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BREAKING: Whistleblower lawsuit unearths documents proving MASSIVE coverup of nuclear corruption. The corruption spans decades and implicates Dems & RINOS, Senators, Governors, & Presidents. The whistleblowers were Cold Warriors helping defeat the Soviets, then they got poisoned.
The PORTS plant in Ohio was run by Goodyear Atomic for decades (many toxic leaks occurred under this now-defunct company). After the Cold War ended, the Clinton administration privatized the U.S. Enrichment Corp (USEC). Cronies everywhere 🤑💰 read this:…
Clinton put his old buddy and HS classmate Bill Rainer in control of USEC board. Rainer was a pro-baseball player. Had ZERO EXPERIENCE in finance, nuclear corps, nor government service. Corruption at USEC was rampant under Rainer who leveraged Clinton ties…
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Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is accused of raping an underage girl that was trafficked to him by Epstein & Maxwell.
If true, Richardson was likely recorded and blackmailed by Epstein & his cohorts since at least 2003.
How is blackmail used?
Epstein donated $50,000 to Richardson's campaign for Governor of New Mexico in 02 & 06, a position he held from 03-2011.
Richardson admits to visiting Epstein's baby farming Zorro Ranch in 02.
Bill Richardson & Epstein were both active members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Bill Clinton nominated Richardson to Secretary of Energy in 1998.
While Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson admitted that Chinese government spies were stealing critical nuclear weapons secrets from Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico on a 'massive scale'…
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Pls spread the word about how dangerous & brutal the Chinese Communist Party government is to humanity. I've edited a few minutes of a @CyrusAParsa1 video to show evidence of how far their reach & control has become in Canada @JustinTrudeau #infiltration

Link to original full video here.

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1.What do #Kerry, VJ, Page, HRC, Strzok, #UraniumOne,
Sum Of All Fears, Renegade, #EU, A 🥒 Factory,🤡, [Brennan], + more ALL have in common??

👉If you guessed #Iran you would be correct.

#QAnon #Clowns #DeepState #RedPilledClassics💊
Let’s take a look...THREAD👇
3.64-years-later-cia-finally-releases-details-of-iranian-coup #Iran #Clowns #Qarmy #RedPilled 💊…
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This is one of the Canadians that ChyNa has Arrested!
He's a Spy!
He works for Soros!
Look at the players!!!
George Soros
Alex Soros!
Frank Guistra!!!
Lord Malloch Brown!!!
*** The Voting Machines!!!
Rigged Elections!!!
Now Here is your Voter Fraud. 💯💯
Voting Machines
FG sits on the Board of the Clinton Foundation!!!
Here is also connections with "Immigrants"
aka Illegal Immigrants, Fake Refugees, ms-13 gang members, aka i$i$
Now throw in a Movie Production Studio
The Swamp is Deep in Canada!
This Connects Guistra to U1!
FG sits Also on the International Crisis Board!3
And the CF!
He Also has connections to Haiti
and Children!!!
One of the Top Stories in Corruption!
Uranium One Deal
The Theft of Uranium!
Canada's Largest Uranium deposit is Ft Mac Alberta!!
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This is for the #WokeAF

If the #DeepStateCabal would of allowed #NikolaTesla 's free energy, think about how much more beautiful our world would have been!
Our forests, our earth elements are ruined and burned to provide energy.

Free energy would of made the world beautiful.
Pollution- would of never had it if the #DeepStateCabal would of allowed for #NikolaTesla's free energy.

It was all about money, the big bankers would not finance his idea b/c they couldn't make money off of it, no meter 💵

The world would of been so much more beautiful. 🌍♥️🇺🇲
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Brilliant Researcher @AnonCassi Brings to Light Another Very, Very Important Piece of the Puzzle & It Involves Obama, Harry Reid, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), Bundy & Malhuer Ranches, Energy Sources Near Military Bases & China Buying Land & Setting Up Energy Sources Near Them
86 Pages Hodges Report…
Barack Obama & the BLM Land Grab: The Evil Agenda of Communist Takeover...…
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#AntifaTerrorists will be dealt with. #TimesUp You get what you deserve
The #QAnon Drops in order #2645
#QAnon drop #839
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🔴 #Hilo 503 - #ObamaGate

1. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que, votaron por él, #Obama quería lo mejor para todos los estadounidenses mientras estaba en el cargo.
2. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al pensar que @HillaryClinton ganó la nominación demócrata de manera justa y directa y nunca trató de socavar a #Trump Trump. #LockHerUp
3. Qué ingenuos fueron los norteamericanos al no mirar a #Trump como un serio contendiente cuando anunció por primera vez su candidatura. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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ICYMI:”Everyone Involved in #Uranium1 “Donated” Money to Clinton Fdn” “License Obtained to Export 15,000 Tons from #ConverDyn directly into Moscow, Russia”

