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.@realDonaldTrump refers to Joe Biden as “O’Biden”. Multiple meanings as everything is #Quantum-All connected...
The world is #Awakening !
Keep your vibration high , we are raising the frequency/vibration of planet Earth.
Video clip .@POTUS / “O’Biden”
❤️ I LOVE YOU ❤️
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VanWaNet and REG dot RU

Your #8kun, #8chan and #Darknet friendly provider, ally and portal in #TrumpRussiaMatrix files Image
VanWaNet and REG dot RU

Your #QAnon, #8kun, #8chan and #Darknet friendly provider, ally and portal in #TrumpRussiaMatrix files Image
VanWaNet and REG RU and #CHINA Nexus

Your #QAnon, #8kun, #8chan and #Darknet friendly provider, ally and portal in #TrumpRussiaMatrix files Image
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1) We are taught that corruption is normal, even inherent.  Evil believes humans are inherently bad - because the alternative would be personal responsibility for choices that harm others.
2) A consistent philosophy requires equal application to all, including self. In contrast the might-makes-right leader can only project sanctimoniously, misdirect, and deflect.

Humans are Good until something Goes Wrong.
3) We don't have to be led by those who crave and flock to power while absolving themselves of responsibility and justifying their criminal acts with their distorted world view. We just need to recognize that we are the many, and they are the few.
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1/7 Big Brother coming soon... err, hmm


I'm fascinated by the concepts of technology benefiting society & even law and order w/trust, but the idea of these capabilities in possession of those loyal to satan is terrifying
2/7 I can't help but think about the city states described by Al Bielek and wonder what our future will look like. Who will be judge and jury and what values do they serve?… Image
3/7 REAL Mission: Preventing people from realizing it is all a lie as we control & dominate the world for blood and money. Moving forward, it won't even matter if they find out b/c we'll control the world at a level 100 fold what we already do. Image
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Will Sommers was Henry VIII’s court jester.

This Will Somer runs a pretty good line of counterQ propaganda bullshit with a few creative flourishes to drive HIS AGENDA - dismiss & discredit #Q #QAnon

QAnon hijacks #savethechildren hashtag: report #FoxNews
@FoxNews has never gone into the details of #Qanon, #QResearch, #QArmy or any of our most popular and prolific analysts.

Timing is very interesting here. @FoxNews puts a more professionally sounding and looking hit piece together only after Twitter & Facebook go on a vile jihad
against these now silenced fine Patriots.

I’m certain there are three Q adherents within the ranks of FoxNews on air personalities but I will not out them. The time isn’t right.

Regardless of the media outlet, those tryna diminish the Q Movement always go after the people and
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A friend of mine put this list together.

Huma Abedine (White House staffer for Hillary)
James Baker (White House Chief of Staff R)
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. " Joe" Biden, 78
Hunter Biden (Biden's son )
George H.W.Bush
George W. Bush
Jeb Bush
Laura Bush
Herman Cain (Tea Party Activist) cover story Covid
Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney (ex-VP R)
Bill Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton ~( died the day she spoke at 9/11 Memorial and collapsed into the SUV when she was told
she was under arrest. Her daughters apartment nearby in New York had a medical facility inside.They took her there where she was revived with Adrenochrome. A double emerged soon after and said all was okay. She had a Tribunal and was hanged.)
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#Qanon #QArmy #QAJF
#通名QArmyJapan #ANTIFA
#DS #Catholic #Vatican #Pedo
#国家破壊分子 #共産主義 #共産党


✪れいわ山本-過激派-中核派-ANTIFA支持!(˙◁˙ )ハ?

Money support to ANTIFA by Hillary!
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You are in prison because of the lower minds controlling this world. In bondage to the system" NIGHTWATCHMAN
The TWO PILLARS Jachin and Boaz, the human BRAIN TEMPLE
The goal is the Triumph over the animal nature, but first you have to find the spear of destiny, the staff of Ra
eway to the Holy of Hollies ( that's the secret)
SOL OM ON'S temple is the human brain
Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of God.’
A Gateway

The symbol of the twin pillars have, since time immemorial, guarded the gateways to holy places and mysterious realms.
They mark the passage towards the unknown and the otherworldly.

