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This falls on YOU @jeffsessions & when their kingdom falls & you wanna offer up a settlement for not only the lives needlessly lost due to intentional gross negligence & wanton disregard for human life & my suffering furthered by a lot of guilty minded so called do gooders!
Who know more than I and do nothing to prevent or alleviate what these monsters have reduced me to! MENS REA MISPRISION OF FELONY #LegalNews #ISO #Lawyer #Attorney
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Allison Mack is requesting to leave residence for religious services, schooling and verifiable employment. Only problem is why isn’t #NXIVM prohibited as they could qualify as all three of those things? Her bail was indeed hefty and included her parents house 1/2
It would appear she is cooperating as her Internet has been restricted and her phone is for counsel and government. However allowing her to attend and possibly speak with #NXIVM seems like a huge mistake? This is a cult, let’s not forget that @TheJusticeDept
Extensive research has been done by @The_War_Economy on #NXIVM they are insidious and claim to empower and educate women, it’s hard to not assume Allison wouldn’t be running back?
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Many of my followers know that I have been sharing previously unknown information about #Democrats & the #NXIVM cult, in particular, frmr. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia strong-arm of the U.S. #Democratic party. In the #ArizonaMafia, members have different roles.
In the #ArizonaMafia, named mbr. #2 is frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty, Dennis Burke. Burke is a liar. In 2011, Burke famously resigned from his post in disgrace after being called a liar by DOJ Deputy Atty General James Cole. Dennis Burke is the hatchet man of the #ArizonaMafia.
As hatchet man of the #ArizonaMafia, Burke has been tasked with stressful responsibilities. He may have even been tasked with destroying my character. On 12/14/2017, the AZ Republic ran a #HitPiece article about me, orchestrated by Burke & full of #LIES:…
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Let’s talk about this article.

“What It Means That the Far Right Sees Pedophiles Everywhere” by @MilesKlee…
2) OK so obviously the first problem with this article is that its anchor image is a man-boy love fest. I will chalk this up to a bad choice of images, since it actually proves the opposite of what the article is saying: Pedos (criminals) are trying to go mainstream.
3) Having read the article I do believe the intent is sincere, meaning the author is not trying to advance the cause of pedophilia. So let's engage the content sincerely as well.
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As the #NXIVM case gains momentum in #Mexican media, a political blog in #Mexico, "indice politico," published this article a few days ago. In case you don't know Spanish, the headline says, "[frmr. Pres.] Carlos Salinas can have you assassinated." #NXIVM…
...[continued] 4 those of you who know how 2 use Google Translate, U can cut and paste this quote: "Sea o no merecido, Carlos Salinas es probablemente el hombre más temido en México, el hombre asumido como el verdadero jefe de la mafia mexicana..." #ArizonaMafia #NXIVM
...[continued] "...con sus negocios multimillonarios de lavado de dinero, venta de drogas, tráfico de personas, manejo de armas y asesinato." Plug that quote 2 Google Translate 2 learn abt #CarlosSalinas, the man my frmr. friend Marco Lopez & his #ArizonaMafia have been wkg with.
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Many of my followers know that I have been sharing previously unknown information about #Democrats & the #NXIVM cult, in particular, frmr. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia strong-arm of the U.S. #Democratic party. In the #ArizonaMafia, members have different roles.
in the #NXIVM cult, Keith Raniere, aka "Vanguard," was known as "smartest man in the world." Some believe this claim is evidenced by complex charts & diagrams. At the other end of the intellectual spectrum, readers will find #ArizonaMafia member #10, Luis "Gordito" Borbon.
As readers learn how Janet's #ArizonaMafia works, they will learn that mob mbr. #10, "Gordito" Borbon, was formerly the errand boy for the Gov. of #Sonora #Mexico, Eduardo Bours. Borbon's skill sets are: Driving, carrying bags, being Marco's paid friend, & eating. Lots of eating.
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Does AUSA Moira Kim Penza, prosecutor in the fed. #NXIVM #RICO criminal racketeering case, realize that her indictments of #NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere aka "Vanguard," last March, may have affected the outcome of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Election? #ArizonaMafia #Democrats
Moira Kim Penza is 1 of the main prosecutors in the federal #NXIVM #RICO criminal case. A #RICO case is very serious; it is 1 of the most complex types of prosecutions the U.S. Government can initiate. Moira's boss is Richard P. Donoghue, U.S. Atty for the Eastern District of NY.
Penza is a smart lawyer. According to publicly available information, she studied at Cornell Law School, a private Ivy League University located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell was ranked the #13 law school in America, out of 203 law schools, by U.S. News & World Report, in 2018.
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BREAKING UPDATE: Former "Dynasty" Tv star Catherine Oxenberg new BOOK concerning #NXIVM:
"CAPTIVE: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult" - corroborates story of Patriot whistleblower @realJeffreyP about Mexican Elite!
While Jeffrey and Catherine may reach different conclusions about who is who’s puppet - the facts in both testimonies show that the #NXIVM story reaches to the heights of political power of the Salinas family and needs more investigation.
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>>About Frank Parlato of Some people have asked me if I am a friend of Frank Parlato, a newspaper owner and blogger who first first broke the story of women being forcibly branded as part of the #NXIVM cult. In response, I must clarify details about this.
In fact, I am not an established "friend" of Frank Parlato, who is the publisher of, and The Niagara Reporter weekly newspaper. Frank is someone who I spoke with by telephone, about three weeks ago, who I respect very much. I will explain why. #NXIVM
Frank Parlato, as far as I was able to ascertain, is a well known publicist and journalist who has worked on political campaigns. I read that Frank spent years fighting to expose Keith Raniere, who is accused of branding and enslaving female followers of his organization, #NXIVM.
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Impressive company representatives... #Amazon #Starbucks #UnitedWay #Expedia #AlaskaAir
#BrightonJonesLLC and many more... United way is a very interesting association... isn't it?!
#EndFamilySeparation #EndCPS #EndFamilyCourt #worldwide 🌎
A company that has interests in Childhaven...
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1/ Thread - Connecting the Bronfman dots.
2 / If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard of the Bronfman family name as it relates to the NXIVM cult. Most people know Clare as the “Seagram’s Heiress”…
3/ the Bronfmans were originally tobacco farmers from Eastern Europe.…
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Looks like Justin Trudeau was involved in the failed assassination attempt of @POTUS

Hey @JustinTrudeau !!! Wave as the whole world is about to find out !!


