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1n Pointing out that #TablighJamaat is disproportionately responsible for the spread of a disease is NOT Islamophobia. It comes from the methods of political negotiation that muslims developed in the wake of 1857 & have been systematically rewarded by both Britain and India
2n Given their eviction from power, their society never moved past the feudal structure of power capture by few elite families. Given their weak economic & electoral hand: their tactics have remained consistent: escalating through obstinacy, obstructionism & finally violence.
3n An example of this is Partition. Jinnah starts with impossible maximalist demands, then starts obstructionism, & finally calls for violence. Issue is this pattern was rewarded by the British, then by the INC & now by the BJP. This strategy has proved brilliant for them.
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Yep, that’s exactly what they’re doing right now with this lockdown so they can upgrade the 5G weapons systems and infrastructure whilst everyone overloads the current system.They’ve used predictive programming, bread and circuses, the right/left paradigm,Hegelian Dialectic,lying
actors and fear. Wake up. Ignorance is no longer an excuse any one of us should use. Information is at your finger tips. The time you spend entertaining yourself. Take an hour of that learning something you don’t know.
Ask the most important questions WHO WHAT WHERE WHY AND
No one gives you information for nothing. Most times especially with our government. If they tell you one thing look around they are hiding something else. We need to be more aware and informed as a people.
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This was the third month of 2020.

It sure looks like we’re reaching a crescendo with the #coronavirusoutbreak, #travelban, the whole world in #quarantine and multiple countries in #lockdown.

Can we say March Madness was in full swing or what?

The Entire World Is Watching 🐸🍿
The month started with an escalation of the #Immigration crisis in #Greece and #GreeceUnderAttack.

#FakeNews still trying to control the narrative with the “refugee” story.

This video clearly shows we are not dealing with warm-hearted #refugees with the best intentions.
#Refugees don’t hold children over smoke to make them cry. #FakeNews uses these images to get to your feeling and trigger emotions and a reaction.

They are not economic #migrants. #Refugeecrisis is engineered, with endless wars, open borders and open society brainwashing BS.
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#Cannameleon auf Verschwörungs-Trip!

Im November letzten, bzw. Januar diesen Jahres berichteten wir über die Razzien in den „Cannameleon“-Läden in Schweinfurt und Würzburg und solidarisierten uns im Zuge dessen mit dem Eigentümer ().
In den letzten Tagen und Wochen wurden wir jedoch auf Posts zum Thema #Corona aufmerksam, die öffentlich auf der offiziellen Facebook-Seite des Cannameleons geteilt wurden und die wir nicht unkommentiert stehen lassen können und wollen.
Bei den Posts handelte es sich jeweils um YouTube-Videos.

Eines dieser Videos ist auf dem Kanal von Robert Franz erschienen (), der unter anderem pseudofeministische Videos postet, …
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.""ENDURED"" a VidConf with some key Pak "Thought Leaders"
Lessons Learned:

1) Even when facing a Global Pandemic that could kill THEIR OWN family members.. shameless sycophancy, petty politics & confirmation bias were STILL THE MOST important traits among many
2) A sizeable chunk of the 'left wing' press in Pakistan (esp the English speaking contingent), & this includes owners.... seem to be either inhumanly-callous or among the dumbest conspiracy theorists around
3) Even after the #Corona has garnered worldwide attention for 2 months.. NONE of the participants had read a SINGLE book or journal article on pandemics/epidemics .(& yes, I actually asked that question in the VidConf)
Let that sink in..NONE of them.. not even ONE

