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Mr Alex 🇺🇸👍 @Mr_Alex_Graham
1) I’ve written threads on the uranium industry as it relates to #UraniumOne. The recent reporting on APCO & CGI helps connect things altogether.
2) Here’s an article from the Hill about APCO & CGI.…
3) The article lacks context & history that I’ll try to explain.
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GoneDark @youwildman
HRC's #UraniumOneDeal is a DECOY & $145 Million is a THROW!

#Mueller & #Kerry created


Bush-Clinton #IranContra
<--guns exported & imported drugs-->

is NOW
#AwanContra <--DU arms HEU & #opioid heroin-->

Click 2pop-out!
The TRUTH is #McCabe #Comey #McCain #Graham #McAuliffe #RahmEmanuel
& #HillaryCllinton PLANNED #UraniumOneDeal
as a #FBI #CIA #AwanBrothers
#URANIUM #Heroin #Opioids & #DarkArms
1 company (12 trucks) carries #UraniumOneDeal
Transportation Logistics
#Mikerin scared TL's owner Fisk so he went to FBI asking
#Mueller & #McCabe for help &
w/i 2 years their "insert" #Lambert owned TL, Fisk was dead.
23 #UzbekTruckers run w/ fake TL docs
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#SpookMagnet @youwildman
2/6 Good @Maddow report on DIA Dir. Flynn (2013-14) up to when she says, “We know…” Entire FBI sting (by DJT & Flynn) comes down to this story. If she sees #RussianTarBaby she’s not letting-on. What a/b DIA 2013 warning a/b Kaspersky?
Hill: Flynn tried to “Stop US funding of Peshmurga in Syria & extradite Gulen.“ Politico: “Sprinkle for-profit nuclear reactors across MENA” WSJ: “Peter Smith worked w/ Flynn to get stolen HRC emails.” Was Smith was killed b/c he was in on set-up? Soon after, MF emails to SK to..
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NavyJack @USNJack
Starting a NEW URGENT THREAD HERE Shortly – Next Stop Jared Kushner. (12/02/2017). Please RT+ to help get the word out.… #U1P @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
I spent nearly 20 hours discussing yesterday’s events with people I have known for many years here in DC and with other contacts that I have been developing.
The main take-away from the people in the DoD and Intel agencies that I used to work with was mainly disbelief that Mueller’s team refrained from going after Flynn for the Gulen/Turkey Flynn Intel case.…
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NavyJack @USNJack
Starting a NEW THREAD HERE Now. President Trump has the duty and the authority to bring those responsible for jeopardizing our National Security to justice. 11/30/2017 Please RT+ to get the word out! #MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #U1P #UraniumOne #EmailScandal #Benghazi #Russiagate
We know for a fact that the highly classified information on Hillary Clinton’s email server was hacked. The IT personnel and the FBI knew the hacks were occurring and did nothing to secure the information.…
#U1P #UraniumOne #EmailScandal
As a Nation, if we are willing to send our CIA and Military into harm’s way, we MUST be willing to protect classified information that can get them killed.

#U1P #MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #U1P #UraniumOne #EmailScandal #Benghazi #Russiagate #MAGA
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NavyJack @USNJack
Starting a NEW URGENT THREAD HERE Now. #DeepState is in open defiance of President Trump. 11/30/2017 Please RT+ to get the word out!
#MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #U1P #UraniumOne #EmailScandal #Benghazi #Russiagate @WhiteHouse @POTUS @VP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP #MAGA
This is not the first time President Trump has demanded @TheJusticeDept and the @StateDept cooperate and turn over subpoenaed information.

#MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #LockHerUp #UraniumOne #EmailScandal #Benghazi #Russiagate @WhiteHouse @POTUS @VP @HouseGOP
In fact as recently as last month President Trump demanded Secretary Tillerson cooperate with investigators and the courts and stop stalling on these court ordered production requests and subpoenas.…
#MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #LockHerUp #EmailScandal #Benghazi
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Mr Alex 🇺🇸👍 @Mr_Alex_Graham
86) Who knows what really went on behind closed doors? But I’m sure government officials from all countries were involved. Of course many lobbyists & law firms as well.
87) I'll bet Tony Podesta was involved from start to finish. We're pretty sure he was lobbyist for U1 along with these others.
88) The other players involved I found in this June 15, 2009 news release.
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Mr Alex 🇺🇸👍 @Mr_Alex_Graham
1) Let’s get real about #UraniumOne. I’ll write about Putin’s involvement in U1 now but it’s not going to be in the way many still think.
2) As I’ve been mentioning in my previous tweets too many people are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to U1. Here's the previous thread.
3) First I need to talk about this stupid U1 article from The Hill that many are spinning into conspiracy theories.…
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Brian Cates @drawandstrike
I'm sure they've now traced HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars funneled through the Clinton Foundation & lobbying [actually bribery] firms like The Podesta Group.
And remember, we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars from FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS & INDIVIDUALS that were 'donated' in play for play schemes. Russia, Saudi Arabia and a whole bunch of other countries.
Where'd all those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars go? What were they spent on? What activity did it fund?

We know the Clintons got a minimum of $145 million alone 'donated' to their foundation just for the #UraniumOne deal all by itself.
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Mr Alex 🇺🇸👍 @Mr_Alex_Graham
1)To find the crimes associated with #UraniumOne (U1) I believe we need to look to the political grafting which took place with the mines in Kazakhstan. (I’m going to call Kazakhstan “Kaz” for short in this thread.)
2) Here’s a link to my previous threads on this subject. I started looking hard into U1 just over a week ago. I’ve straightened out some facts & my theories have evolved over that time. But for reference here are the threads.
3) We know Giustra was a donor to the Clinton Foundation. We also know Clinton was in Kaz at the same time as Giustra. Did he help him get the mining deals in Kaz? I believe so.
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α Leonis @Cynecin
1) Pay close attention to #UraniumOne.

This is a tale of greed, corruption and bribery.

Headlining Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Russian Uranium industry and with special guest Billionaire Investor George #Soros.
2) As you may or may not know, George Soros is an expert on market bubbles.

Such an expert in fact, that in June of 2008 he was asked to speak before a US Senate hearing on energy market manipulation.

We’re honored to have you with us, Mr. Soros.
3) Uranium is an energy commodity, and similar to other commodities, it is subject to these price bubbles.
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🎩Deplorable T🎩 @NothingYouHear
Were you as proud as I when .@realDonaldTrump became @POTUS?
We need Special Counsel for #uraniumone & #DrainTheSwamp
Details at @Maga4Justice
March with us and/or chip in to help cover expenses
A little goes a long way
🇺🇸Feel that pride again!🇺🇸
Details here:
Thank you .@USNJack for this wonderful presentation.
Please don't forget to #MAKETHECALLS
Put in your own words.
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