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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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1. En kort gjennomgang av det som henger sammen med #PizzaGate
Madeleine McCann forsvinningen, jakten på superdopet #Adrenochrome , Trumps kamp mot dette, og hvordan dette henger sammen med #CoronaLockdown og #DeepState
2. #anthonyweinerlaptop var det som startet det hele. Denne ble beslaglagt av politiet etter at han ble anmeldt for å sexte en mindreårig.
3. Hva politiet fant i denne laptop var av en slik art at flere av de spydde. Denne laptopen var hans insurance.
Flere av politifolkene har på bisarre måter begått selvmord i de offentlige rom. #FRAZZLEDRIP fant de der. Hva er så det?
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There is no justification for this response. I understand banning all international travel, but shutting the states down over a flustrain is grossly illegal. This isn’t #Ebola & the stats don’t justify it. Only justification is if they got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon deployed
Does anybody think it's odd the national guard is deployed in all 50 states & military troops moving to borders across the world over a flu strain? Shutting down the world economy basically? This isn't Ebola. Something big is going on and the troop movement & confusion is proof.
I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump and the military got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon that was going to be deployed by China. That's my new favorite theory. That they have foreknowledge of something more sinister.
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Yes #PizzaGate is real and it is still trending...
1) Jimmy Kimmel skit screenshot
“Symbolism will be their downfall.” #PizzaGate
2) Remember our favorite Daily Beast anti-Q writer Will Sommer “enjoy” Comet Ping Pong #PizzaGate
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Try to make #TheHuntMovie on #Jewish warcriminals, just try it🤣
Salomon Morel (1919 – 2007) was a Polish NKVD and MBP officer in the Polish People's Republic. He was known as the #NKVD commander of a number of brutal concentration camps.
The Holocaust Industry
#NXIVM#KosherNostra#Bronfman#Nazi gold, #Holocaust money & #Trudeau’s
The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled #SexSlaves…
Get off the (Jewish) Hoax Train by Graham Hart
Video: EXCELLENT Song 👍🏻
Graham Hart in the UK did this. This song says: #Goyim of the World, wake up, you’re on a HOAX TRAIN (of the #Jewish holocaust).…
256 references
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#Covid19: What's To Come: Via Anon Source

March 14, #PrimeMinister #JustinTrudeau was served a criminal indictment by US for corporate & financial crimes. "Media was instructed to historically brainwash everyone that PM's wife has #CoronaVirus"
"#TomHanks was arrested 72hrs ago for #Pedophilia & is currently being kept in a Hotel room in Australia. Next celebrity arrests will be #CelionDion, #Madonna, #CharleyBarkley, #KevinSpacey - all will claim #Coronavirus infections."
"Italy's airports have been completely shut down as over 80 of Vatican & financial officials have been served the same criminal indictments for financial crime, pedophilia, child trafficking, & sex abuse.

UE has completed mass arrests of their own Royal Family & affiliates."
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lolololol RIP Klobuchar
RIP Tim Ryan's Presidential campaign
RIP Jay Inslee's 2020 campaign
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“Coincidentally...Encompasses Same Known Route As #DrugTraffickers & #ChildTraffickers ...& They’re Just Getting Started”

Let’s Call Them The #NewExploiters of the #BraveNewWorld 🌎

Lost Photos of #NeckerIsland ▫️…
“The Creature from (Jekyll) Necker Island: What is the Block Chain Summit? The answer may surprise you. It is not about money as we know it and there are no banks involved. The ketch to this riddle is to be found, not at the beginning of the story, but in the middle.” @BTCNYEX
“The Journey To Necker Island: The secret meeting on Necker Island in The British Virgin Islands at which the world of Blockchain,
Digital CUrrency and Bitcoin’s future was defined.” @BTCNYEX
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🚨SIGNIFICANT UPDATE>>>>🚨AZ political op. #KevinSpidel recently found dead, was a founder of "V Digital Services" for Voice Media Group, owners of the "backpage" website, shut down in 2018 amid allegations of child trafficking

