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BREAKING: Whistleblower lawsuit unearths documents proving MASSIVE coverup of nuclear corruption. The corruption spans decades and implicates Dems & RINOS, Senators, Governors, & Presidents. The whistleblowers were Cold Warriors helping defeat the Soviets, then they got poisoned.
The PORTS plant in Ohio was run by Goodyear Atomic for decades (many toxic leaks occurred under this now-defunct company). After the Cold War ended, the Clinton administration privatized the U.S. Enrichment Corp (USEC). Cronies everywhere 🤑💰 read this:…
Clinton put his old buddy and HS classmate Bill Rainer in control of USEC board. Rainer was a pro-baseball player. Had ZERO EXPERIENCE in finance, nuclear corps, nor government service. Corruption at USEC was rampant under Rainer who leveraged Clinton ties…
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Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is accused of raping an underage girl that was trafficked to him by Epstein & Maxwell.
If true, Richardson was likely recorded and blackmailed by Epstein & his cohorts since at least 2003.
How is blackmail used?
THREAD ImageImageImage
Epstein donated $50,000 to Richardson's campaign for Governor of New Mexico in 02 & 06, a position he held from 03-2011.
Richardson admits to visiting Epstein's baby farming Zorro Ranch in 02.
Bill Richardson & Epstein were both active members of the Council on Foreign Relations. ImageImageImage
Bill Clinton nominated Richardson to Secretary of Energy in 1998.
While Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson admitted that Chinese government spies were stealing critical nuclear weapons secrets from Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico on a 'massive scale'…
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#AntifaTerrorists will be dealt with. #TimesUp You get what you deserve
The #QAnon Drops in order #2645
#QAnon drop #839
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WHEW! 👇👇👇

Mark Lambert, the former President of Transport Logistics International Inc was found guilty for paying bribes to Vadim Mikerin of TENEX, which is a subsidiary of ROSATAM, in exchange for Nuclear fuel transportation contracts.

Lambert also conspired with other people at Transport Logistics in the bribery scheme with Mikerin. I'm not sure, though, if those others have been charged yet or took plea deals.

Of course they also used shell companies in Latvia, Cyprus and Switzerland to hide the money.
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And *because* France isn’t one, could *this* be why .@ClarenceHouse (and the (so–called) “Royal Protection Squad” – hand-in-glove w/MI6 (i.e. the SIS, etc., ad nausea) had to wait until Diana, Princess of Wales, was in France until the .@RoyalFamily
2/ had Whitehall itself issue the assasination directive to their .fr counterparts (… — “The Murder of Princess Diana: Revealed: The Truth Behind the Assassination of the Century (Unabridged)” by Noel Botham) — only reclaiming (through subsequent anonymous
3/ (but traceable) purchase / via @Sothebys) the items both Diana and Dodi Al Fayed had consulted (being already owned by Dodi’s father) — *because* Dodi Al Fayed ~ through his being related #Khassogi ~ consulted them in the first place?

I.e. WHAT could Dodi — and Diana — have
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Meet @reality3232, a Twitter account who is an independent because they hate the Republican Party and Democrats are nuts (although apparently Candace Owens running as a Democrat would address the latter concern.) #ThursdayThoughts

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@reality3232 @ZellaQuixote According to @reality3232’s profile, the account is not a bot. Unlike many of the account in question’s statements, this appears to be true - schedule looks plausibly organic and all tweets are posted via the Twitter iPhone app.
@reality3232 @ZellaQuixote What does @reality3232 tweet about? The many drawbacks of Democrats (most of which seem to be made up), Christianity (which appears to involve Trump being divinely anointed), and Russia (the Dems were the real collusion, #UraniumOne, blah, blah, blah, etc.)
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Lurking among recent #UraniumOne tweets, we found a retweet bot by the name of @IsHillaryInJail. 99.9% of its content is retweets of tweets containing #ClintonEmail or #HillaryEmail. Based on its recent use of #Hillary4Prison2016, it's a bit behind the times.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@IsHillaryInJail @ZellaQuixote It took @IsHillaryInJail less than five minutes to retweet the tweet describing it, presumably because it's a rather silly bot that just retweets everything containing #ClintonEmail or #HillaryEmail without regard for context.
@IsHillaryInJail @ZellaQuixote Unsurprisingly, @IsHillaryInJail retweeted that tweet too. Since both #HillaryEmail and #ClintonEmail are low-volume, the bot is likely to retweeted every tweet containing them. (Bots that RT high-volume hashtags like #MAGA miss some tweets due to Twitter's 2400 tweet/day limit.)
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Rumblings of big truths coming soon re Trudeau, #UraniumOne & #NXIVM cult

What we know so far (THREAD)

"Progressives" Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada & Bronfman Families 100 YEAR HISTORY of looking after each others interests.…
Trudeau's chief fundraiser 2015 = Seagram's heir Stephen Bronfman, a close personal & family friend.

