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So in past years @oraclecloud drove cars around #reinvent with the Oracle logo on the side. "Save money on your @awscloud bill by switching to Oracle!" they marketed to... well, naive idiots who weren't familiar with Oracle, apparently.
Why did they do this? Little known fact: @awscloud buys up pretty much all of the advertising space around Las Vegas and resells it / uses it themselves.
This almost certainly cost millions of dollars. Was it worth it? Hard to say; it's not what I'd do.
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speaking of #reInvent, tons of sessions are already posted on youtube (with more coming soon)!

🎬 full list of videos here:…

a few highlights in this thread (1/n):
first, @mndoci and @drrlabs gave a leadership session on developing modern applications with containers and serverless. this has the 10k foot view on how we think about development, and a recap of recent launches, like eks on fargate #reInvent

if networking is more your speed, @primitivetype gave the networking leadership session #reInvent

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It's time! @ben11kehoe is talking about AWS Step Functions. A thread with some notes. #reinvent #serverless
First, general comments from @ben11kehoe:

"Don't complain about AWS where AWS can't hear you. Things won't get better if they don't know". Use #awswishlist or tag Ben himself.

Also: "Serverless is about not owning technology that doesn't differentiate you as a business"
"Everything that says IoT, ignore that it says IoT and evaluate it for your own purposes". The AWS IoT offerings are super powerful for all kinds of other things. IoT Events can work for state machines where Step Functions wouldn't be a good fit.
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Welcome to re:play, the #reinvent party! In this thread I’ll livetw—DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF
DOOF DOOF DOOF—@awscloud product naming meeting—SKREEEE POP!!!!
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It’s impossible to pick my favorite @awscloud exec, but S3’s Mai-LAN Bukovec is way up there. #reinvent
However, it’s super easy to pick my *least* favorite @awscloud exec because it’s @mndoci. Two syllables my ass!

(Seriously, Deepak is awesome.)
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AWS #reInvent SRV401 Optimizing Your Serverless Applications

@chrismunns starts by dissection the AWS Lambda function environment.

He's lulling us with a basic intro before waking us up with the 400-level content.

Even so, it's a more technical basic intro.
Now we jump into the simpler optimizations.
Options for configuration.

"Hardcoding is not one of them. "
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Things I missed on yesterday’s #reinventnaturewalk at @awscloud #reinvent. A thread…
This company has blatantly ripped off @awscloud’s slogan!
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Here's a brilliant technique from @danilop to auto scale your AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency so that you always have a proportion of functions being kept warm.

Since the Lambda functions running in Provisioned Concurrency are cheaper than standard Lambda functions, Danilo figured there must be a target percentage at which you break even.

After scribbling on a whiteboard in the AWS #reInvent Expo, the magic value was revealed.

If you set TargetValue > 0.6, then you are probably saving money, while also keeping more functions warm!

This is rough, assumes ideal conditions and doesn't list all assumptions, your specific traffic patterns may have different results.

More research is needed.

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And we're back with another @awscloud keynote--so many questions!

Will @werner be there? Will he break @ajassy's perfect streak of "just white men in the keynote?" What will he announce? It's livetweet thread time! #reinvent
"There's no compression algorithm for experience" says @werner, which is why @awscloud charges per gigabyte-month for it. #reinvent
"What never changes for our customers?" Easy; the @awscloud status page. #reinvent
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All right, the @awscloud #reinvent Expo Nature Walk livetweet thread!
Before we begin, remember that we're guests in these noble creatures' habitat. Don't disturb them; they're more scared of you than you are of them.
Also, make sure not to let any of them scan your badge. It disrupts their ecosystem; we don't want them to grow to depend upon #reinvent attendees to survive.
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Before @z1g1 and I take the #reinvent stage, it's @colmmacc! Let's tune in.
The best part of Silent Disco (apart from @colmmacc working blue) is that he gets to whisper his sweet nothings into our ears.
So @colmmacc is one of those fascinating people I keep running into on various customer projects. It feeds into my misapprehension that @awscloud is ~200 people or so. #reinvent
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Really enjoyed @heitor_lessa session on Serverless architectural patterns and best practices. He covered 6 common patterns and was well delivered!

#ARC307 #reInvent
@heitor_lessa Pattern 1: The Comfortable "REST"

Usage: Initially starts out simple (API GW + Lambda + Dynamo DB) but quickly gets complicated when moving to Prod
@heitor_lessa Pattern 2: The “Cherry-Pick"

Usage: Data driving UIs such as a Mobile Application
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Are you at #reinvent? Would you like to hang out today, Wednesday the 4th? Join me at 3PM for a Nature Walk through the Venetian Expo, whereupon we will take pictures of sponsor booths and tweet about them in my usual style.

