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OK here goes ... #LBC #T4TM

I often torture myself by listening to LBC to try and understand the mindset of others.

As many of you probably agree its shows are generally anti-Labour and virtually always anti Corbyn.


She asked me 'would you like to ask a question on LBC tomorrow morning'. OK ! Great 😄 EXCEPT the conversation got a bit weird. 2/x
I put together a question over a pleasant longish chat and then she honed the question for me into something more 'punchy' and slightly removed from other areas I wanted to ask about.

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Rumblings of big truths coming soon re Trudeau, #UraniumOne & #NXIVM cult

What we know so far (THREAD)

"Progressives" Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada & Bronfman Families 100 YEAR HISTORY of looking after each others interests.…
Trudeau's chief fundraiser 2015 = Seagram's heir Stephen Bronfman, a close personal & family friend.

2017 Bronfman named in #ParadisePapers His Claridge Inc. linked to $60 mill US offshore Caymans trust, tax loophole exploitation, disguised payments.…
Additionally Trudeau chief fundraiser Stephen Bronfman's law firm mounted lobbying campaign in Ottawa for 3 yrs to fight legislation designed to crack down on offshore trusts (Harper's Bill).…

#ParadisePapers #NXVIM
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La famille #Pinault ferait mieux de payer ses impôts
Le @gouvernement ferait mieux de s'en assurer plutôt qu'inventer un nouvel outil de défiscalisation

Rappel : @KeringGroup aurait soustrait 2,5 milliards d'impôts
(ce qui grève les finances publiques)…
La famille #Arnault et @LVMH feraient également mieux de payer leurs impôts et le @gouvernementFR de s'en assurer

➡️ La Fondation @LouisVuitton est soupçonnée de fraude fiscale
➡️ @LVMH dispose de 234 filiales dans les #ParadisFiscaux

N'est-il pas indécent que des familles & multinationales 🇫🇷, poursuivis ou soupçonnés de fraude fiscale qui grève les finances publiques, se permettent de telles annonces alors que le pays est saisi par l'émotion ?

