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30 Aug
1/ How Black Lives Matter Is Changing the Church by ⁦@elizagriswold@NewYorker#Essential #SundayReading…
2/ “I began my journey sincerely believing that if I could convince evangelical Christians that reconciliation was not some politically motivated agenda but a Biblical calling rooted in Scripture, they would pursue racial justice.” @RevDocBrenda @NewYorker #metoo
3/ In fact, white evangelical men explicitly trained me to talk about race “through the back door.”

“Don’t start with history. Don’t start with systems, structures and policies. You’ll lose people. Start with scripture,” they said.

We focused “cultural” partiality, not race.
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25 Aug
The Spirit of 50/50 loomed large over the #RepublicanConvention last night. This is a ghost I run into every single time I have a conversation about race or injustice with white folks who have not yet done the work to interrogate the way they see the world. #spiritof5050 1/
The Spirit of 50/50 haunts conversations w/ white folks and their allies; compelling them to ennoble whites doing evil by removing moral analysis and supposing all are, not only equally human, but all are equally virtuous and credible. #Spiritof5050 #RepublicanConvention 2/
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16 Jun
Dear .@louiegiglio, with this thread I follow the example of Paul, who publicly rebuked Peter in book of Galatians when Peter tried to placate the faction called judaizers by practicing segregation. Your championing of the term #whiteblessing in reference to #slavery is SIN. 1/
Your sin against Black people, especially women, was public. Therefore, your rebuke must also be public. For, you are an international leader. People of European descent and BIPOC in your network will follow your lead into sin, if you are not corrected publicly. 2/ #whiteblessing
I intend to do 3 things in this thread:
1) correct your thinking on white privilege and white “blessing,”
2) suggest a 3rd term that is the essence of this entire set-up: #WhitePatriarchy,
3) reflect for a moment on the impact of your sin. 3/ #whiteblessing
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2 Jun
Dear @LatashaMorrison, .@RealJohnGray met with Trump and got played for the photo op. You have built one of the MOST SIGNIFICANT bridging organizations (@BAbridgebuilder) in the HISTORY of our nation. Literally. 1/
The way that @BAbridgebuilder is teaching whiteness to white people and bringing multiethnic groups to-actual-gether across the country for regular dialogue about issues of race is unique and awe-inspiring. 2/
Others are doing this work, @LatashaMorrison, but you are one of very few forces the greatest impact right now. Sister, do not worry. You are bigger than this. You cannot be erased. You are part of a community that is moving together. 3/
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26 May
@stephenproctor Thank you. I honestly think it’s time we consider how we can transition into a world without police. Or do we do as the Apostles did in Acts 6 when the Hellenist widows were not getting served meals by the dominant culture food servers. 1/2
@stephenproctor The Apostles appointed a team of Hellenists to lead all food distribution. This moved power from the center to the margins. What would it look like to see the racialized origins of the police? 2/
@stephenproctor What would it look like for all of us to look the institution of the police full in the face and see how, it was an institution used by communities recognized as white to control newly arrived immigrant Europeans, not yet considered white?…
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19 May
The numbers are coming in. States are opening b4 the 3 requirements are met and COVID-19 numbers are rising. Join me and an amazing group of faith leaders this afternoon for the #HousePower Protest and National Town Hall. Tune in on #FBLive at 3pm EST to join us!
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1 May

A recurrent M.O. of white male dominance is to pit white women against the interests of women of color. Don’t take the bait. 1/ #Biden
Sexual assault #matters. But, we only have 2 viable choices for president now. It is, as @KirstenPowers says in this helpful column, a #zerosumgame. 2/ #biden
Remember this:
#Immigration is a women’s issue.
#Healthcare is a woman’s issue.
#ClimateChange is a women’s issue.
#Education is a women’s issue.
#Guncontrol is a women’s issue.
#massincarceration is a women’s issue.
#NuclearProliferation is a women’s issue, too.
3/ #Biden
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14 Apr
When I submitted my first book proposal I had no idea what I was doing. So, I bought a book called, How to Write a Book Proposal. It helped. I got the book deal! BUT... 1/ #FaithRootedWriting…
When I spoke with a potential book agent 1yr later she coughed on her sip of tea when I told her how much I received for the advance. I was just happy someone paid me for my writing at all. I had no idea what was possible with a book agent. 2/ #faithrootedwriting #SocialJustice
Turns out, the roof disappears and angels sing. 3/