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Gerade wird viel über #Corona-Tracking per App gesprochen. Auch wenn die Idee verlockend klingt, ist sie aus einem Mix aus technischen, datenschutzrechlichen und epidemiologischen Gründen in Deutschland wenig sinnvoll. Warum? Ein Thread.
Technisch: Die einzige Technologie, die dafür in Frage kommt, ist Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Ein in der Tat effizienter Standard, wenn er denn dauerhaft funktionieren würde. Die Einschränkungen bei iOS und Android sind allerdings zu groß. 2/8
Unter iOS muss eine entsprechende App permanent im Vordergrund laufen (auch bei der Singapur-App ist das so, siehe Produkt-Website) und manuell aktiviert werden. Unpraktisch und im Alltag kaum tauglich. 3/8…
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CJI led bench of SC is hearing petitions seeking the Court's intervention for accessibility of basic necessities & medical facilities for migrant workers who have been driven out of cities in view of the nationwide #lockdown in India.
Yesterday, the Centre was directed to file a reply on steps taken in this regard.
The hearing is being held via video conferencing. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta & Advocates of Petitioner(s) on the screen, set to apprise the bench.
Bench assembles on Video Conferencing.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta states the Centre has filed a detailed status report. Mehta adds that our country has been taking preemptive, proactive steps to mitigate the #COVID19 crisis since January 17.
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Placebo Effect, one is told a treatment/medicine gives a certain effect. They take an
empty pill & still get the effect.
The mind manifests the effects.
Apply inverse:
“anti-placebo”/“placebo bizarro”
U are told u will get sick if u go outside. The mind manifests the effects!
In 1807, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “One of the most successful physicians I have ever known has assured me that he used more bread pills, drops of colored water, powders of hickory ashes than of all other medicines put together.”
3. Actually, my meme is inaccurate since Jefferson’s quote finishes calling the physician and his practices “certainly a pious fraud”. Perhaps Jefferson himself missing the simple yet profound point I made with humor above.
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Cegah Tangkal Corona: Jaga Kebersihan dan Banyak Minum Vitamin E
#BersamaLawanCorona #AyoPulihIndonesiaKu #AksiBerantasCovid19
Bicang santai tentang Corona dilakukan salah seorang kolega dengan drh. Mohammad Indro Cahyono. Sebenarnya informasi dari virolog ini sudah banyak beredar di media sejak seminggu lalu.
#AksiBerantasCovid19 #AyoPulihIndonesiaKu #Coronavirustruth #CoronaVirusUpdate #Covid_19
Note: Mohammad Indro Cahyono akhir-akhir ini sibuk mondar-mandir dari dan ke kantor-kantor pemerintah untuk memberikan saran dan masukan tentang penanganan virus Corona. Hari Ahad, kami bertemu di sebuah minimarket di bilangan Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta.
#BersamaLawanCorona #StayHome
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A Must READ Thread👇🏼
The things that COVID 19 made clear:

1. United States 🇺🇸 is no longer the world's leading country.
2. China 🇨🇳 won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it.🤦🏾‍♂
3. Vladímir Putin 🇷🇺 is a visionary.
4. Prevention saves more lives than acting at the last moment .🧐
5. Health professionals 👨🏻‍⚕👩🏻‍⚕🩺🏥 are worth more than a footballer⚽.
6. Europeans are not as educated and educated as they appear 💶.
7. We are not mistaken when we ask for more hospitals "and less war".
8. Children👧🏻🧒🏻 occupy a privileged place in nature.
9. Oil 🛢 is worthless in a society without consumption.
10. Death doesn't distinguish race, color, or social strata 👨🏻‍🦱👩🏼‍🦰👳🏼‍♂👩🏿‍🦲.
11. Human beings are opportunistic and despicable,
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The amount of Social service works done by a particular community during the National Crisis of which there is mass propaganda and targeting harassment Is done for Political benifits.

#Covid_19 #Muslim

The Masajids are being Utilized at the time of need, during the National Crisis,


NGO in Bangalore working together preparing Food kits and distributing to the Poor and those who are in need.


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Big Breaking: Health Ministry and WHO team reached Tabligi Zamat Islamic centre in Nizamuddin West area after 300 people mostly foreigners are reported to be #Corona suspects. 6 tested positive. After Delhi Police report to MHA efforts on admit the suspects in the Hospital.
Big question is how these Tabligi zamat people managed to gather and engaged in preaching despite the ban on any gatherings or meetings? As per report 2000 people gathered at the Centre two days back...
Finally, government agencies woke up to the #Coronathreat by Tablighi Jamaat in the Nizamuddin area. Medical reports suggests that many of those hospitalized tested positive. FIR against Maulana for illegally holding meet in violation of the prohibitory orders after #Lockdown21
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Gedanken zu #Wirtschaftspolitik & #Corona. Wir sollten Wirtschaft jetzt stützen, aber (i) auch #Kredite & #Kurzarbeitergeld sind staatliche Wirtschaftshilfe; (ii) Wirtschaftshilfen sollten an Bedingungen geknüpft werden; (iii) (Teil)verstaatlichungen können helfen. Thread.
Erstens: Auch kurzfristige Kredite & Kurzarbeitergeld sind Wirtschaftshilfen. Zuletzt habe ich öfter gehört: Die Verteilungsfrage kommt später; jetzt geht es um Liquidität; wir retten nur das System; Kredite sind keine Subventionen. Aber...
Liquidität erlaubt es Unternehmen, Löhne und Rechnungen zu bezahlen, während die Krise anhält. Später bekommt der Staat das Geld wieder. Aber was, wenn nicht?
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An excellent roundup that got me thinking about the difference between "either/or" thinking and "both/and thinking."