#Arnault #Pinault #LVMH #Kering #NotreDame
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The #PanamaPapers spurred countries to crack down on tax avoidance and claw back lost revenue. Three years later, $1.2 billion USD has been recouped. Here’s a country-by-country breakdown of that figure:
🇵🇦 Authorities told @laprensa in Panama they’d recouped $14.1 million in properties and cash as a result of ongoing investigations.
🇫🇷 France collected over $135 million in fees and penalties stemming from than 500 inspections. It’s the first time money from France has been revealed to our partner outlet @lemondefr.
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The case against Turkish reporter #PelinÜnker, the only journalist in the world prosecuted for accurately reporting on the #ParadisePapers, had been dropped. She reported on the Maltese havens of a minister and his sons. #GazetecilikSuçDeğildir #JournalismIsNotACrime
See the front page that sparked the Turkish government’s wrath.
Scroll through @PelinUnker’s feed and follow her for the reaction to today’s news. It’s a significant event for press freedom and Turkey, the world’s biggest jailer of journalists.
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@MindfulnessWins Because they had to develop systems of sources in a hundred countries to track the money laundering through thousands of banks & jurisdictions with bank secrecy rules designed to protect the networks. They've launched multiple operations to drain the Swamp but each got deflected.
@MindfulnessWins Bank of NY case in 1999, Enron in 2003, a bunch of others since then. What will be revealed is that the crooks were using NSA info to spy on the investigators, FINCEN data to warn the targets of investigations, & DOJ word parsing to not go after players that would expose the plot
@MindfulnessWins They would then blame the White Hats for obstructing the investigations so that no one would trust them. They'd let a few scapegoats fall, but make certain the key players & networks were not investigated. 28 years of changes to bank money laundering rules helped the take down.
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Educational thread on the ultrawealthy paedosadist cult #NXIVM and its ties to the #Bronfman family, one of Canada's most powerful families linked to PM Justin Trudeau. #Cdnpoli #OpNXIVM #OpCanary #OpDeathEaters,
2018: The founder of #NXIVM Keith Raniere arrested for child trafficking and the rape of children as young as 12-years-old. #Cdnpoli #OpNXIVM #OpDeathEaters…
Keith Raniere has a decades-long history of trafficking and raping women and children - including "repeated (rapes of) multiple teenage girls" as young as 12, according to a court document. #Cdnpoli #OpNXIVM #NXIVM #OpDeathEaters
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Hat tip to @mnrube17 for sharing this with me. The first Israeli bank I've seen implicated in the money laundering schemes. Can't wait to see the receipts! Then we learn who the US Taxpayers were! #ButNothingsHappening
@mnrube17 The bank is to pay a $195M penalty to defer prosecution while they cooperate! Which means they flipped! Looks like involve branches in LA & throughout the US, Switzerland, London & Cayman Islands. The Cayman's branch was shut in 2014 & lead to this case. That's how complex...
@mnrube17 Looks like the tax evasion issues were from at least 2002-2012. Very likely the prosecutions have been helped by the exposure of the #PanamaPapers & #ParadisePapers But prosecutions are now moving forward around the nation.
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Don't have time for a real thread on this, but there has been a lot happening on the global money laundering network cases! I just have to share it! We are seeing historic transparency into the corruption of banking, politics & enabling of crimes! #ButNothingsHappening
@OCCRP & @ICIJ & other groups are breaking stories on the Troika Laundromat, another gigantic scheme to launder money from Russia into supposedly reputable banks in West who chose to not ask questions! #TroikaLaundromat
@OCCRP @ICIJ Like many others, this case has tentacles spreading around the world & leads to the deaths of individuals involved or investigating the case.
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DOJ seeks recovery of $38M from Malaysian #1MDB corruption! #ButNothingsHappening! This takes the total of assets ordered seized in the case by DOJ to $1.7 Billion!
That's a lot of money laundering change....
That $1.7 Billion is out of a total alleged $4.5 Billion stolen from the fund. That's what we know about!
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Canada launches audits based on the #ParadisePapers a sequel to the #PanamaPapers So far no prosecutions but a lot cases pending, though they are catching flak for the pace of audits & indictments. #ButNothingsHappening…
50 cases have progressed to criminal tax evasion investigations at this point. They hired over 1,300 auditors to go after the off-shore shell companies.
But Justin from Canada's government is taking heat for slow playing the cases to avoid prosecutions. But supposedly on 25 auditors are working on the Paradise Papers specifically. Which may be fine if the other 1000+ are auditing the 3200 people identified.
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What are shell companies? These shells are in groups each of which has common owners, common addresses, common email IDs and common directors
The 45 shell companies that received Rs 14,000 crore. In 2015-16, Modi govt cracked down on shell companies following a recommendation by Indian SIT on black money
Shell cos have nominal capital of 1 lakh, but inter-company loans of thousands of crore of rupees. The loans are advanced in single-tranche while most loans are disbursed in multiple tranches based on project progress.
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1.#YuriMilner funneled millions of Kremlin dollars into #Facebook and #Twitter, he is also a business partner of #Cadre partly owned by Jared #Kushner

#YuriMilner #Facebook #Twitter #Russia #Kushner #Cadre…
2.#YuriMilner´s tech company Digital Sky Technologies acquired a $200 million stake in #Facebook in 2009 and in #Twitter in 2011

#YuriMilner #Facebook #Twitter #Russia #Kushner #Cadre…
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Unsung heroes time. This is Gill Phillips. Aka @ladywell23. You don’t know her but she is @observerUK & @guardian’s head lawyer & the backstop behind #ParadisePapers & #CambridgeAnalyticaFiles & much more. Tonight she won us this award for press freedom. THANK YOU GILL 👏👏👏
She’ll hate the photo but tough. The day after Robert Mercer first threatened to sue us,I discovered his lawyers also represented Rosneft & Gazprom. ‘How does that feel?’ I asked her. ‘To take on Putin’s lawyers?’ She rubbed her hands together, ‘LOVE a battle.’
She’ll probably try & make me delete that tweet on legal grounds, FYI. But - yoo hoo millionaires! - I’m freelance & these tweets represent my views only. Plus I live in a council estate. So. There is literally no point in coming after me. Do your worst. (Hi Jim Mellon! *waves*)
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1. @americanlll @Dina1trump @RealEyeTheSpy @_ImperatorRex_ @KrisParonto @prayingmedic @O_IrishT @PatriotPlaceATX @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q @MastersShelby

