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You mean this Lordstown Motors Corp plant?

I keep telling y’all that it’s nothing but a grift and a lie of huge proportions because of what they NEVER intended to do.
The story was back in May, 2019. Here’s that THREAD

Ford, like GM, weren’t going to stop this. They needed to do it because it was a losing operation.
They laid off 1400 people with the HOPE of bringing back less than half
You have to look at the players. BECAUSE #ItsAllConnected

It begins with #TradeDeals then it moves to #TradeTariffs

Once one sector is hit, the others begin to fall.
But I digress
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Don't forget who owns your Superbowl ring, Bob.

What BUSINESS was Robert Kraft doing in Russia in 2005 that involved meeting Putin personally? 🧐

@ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @MingGao26…
@ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @MingGao26 Ahh, Kraft has been neck deep in interesting business opportunities since the 1970s.

A young Czech teen was about to burst onto the world tennis scene, and Bob was there. She went pro in 1975.…
@ninaandtito @LincolnsBible @MingGao26 Today in #ItsAllConnected, Bob Kraft bought the Patriot's stadium because it was used as collateral to finance Michael Jackson's Victory Tour in 1984.…
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Slavros’s posts on Iron March strengthen the case that he and Mukhitdinov are the same man. He wrote about Russia with the understanding that other Iron March users knew him to be from there, for example #HateIsNotAHoax #ItsAllConnected
Slavros boasted publicly about how he and his site were radicalizing members down an extreme path, deepening the hatred within them.
Slavros also indoctrinated individual people outside of Iron March, bringing them into the fold of extremism as far back as 2008.
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Giuliani set to make paid appearance next week at Kremlin-backed conference that includes Putin

#Bagman #Donbas…
📌Giuliani’s decision to take part in the conference astounded national security experts.

🔑The conference is a regular summit of the Eurasian Economic Union, an economic trading union whose members are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. #TOC 💰💦…
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Ok I’m buggin out over the last couple Q drops and @ReIncarnatedET insight ➡️ a,b,C,D,(e) comms.


Now just before, #Q dropped ⬇️

Exculpatory: A description of evidence in a criminal trial that serves to justify, excuse, or introduce a reasonable doubt about the defendant's alleged actions or intentions
And after @ReIncarnatedET shoutout, last drop 3544 is about (E)pstein

Consider the highlighted portions of what his attorney says specifically

“If he goes on trial, everyone he’s been in contact with will ultimately be fair game”

#qanon #GreatAwakening
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$50 MILLION golden parachute for Neil Moffitt. Why? Were they trying to buy his silence?
Article from Aug 2018:…
oh look, Nazarian.
Article from March 2017:…
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Melissa Rivers thread:

24 hours ago the official Instagram for Melissa liked a comment -

“I’m convinced Obama had Joan killed for speaking the truth.”

I recall the “condolence” letter she mentioned she received from obama

A deceptive calling card perhaps?
Let’s find out...
2) The letter states:

“Not only did she make us laugh, she made us think.”

I supposed that isn’t strange but no official statement of condolence or admiration for her was made as for other public figures
Joan calls Michelle a tranny and Obama gay 👇

Two months later she dies of complications during an endoscopy (which is not a major or life threatening procedure)

P.S. Joan was an unabashed truth teller like her Apprentice boss Mr. #Trump

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I just listened to @jacobsoboroff interview #Berners who said they don’t care about Trump conspiring w/Russia. One said they care more about education. I guess that person fails to make the connect that ditzy @BetsyDeVosED brother helped coordinate w/Russia 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄#ItsAllConnected
Literally, the betch has her job to destroy our @usedgov, and our childrens’ educational futures, *solely* because her brother helped Trump cheat...with Russia 🇷🇺 #ItsAllConnected
Do I think Trump should be impeached, hell yes, yet it’s a process. Support Dems in Congress who are working to move that along. Not every citizen has been following this debacle. There needs to be public hearings for ppl to catch up that Trump is an existential threat to us all.
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Interesting story here.

This particular section got my attention.

Who donates 10 million dollars to a convicted pedophile?…
Perhaps we should start with the address.

80 state street Albany
Pop that into the old offshore leaks db and... Well, what do we have here?