According to Plato’s account, the lost realm of Atlantis was situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in effect placing it in the realm of the Unknown.
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Q says we are watching a movie

What movie is the most fitting script for what we are currently living through?

Set in 2020
Worldwide pandemic
Fake controlled media
A plan
Everything is connected

All the plot of V for Vendetta
When does the climax in V for Vendetta take place?

November 5

What has Q said?

"We're running 2 days ahead of schedule."

2 days before 11.5?


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What society??????? Nooo! Im not making it up honest 😂😂
Need a breather. More coming, please help me get this out there to those that need to see it. Thankyou. #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy #Q
1. Q mentioned Bridge' in a drop. So i started digging. Bridge clubs came up, adults and children. Held at Hilton Image
So much happening in under age clubs??. Whaaat? Did not sit right with me at all. What was class 43? Any info please add. Image
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The Wellness Program involving GAVI, Mastercard & Trust Stamp will soon be launched in West Africa& will be coupled w/ a Covid-19 vaccination program once a vaccine becomes available
2 This COVI-PASS by the Bill Gates Foundation will decide if you can go to a restaurant, need a medical test, or are due for a talking-to by authorities in a post-COVID world
Consent is voluntary,(for now) but enforcement will be compulsory
3 Bill Gates “Wellness Pass” is a digital vaccination record & AI identity tracking system thats linked to its ID system called EVERGREEN HASH powered by Mastercard’s click-to-play no cash system
Eventually you can't buy, sell or be out in public w/out this implanted Covi-pass
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This reminded me of something. I went down the rabbit hole on backmasking in music videos, and I want to share with you something that I learned. It’s disturbing.
What @Inevitable_ET is referring to is that when you make a pact with the devil you chose a blood pact of either your first born child or a near relation. If you do so, you get big favors from the evil one in return.
Let’s look at what backmasking is. Below is a screen grab from Wikipedia. Sometimes it is intentionally laid on the track, other times demons use the voices of the singers and it appears there without foreknowledge, and when played backwards it can be heard. That is super eerie.
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Boy lover logo #qanon #qarmy Image
Illuminati references in the background of Disney shows / cartoons #savethechildren #pizzagate #pedowood Image
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Mess with the best, die like the rest.
[2] highly classified clown ops exposed.
[44] remaining.
Wizards & Warlocks.
Save the best for last.
Q Image
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Tom Guinness appears to be a person of HIGH interest... fashion designer of 'celebrities' and child models alike AND MARRIED RACHEL CHANDLER 😐🧐
And just as fast as Tom guinnes became questionable... The magazine HOMME and it's direct links to Tom are now just as qeustionable? 😬
From UK to New york in the space of a few posts...
I wonder were we'll end up next? 🤔
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Cosa accadrebbe se una squadra di militari usasse un canale secondario di comunicazione per formare un’alleanza coi civili per prepararli e guidare un esercito di soldati digitali per risvegliare le masse e combattere il deep state?
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #QArmy #Italia
Definiamo canale secondario di comunicazione (backchannel): un metodo di comunicazione non reso pubblico; un canale di comunicazione segreto, non ufficiale o informale utilizzato in politica o in diplomazia
Il nostro obbiettivo è #TheGreatAwaking,
risvegliare le masse diffondendo conoscenza (=potere).
Per farlo dobbiamo riprendere il controllo dell'informazione contrastando la narrazione [propaganda] dei #FakeNewsMedia.