We begin at 3PM sharp at the We Power Tech lounge.
In ten minutes, we march! #reinvent.
I will be taking photos, but tweeting afterwards so as not to force the tour group to watch me type the entire time. #reinvent
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⏱️Starting now! ⏱️ @AWSIdentity – presenting our session SEC316 with Brigid @bjohnso5y on Access Control Confidence. 💪⚡ I will be live tweeting the highlights!
@AWSIdentity @bjohnso5y Access control is a journey towards least privilege. Brigid is going to share with us how to make it a confident one.
@AWSIdentity @bjohnso5y Access control confidence. Brigid breaks it down into three parts – permission guardrails, attribute-based access control, and reining in permissions using analytics.
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Today we launched #ECS Capacity Providers at #reInvent. Capacity providers change how you think about and use compute capacity to run containers in ECS. 1/n…
With capacity providers, you can do the following new things in ECS: (1) create a service that uses a mix of on-demand and spot capacity, at a predefined ratio for the service. For example, you can run 2/3 of the tasks on EC2 On-Demand instances and 1/3 on EC2 Spot. 2/n
(2) Run a service that is automatically balanced across multiple availability zones, and the balance is strictly enforced by the service scheduler. 3/n
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Today during the #reInvent keynote, we have announced Amazon #EKS on #Fargate. So proud of my team! AWS customers can now run both native #ECS tasks as well as #Kubernetes pods on Fargate. In this thread, I'll try to explain our reasoning behind some major design decisions. 1/n
For #EKS on #Fargate, we wanted to give customers a native k8s experience. You can use your existing tooling to run pods on Fargate. Fargate operates at the task (ECS) and pod (K8S) level, so any higher level abstraction (deployments, replicasets, etc.) built on top works. 2/n
When designing #EKS on #Fargate, instead of building a one-off integration with Kubernetes, we've asked ourselves "What additional capabilities does Fargate need in order to become a service on which other multi-tenant serverless containers offerings can be built?". 3/n
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The lights dim. An entirely-too-loud video for 8AM starts. Welcome to @awscloud #reinvent
It's a three hour keynote. Thank you to keynote sponsor Depends adult diapers. #reinvent
I see you, @github logo. #reinvent
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Kicked off @AWSreInvent 2019 by attending @houlihan_rick’s @DynamoDB modeling session. As expected, it was a 60 minute firehose of #NoSQL knowledge bombs. There was *A LOT* to take away from this, but here are some really interesting lessons that stuck out to me. #reInvent
DynamoDB performance gets BETTER with scale. Yup, you read that correctly, the busier it gets, the faster it gets. This is because, eventually, every event router in the fleet caches your information and doesn’t need to look up where your storage nodes are.
Big documents are a bad idea! It’s better to split data into multiple items that (if possible) are less than 1 WCU. This will be a lot cheaper and cost you less to read and write items. You can join the data with a single query on the partition key.
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The Amazon Braket announcement is an interesting one for #quantumcomputing on multiple levels.

First, Amazon is not providing a hosted service, but is serving more as an aggregator of technology approaches while working on being an application developer layer. #reInvent
This approach of supporting @dwavesys @IonQ_Inc & @rigetti are three different approaches: quantum annealing, trapped ion, and full stack on a quantum coprocessor, respectively.

These are very different approaches to #quantumcomputing.

Abstracting all of these approaches on Jupyter seems like a bit of a "figure it out yourself" approach rather than actively pushing the #quantumcomputing era forward.

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It is not possible to create a customer-centric product without culture and tooling. - @MarcJBrooker #reinvent
#DevOps is about a loop - @MarcJBrooker
@MarcJBrooker This loop can get broken if you refuse to analyze failures. Most of the time it is broken because we don't change that particular culture. - @MarcJBrooker #reinvent
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I *LOVE* what the @awscloud #EventBridge team is doing for #serverless, and this new Schema Registry is an amazing next step! Here are my initial thoughts on this...…
EventBridge _should_ become the glue that ties together all your cloud services (eventually w/ two-way message bindings). This means that the number of event types (don't forget SaaS partners) is going to increase exponentially...
Security best-practices will evolve to prefer multiple event buses so you'll have fine-grained access control across SaaS vendors, AWS service events, and custom messaging. The cognitive load to understand all those nuances, limitations, and event structures is overwhelming...
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#reinvent Now pivots to the miracle of modern dentistry.
It’s a musical keyboard powered by AI, called DeepComposer. And now you don’t know if I’m kidding or not. #reinvent
It’s a physical keyboard that accompanies you, because musicians who dabble in AI generally have few friends. #reinvent
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And now, sad #reinvent facts to make your trip better.
The venues are huge. "Across the street" could be a 45 minute walk if you don't get lost. And you will get lost at #reinvent.
You will not see everything. Bias for conversations over sessions. The #reinvent videos are all online in a few days, the conversations are irreplaceable.
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Tomorrow I leave for #reinvent, but today I’m privileged to marry my dear friend Meagan…
…to my dear friend Trey. Huh, once again that would have fit in a single tweet. Oops.
Okay, the flower girl is adorable. (She might be @quinnypiglet.)
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