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Thread: THERE IS A PROXY #SILENTWAR UNDERWAY ON AMERICA'S STREETS. After the brazen assassination of Lee Keltner in Denver on Saturday I feel compelled to expound further on several subjects I've covered recently.
Because MORE of these targeted MURDERS are coming.
I've done threads on=
FOREIGN INFLUENCE ON AMERICAN POLICY (to Collapse their "American Problem)…
I'm going to tie all of these together to explain WHY Aaron Danielson & Lee Keltner were murdered. The motive may shock, enrage or disgust you, you may refuse to believe it, but I'm 100% correct.
Foreign Influences WHO ARE LOSING THEIR **CONTROL** over the USA are responsible.
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Thread: The following is simply a WHAT IF Story.
First, a tweet by James Woods=
Very perceptive, James.
Allow me to flesh out that PLOT a bit, ok?
So the CCP utilized it's viral Labs to concoct a PATHOGEN the World would think is simply a flu-like virus...
then UNLEASH it to destroy a bitter Rival who had just used their JUGGERNAUT of an economy to FORCE the CCP to halt it's GLOBAL CRIME SPREE.
Rather an effective way to crater that economy, wouldn't you say, James?
If President Trump hadn't been even MORE EFFECTIVE responding...
to a NOVEL virus we could have had a repeat of the Spanish Flu of 1918. MILLIONS dead as we struggled to contain it & Trump's Presidency almost certainly finished.
The President has stated repeatedly that this was an ATTACK.
I submit by this time they KNOW how & why.
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Almost half of the Nation is in THRALL to the Left.
As much as I hate to admit it the evidence is all around us.
I have extensively covered the Radical Democrat's malfeasance, how they did it & why.
People are sending me innumerable tweets & screenshots of rotten, immoral & degenerate Leftists cheering & gloating over the First Couple's contracting COVID.
If what I THINK happened regarding COVID these same Dark Cheerleaders will soon be quaking in terror.
Not from any personal threat mind you, but from a reelected President Trump's DEVASTATING RESPONSES to the CCP for unleashing the pandemic & the Democrats who then turned it into a political & economic WEAPON to take down America AS FOUNDED.
Because the #RECKONING will be BRUTAL.
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First, President Trump & the First Lady will be fine as they have the best medical care on Earth.
Here is the COVID survival rate by age=
0-19 99.997%
20-49 99.98%
50-69 99.5%
70+ 94.6% Image
I'm not worried about the President & his amazing wife, the First Lady at all.
They'll be fine & will quickly recover IF SYMPTOMS EVEN MANIFEST!
Remember a fair # of positive cases are found to have HAD #COVID19 & not even realized it as they were ASYMPTOMATIC. ImageImageImage
We are 31 Days out from the most momentous election in US History & this news is sure to RATTLE SOME CAGES.
The Left are spitting venom with glee, SO WHAT?
Nervous Nellies on OUR Side are vomiting fear, SO WHAT?
I was expecting this
What are the odds Trump WOULDN'T get the virus? ImageImageImageImage
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Noted author Saul Montes-Bradley has suffered personally from fascism & has become an implacable foe of tyranny of any kind.
He recently mentioned something called "La Carta del Lavoro."… ImageImage
I pulled it up & saw it was introduced by Dictator Benito Mussolini in 1927 & consisted of 30 Main Articles.
(Here is a full presentation of all 30)…
Fascist Italy under Mussolini used a contingent of Thugs to seize & maintain control=the Blackshirts. ImageImage
That control was*CEMENTED*by the legislation Mussolini introduced in 1927 which paved the way to his "New Roman Empire" which was actually nothing more than his dark desire to forge Italy into an Oppressor Nation that would use military & economic pressures to dominate others ImageImage
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Thread: IT'S TIME! Today General Flynn **Opened a Door**
that allows me to talk about something that's been OBVIOUS to any real Researcher since April.
I had suspicions on 30, Jan. & did threads & videos.
Then watched ALL Media memory hole or ignore it.
When I say ALL media that includes New Media & MAGA.
About 5 I follow & 3 Outlets posted on it & got ZERO traction.
I determined President Trump & his People were handling it.
The #TIMING wasn't right or their inquiries weren't complete so the DOTS would lie fallow for now.
This is my first Thread & Video on the subject dated JANUARY 30TH, 2020.…

I'm not an actual Journalist, I just pulled this off the internet.
People in APRIL were offering compelling evidence #COVID19 was a DESIGNED Virus.
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President Trump has defied the Left's attack on Faith & Family & now the #Soulwar is underway.
Thread: The Statue of **PRESIDENT**Theodore Roosevelt is being REMOVED.

Erased from history. This @CNN piece casts Teddy as a virulent racist & oppressor.

Those who know ACTUAL history know that's BUNK!…
The Statue of **PRESIDENT**Woodrow Wilson HAS been removed from The University of Texas at Austin along with that of Jefferson Davis. Both were unrepentant racists but with their removal HISTORY is being erased.…
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The REAL REASON the Left has pivoted from their FAILED insurrection (Trump BEAT their long planned attack on America in THREE DAYS) to #DefundThePolice is the same reason they began THE CARAVANS on the US Border in 2018-2019.
To overwhelm & collapse their Target.
Heard anything in the News lately regarding the Border?
No, right?
That's because President Trump won THE BORDER WAR.
I live in South Texas.
When President Trump deployed the US Military to bolster CBP & ICE everything was restructured TO BE EFFECTIVE.
No old "College Try"
Powerful Truck mounted Cameras were deployed that can see for miles in all weather & at night.
Drones were used to cover hillsides & Valleys the cameras couldn't see though.
Dogs & roving patrols circled in the gaps between perimeters.
Detentions skyrocketed.
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🚨THREAD: Since the #FISAReport has been released, there is something pretty critical in there that jumped out at me. This hinges on the AG Barr quote below:

“Durham is not limited to the FBI. He can talk to other agencies. He can compel people to testify,” Barr said.
2 - “One of the problems in the IG’s investigation, I think he would agree, is that @Comey refused to sign back up for his security clearance and therefore couldn't be questioned about classified matters.”
3 – “…So, someone like Durham can compel testimony, he can talk to a whole range of people, private parties, foreign governments, and so forth.”
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