The former boxes us in; the latter is more uncomfortable but forces innovation.
1/x #corona
Either/or thinking goes like this: It goes like this: if we prioritize the economy, we are indifferent to the costs in human life. And if we prioritize public safety, we are living in some kind of dream world where we don’t need jobs and the exchange of goods and services.
It’s a false dichotomy, the idea that we have to choose between people and the economy. People make up the economy, and the economy serves and supports people, via compensation and community. You cannot really choose one over the other.
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கொரோனாவும் அதன் அரசியலும் 📑

(முழுக்க முழுக்க எனது பார்வையில் எழுதப்படுவது எதாவது மாற்றுக்கருத்து இருந்தால் தாராளமாக கூறலாம்)

#Corona இன்று எல்லாருக்கும் பரீட்சயமான பெயர்.உலகின் பல பாகங்களிலும் உள்ளவர்கள் கேட்டு அச்சப்படும் ஒரு பெயர்......👇
இந்தப்பெயரை சிலர் 2019 ஆண்டின் இறுதியிலும் பலர் இருபதுகளின் ஆரம்பங்களிலும் அறியக்கூடியதானது.ஆனால் உண்மையில் கொரோனாவை 1960 களிலேயே கண்டுபிடித்துவிட்டனர்.ஆம் அது தான் #Flu நோயை உண்டாக்கும் #Influenza Virus. அதற்கு முன்னால் FLU நோயால் யாரும் இறக்கவில்லையா என்றால் நிச்சயமாக ஆம் ..
என்றே கூறவேண்டும் காரணம் இருபதாம் நூற்றாண்டில் 1917/1957/1968 ஆகிய 3 தடவை நோய் தாக்கியுள்ளது. அப்படியானால் கொரோனா வைரஸ்சும் இன்புளுவென்ஸா வைரஸ்சும் ஒன்றா என்றால் நிச்சயமாக ஒன்றில்லை. முதலில் கொரோனா என்பதன் அர்த்தம் என்பது என்னவெனில் இஸ்பானிய மொழியில் கிரீடம் என்று பொருள் ...
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#Germany, #Berlin, Virchow hospital
Young people had themselves tested for Corona, beginning of March.
Mind you, mostly >60 get sick, deathtoll is low, there is no vaccin and no medicine against #Corona.
Whats the use of testing for young people?🤔…
Mediziner gegen Medien Es gibt keine gefährliche Corona Pandemie - Billy Six
Aufgrund der Entwicklung muss man vermuten, dass der Virus benutzt wird, um bürgerliche Rechte auszuschalten!
#DeutschlandBleibtZuhause ?🤔…
Ex-Grüne Ditfurth postet Spendenaufruf: "Ich bin in echter Existenznot"
Die Frankfurter Ex-#GrueneKhmer Jutta Ditfurth hat ihre #Corona-Erkrankung öffentlich gemacht.
(Und was sollen wir machen?🤔)…
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#Coronathon #TECH #ProjectHighlights Thread 1/3

1. #Safeslot to find your nearest #retailstore & manage #essentials buying abiding the #socialdistancing policy in these trying times!
2. #Hospital Bed tracker enabling access to realtime status of nearest hospital availability
Thread 2/3
3. #PanMan to empower #HospitalLeads have clear visibility on COVID19 patients & suspects and accordingly plan the resources
4. #Covid-19 PPE Tracker to provide hospitals with a common platform showcasing #supplydemand info of personal protective equipment
If you or #community #network can support these #projects please get in touch with us!

#hackathon for a change - #coronathon2020

Keep following this thread for other project details!
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Gerade wird über Contact-Tracing mittels Handy-Daten diskutiert. Jens Spahn will dafür vllt. Gesetze ändern.Wir haben darum mit Experten gesprochen, die z.B. Handydaten für das RKI auswerten, um zu verstehen, was technisch geht.

