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@cspanwj #PatriotsFight #TraitorsJustice #QAnon #WeAreTheNewsNow #QDrops
Rogue Elements in the Intel Agencies Ran a Clandestine Black Op to Infiltrate the US Government
@cspanwj Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
Once C_A always C_A?
@Snowden pre_NSA?
@Snowden base of ops [geo location]?
Whistleblower(s) vs. POTUS?
Former C_A?
Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
@cspanwj @Snowden What happens if rogue elements of US AB[C] intel agency target [to insert] US political system [President, VP, House, Senate, NSC, US Amb., etc.] in ‘black op’ designated to control friend vs. foe targeting [self-preservation]?
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1. @MastersShelby and @Americanlll got me onto this discovery. Do you all remember, EARLY in the #QDrops, we were told there were 4 ruling families controlling the world? One was removed immediately after Trump took office.

So, who was that 4th family?…
2. I came across this interesting article. Osama Bin Laden's (OBL) mother and certain family members agreed to an interview some 17 years after 9/11. Apparently it was the Saudi Royal Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) that agreed to allow the interview.…
3. It's not always about what you see in an article. It's also about what you DON'T see. This family gave a wide array of historical points about OBL, but not a single one mentioned his kidney dialysis or needing to have serious medical attention in life. Somebody's been lying!
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This specific Q drop has many meanings
catching on??

What does the [P] mean in #QDrops..
Is it Payseur fam? Is it Pence? Or is it Nancy Pelosi??? @llcoolja17
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
Read his tweet it is everything I been saying for years
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1. WOW! #Q said "News Unlocks Map" in multiple #QDrops. You ready for this? "Xuehua Edward Peng", an American citizen, just got arrested for committing espionage for China. Guess what the #1 topic on QMap is when you search that name?

2. I'm going to give you EVERY #QDrop that pops up when searching Xuehua Edward Peng, all 41.

You're going to be convinced that Edward Snowden is about to become a VERY important person of interest in #ThePlan. I guarantee you! (Not every drop has Snowden in it!)
3. Remember, George H. W. Bush was the 41st president AND had ties to China. He was "Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People's Republic of China" from September 1974 – December 1975. Bush continued his influence on China as Director of the ClA from 1976 - 1977.
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'Force' The Q Thread.

Has Q been telling us to #ForceTheQ?

In this #Thread, I'm going to break down each #QDrop (#Qpost) that I think relates to #ForcingTheQ

I'm going to show you the #sauce so you can decide for yourself

If #QAnon told us to force the #Q, would you do it? ☟
#ForceTheQ #Sauce - 01

#QAnon said that #Trump being asked the #Q must happen. That means its part if #ThePlan.

Don't be afraid
You are the support
You are the frame
The build is near complete

MSM is not going to just ask the Q. It will take public interest (the people).☟
How do you remove evil in #power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?

WE will succeed

#United, #WeThePeople hold all the power. We the people had forgotten that.

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1. Regarding the claims that @realDonaldTrump has been knighted or that he was knighted in Camelot in a special ceremony using Excalibur, or that he made tweets regarding being's #FakeNews. If @POTUS had been knighted, he would've told the world. But, he did not.
2. These articles even cite DJT's tweets about this. The problem is, he's never tweeted about being knighted. Ever. A simple search of DJT's tweets will show he's never mentioned it. AND, by looking at even the deleted tweets in Trump's twitter archive...they don't exist.
3. Here's a link to Trump's twitter archive, which contains all his tweets, including the deleted ones. Search it for yourself.

There's also no #QDrops pertaining to Trump being knighted. That seems a confirmation to me, this is absolutely fake news.
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1. What if #Q set a special marker, something hidden in plain sight...that would tell us what to share with others? I've been advised of a little marker on 15 #QDrops that I never would've seen on my own. What does "pb" mean to you? I believe this is a meaningful message.
2. So, after being compromised a couple times and having serious attacks on my devices, I usually don't click on DM's from people I don't follow. But, someone sent me one tonight that was incredible. Unfortunately I deleted the message so I can't give credit where it is due.
3. I was told certain QDrops contain a marker, pb, and, I found out there's a possible set of instructions that if followed in whole, basically summarizes the entire QAnon big picture. Maybe it's a message for those new to the movement? Perhaps "pb" stands for "play back".
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This is the continuation of the #BooksOfQ Part XX.

Books are constantly changing & never as much as in this

thread of #QDrops. When I started this chapter 3 weeks ago

the books were all very different for today so I redid it all. We

are also being lead to certain books.
Can you pick out these books? Is Q steering us to these for a

reason? Maybe 🤷🏽‍♂️ #HappyReading


ThQ @PhillyQ_ & @LetterQAnon for the graphics.