I support @realDonaldTrump and I believe he's an amazing president, fulfilling dozens of campaign promises and making this...
2. ...nation safer, more prosperous, more faith based, and more competitive. I cannot however, forget one certain campaign promise that he reiterated numerous times. This promise no doubt played a role in him being elected. Trump said many times that he would reveal who...
3. ...was really responsible for 9/11 and that he would uncover the truth behind the attacks. He stated repeatedly we invaded the wrong country by going into Iraq because Iraq did not bring down the #TwinTowers. He also hinted that it was the Saudi's on several occasions.
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Anyone seeing a pattern? 🧐


#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #DrainTheSwamp @POTUS #WWGOWGA

1) Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years for Corruption…
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1/ This weekend, I’ll be on @MarketplaceWKND with @lizzieohreally to discuss how the Trump administration has undermined the government’s ethics safeguards.
2/ This week, we’re focusing on the history of the nation’s ethics laws and how they evolved since the 1950s.
3/ We start with the vicuna coat scandal that occurred under Dwight Eisenhower.
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1. Are advanced tax rulings just a mechanism to corrupt the normal application of tax rules to multinational companies? (A quick thread as work avoidance)
2. The attraction, on paper, is that multinational companies get certainty about (some) tax treatment; as do tax authorities, who can then focus their limited resources elsewhere.
3. The risks? That the negotiation over advanced tax rulings is even more unbalanced than the usual negotiation over multinationals' actual tax payments. The tax authority has no threat of demanding audit or payment; and cannot devote the same level of resources.
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#NiravModi is just tip of the iceberg. It is a well-known fact that diamond trade is used for money-laundering & that this channels are used to finance terror activities around the globe including in India. Just check the #BlackMoney list from #Belgium?…
So now that media is waking upto #NiravModi's #Belgium connections important question that should be asked is who are these diamond merchants & how many of them are in the #BlackMoney list? Dont be amazed if you find barons on the list financing bollywood.
#NiravModi was setup by London auction houses of Christie & Sotheby involved in auctioning of ancient Indian idols & manuscripts stolen by East India Company spies & hoarded in the storeroom warehouses of British Empire's officers. This goes on even now & is a $5B black market.
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Who are these two foreign pilots flying around Indian PM in the #seaplane? Shouldn't this be a security issue? Or is it normalization of things to come? Stay tuned for our <thread> on the issue.
2 Is a Prime Minister allowed to fly aboard a single engine aircraft as per GoI protocol? What about one that is flown by foreign pilots? Why cant this #SeaPlane been flown by IAF pilots? More than any protocols entire Indian military is being bypassed here, what does that mean?
3 So the #seaplane in which our PM was flown in came directly from Pakistan & was flown by foreign pilots! And our Indian security forces allowed that???

This is the sorry state of Indian security establishment. Havent they learned anything from #HomiBhabha assassination?
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The old plane tracking thread is totally broken. Older flights are still there but come up as a single tweet so if you want to find older flights go to Twitter search and type the person's name or tail number (if known).
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Faire de l’investigation une variable d’ajustement économique à France Télé ? Il y a plusieurs choses que je ne comprends pas. Si vous avez des réponses, je suis preneur. Je déroule ⬇️
Pour moi, cette stratégie va à l’encontre d’une tendance qui se dégage dans les médias aujourd’hui : mettre plus de moyens pour enquêter et raconter le monde d’aujourd’hui.
C’est ce que le lecteur attend, c’est ce qui permet à un média d’exister dans un flux sans fin où les contenus circulent sans les marques qui les ont publiés.
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