We have learned Spidel, previously a consultant to the DNC, was reportedly whistleblowing on alleged connections between owners of the "backpage" website operated by Voice Media Group where he worked, and members of Former DHS Secretary Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia political group
Napolitano lawyer Dennis K. Burke represented #NXIVM co-conspirator Clare Bronfman in the "#NXIVM" cult criminal case >>INFO IS STILL DEVELOPING REGARDING FACTS IN THIS THREAD>>…
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◼️Q has done it again!
▪️#2888 • 2/25/19
▪️TOMORROW = 1 year

“Who will be next to fall
post Weinstein?👈🏼👈🏼😲
Big name coming?
Nobody is safe.
Dark to LIGHT.
These people are sick!”

⬛️The #weinsteinverdict happened TODAY
⬛️’Post #Weinstein’ would be TOMORROW 2/25😳

◼️When does a bird sing?
▪️Q #753 #781 #1368
▪️Bird > Canary >Canary Palm Tree

◼️Has #HarveyWeinstein pulled an #AllisonMack & sung to save himself?

◼️’#Untouchable - THE RISE AND FALL OF HARVEY #WEINSTEIN opens with rows of PALM TREES..’
◼️Poor #HarveyWeinstein was found guilty today 2/24 & began having chest pains so his ride to #RikersIsland Prison detoured to the hospital 🙄

◼️#Weinstein’s downfall frm #Hollywood is far from over👇🏼

◼️He’s also been charged w RAPE in #LosAngeles

Q #1368
Watch NYC
Watch CA
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I will get right to the point. Many of you read over the past few years how I reported about former DHS Secretary & Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia group of political friends. I called them the "Strong-arm" of the Democrat party which is true. I used to be a
part of this group although I never held political office, was friends with all of them.

I reported over the past 1.5 years how the #ArizonaMafia was the link between the formerly dominant and always corrupt PRI political party of Mexico and the U.S. Democrat party, 100% true
I have been away from Twitter for some time but I am returning to post some highly important information for Patriots which I do not see being covered elsewhere.

Some of it is being talked about but not as it is linked back to Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia. Read on.
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New #Qanon post 3875: Q reiterates we need to dig into Wexner’s ties to Epstein. Here are my digs which include a children’s hospital trafficking network, Silicon Valley data centers, a global mafia group & BILLIONS of dollars to Wexner from Google, FB & Amazon!
Wexner created New Albany, home to many datacenters of Silicon Valley. Facebook, Google & Amazon paid Wexner 99.5 million for the land that houses all these companies. Cutting real estate deals is a good way to wash & launder money.…
Looks like a perfect way to consolidate back channel operations with such valuable data for everyone in the world. Is this where the data is housed for the global spy ring of citizens worldwide? Blacksite 🤡 ops?
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Stop being afraid of wikipedia

Look at Wexner's connections...

✔️ Bronfman
✔️ Romney
✔️ Epstein
✔️ WJC
Read between lines.
Wexner handled Epstein's finances.
Central player in the Cult.

The Wexner Fellowship paid for graduate training of 450 “outstanding individuals” aspiring to the rabbinate, the cantorate and other fields of Jewish leadership.…
Q said the date was important, so I looked.

Appears HRC was "coronated" same day of temple pics.
July 19, 2013.


How high is Wexner in the Cult?
Any guesses?🎢

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SDNY will hold a press conference today at 11:00 AM to announce the indictment of Lawrence Ray, who is accused of sex trafficking, extortion, and forced labor (slavery).

This sounds like it could be him. This person moved into his daughter's apt w/ her & her friends while she attended college and gradually manipulated them with a "self improvement" program. Hmmm....#NXIVM anyone?…
He also previously worked on Wall Street and was jailed for securities fraud.