Retweet this like FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥
This may be why!


Reference tweet above !
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AbsolutelyUnreal....Ever wondered what John McCain (#NoName), The Bronfman’s, Benghazi & the Pedo/Women’s Sex Cult, NXIVM, have in common? More on Sara Bronfman’s husband and a Libyan view of NXIVM #GreatAwakening #ArizonMafia #Benghazi #NXIVM #QAnon…
NXIVM The Arizona Mafia & the Tip Of The Iceberg…
Now It’s The Post Covering Up John McCain’s Mob Connections #ArizonaMafia #NVIXM #GreatAwakening…
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This is Bill Maher attacking #QAnon, claiming that #PedoGate is a "conspiracy theory"
Despite numerous high level Democratic Party & Clinton Global Initative members ON TRIAL in the Eastern District of New York per #NXIVM pedophile sex cult @billmaher ⬇️…
Bill Maher @billmaher, anytime you want to tell your audience that 3 of those who are currently on trial as part of the pedophile sex cult, aren't tied to @HillaryClinton and @BillClinton, I'll be waiting for you to do so~
New York Post ⬇️…
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Is now a good time to bring up LeBron James being a major investor in Blaze Pizza?⛹️🍕

Just a little pizza franchise not #PizzaGate or...
It's just a little pizza chain from California where he will now be losing NBA championships for the Lakers every year.

Let's just see where this goes...
Okay, Blaze is pretty big so I will just take a look at a few other notable investors.

The Govenator's wife & Kennedy Royalty Maria Shriver.

Bill Cosby & Roseanne's former producer Thomas Werner.

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*Thread* #Mueller has a method for everything he is doing. The stories breaking in the news are part of a FAR greater story, the take down on the dictatorship. He is preparing people for the final showdown. Let’s look at the past few months, shall we?
#BlackCube was addressed publicly months ago. The private intel group was used to spy on victims of abuse and try to #gaslight and find their weak points. Connection? Israel. Bibi Netanyahu. Next, #NXIVM’s trafficking ring became a major news story in spring. Connection?
#RogerStone. Roger Stone was involved in #NXIVM and was one of the top members of this human trafficking group. Next, the #Austin bombings - “boom,” “boom,” “boom” posted right before the bombings. Connection? Team QAnon.
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02 AUG 2018
Welcome to the mainstream.
We knew this day would come.
(glimpse)(what to expect)
All activated past 24hrs.
Full attack mode (brute force).
False ‘violent’ narrative push.
Ask yourself, why?
Enjoy the show!
What happens when you are a THREAT to the MSM/OLD GUARD?
Threats/scare tactics deployed.
Fear not.
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Dots connected #NXIVM is bigger than anyone could possibly imagine
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#DeepDive #NXIVM Part3
(had some tech difficulties and it got broken into three different threads Ill link them together in this on thread)
#ArizonaMafia #Salinas #EmilianoSalinas #MarcoLopez
Its bigger than we know
Selling of America! #CarlosSlim #NYTimes #JeffreyPeterson
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The true history and sinister origin of Bronfman family wealth…
Sara Bronfman, heir to the Seagram's Bronfman crime family fortune is married to Barit Egtit, the Benghazi native whose father was exiled after embezzling millions from Qaddafi just before Libya was toppled by Clinton/Obama.
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#NXIVM Unlocks Worlds
This week, a public figure, Jeffrey Peterson, came forward
with a stunning story. A first-hand account being revealed thru his twitter page @realJeffreyP
His perspective changes what we know about the NXIVM case
Who is Jeffrey Peterson?
#DeepDive #KAG
2. On July 11, 2018 Jeffrey Petrerson "reset" his twitter account.
3. He said he was going to be using his account to "raise awareness 4 some pretty important stories (to say the least) that need to be told but it will take a while..."
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1) So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and do my first highlighted thread in while . Avenatti tweets this today. Makes him look like he wants these “secret” recordings to be released. They would implicate journalists not Trump 🤨🤓 #QAnon
2) 2. Let’s go back in time. 1/18/2018 The Stormy Daniels story broke, blind siding many. Why now? Why not come public before the election? Why not at any point in his first year of his presidency?

#qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
3. I believe Stormy and Trump set this up. The plan has worked brilliantly. This story which nobody in their right mind gives 2 shits about ran day and night 24/7 for 4 straight months on every MSM network. #qanon #WWG1WGA #theGreatAwakening
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Famed American Internet businessman @realJeffreyP in hiding, says "Arizona Mafia, Carlos Salinas & #NXIVM
Mexico is out to kill him"

We are going to look into what #JeffreyPeterson said last night then dig deeper in to see connections.
@realJeffreyP implies he was once a part of #NXIVM.  His story may help unravel what was really going on in #Mexico – with #KeithRaniere, #EmilianoSalinas #AlexBetancourt [and their Prorsus Capital] & of course, Emiliano’s father, #CarlosSalinas
#JefferyPeterson & @BillClinton
We will now go look at @realJeffreyP on his website at which I got from Wikipedia.
He has a very interesting past if all this is true.

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