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Founder/President @FreedomRoadus. Host #FreedomRoadPodcast. @AuburnSeminary Senior Fellow. Speaker, Writer, Author #VeryGoodGospel and #FortuneBook (Feb 2022)
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17 Jul
#Drumroll Today I revealed the cover of my next book, Fortune: How Race Broke My Family And The World—And How To Repair It All!!! (forthcoming @BrazosPress Feb 8, 2022)

Pre-order now:

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#FortuneBook 1/
30 Years of Research
10 Generations
1 Family
An American Story
How Race Broke The World
And How To Repair It All

#FortuneBook 2/
The roots of race
The degradation
The resistance and rebellion
The rising

1 family
10 generations
1682 to right now

#FortuneBook 3/
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18 May
In marrow of vast majority of White Evangelical institutions is belief that #they are #theelect, #chosenones—their kind of Christianity is the #onlykind. They believe US is God ordained and their riches are a gift to be used to extend their power. 1/ #beyondchristiannationalism
#CriticalRaceTheory is a direct threat to the imagined ordination of White evangelical authority and power, because it shines LIGHT 🌞 on the dirty deeds they did to amass that power and wealth. 2/#beyondchristiannationalism
#CriticalRaceTheory rejects the smoke screen of over spiritualization and points to the LAWS their white grandpappies crafted and white meemaws voted for to ensure and secure the economic/social/political supremacy of whiteness. 3/#beyondchristiannationalism
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8 May
Dr. Keller, @timkellernyc, I request this in love. Please list ALL of the times you have spoken out, written or taken action against voting for White Christian Nationalism over the past 40 years.
You seem to have had a major epiphany in 2020. Good.

Your commentary over the past 365 days has been helpful. Thank you for it.
But, sir @timkellernyc, you lack one thing. To be well w/ your Black/Brown neighbors whose cries for help against political oppression you largely ignored over the previous 39 yrs, you must CONFESS your sin of omission. You omitted their oppression from you circle of concern.
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16 Mar
#TheBachelorFinale was riveting. @EmmanuelAcho killed it. He guided #BatchelorNation through a straightforward, honest, whiteness-decentered, brave conversation on Black maleness in US. #MattJames @mattjames919 was clear. He and his future children need a woman who gets it. 1/
It makes sense that the first time #TheBachelor is a Black man the season ends with a painful conversation about race. The political construct of #race in the US was built in 1662 to answer the question of interracial children and marriage in VA and MD, respectively. 2/
In VA House of Burgess wanted to solve the riddle: What is status of mixed race children (products of white masters raping enslaved women).

MD Legislature wanted to stop flood of white immigrant women from falling in love and marrying enslaved African men...

#TheBachelorABC 3/
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12 Feb
Devastating, revealing and hope-producing. #RaviZacharias was letch and liar. This leading evangelist was a leading deceiver/exploiter/abuser of women among evangelical men. But his org embraced the truth—about him. #silenceisnotspiritual 1/…
Evangelical women, this is how the betrayal happens. Women told to be pure, while leading evangelical men are filthy. They reek a foul stench that betrays their forays into hell (sexual abuse, exploitation and rape). #ravizacharias #anatomyofthebetrayal #silenceisnotspiritual 2/
Our faith is not about purity. It is about LOVE and mending the fallen brokenness BETWEEN all things (not OF all things). We are made in ima
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9 Feb
Thank you, @RepRaskin, for Impeachment Managers’ POWERFUL #openingarguments for #impeachment #2. Weeping.

“People died on that day.”
“Eyes were gouged out.”
“One officer lost 3 fingers on that day.”
“One officer was speared by a flag he was defending.”…
GOP Senators, It is not too late to save your souls. Respect the dead—who died protecting you. Do not hide your eyes. Do not suppress the truth. Do not mask the truth. Do REMEMBER. Do help our nation heal. Do say “Yes” to ACCOUNTABILITY.… via @NBCNews
GOP defense is weak. Meh...

Claiming trial is about retribution. It is not. It is about #Accountability.

Defense says Senators are committed to Constitution. “Yes!” Those who demand accountability to the Constitution are actually committed to it.

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19 Jan
On the day before we enter the #nextamerica, we crossed this horrific threshold. This poem is for the 400,000 gone.

2/ 400,000
by @lisasharper

400,000 souls
who lived
and breathed
and dreamed
and longed for peace
and worked for peace
and struggled with their own brokenness
and played
and cried
and we’re loved
and loved...

They were w/ us
One year ago.
400,000 images of God.
3/ We love you.
We acknowledge you.
We thank you.