He was also supposedly an FBI informant.
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January 27 is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as International #Holocaust Remembrance Day
Six Million dead/dying Jews figure in old newspapers 1915 - 1938 🤔🤓
The Holocaust Unveiled - the actual truth about #Holocaust and Persecution Of #Revisionists…
The Holocaust Industry
#NXIVM, #KosherNostra, #Bronfman, #Nazi gold, #Holocaust money & #Trudeau’s
The Powerful Cult That Turns Rich Women Into Mind Controlled #SexSlaves…
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DOJ Found “Nothing of Significance”

Not Considered Significant:

“Members of Italian Intelligence Were Approached by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration Deep State in Attempt to FRAME TRUMP By PLANTING EVIDENCE...

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn
“on American Servers to Force Trump to Step Down”

“Declassified DoD Documents Prove Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama & Approximately 2 Dozen Congressional Leaders Were Involved With Sales/Transfer of Weapons From #Benghazi Libya To Syria”
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#TheGreatAwakening they’ve been puppets born into this massive modeling/acting/music/sex trafficking system forever. Ties in #Disney #Mouseketeers, #Nickelodean, #BoyBands. All their labels were owned by convicted #SexTrafficking families like the #Bronfman’s of #NXIVM #WakeUp!
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This just started off a huge rabbit hole. #Pearson #Bertelsmann #Obama #Vivendi #Bronfman #TimeWarner #BMG #MusicIndustry #Print #NaziPropaganda this is a #DeepState info haven! Just look at the top inv @ Pearson. They hide behind banks & mutual fund fronts. The entire S&P is DS!
Just the top investor is #Dimensional Fund Advisors. This was created by #DavidBooth who had deep ties to #UniversityOfChicago, this is where #Obama taught school. Can you say #DeepState puppet.
#ArnoldSchwarzenegger is a huge investor, which as you know pulls in the Shriver of the #Kennedy family (JFK was her uncle) & #California cesspool which includes #Getty’s, #Newsom, #Pelosi’s, #DAlessandro families I can devote an entire thread to this consortium.
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I just another MASSIVE connection to Pearson Publishing-Richard Branson’s Virgin Books! Tell me again how Branson knew NOTHING about #NXIVM
#QAnon #Epstein #DarktoLight
John Fallon, CEO of education group Pearson, was among 21 signatories of an initiative supported by Open For Business, a coalition of global firms promoting LGBT+ inclusion, along with Richard Branson.…
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ICYMI - 2018: #NXIVM Whistleblower Reveals #HumanTrafficking From Mexico, Satanism, Democrat Involvement Including @SenGillibrand Dad & Stepmother & Bundling $$ For Hillary Clinton Campaign ▫️ Ex-NXIVM Member Frank Parlato States Sex Slaves To Testify▫️
“Frank Parlato, former #NXIVM Publicist, has disturbing information about the NXIVM Cult leaders Keith Raniere & Allison Mack’s record of their treatment of children.”More Connections for #NXIVM
COURT DOCS: Prosecutors Ask To Present Evidence That NXIVM Sex Cult Leaders Illegally Bundled Money For Hillary Clinton Campaign▫️
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Word on the street is the #FederalReserve is having unheard of overnight lending activities meant to curb the rise of short term rates which are likely skyrocketing due to some big companies cash concerns. Hmm, let’s get some nice Fed conspiracies rolling…
The #FederalReserve is a system of centralized banks that fund the #UnitedStates loans from their own “reserves” w/ US citizen land & labor used as collateral. Most of these banks are held secret and difficult to trace back to to the originating bank.…
A quick look at history and you can see the banking system is a large network of oil barons like the #Rockefellers, #RoyalCrown and various vassal agents of #European banking families like the #Rothschilds. These banks are used to control the economy completely protected.
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Could there be a connection between the #Spygate coup plotters, Jeffrey Epstein & the treacherous Rino's? Does the establishment work both sides of the isle? Did Epstein lack blackmail on #POTUS which could maybe explain the way the intelligence community is going after him?
It's pretty well established Epstein was a deep asset and was protected by the U.S. Intelligence Community. There is a Stratfor & DynCorp connection as well, which brings to mind the #StateDepartment ....
And of course his (alleged) #MegaGroup boss Leslie Wexner of L Brands & Victoria's Secret fame... Wexner operated a Columbus, Ohio "Command Center" for Mega.
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