2017 Bronfman named in #ParadisePapers His Claridge Inc. linked to $60 mill US offshore Caymans trust, tax loophole exploitation, disguised payments.…
Additionally Trudeau chief fundraiser Stephen Bronfman's law firm mounted lobbying campaign in Ottawa for 3 yrs to fight legislation designed to crack down on offshore trusts (Harper's Bill).…

#ParadisePapers #NXVIM
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They did, but honestly Mr Jordan you know they already had the IRS in 2015 look into that option. My guess is they want the issue, they've already seen his taxes and democrats know they'll have another Rachel Maddow moment.
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1. “Benghazi ain’t going away.”
2. In 2012, Ma'an Network committed to establishing a 24-hour online news website in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya...?…
3. “Revelations of donations to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary Clinton joined the Obama administration in January 2009...”

Planned visit’s to... [Qatar] “interrupted” in Feb 2011, by protests in Egypt, followed by the same in Libya. (convenient)…
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Amazing @GerryConnolly @RepCummings are calling whistleblower a liar? How comforting for Oversight. They do not want @RepMarkMeadows to talk about #ClintonFoundation but instead want to investigate Trump and Whitaker. Why not wrap up what’s already started guys? #Obstruction
According to them the #UraniumOne “claims” have been thoroughly debunked by independent fact checkers listed @washingtonpost @PolitiFact and @ShepNewsTeam 🤣 SINCE WHEN ARE THEY IN THE BUSINESS OF FACTS?! What a joke.
Yet here you are @RepCummings on your very own page in big bold letters saying you’re interested in WASTE FRAUD or ABUSE, “blow the whistle so I can call you a liar” disgusting. Whistleblowers deserve more respect it’s people like you that ruin it @OversightGov #Truthmatters
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⚖️ Next SCOTUS sessions are October 1st and October 29th. What cases are they most desperate to postpone? Neilson V Preap is fighting to keep criminal aliens from deportation if they aren’t immediately taken into ICE custody (which sanctuary city fight) 🗳
Neilson V Preap is an appeal from the 9th circus court of course.…
Gundy V United States is a sex offender bitching about his failure to register as one, so he can f**k right off, he should stay in jail and we certainly don’t need to give sex offenders more rights🙄…
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1) My new and improved updated theory on John Huber, the Mueller Special Council and Rod Rosenstein.

"They're White Hats" edition.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) #Qanon returned yesterday. Life is better when Q posts. In it he made reference to Huber again and in a separate post linked to a @Judgenap video where something key is mentioned.

#WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
3) The point of the post was for us to understand the document was declassified to honor the FOIA request, but remains redacted because the content contains criminally prosecutable activity.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
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No existe ser más perverso que Putin. Sin embargo, tras encuentro de Helsinki los demócratas deberían prender las alarmas con 2 eventos:

-Invitación de Muller a Rusia para cuestionar los 12 sospechosos de Colusión

-Donaciones de Browder por $ millones a Clinton.
2- A saber, Bill Browder es un magnate oriundo de EUA pero que adquirió ciudadanía británica y es de línea pro-demócrata.

Browder ha hecho negocios en EUA y Rusia pero ha evadido impuestos Ben ambos países.

En Rusia construyó un emporio de Billones de dólares
3- Aunado a situación con donativos de Browder a Clinton, existen más pruebas e indicios severos que comprometen a Clinton y a los demócratas.