You passed from our writhing world—unprepared. No goodbye. No “affairs in order”.

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6 Dec 20
Dear six Southern Baptist seminary presidents that denounced #CriticalRaceTheory last week without defining what it is (@DannyAkin @JamieKDew @AdamGreenway @Jeff_Iorg @albertmohler and @PreachingJKA): Let's talk.

#CRT #SBC #CriticalRace…
First, Questions:
1. What is your understanding of #CriticalRaceTheory? You never explain that--not in one word of your statement. Instead you say it stems from Marxist or secular thought and that's why you are denouncing it. I find that literally ignorant and ironic. 2/
That #CriticalRaceTheory was born of Marxist thought is ignorant. It came from African-American legal scholars in 1980s post-Civil Rights era. In wake of assassination of Dr. King, scholars like #DerrickBell #PatriciaWilliams examined impact of race on law. #CRT #CriticalRace 3/
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29 Nov 20
1/ #MUSTREAD for a better life in our #COVID world.

In my last #kitchentableconvo I shared how I nearly lost my mind when I couldn’t find a particular small frying pan the day after my move.

#pandemic #habits @nytimes
2/ Rather than simply figuring out another breakfast or using another pan, I spent the entire day unpacking boxes (and not eating) in search for that pan, so that I could eat breakfast! I went to bed miserable, cranky and hungry; having eaten only one meal that day at about 7pm.
3/ The next day, I continued to search for that pan in the hope that I could use it to cook my favorite breakfast. Didn’t find it. And didn’t eat breakfast until 3pm. 🤦🏾‍♀️

#pandemic #habits @nytimes
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1 Oct 20
1/ Dear White churches, Please do not say you are doing anti-racist work, if you are not willing to apply the call to love your neighbor to your politics.
2/ Politics is the decisions we make about how the polis will live together.

Brown, colonized, lynched Jesus has much to say about how the people should live together.
3/ Race, itself, is a #political construct; conceived by Plato in 360BC as a way to order society.

You CANNOT engage issues of race and muzzle yourself on issues of politics. You simply cannot. It is not possible. Race is a political instrument.
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30 Sep 20
1/ You are missing the forest, by choosing to focus one one tree. Neo-Nazis were ordered to be on “stand-by” last night. #This is not about partisanship. This is setting the stage for a coup that leads to ethnic cleansing. #WAKEUP #Snapoutofit!
2/ Okay, so some staffer made a mistake, but RIGHT NOW @Hillsong has a choice to make. Will you remain silent; holding to policies that are INAPPROPRIATE in these circumstances? Or will you stand on your spiritual authority and speak what you know to be true? #Debates2020
3/ If you fail to speak, @Hillsong, you might as well be holding Trump’s mic when he calls neo-nazis to fill our polling stations and kill our democracy. #Debates2020
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29 Sep 20
1/ There are 4 pp groups constantly referenced together in scripture. Theologian, Nicolas Wolterstorff, calls them “the quartet of the vulnerable.” Includes the widows, orphans, immigrants and the poor. Note: Immigrants would have also included their ethnic “other”— non-Hebrews. Image
2/ There was a time when God governed the people of Israel directly (Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy). That’s where we get the 10 Commandments and all the laws that come after. Through God’s public policy, we can see God priorities.
3/ God consistently prioritizes the legal protection of the quartet of the vulnerable through public policies like the Gleaning Laws, laws on the treatment of immigrants, and the laws about The Sabbatical Year and The Year of Jubilee, among others.
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26 Sep 20
1/ During the final session of the 2020 Religion News Association Annual Conference, I made this statement. What follows is my statement on the #abortion debate. #rna2020virtual Image
2/ Whoever builds the house sets parameters for possiblities within. Burned by gains of #CivilRights, seething from Supreme Court anti-segregation ruling (Bob Jones vs USA), southern White men constructed #abortion debate framework in 1983 as staging ground for cultural warfare.
3/ Pro-life vs Pro-choice is an inhuman frame, meant to draw battle lines, meant to set the stage for winners/losers. It is so last-century. And it is inaccurate. Those who built the pro-life frame have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, what they really cared about is white life.
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30 Aug 20
Here are a few resources to help you start the journey to being part of the solution:
1) Race and Equity BootCamp @FreedomRoadus (not just basic stuff)…
2) How to Decolonize the Bible Series @FreedomRoadus (Absolutely essential)…
Read #VeryGoodGospel and check in with our IGTV Book club @lisasharper .…
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30 Aug 20
1/ How Black Lives Matter Is Changing the Church by ⁦@elizagriswold@NewYorker#Essential #SundayReading…
2/ “I began my journey sincerely believing that if I could convince evangelical Christians that reconciliation was not some politically motivated agenda but a Biblical calling rooted in Scripture, they would pursue racial justice.” @RevDocBrenda @NewYorker #metoo
3/ In fact, white evangelical men explicitly trained me to talk about race “through the back door.”