Siamo noi le notizie ora.
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1. Incoming dog 🐶 comms. Eyes 👀 #QArmy #QAnon
Bloom with Bloom, Katy Perry
And E!!en - Wolf.
We’ve had wolf in comms recently.
2. Eyes 👀 on “Chad Wolf” in Portland Oregon. 🐺
Now remember that GHWB code name was “TIMBER Wolf” and there’s more...
#QArmy #QAnon #DigitalWarriors.
3. This is the other Wolf 🐺. The one in sheep’s clothing. Soros!👇🏻
That’s my takeaway at least on the comms.

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Q Drop - Why are JFK files & Mockingbird highly protected?
When TRUMP wore a Mask to Walter Reed was a message to THE PRESS? #JKF #MOCKINGBIRD #WWG1WGA #QArmy #Qanon #Qdrops
The links in the drop go to declassified JFK files and CIA use of "Journalists" (mockingbird) and Clergy.
First lets go back to his May 21st visit to the Ford company where it was demanded that he wear a mask and he refused, or actually did, but took it off in view of THE PRESS. He emphasized that he didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing him wear it.
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It's Really Happening
I'm still reading!!!
BRILLIANT, they locked with this:…
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Ok... The #WayFair and #WayfairGate buzz Abt #wayfairchildtrafficking seems to be dying down to some degree, but I had a theory occur a few days ago that I've sat on. Just gonna throw it out there to the #DigitalSoldiers and #QArmy and get y'all's take (#Thread )
2. So we saw the posts of the #Wayfair furniture and how the names of the outrageously priced furniture (and pillows) were "named" real names. Then, that was cross referenced to missing children with the SAME names and spellings.
3. Then, someone happened upon the same on other sites: WalMart, Amazon, Etsy, etc. I mean, a few times... Sure, coincidence. But how many times before a coincidence is mathematically impossible, right?
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#QAnon #QArmy #Anons
@cjtruth @Inevitable_ET @prayingmedic @LisaMei62 @Sun_Q_Tzu @TommyG

Huge 🔥🔥🚀🔥🔥

Are we about to see 🔥 at tack? In Tennesee?
2) Woke up and saw this article, picture looked a little strange to me so I started looking into it
3) Did the math and a bunch of combinations and ran into this:
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9/11/2001 was deadline for #NESARA / #GESARA to be signed in to law - it was all destroyed in the trade center demolitions and the pinpoint missile hit on Pentagon. The white hats inside the US military have been fighting and dying for us for over 20 years, probably much longer. ImageImage
Also, disclosure of the hidden technologies relating to extraterrestrials and much more also started in 2001 (was clearly part of the coordinated effort hand in hand with NESARA) but was ignored by the MSM. Link to the full press conference below⬇️

Dr Stephen Greer speaking at 'The Disclosure Project 2001' - soon to be overshadowed by the trade tower demolitions soon after and ignored by the mainstream media.⬇️ Image
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Thread on #Qanon & #GhislaineMaxwell -
Q has posted 10 posts on Maxwell, ONE exactly 1 year prior to the day and almost to the -exact hour- she was denied bail and ordered to report to prison.

Let''s have a look at the others?
Of the 10 posts #Qanon made specifically referring to #GhislaineMaxwell, #3431 and one other post, #3428 posted here, came exactly one year ago today.

#Qposts #WWG1GWA #DarkToLight Image
In #QPost #3428 above, Q directs us to an article about Victoria's Secret, owner #LexWexner and a woman who said she'd been promised modeling work there and been sexually abused by #JeffreyEpstein and #GhislaineMaxwell.…
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1.What do #Kerry, VJ, Page, HRC, Strzok, #UraniumOne,
Sum Of All Fears, Renegade, #EU, A 🥒 Factory,🤡, [Brennan], + more ALL have in common??

👉If you guessed #Iran you would be correct.

#QAnon #Clowns #DeepState #RedPilledClassics💊
Let’s take a look...THREAD👇
3.64-years-later-cia-finally-releases-details-of-iranian-coup #Iran #Clowns #Qarmy #RedPilled 💊…
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