Es ist nicht so einfach.…
Erstmal eine gute Nachricht, landesweit hat die Mobilität massiv abgenommen laut den Daten, die auch dem RKI zur Verfügung stehen, ging die Mobilität um 45% zurück. In den Städten sogar mehr.
Das ist aber ein allgemeines Bild von der Lage. Könnte man wirklich einzelne Kontaktketten nachzeichnen. Also zum Beispiel, wen ich vielleicht angesteckt habe? Mit Funkzellendaten, die Spahn zum Beispiel will:


Sie sind viel zu unpräzise.
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ह्या #कोरोना मुळे देशाचे बरेच प्रश्न दाखवून दिले. सध्याच्या परिस्थितीला योग्यरीत्या हाताळून,येणाऱ्या काळात उचलायची पावले.

१. गरीब-श्रीमंत ही दरी ठळकपणे अधोरेखित झाली. एकीकडे विमान; दुसरीकडे पायपीट आणि भुखमारी.

२. अर्थव्यवस्था शेतीवर जास्तीत जास्त अवलंबून आहे.

शेतकरी अन्नधान्य पिकवतो, म्हणून आपण पोटभर जेवण करून जगू शकतो. उद्योग तात्पुरते थांबले; शेती चालूच आहे.

३. रोजगार/नोकरी: स्थानिक पातळीवर जास्तीत जास्त रोजगार कसा उभा होईल हे बघायला पाहिजे. मोजकेच उद्योगपतींना मोठं केलं तरीही अशा आणीबाणीच्या परिस्थितीत ते सुद्धा हतबल होतात.

४. औद्योगिकरणाचे विकेंद्रीकरण: राज्यापुरतंच बोलायचं झालं तर पुणे-मुंबई वर जास्त भार न देता ते उद्योग नागपूर-औरंगाबाद-लातूर-नांदेड-जळगाव-गडचिरोली सारख्या जिल्ह्यात पण वाढायला पाहिजे.

५. शिक्षण: उच्चशिक्षणाचे महाविद्यालये फक्त जिल्ह्याच्या ठिकाणी/शहरांत न ठेवता त्यांना

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There are three reasons why #Corona is a golden opportunity for conflict with Iran:

1. economic collapse
2. rollback of civil liberties
3. expansion of presidential powers, particularly war powers

I will explain each point in this thread
1. Nearly 8% of the US GDP depends on Oil & Natural gas. Historically, the natural gas industry has relied on high oil prices in order to break even. At least $51/barrel are needed in order to pay off debt, shareholders and operating expenses.…
However, the oil price war instigated by #MBS has led the price per barrel to drop well below this rate. This in turn has ruined the US natural gas industry and is a major driving force for the economic downturn that has been overshadowed by the #Corona pandemic.
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Ok #Patriots let’s think about this..numbers for #Covid_19 are low in our #Hospitals . What would we #Quarantine and clear out hospitals for ? Especially in a #shutdown ? If all “legit” business operations will get #stimulus then what happens to the “non-legit”?...
...well they are in suspense! Running low on drugs and money. #mercy and #comfort are what would be needed to help #withdrawal victims. Right ? Why else send them to the largest #drug areas in the #USA ? Where else would the most unfortunate section of humanity...
...go? What if all drugs (illegal) run out ? Because the plan is to hold out on them. Then not stimulate anything that can’t be verified through the #Fed ? #TrustThePlan #Q has told us #WWG1WGA . #Addicts are part of us all and we know they have been sunk into darkness...
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Werk [thuis]


cc @Lotfi_Hamid
Als je even blijft staan zie je dat echt alle reclames op dit bord #corona gerelateerd zijn. Informatie in alle talen, want: Rotterdam
Soms zijn ze haast poëtisch #corona #Rotterdam
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“The woman in Michigan,” as Trump called
@GovWhitmer, had to *fight* for this.

States that already have it: NY, Washington, Calif, Iowa, LA, FL, Texas, NC and NJ.

👉MI is only behind NY, Calif, Wash and NJ in # of cases, according to Hopkins data.
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Attending Part 2 of the Covid-19 Webinar series by the @India_Alliance @THSTIFaridabad @IAVI @NatureInd

Look forward to some insights from you today @AnantBhan sir. #Corona

Cc: @SarahHyder
Testing has increased but definitely needs to be ramped up more. We have logistic challenges as well as availability of testing kits and trained personnel. The current test is a real time PCR that takes about 7-8 hours for results to be back. Webinar by @India_Alliance on #Corona
Private labs have been designated for testing but a lot more needs to be done. Some have come up with techniques that can bring us results in 2-3 hours but sensitivity and specificity needs to be assessed. We are slowly getting there. Webinar by @India_Alliance on #Corona
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