Uno de tales casos es la recepción través de la fundación Clinton de al menos $145 millones de la compañía minera de Uranio #UraniumOne
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Let's talk a little bit about Robert Swan Mueller III..
It has become apparent that Mueller was chosen as the SC for the actual purpose of COVERING up deep state intel community crimes during the 2016 election, with the extra incentive that his and RR were both balls deep in #UraniumOne ...
One might ask why was Mueller annointed with this task...common answer is he was former FBI director, comeys pal, kerrys bud, establishment trash et al... All valid points...
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You have a big problem with your mansplaining thread. First, WE ALL KNOW Brennan setup a multi-agency task force and pressured a cointel op. Second, the FBI has a duty to inform the Trump campaign of federal investigations into ANY members [Manafort, Page, Papa], which they
did NOT. Third, look into who this Professor Mifsud is. You'll find some pretty damn interesting ties, Alexander Downer. Downer was the Clinton protege who works for Hakluyt, an INTEL agency....See where this is going? Right back to Brennan, Clinton, Obama...
Ntm, Manafort was wearing a wire during the campaign..just as Papadop,
and Carter Page (I wonder if there's any relationship to FBI Lisa Page?) were monitored...Oh but we can't talk about that FISA, so let's move on to how Manafort was represented by the most corrupt, shady law
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Oh thankQ for another treasure hunt! Here's what I've found so far... #Qanon #Rosatom
#Rosatom, one of the largest companies of the Russian Federation- the largest (nuclear) electricity generating company in Russia. They produce approximately 3,000 tons of uranium per year. I think you know where this is going... #qanon
#TENEX is the commercial sales arm for Russia’s #Rosatom, they are the sole supplier and exporter of Russia's uranium and uranium enrichment services. TENEX took full control of #Uranium1 in 2013. #U1? Yeah, this is definitely where #qanon is pointing us...
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1/8⚙️Google is already trying to shape the information available re #UraniumOne
Thank goodness for public records 🗝️#SundayMorning
The illusion is crashing and they will do or say anything to keep intact. Buckle up #GreatAwakening #CBTS See comments @AveryGrace76 ⬇️🔥
2/8 9 I started 👉Jose Fernandez allegedly gave the green light @StateDept @StateOIG and a little research links him directly to Negroponte, McLarty and Kissinger via the Council of Americas and documented here ⬇️
3/8 Two committee positions come from Treasury Dept.
CFIUS Structure & Rules ➡️
Citibank selected 45's cabinet. Let that sink in.
Attachment 3 of 3 ➡️…
The Secretary of Treasury was citi pick ⬇️
Who cares! That's boring, right?
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THREAD: As members of the House Intelligence Committee consider their next steps in #ReleaseTheMemo, here is a closer look at Intel Committee Chairman @DevinNunes and the steps he has taken in the Russia investigation......
Rep. Nunes (R-CA):
•Became chairman of House Intel Cmte
•Nov: Named to #Trump transition 3 days after election
•Jan: House Intel announced Russia probe
•Mar: Denied physical wiretap of Trump Tower, but raised possibility of #surveillance on Trump team
Rep. Nunes (R-CA):
•Mar: Revealed “incidental collection” of #Trump transition members, “#unmasking” of their identities
•Mar: Visited White House, said he felt “duty & obligation” to brief @POTUS on findings
•Mar: Reports reveal WH officials were source of Nunes’s intel
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1) Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley's Oversight Investigation into the political corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice is coming to a head.
#ReleaseTheMemos #ReleaseTheReferral
2) As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley has primary oversight of the FBI and Justice Department . This thread will detail Senator Grassley's determined and methodical 2+ year oversight investigation into the DOJ and FBI, from late December 2015 - Present.
3) December 15th, 2015 Floor Statement on Inspector General Access
A fired up Senator Grassley takes to the floor to protest the Obama Admins July 2015 legal opinion that neutered the Inspectors General.

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1) Today's story is called The Brink.

They never thought she'd lose, now we understand the #NWO plan to destroy America, see 1991 Bush I vid. Obama took over the process from Bush II and embarked on an 8 year wrecking ball. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) For years rogue operatives have been getting installed. Shadow government/#DeepState. All centers of #Government. Controlled by the wealthiest on the planet, most rogue was the CIA. Goal was complete control to dismantle. Check Out Barry's Book: Post American World #QAnon
3) The systematic leaking of classified intel was everywhere, so was exposure of #military assets. Instead if de-funding military (bad optics), you starve thru corruption. Notice #Mattis has a massive audit of DOD? Think why.……
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