#FaithRootedWriting #SocialJustice @FreedomRoadus
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10 Apr
Dr. Eboni Hilton @UVA! Thank you for saying on @11thHour what NO ONE ELSE has said on @MSNBC so far! Black, brown and poor pp are more likely to die from #COVIDー19, not because they happen to have more Diabetes, Hypertension and Asthma. It’s not genetic. It’s structural. 1/
Black, brown and poor people are not dying more from #Coronavirus because we’re naturally weaker. It’s the highways that cut through our neighborhoods leaving higher densities of particulate matter in the air; causing astronomical rates of asthma. 2/ @MSNBC
What even Dr. Fauci has not said is that Black, brown and poor people are not dying more from #COVIDー19 because of some genetic abnormality. No. We are dying more because of LOCAL ZONING by city councils dubbing our communities Fast-Food zones. 3/ @MSNBC
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7 Apr
Next #FreedomRoadPodcast episode, recorded in collaboration with @PantsuitPolitic! Listen in on both platforms #tomorrow as Lisa, Beth and Sarah talk COVID-19, sci-fi movies canaries in mines and one hard question: What will alliance w/ WOC require of White women in 2020?
NOTE: #COVID-19 stats by race were released last week. The stats make three things clear: 1) Media reporting has been white-centered 2) The impact of COVID is racialized and 3) response to COVID is being politicized. #WisconsinPrimary #HealthDisparities Imprisoned w/ Coronavirus.
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30 Mar
If EVERY STATE is on the same #COVID19 curve, as the HHS director just said, can someone please explain why we haven’t done a NATIONWIDE MANDATORY #StayAtHome ORDER?
Why are we #wadingthroughthewillows on this. We NEED the deal with it all at the same time. We need to mandate the order. This is NOT a time for “recommendations”. Recommendations get you Mississippi’s flippant wave of the hand and Florida’s head in sand. #Covid_19 #StayAtHome
“Recommendations” gets us megachurch wolves in sheep’s clothing luring congregants back to their pews and the offering plate! Seriously. #THAT is prime reason some churches have continued to meet in person. “Recommendations” don’t help when cash is calling. #Covid_19 #StayAtHome
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26 Mar
It has grieved me to see the current day suffering of my Asian-American friends during the #Coronavirusoutbreak. The first thing I thought of was @the18yearplan's clarifying essay on #ThreePillarsofWhiteSupremacy. It explains it perfectly. 1/
Andrea @the18yearplan is in this Twitter-TeachIn, so all can refer to her thread for more. I'll reflect on one central point that rises to the surface for me... 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
"Whiteness," as political construct, was created to determine who ordained to rule. White supremacy believes white people were created to rule and steward everything. Everyone else is cast as a threat or a commodity to white stewardship. 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
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26 Mar
Time to go deep. Almost EVERY Black woman I know is single (except for a few). Literally. #Covid19 has highlighted the reality of our social location in a painful way. #ShelterInPlace order has had a particularly isolating impact on Black women. #evangelicals4justice #racism 1/
Many, many of us are not sheltered with family or friends. We are sheltered alone. I've found a particularly heightened level of anxiety among single Black women, because of the level of vulnerability. 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
This is abt racism b/c it traces to the breaking of Black families through slavery, jim crow and poverty. Literal hierarchy of desirability moves Black men (especially evangelical) to marry non-Black women far more often. 3/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
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25 Mar
Trump opened briefing/circus boasting about 2.2T stimulus designed to carry US thru 3 mths of social distancing.

He ended propaganda lap justifying early return to work saying: “We have business owners with businesses that are just sitting there.” 1/ #coronavirus #stimulusbill
Businesses WILL sit there and their owners will receive CASH to keep paying their workers AND overhead for 3 months! So, why is Trump risking OUR ENTIRE NATION to open up businesses in 5 days? 2/ #coronavirus #stimulusbill @JoyAnnReid @maddow @Lawrence @chrislhayes @KirstenPowers
March 2020: Senate is voting on bill to give 2.2 Trillion to businesses, workers and hospitals.

In 5 days, Trump ruins the gains made over last two weeks by prematurely ending quarantine.

