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Rumblings of big truths coming soon re Trudeau, #UraniumOne & #NXIVM cult

What we know so far (THREAD)

"Progressives" Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada & Bronfman Families 100 YEAR HISTORY of looking after each others interests.…
Trudeau's chief fundraiser 2015 = Seagram's heir Stephen Bronfman, a close personal & family friend.

2017 Bronfman named in #ParadisePapers His Claridge Inc. linked to $60 mill US offshore Caymans trust, tax loophole exploitation, disguised payments.…
Additionally Trudeau chief fundraiser Stephen Bronfman's law firm mounted lobbying campaign in Ottawa for 3 yrs to fight legislation designed to crack down on offshore trusts (Harper's Bill).…

#ParadisePapers #NXVIM
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@Sheila_Copps 1/ You made a mistake trolling me /get ready for a smack-down.

I watched your interviews -

You proved 3 things.

1. Your Absolute ignorance of what role and duty of Attorney General shocking given all your time in Cabinet - but that’s during Criminal ADSCAM

You’re not Lawyer
@Sheila_Copps 2/ Attorney General cannot be approached by anyone. @Puglaas role in #SNCLavalinGATE was that of Attorney General NOT a Minster so your stories durning your time as minister having 80 meetings HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISSUE.

@Puglaas was Attorney General not a Minster.
@Sheila_Copps @Puglaas 3/ read the law s139(1) “”attempts in any manner to obstruct” on a pure meeting - cannot even approach once. 10 meetings with 11 people is a crime.

Think. If you can.
Attorney General is a legal decision maker -can you call a judge ONCE

#ObstructionOfJustice very serious
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1/ Pure entitlement demonstrated by @Clerk_GC
I’m shocked he’s upset Canadians are so appalled by his partisan behaviour.

Canadians have spoken most see him as liberal partisan- now he’s hurt and wants to file nasty messages by citizens
He is why there’s #ObstructionOfJustice
2/ For 25 yrs I was 1 of 6 in Management of my law firm

Known “liberal law firm” with Chrétien and his future COS as members.

This fact has nothing to do with my politics. I’ve always been Conservative.
It w’d be foolish for me to say because of my Liberal firm I’m not biased.
3/ Great irony!
@Clerk_GC few hours at #just #JusticeCommittee feels so bullied by social media calling out his blatant bias.

Michael Wernick lacks self awareness and empathy.

Now think of @Puglaaswho had 10 PMO , Prime Minister and Clerk threatening her job.

Whos bullied
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Am I the only one who thinks that the narrative we've been hearing about @theJagmeetSingh might be completely wrong?

I've been watching some of the events the @NDP's streamed out of #BurnabySouth. He's more passionate and articulate than I knew. Also, formidable. 1/

I know this runs counter to the group-consensus of almost every political analyst or pundit in the country. But there is a reason why @theJagmeetSingh went from 3rd in the polls to a comfortable lead within just a couple weeks of the #BurnabySouth campaign beginning. 2/

As I watch @theJagmeetSingh in #BurnabySouth, and watch the #SNCLavalin scandal in Ottawa, I can't help but wish he'd been in Parliament during this last month.

I don't just mean because he's the party leader (though that would be nice). I mean that... 3/

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As @UAlberta Medical Isotope & Cyclotron Facility remains sabotaged, @JustinTrudeau $50 mil re-investment in BC is looking lovely. But @gmbutts resigned & PMO is in chaos. Can Alberta recapture the billion dollar Theranostics & Medical Isotope Industry it lost? Yes #abpoli #ableg
This is not #LavScam #SNCLavalinGATE #SNCLavalinScandal. But Alberta Health Services did recently sign huge contract with @SNCLavalin for Connect Care and did destroy Alberta's Medical Isotopes & Theranostics Industry from 2015-18 which @JustinTrudeau personally re-launched in BC
This is a big 5-year project for @SNCLavalin called "Transforming Alberta's HealthCare System". Interestingly this has never been officially announced by the Alberta NDP. #ableg #abpoli #abNDP…
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NOT SHOCKING (ethics violations).

Trudeau PMO interfering in criminal prosecutions pressuring Attorney General to abandon criminal prosecution of his cronies. When she refused Trudeau fired her. Now he's denying it!

Times' Up Trudeau - Criminal investigation NOW. #cdnpoli
WATCH Trudeau lie to the nation & how easily he does so.

🇨🇦journalist @ezralevant (regularly vilified by Trudeau govt & state media CBC) points to system flaws:

Attorney General "duty of confidentiality to client" Only Trudeau himself can waive!!


🇨🇦 Parliament: Trudeau Government grilled re PMO interference in criminal prosecution at highest level.

Smirking sheepishly, refusing to answer question. Believe themselves above law & untouchable



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