsi endettés (total ~1700 milliards de $). 2/x
La dette est majoritairement détenue (en dernier recours) par l'État fédéral. L'administration #Biden peut, SANS PASSER PAR LE CONGRÈS, annuler la quasi-totalité de cette dette par un simple trait de plume 3/x :……
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CBO has provided a true cost of the bill over ten years – assuming the programs never go away – which they will not.

Their analysis is stunning!

The true cost of the bill has more than doubled and the effect on the deficit is eightfold.

This score should stop the effort to pass Build Back Better in its tracks because it will dramatically expand government and do great harm to energy production.
We’re calling on the Democratic Party to shelve Build Back Better to give the American consumer and economy breathing room to recover.
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📢 Have you heard? The House recently passed the #BuildBackBetter Act - a bill that will make essential investments in family care, health care, housing & tackling climate change. Here's how:

🧵 A thread: (1/6)
#BBB invests in child care & education🧑‍🎓

-Authorizes universal paid family & medical leave
-Extends the Child Tax Credit
-Provides free preschool to all 3- and 4- year-olds
-Increases Pell Grants & makes the program available to our DREAMers
Expands access to affordable health care coverage ⚕️

-Reduces health insurance premiums
-Expands Medicare to include hearing (like the cost of hearing aids)
-Lowers RX drug prices including capping the cost of insulin to $35 a month
-Extends CHIP funding permanently
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On Friday, the House passed the largest investment in working families since the New Deal. The historic #BuildBackBetter Act will touch the lives of every single American.

So what’s in #BuildBackBetter? I’m glad you asked!

🧵 A thread: (1/6)
#BBB expands access to affordable healthcare coverage 🏥

— Reduces health insurance premiums
— Closes the Medicaid coverage gap
— Expands Medicare to include hearing
— Caps insulin at $35/month
— Lowers Rx drug costs
— Extends CHIP funding permanently
The largest investment in climate action EVER 🌎

— Provides resources for tribal lands
— Promotes clean energy use & electrification
— Funds the Civilian Climate Corps
— Creates a methane emissions reduction program
— Invests in coastal restoration & forest management
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The Build Back Better plan will:

-Creates millions of jobs
-Cuts costs for families and government
-Cuts taxes on the middle and working class
-The largest investment to fight climate change in American history

(1/3) #BuildBackBetterAct #BBB

-Expanded access to affordable housing
-Increased investment in higher education
-Access to universal preschool
-Making the rich and corporations pay their fair share #BuildBackBetterAct #BBB
-Universal pre-K
-$555 billion for climate
-$3k-3,600 cash for parents
-4 weeks paid leave
-Child and long-term care investments
-Expand Medicare
-Fill Medicaid coverage gap
-Lower drug prescription costs

#BuildBackBetterAct #BBB
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We just passed the #BuildBackBetter Act to make one of the most transformative investments in the middle class in our nation’s history. This bill will help our working families, fight climate change, expand access to affordable health care, and create millions of jobs. ⤵ (1/5)
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Working families will reap the benefits of this legislation for generations. #BBB will expand the #ChildTaxCredit, which has drastically reduced child poverty. It will also make child care more affordable and enable states to expand access to nearly 20 million children. (2/5)
🌎 #BBB will deliver the largest effort to combat the climate crisis by growing our clean energy economy. It will provide clean energy tax credits, and invest in clean energy technology and manufacturing, creating good-paying jobs as a result. (3/5)
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The Progressive left have LONG had the right policy plans based on putting people first. The problem has always been how will you pay for it. That question still looms today & sadly many headline activists see winning the people collecting & missing the #MMT education aspect
Like a man who is sitting at a dinner table with his mouth sewn shut, Progressives and leftists as a whole have not been able to save lives with these programs and they screw it up with "pay fors", getting absolutely nothing, and yes, like this pandemic, people die, dead.
And because these incredible programs are never enacted & always have a stupid "pay go" trade off/ "offset", someone gets hurt. In fact, yes, many die very unnecessary deaths.

Power dynamics require the population to wake up and push back. That comes with knowledge. #MMT
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"They don't have much else to work with policy-wise."

"Other than winning World War II, Dwight Eisenhower doesn't have much of a military record to work with."
Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that #BIF + #BBB (assuming it gets passed) will be enough for Dems to win in 2022 (even if they get the word out etc.); but dismissing them as minor accomplishments is just horrible framing from a journalist who I usually respect.
Oh, yeah...not to mention the #AmRescuePlan, which is kind of a #BigFcknDeal.
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