March 2021: US has 2.2 MILLION fewer consumers b/c they died. #recession #coronavirus 3/3
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16 Mar
Some evangelical/Pentecostal churches met in person yesterday; defying CDC recommendations not to gather in large groups and stay 6ft apart. Their justification? “We’re stronger than this virus.” 1/
#COVID19 #SocialDistancingNow #VirtualChurch
But I don’t believe this defiance comes from strength. It comes from fear of change—from the same place, deep down, that compels some to despise anyone or any policy that threatens routines of life. Change is their gut-level enemy. #COVID19 #SocialDistancingNow #VirtualChurch 2/
Within these communities, the ability to fight the tide and maintain sameness is considered “strength”. 3/
#COVID19 #SocialDistancingNow #virtualchurch
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15 Mar
I am proud of pastors who chose to move to virtual services today! Good choice, sisters and brothers! In this time of isolation there is REAL potential to transform our churches, if we leverage this period as an opportunity to thicken our gospel. 1/ #COVIDー19 #virtualchurch
In his book, Prayer, @FosterEveryday says connection w/ God happens in the silence. Could this be opportunity for national #soulreset? Could it be an opportunity for us to connect w/ God again—through deeper introspection and intentional listening to voices usually overlooked? 2/
I’d like to recommend #fivebooks for pastors to dive into with their congregations over the next 2-3 weeks; while we have the blessing of this national #soulreset. 3/ #COVIDー19 #SocialDistancing
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13 Mar
Have you checked in with your family and friends, today? I’ve connected with almost everyone. Everyone is well and prepared.

Let’s take this #covidcraycray as an opportunity to knit together our shattered world. 1/ #Covid_19 #CoronaOutbreak
Here’s a family check-in checklist:
* Check on your elders.
* Make sure everyone has at least two weeks worth of frozen/canned goods, toiletries, toilet paper and prescriptions.
* Make plans for how you will care for each other in case there is need. 2/ #Covid_19 #COVID
Contact your “In case of emergency” people and make sure they have your medical info. (Preferred hospital, Health Insurance ID#, medical allergies). 3/ #Covid_19 #COVID
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11 Mar
Poverty is the core driver of #Abortion. We MUST hold politicians accountable when they say they are “pro-life” with one side of their tongues then advocate tax cuts for billionaires and cuts to Medicaid and Food Stamps and public education with the other. #freedomroadpodcast
When the GOP cut taxes for the uber-rich in 2017, they promised to pay for those cuts by cutting programs that help the poor. They followed through in 2019 with cuts to Food Stamps and continued cuts to Medicaid and the attempted annihilation of women’s health clinics. 2/
The normal impact of that legislation would have been a rise in abortion rates; as it was in 1980s with impact of Reaganomics and the impact of Bush 43 cuts to anti-poverty programs. 3/
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5 Mar
BREAKING: #ElizabethWarren is leaving the race. I am in mourning for our nation. Her exit is clear evidence of the level of trauma we have suffered over the last 3yrs; causing us to cling to the familiar, stunting our capacity to dream, limiting faith.…
We MUST remove Trump. Our democracy will not hold another 4 yrs of the Trump admin, GOP Senate and white nationalist judges. The lesson of #SuperTuesday is this: To win, we MUST heed the pain of those who’ve borne the brunt of and are VOTING in the context of Trump’s terror!
REMEMBER: In the middle of terror, dreaming becomes nearly impossible.When terrorized, you literally have ONE GOAL: Make it stop.
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4 Mar
So, what happened last night?
“Joseph R. Biden Jr. won in states where he didn’t campaign. He won in states where he didn’t have offices. He won in states where he was overwhelmingly outspent... He won in states where rivals had a better organization.” 1/…
My first thought was: How can America choose a man who didn’t really even campaign and arguably lost every debate—even graded on a curve?
My first response was: This shows how profoundly patriarchal we are as a nation. And I still believe this. 2/

But, I don’t think Biden’s wave was fundamentally abt patriarchy. Leading Black womxn across the US threw their weight behind #ElizabethWarrenforPresident. I was one of them. Yet, Biden won overwhelming support frm Southern Black women—who tend to be matriarchal. 3/ #imlistening
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23 Feb
I’d like to make a few suggestions for how Americans engage the next few weeks of primaries—through #SuperTuesday. 1/ #Election2020
1. Renounce Fear. We are our weakest when fear is our motivator. Fear leads us away from our truest hearts. It disconnects us from our dreams and stunts imagination. Fear is a liar that tells us there is no God, so we must dominate the other to save ourselves. #FearisFakeNews 2/
2. Don’t be a pundit. BE A CITIZEN. Citizenship is a near sacred compact. It is about connection/commitment to place and people. Pundits sit on high and spin predictions. Our work is to CONNECT with our friends, families, communities. LISTEN/SHARE our visions for our nation. 3/
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