@beldandolo @mbees39 @Rainncloudy @Forbespaula @suyingeorge @love4thegameAK @TrumpyQGirl @TrophyTruck_Q @AutistMember
🦃 November 4, 2018 🦃

QDrop #2403

📚 voter-pledge.jpg 📚


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1. Today could be a BIG day folks. If we were right, today marks the last day of the 10 days of darkness.

#8Chan could announce the #8ChanShutDown is over today or tomorrow.

#Q could have posts for us.

#DECLAS could officially hit today or tomorrow.

2. At least 2 #QDrops are satisfied today if not more.

#282 and #3570

#8Chan went down on the 5th, Today is the 15th. 15 - 5 = 10 days of #Q comms blackout / darkness.

Today is also resignation day for #DNI Dan Coats and #DeputyDNI Sue Gordon.

[C]oats before [D]eclas.
3. Remember, @POTUS circumvented DNI Coats and have direct authority to #DECLAS to #AGWilliamBarr. Now we know why @realDonaldTrump didn't include Coats on the DECLAS. Coats won't be in office to be a part of the DECLAS process!

It's amazing how Q drops become so relevant.
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#Qdrops 7/24/19 - Mueller is a Puppet Who Attempted to Regain Control of FBI and Protect the Deep State #Qanon #WeAreTheNewsNow #FactsMatter #WWG1WGA #WakeUpAmerica #UnitedNotDivided #SaveAmerica #GreatAwakening
Who are the REAL racists?
Projection does not work when WE, THE PEOPLE, are awake.
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#QDrops 7/14/19
Very Weak Fake News Story Bashing Q Supporters
Try Harder!
Nothing can stop what is coming.
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Find the Connection: Bronfman, Rothschild, NXIVM, Mack, Epstein
How does LDR (Rothschild's) connect to the Bronfman's?
Find the bridge.
Think Company.
How is Bronfman connected to NXIVM?
NXIVM > Who Pleaded Guilty?…📁
Allison Mack?
>>>>>>>>WATCH NYC<<<<<<<<<
News unlocks.
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1. I have to say...this attitude really bothers me so...I've written Mr. King a thread, all to himself.

You've been on Twitter what @DennisMKingJr2, a few weeks? WoW! Welcome!

You're talking to people who've been working in #QAnon for nearly 2 years.

Pay attention...
2. Any arrest that stops trafficking is HUGE to people who know the depth of evil we're battling. For someone who just showed up? It's not always American democrats getting popped if that's what you were expecting. The story King feels didnt "measure up".

3. This is hard work vindicated by worldwide arrests of big players just like this one.

Perhaps you don't appreciate the arrest because you haven't invested in this cause?

A powerful mobster on the run for up to 20 years? He's no small fish! Ignorance of him doesn't count!
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1. Folks...I told you yesterday I was informed of an arrest that was going down that was huge. Due to the safety of the people involved I withheld info. I told you it would vindicate MUCH of the work #QAnon was doing. Well, the story has officially broke you go folks!
2. "After five years on the run, one of Italy’s top cocaine dealers has been arrested in São Paulo along with his son.

Nicola Assisi, 61, a member of the Calabrian organised crime group ’Ndrangheta was arrested on Monday by Brazilian federal police..."…
3. Also from that article: "A search of his properties uncovered two guns, 1kg of cocaine and millions of euros in cash. Authorities have not being able yet to count the money, but said that the stack of bills weighed over 20kg."

If those are 500 euro bills, 20kg = $10 MILLION!
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1. In this thread I am going to share why I believe FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2019 will be a very significant day! Approx 2wks ago I kept bumping into a # & it continued for days. I watched, played w/ a few thoughts & it revealed some highly fascinating details! It lead me to 6/28/2019
2. What will happen FRIDAY, JUNE 28TH, 2019? I have no idea! 😂LOL Nothing may happen💁‍♀️, but then again, it may & that would be pretty incredible considering what I have here!😮 I will line up some interesting coincidences.… or are they?
3. Parts of this may be a big pill for most to swallow but I’m not asking you to believe anything here. I am only laying out what I found that coincides & could be very related & . Only time will tell! Here goes…
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1. Continuing in my attempts to unravel @POTUS hidden messages in his tweets about Iran. His first that I researched was HEAVILY and OBVIOUSLY encrypted. That started my search. It turns out, each of the following posts about Iran contain hidden gems. The next in line to look at:
2. Here's the link to that first effort.

And here's my take on POTUS's message that followed.

Onto the next and breaking it down. At first sight, it looked fairly benign. I ALMOST skipped over it. I'm so thankful I didn't!
3. The tweets were Sent at 1456 hrs ET. What does #QDrops 1456 say? This sort of threw me until I started digging.

