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Jesse Palmer has been named the next host of #TheBachelor, replacing Chris Harrison. Image
Palmer, a television broadcaster and former NFL quarterback, starred as “The Bachelor” himself in Season 5, which aired in 2004. Image
Palmer has a longstanding relationship with ABC and Disney, as a sports commentator on ESPN and ABC, and special contributor on “Good Morning America.” Image
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The next star of #TheBachelor might be an unfamiliar face — but not for long. Insiders say ABC has picked its next star from Michelle Young's upcoming season of #TheBachelorette.
The new leading man for Season 26 of the hit dating show is Clayton Echard, according to sources. ABC and Warner Bros. TV declined to comment.
If Echard’s name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because Bachelor Nation hasn’t met him yet. Echard will be introduced to America as a suitor on the upcoming season of #TheBachelorette, which premieres next month, and will star fan-favorite Michelle Young.
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Every episode of Colton's gay reality show leaked
Episode 1: Colton Makes Friends
- Colton meets Gus at a coffee shop and Gus agrees to be his gay guide.
-Gus introduces him to terms like "Bear" "Twink" and "Otter."
-Brunch with a rag tag group of gays! (4-5 in total. 1 is non-muscular, 1 is femme-ish, 1-2 are POC)
Episode 2: Colton goes to a gay bar
- Gus and the boys take him to a gay bar for the first time. Fish out of water story ensues!
- Colton sees his first drag show. Drag Race alums meet him backstage, put him in a silly wig! That's drag baby!
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In the last year, TV has become more than just entertainment. It's now the center of our cultural lives.

That's why @thefilmgoer, @LorraineAli, @LATimesTVLloyd, @GeBraxton and @tracycbrown are here to share the finer points of TV watching.…
We want to hear from you during this special TV edition of We Can Teach You That.

Share your questions for our panelists in the replies and they'll answer during the broadcast.…
You can also watch this webinar and share your thoughts with us on YouTube:
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#TheBachelorFinale was riveting. @EmmanuelAcho killed it. He guided #BatchelorNation through a straightforward, honest, whiteness-decentered, brave conversation on Black maleness in US. #MattJames @mattjames919 was clear. He and his future children need a woman who gets it. 1/
It makes sense that the first time #TheBachelor is a Black man the season ends with a painful conversation about race. The political construct of #race in the US was built in 1662 to answer the question of interracial children and marriage in VA and MD, respectively. 2/
In VA House of Burgess wanted to solve the riddle: What is status of mixed race children (products of white masters raping enslaved women).

MD Legislature wanted to stop flood of white immigrant women from falling in love and marrying enslaved African men...

#TheBachelorABC 3/
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Gf got #TheBachelor on while I code like a cave man.

They’re burning a girl at the stake for living a normal uncontroversial life, and a man for daring to say they maybe shouldn’t do it.

Wokes are miserable, pathetic ppl who deserve all of your contempt.
Omg this bitchass bitch #TheBachelor isn’t even standing up for his woman.

Tells you everything you need to know about that Raleigh scumbag. Gross.
Guy broke up with a woman over an old picture at an antebellum party.

Ladies, date Woke men at your own peril.
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Bachelor Nation has a race problem, according to four former #TheBachelor contestants who spoke to @stephemcneal.

They say the franchise didn’t support them when they heard insensitive comments from fellow contestants and received racist abuse from fans:…
White contestants have been able to cause drama, pick fights and emerge with a healthy Instagram following.

Black contestants said they were subject to harassment and abuse from fans simply for being Black on a show that, they feel, was never built to support them.
“It speaks to who America is in probably one of the realest ways ever,” said Jubilee Sharpe, who appeared on the show’s 20th season. “But people don't realize it.”
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I can barely get through this interview for the rage that Chris Harrison has invoked. The way he keeps asserting that things done in the past are seen as bad NOW as if they weren't terrible back then... No. People just weren't being held accountable for shit back then.
This is more than "just a party." It's a celebration incorporating the traditions of the antebellum south & romanticizing confederate imagery. & it's the latest in a LONG LINE of #TheBachelor contestants being exposed as bigots. Chris Harrison defending this BS isn't shocking.
The audacity to talk to Rachel Lindsay as if the two are in some sort of cahoots? As if she hasn't been calling this shit out since she was handed that Bachelorette rose? UNbelievable.
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first off i would just like to note that the diversity we’re about to see is LONG overdue and i’m glad abc is finally getting their heads out of their asses

abigail: pacific northwest hipster, loves her family and loves to have fun; we all like to have fun abigail 7/10 Image
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Oh look, our favorite militant clinic-swarmers have a new weapon in their war on pregnant people: a face full of coronavirus! If you’re not familiar with Red Rose Rescue, read on. /1…
RRR is a bunch of Franciscan zealots who weaponize flowers. Their turn-ons are trespassing, shoving roses into a stranger’s personal space, and getting dragged off in cuffs. It’s like a shitty S&M version of #TheBachelor with no safe word. /2…
What’s scarier than a rose? Most things, honestly. But especially a cloud of spittle from a pest who thinks Jesus is his N95 mask. GUYS THE PANDEMIC DOESN’T DISAPPEAR JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT BORED OF NOT INVADING CLINICS. /3 Image
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Democratic candidates (past and present) as #TheBachelor contestants:
Bernie Sanders: Demi. Good heart, kinda crazy, hardcore stans
Elizabeth Warren: Hannah Brown. Here for the reasons and doing the most.
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Okay #BachelorNation. My name is Emily Joy, I'm a lesbian with an unhealthy obsession with this show, I have a degree in philosophical theology & apologetics from Moody Bible Institute, and if you're wondering what the fuck is going on I'm here to break it down. #TheBachelorette
In last night's episode @AlabamaHannah referenced the biblical story of the woman caught in adultery & the words of Jesus when he said, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." The story she's referring to can be found here in the gospel of John:…
Now a couple interesting things to note: 1) unlike a lot of other Jesus stories, this one is found *only* in the gospel of John & not the others, and 2) there is good scholarly consensus that this bit of John was added later and was not a part of the original text of the gospel.
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Also I thought Colton was supposed to jump over a fence tonight. #confused #thebachelor
and now there isn’t even a preview for the fence jumping next week. #stillconfused
I think the fence jumping is #FakeNews #Thebachelor
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