“Don’t start with history. Don’t start with systems, structures and policies. You’ll lose people. Start with scripture,” they said.

We focused “cultural” partiality, not race.
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25 Aug 20
The Spirit of 50/50 loomed large over the #RepublicanConvention last night. This is a ghost I run into every single time I have a conversation about race or injustice with white folks who have not yet done the work to interrogate the way they see the world. #spiritof5050 1/
The Spirit of 50/50 haunts conversations w/ white folks and their allies; compelling them to ennoble whites doing evil by removing moral analysis and supposing all are, not only equally human, but all are equally virtuous and credible. #Spiritof5050 #RepublicanConvention 2/
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19 Aug 20
Teachers should not have to risk their lives and the lives of their families to return to in-person teaching when there is STILL NO TREATMENT and NO VACCINE and hospitalizations are still HIGH. 1/ #schoolsreopening #SaveOurChildren #Resist
Teachers’ concerns are real and parents should be equally concerned.

CHILDREN are less likely to die, but JUST AS LIKELY (and maybe even more) TO CARRY #coronavirus WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. 2/ #resist #schoolsreopening #SaveOurChildren
So, your children could leave your home in the morning without #coronavirus and come home in the afternoon with the virus and you WOULD NOT KNOW until whole family is hospitalized 1-2 wks later with life-long breathing issues or dead. 3/ #Resist #schoolsreopening #SaveOurChildren
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17 Aug 20
1/ My Great Grandpop Hiram Lawrence moved to Philly with his wife, Ella Fortune, after seeing the world aboard a WWI US Naval ship. While establishing himself in Philadelphia he and Ella rented a home while 28yr-old Hiram worked two jobs: Dog Catcher and mail clerk. #SaveTheUSPS Image
2/ Ten years later, in 1930-in the middle of the Great Depression, Hiram had established himself as a clerk for the US Post Office and had earned enough to buy a home.
#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice Image
3/ Hiram Lawrence served as a US Postal Clerk into the 1940s. He was promoted to a supervisoral role in the late 40s-early 1950s.

He loved his work and served in Philadelphia’s Central Post Office well into the 1950s until his passing in 1958.
#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice Image
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18 Jul 20
Friends, I am sitting here is tears. I was on Zoom calls from 9am-9pm ET today. So when I scrolled through my emails I was shocked to see the NYTimes email alert, sent early this morning that Rev. #CTVivian passed away this morning at 95 years old. 1/…
Rev. Vivian was one of the giants of the Civil Rights Movement. Taught non-violence by Rev. James Lawson, Rev. Vivian helped organize the 1960 Nashville Sit-Ins. He eventually became the national director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference affiliates. #RIPCTVivian 2/
I was blessed beyond my own understanding to be introduced to him the first time as a staff-worker in Christian ministry. He led our organization through profound anti-racism training. The old white men just about list their minds—and Rev. Vivian was 100% right. #CTVivian 3/
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16 Jun 20
Dear .@louiegiglio, with this thread I follow the example of Paul, who publicly rebuked Peter in book of Galatians when Peter tried to placate the faction called judaizers by practicing segregation. Your championing of the term #whiteblessing in reference to #slavery is SIN. 1/
Your sin against Black people, especially women, was public. Therefore, your rebuke must also be public. For, you are an international leader. People of European descent and BIPOC in your network will follow your lead into sin, if you are not corrected publicly. 2/ #whiteblessing
I intend to do 3 things in this thread:
1) correct your thinking on white privilege and white “blessing,”
2) suggest a 3rd term that is the essence of this entire set-up: #WhitePatriarchy,
3) reflect for a moment on the impact of your sin. 3/ #whiteblessing
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2 Jun 20
Dear @LatashaMorrison, .@RealJohnGray met with Trump and got played for the photo op. You have built one of the MOST SIGNIFICANT bridging organizations (@BAbridgebuilder) in the HISTORY of our nation. Literally. 1/
The way that @BAbridgebuilder is teaching whiteness to white people and bringing multiethnic groups to-actual-gether across the country for regular dialogue about issues of race is unique and awe-inspiring. 2/
Others are doing this work, @LatashaMorrison, but you are one of very few forces the greatest impact right now. Sister, do not worry. You are bigger than this. You cannot be erased. You are part of a community that is moving together. 3/
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