Q shows us a drop with a photo from Hyde Park in London in December, 2015, at what is called Winter Wonderland. This was a MAJOR drop.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon No. 3332...
Msg: This week should play out large 4 #Patriot's & their long held patience.
Time for the conspirators, the #AntiAmerican #SwampCreatures, 2begin 2face the music!
2) #QAnon No. 3333...
Link 2 @RepDougCollins Twitter account.
The msg is 2keep an eye on what he Tweets out as we move thru the coming week (+)...
@RepDougCollins 3) #QAnon No. 3334...
All of the obstructionist bluster, holding no concrete, hard truths, will fade from the public's talking points as the #Truth is brought 2light.
The #PanicInDC is causing a rise in sleeplessness 4those that know they're guilty of #SeditiousActs.
"C" B4 "D"!
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1) cont... #QAnon 3317
Apologies, seems that "Threads" don't work as they once did. Must need at least 2 to start or, like here, a RT is needed. The images may not appear here. They can be seen by opening the below Tweet.
2) #QAnon 3318...
Drop has the Punisher skull frequently symbolic of #PAIN...
3) #QAnon 3319...
Nod to a real "Hero" in this process 2reclaim #TheRepublic & bring those engaged in the conspiracies to #Justice, #AdmMikeRogers [ ! ]
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1. Anons have been trying to figure out what role Rod Rosenstein (RR) and Robert Mueller (RM) are playing. Are they #WhiteHats (good guys), #GreyHats (black hats that have been flipped due to coercion, deals made or change of heart), or #BlackHats (deep state assholes, bad guys).
2. The often referred to drop is where #Q asks, "If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty. if Mueller is dirty, [RR] must also be dirty.

Some say since the sentence is flipped suggests they too have flipped meaning now grey hat, once black hats.
3. Notice what Q did NOT say? "If [RR] is a WHITE HAT, Mueller must also be a WHITE HAT. If Mueller is a WHITE HAT, [RR] must also be a WHITE HAT".

Q does not offer the thought they may be good guys. Notice too, Q puts RR in brackets. An indication Q is telling us something?
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8) #QAnon No. 3182 cont...
The text completes with ==>
Be careful who you follow.
Follow the money.
Follow the expenses.
That's pretty straight forward... Time 2dig Anons. The top link is still down.
#Justice #Phase3
9) #QAnon No. 3183...
Link 2 #POLITICO ==> Judge overseeing key #JeffreyEpstein-related suit dies
"An elderly federal judge presiding over a key lawsuit relating to financier pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died Sunday..."…
Coincidences are like unicorns...
10) #QAnon No. 3184...
Link 2 @B_Rush1776 Tweet ==> @foxnews just put up a #Q image. The Tweet asks if #FoxNews is QAnon?
Well, we can be sure it's not, but they are sure enough tuned into & watching #QDrops [ ! ]

It's a "handpicked" talking point...
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Dot Connection: DIA (Denver International Airport) -> LOOP CAPITAL

Both things Q has posted about separately are connected.…

#Qanon #UraniumOne #Loop #LoopCapital #DenverInternationalAirport #DIA #QTeam #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
the loop starts at the 1 trillion dollar stimulus - and they give that money to Loop Capital - Michele Obama's brother oversees it and despite whatever it was meant to be paid for instead ends up looping back to bad actors. I think... #Qanon #Looper #LoopCapital #MichelleObama
based on #Qdrops that includes funding organizations like this which hires ex government employees - slush funding out tax dollars as needed to buy people off as an "analytical service" #Qanon #Qteam #Slushfunds #LoopCapital #Analytics #GreatAwakening
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1) New day's #Q ==> #QAnon drop No. 2826...
#Anon's file - @SoldOutAnon #Tweet #NCIS clip.

The #DS TV/video efforts, being fails, have forced the scripts to include the #ConspiracyTheorist narrative. Get those bond, by the nose ring of clique mentality,
2) 2parrot this #Clown developed #TalkingPoint, using televised reinforcement techniques.
#YT w/#JordanKlepper

To "Them", the importance of numbing brain functions is a critical goal of a long run op. You an't control, escalate to ultimate power if you are
3) raising thinkers that will see & react to agendas like #Depopulation, #Eugenics, #Sterilization, #Abortion - #PostBirth, #Wars, #OrganTrade, # (you can see as the list progresses beyond the 1st 2, they are parts of those ops) & more. It's called a #NWO!
Engage #CriticalThought
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1) New day #QDrop... #Qanon post No. 2745... @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#Q links to #FoxNews & says "Buckle up!". It's looking good for a D5 info drop on the others that met secretly to plot against #POTUS with the use of a 25th Amendment scam.…
2) Stepping back 4 an interesting footnote re: #QAnon post No. 2744...
When the verse numbers are totaled, they equal 55:17. If you've been watching #QDrops or any time you know the significance of 5 x5 & the number 17😉
3) #QAnon post No. 2746...
#LisaPage was removed from the #SC on 15th July 2017. July 21, 2017, The #Mooch was appointed #WHCommunicationsDirector. He began work on 25th July 2017 & was fired on the 31st. It's clear [5:5] that #Scaramucchi was a hired (& disposable) gun. Most all
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