Former head of AIG and the Federal reserve, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg
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HAHAHAHA Cc @911CORLEBRA777 Patrick Ho, Former Head Of Organization Backed By Chinese Energy Conglomerate, Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For International Bribery And Money Laundering Offenses…
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SDNY: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces The Appointment Of Deputy U.S. Attorney And Chief Counsel To The U.S. Attorney
“selection of Audrey Strauss as Deputy U.S. Attorney and Craig A. Stewart as Chief Counsel to the U.S. Attorney...…
...Ms. Strauss will replace Robert Khuzami on his departure April 12. Rob will return to his home in Washington DC after commuting to the Office weekly while serving as Deputy U.S. Attorney.”
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Former Hedge Fund Manager Vitaly Korchevsky Sentenced to 60 Months' Imprisonment & Ordered to Pay $14.4M in Forfeiture for Role in International Securities Fraud & Computer Hacking Scheme
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WV United States Attorney Mike Stuart Forms Health Care Abuse, Recovery and Response Team ("ARREST") To Intensify Response to Opioid Epidemic and Health Care Fraud
Medicaid Fraud Estimated at >$150 BILLION Annually in U.S.…
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It’s a good day to remind people that Mueller gave a speech on Transnational Organized Crime in January 2011 and @BarackObama declared TOC a #NationalEmergency in an #ExecutiveOrder in July 2011. Read the Manafort & Cohen filings with that in mind. 😘
Robert Mueller mentioned Semion Mogilevich BY NAME in this January 2011 speech.
Semion = the big boss. MOGILEVICH is who the Trump Organization washes money for (in addition to the IRGC & triads-but #ItsAllConnected)
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“Buh muh Kim & Kanye are noooooot mobsters!!!” 🤣
“We care about the Armenian genocide” (oops nope we just do what our handlers tell us to and they told us to care about this)
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@911CORLEBRA777 @ericgarland @LouiseMensch @thespybrief @FelisDave @JamesFourM July 20, 2016:
United States Seeks to Recover more than $1 Billion Obtained from Corruption involving Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund 1MDB…
@911CORLEBRA777 @ericgarland @LouiseMensch @thespybrief @FelisDave @JamesFourM steal steal steal
wash wash wash
Art! Intellectual Property Rights! Film Studios! Planes! Luxury Real Estate!
#SillyMobsters are no match for @TheJusticeDept @IRSnews & @FBI
Hi Andrew McCabe 😍
@911CORLEBRA777 @ericgarland @LouiseMensch @thespybrief @FelisDave @JamesFourM @TheJusticeDept @IRSnews @FBI "The Department of Justice (DOJ) launched the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative in 2010"…
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Let’s talk about #pedowood and the claims @IsaacKappy made a few days ago. (Watch video)

I believe Isaac and anyone who has done even just a small bit of research knows #hollywood is infested with #pedos and satanic ritual abusers.

#qanon #TheGreatAwakeing #woke
#maga #truth
After @IsaacKappy posted his live video’s, talk made it’s way to the chans

Anon posts pic of Seth Green, Tim Gunn and others we’ll talk about, then suggests Haiti connection... provides links

#qanon #pedowood #pizzagate #GreatAwakenening #itsallconnected
#4chan #8chan #Truth
So as you can see there is a connection to Seth Green and this organization “aid still required”

I’m not commenting on the validity of this organization, I’m just making connections...

Continuing on...

#qanon #pizzagate #TheGreatAwakening
#Haiti #ChildTrafficking
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South Florida Resident and Colombian National Charged with Violating the Kingpin Act
“Jose Piedrahita Castillo, Jr., 29, of Medellin, Colombia, and Sandra Milena Ruiz Arango, 34, of Miami-Dade County, Florida conspired to commit violations...”…
“According to the Indictment, on June 26, 2014, the President of the United States designated La Oficina De Envigado as a “significant foreign narcotics trafficker” subject to economic sanctions. “
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So I decided to do a little looksee at the OP of that pic #Q dropped yesterday of Alefantis and the Nixon mom...

Meet Ginny Grenham

#qanon #Greatawkening
#pizzagate #thestorm
They seem to have been friends for a while. You can go to her page and see these for yourself, it’s public for now.

And golly gee whiz, look who else she’s friends with!

#qanon #pizzagate
#GreatAwakenening #Q
#thestorm #AsTheWorldTurns
What does Ginny do for a living?
Well a lot it would seem... all related to the healthcare industry.

#Qanon #GreatAwakening
#pizzagate #q #thestorm
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It's almost like....there's a
🚩Global Corruption Scandal🚩 or something.
(#ItsAllConnected #AllOfIt)
Who Knew?
(@counterchekist knew)
Who Knew?
(@JamesFourM knew)
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