“Russians donated $145Million to Clinton Fdn”

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @TheJusticeDept @GenFlynn
“Russia obtained 20% US Uranium interest...Goldman Sachs was keeping Uranium supplies”

“Uranium exported frm #Uranium1 Mine n Willow Creek, WY 2 Cameco Blind River n Canada then exported 2 Europe “

@NRCgov approval granted after Yellowcake Uranium converted to another product”
“$2.35 Million In Contributions Made to Clinton Foundation Not Publicly Disclosed by Clintons” According to NYT Jo Becker & Mike McIntire, April 23, 2015 Article ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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This further confirms Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower. We knew this of course but nice to have confirmation. Just goes to show that despite absurd censorship by entire Congress (both parties), the WH, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and entire MSM can’t stifle TRUTH.
Reminder: Federally protected whistleblowers are not entitled to blanket anonymity. This is not witness protection program. Just ask #UraniumOne whistleblower William Campbell. The entirety of the deep state/MSM sought to out him and destroy his reputation
Or ask #Benghazi whistleblowers Greg Hicks, Mark Thompson and Eric Nordstrom...…
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Reminder: Where’s the Obama, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi & Co. Banner & Charges?? Don’t You Think It’s About Time They’re Brought to #Justice For Soliciting Foreign Campaign Contributions & Misappropriation of Federal Funds & #RICO ▫️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff
Obama Administration Broke Its Own Healthcare Rule GAO Reports:
COURT DOCS: Prosecutors Ask To Present Evidence That NXIVM Sex Cult Leaders Illegally Bundled Money For Hillary Clinton Campaign▫️
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2/2018: Douglas Campbell, @FBI Informant, Gave 10 Page Statement to the Senate Judiciary, House Intelligence Committee & House Oversight & Govt Reform Committee Concerning #UraniumOne #ConflictsOfInterest “Moscow routed $$

“millions of dollars to US expecting funds would benefit Clinton Global Initiative while Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State worked to “reset” relations with Russia.”

“In a written statement to 3 Congressional Committees, informant Douglas Campbell said Russian Nuclear...
“executives told him Moscow hired lobbying firm APCO Worldwide to influence Hillary Clinton & others in the Obama Administration.”

“Campbell said Russian Nuclear officials expected APCO to apply its $3M annual lobbying fee from Moscow toward Clinton Global
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, following the revelation of their exit from the royal family, have been staying at one of the homes of Frank Giustra, a Canadian billionaire who’s close with the Clinton family #UraniumOne…
in 2016, as Hillary Clinton was running for president, the leaked e-mails of John Podesta, revealed Giustra & Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim gave an endowment of $20 million in 2010 to the Clinton Foundation to set up the for-profit Haiti Development Fund…
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Qatar to offer Iran $3 billion for Ukrainian plane victims…
What is/was John Podesta's son doing in Qatar?

Gabe Podesta…
What is GAbe Podesta, johnny's real son, doing in Qatar?…
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Did @realDonaldTrump just drop the Go signal? :55 time stamp on his tweet on 1/10. #Qanon post 1028 1:10 time stamp, today is Jan 10. Five minutes later the @USNavy tweeted #CalmBeforeTheStorm. #TheGreatAwakening!
.@JuliansRum @99freemind @zachhaller @cjtruth @StormIsUponUs what do you guys think? You think this was a go signal?
Oh forgot to tag @LisaMei62 ☺️. Check out the 5:5 #Qproof
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🚨 #BREAKING: Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), ie, Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 🇮🇶 relations director, Muhammad Reda Aljabery with a delegation of 🇮🇷 Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 2 cars on the Baghdad Int'l airport road taken out.
2. Mohammed Ridha head of PMF Protocol office was accompanied by high value guests, their SUVs hit directly inside Baghdad Airport’s main road.

"Mohammad Reza Kazim
Mohammad Reza Al-Jabri
Mohammed Al-Shaybani
Hassan AbdulHadi
Hassan Resistance
Haidar Ali"

3. Reports are that Muhammad Reda was behind the US embassy attack. #Bagdad Airport
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Trump is on top of the world. There can be no debating it. Impeachment sealed his reelection. The economy roars on. Jobs continue to outpace people to fill them. The China trade deal. USMCA. Stock market at historic highs. Across the country, Trump draws ginormous crowds.
The media and the Democrats' hoped-for all-out global "trade war" meltdown from Trump's America-First trade stance never happened, much to the chagrin of the "free trade" religionists. Trump got his way. Because he did it his way. It's how he rolls.
Trump always bargains from a position of strength. He identifies his opponents' weaknesses & exploits them to the hilt. Trump knows leverage. How to use it. That's why the global trade meltdown never happened. It was never going to. Trump does his homework. He does it brilliantly
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