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Canada spent $18B on financial supports for the fossil fuel industry last year: report here…
Canada has a moral obligation to cut domestic greenhouse gas emissions as fast as technically and economically feasible, while also substantially supporting emissions reductions in developing nations as part of our total fair share towards a 1.5°C-consistent global effort.
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#Breaking: Biden, Trudeau discussed incarceration of Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor in China during virtual meeting
FULL STORY from @thekeenanwire: What Joe Biden’s first meeting with Justin Trudeau lacked in specifics, it made up for with good vibes /2…
Good vibes: “The United States has no closer and no more important friend than Canada,” U.S. President @JoeBiden said to Trudeau. He also emphasized his commitment to global engagement. /3…
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1/19 I regret that my Epoch Times investigation isn't finished yet & I'm going fast as I can

With that said, this #thread is another teaser & I'm giving it early release because of its implication to the #UighurGenocide vote in #CDNpoli today & how MPs have been sorely misled
2/19 #CDNpoli #Uyghur #UighurGenocide

First off, the Conservative party pressure to force a vote in Canada is due to a campaign concocted by Steve Bannon, to squeak through his agenda (continuing Trump's agenda) to force a war with #China before Prez Biden can get up to speed
3/19 #UighurGenocide

They're capitalizing on right-wing ownership of most #CDNmedia to disinform #CDNpoli about the #Uyghur issue, without the threat of being fact checked

Our dystopian news climate is being used to manipulate @JustinTrudeau into painting @POTUS into a corner
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In June 2017 before Covid 19, the Supreme Court abolished the Promise Doctrine in a landmark case of AstraZeneca vs. Apotex arguing patent rights are only subject to Patent law. The Patent office lacks expertise to assess promise of function.…
In December 2017 Barry and Honey Sherman, founder of Apotex were found murdered in their home. Death by ligature and placed in poses to appear alive.…
Today the AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine is not approved for use in Canada.…
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The Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, continues to employ R2 (a firm of Erik Prince) to deploy foreign mercenaries in Yemen, reporting directly to him.… @JustinTrudeau @KingSalman
@JoeBiden #uspoli
#YemenCantWait #yemen #DayofAction4Yemen
This operation stinks of Operation Carwash. Prince had no authority to Train troops for R2 (Just like he did illegally in Canada during Harper's term) and the guys sent in were from Colombia.…
Erik Prince privitized police & mercenaries, was a distributor of weapons & crisis supplies. Erik Prince & US investors crafted the profits of wars, climate disasters & social discord. They banked on it. Climate denial = $. All in this book.
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Dear, @HouseGOP: You're worried about impeaching Trump being "divisive"? About how the "Dems are unified in hatred", etc? #USPoli #AttemptedCoup /1…
What could be more divisive than a sitting President exhorting his followers to "march on the Capitol" on the day that the legislators are reviewing the results of the Electoral College vote? /2…
Even if Trump was otherwise uninvolved in planning this debacle (which seems unlikely), his speech and his actions following it, are anything but benign. /3
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My view: VP Pence's failure to use the 25th amendment enables Trump to destabilize the US government while disrupting a peaceful transition. @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SenateGOP @USArmy @SpeakerPelosi
@UNDPGAIN @OCCRP @AntiCorruptIntl #uspoli…
Look at the economics of the man who rejects the 25 amendment.…
In December it was published that Pence will depart on Jan. 6 for a trip that will include stops in Bahrain, Israel and Poland, according to a government document obtained by NBC News, and remain abroad through Jan. 11.…
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Before Covid in June 2019 Prince Andrew helped a start up with an innovative air-filtration mask to market in India to address air pollution. Money from Barhain funded the Pitch@Palace program.…
2019 was a year Canada was concentrating wealth in the hands of the few.…
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The reason 2011 was such a crappy year for Canada is because 2010 was the 500th Anniversary of the Vatican Concordat of 1610. #landback please. #cdnpoli @RoyalFamily @ChiefSAugustine @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @Pontifex @JustinWelby @AFN_Updates @lakotalaw #cdnpoli #uspoli
Tomb of Alexander VII by Bernini. Alexander kneels by four virtues: Charity, Truth, Prudence & Justice. Truth's foot is over a thorn located in England reflecting pain of the Anglican schism. Skeleton with hourglass has motto, "remember you will die".
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Pfizer received formal requests regarding its operations in China and Russia from the SEC’s foreign-bribery unit and the U.S. Justice Department in August and June.… #Pzifer #uspoli #cdnpoli #CovidVaccine #Patience
This does not bode well: President Trump touts Pfizer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccine: 'We think we have a winner'…
Green Party's Elizabeth May exposed how Canadian Ministry Departments are prioritizing corporate interests over public interests acting as promoter and regulators of their ministries. Corporate interests govern Canada today especially Big Pharma.
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Recognize the damages done. /2
Create new partnerships. /3
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The race votes as shown on @cnn completely undermines the fact that Indigenous people are black, white, Latino etc.
#Election2020 #Vote2020 #uspoli #cdnpoli @ACLU #blacklivesmatter @UN4Indigenous @NCAI1944 @AFN_Updates @Mikmaq_HM @hrw @HRWcanada #IdleNoMore #stopracism
We had centuries of international trade before Europe. Indigenous people include all these people today.
Indigenous North Americans did trade with Antwerp in 1550. Our hockey sticks, baskets and snowshoes were used there by trade.
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Happening now. Online Protest to tell Lloyds of London to divest Fossil Fuels and cancel Adani's Coalmine. Quick sign petitions here. #StopAdani #divestcoal #divestfossilfuels #LloydsInsureOurFuture @350 @350Canada #cdnpoli #uspoli #ClimateAction
Pressure contractors to stop working with Adani Coal…
Sign here to defend land rights and help stop Adani Coal..…
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Rogues Gallery of Folk Who are Culpable in Destroying Our World With No Substantive Action on Abrupt Climate Change:

Makes you feel like you are on the Titanic!!

#ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #climate #cdnpoli #USA #uspoli #Weather
The title says it all, really. World leaders have impotently addressed our climate crisis with never ending verbal diarrhea and useless treaties with next to no action on addressing our climate crisis. Now we are in a full blown climate emergency.
Now we are in a full blown climate emergency with very little chance for doing anything about. Arctic sea ice almost hit a new record low (2012 still lowest) but as we near Nov. there is exceptionally low ice regrowth...
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#GavinMcInnes the founder of #Proudboys played in an Ottawa punk band called Anal Chinook, featuring songs like "foreskin". This is who @realDonaldTrump associates with now. America is a farce.
@HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats @StateDept @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseForeign #uspoli
For the love of God and common sense, it's beyond time to throw the bum out.
Einstein called it. Now for the love of God smarten up and do the right thing.
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Protecting Our Democracy Act is designed to stop elected from using their office to hide criminal conduct. We need this in Canada too. @anticorruption @OCCRP @UNDPGAIN @CdnTaxFairness @TaxJusticeNet @cafreeland @StopCorpAbuse @CIPE_ACGC #uspoli #cdnpoli…
We have already seen Harper do the same. Frasier Miller Casgrain and Denton's all connected. Links to offshore taxation. Used law to exploit loopholes and used his office to facilitate tax evasion. I exhausted protocols reporting it.…
Today Harper is the head of the IDU showing other conservative governments how to do the same thing. They are influencing elections globally today.…
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So proud of @Raptors + coach #NickNurse -gr8 initiative to encourage #USA #ExpatVote #election2020 (only5% of 650,000+ eligible did so in 2016) See their Aug 29 vid here->
Dear 650000+ #USA citizens currently living in #Canada,
I don't know what brought you here (welcome to #WeTheNorth land)
But I can't understand why only 30500 of you voted in #2016USElxn. That's downright pitiful by any #voter turnout standard...
#USPoli #Toronto #Vancouver
..The results of the upcoming (66 days) #2020Election will have profound repercussions to not only #USA, but to #Canada . As a Canadian, I'm not eligible to vote. What's your excuse if you're a #USAexpat?
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In Canads Bill C-232 Climate Emergency Action Act introduced by NDP MP Leah Gazan from Winnipeg calls to recognize the rights of all Canadians to a safe, clean, healthy environment as a human right. Over 100 countries did it. Call your MP to support!…
On July 30, Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kamala Harris (D-CA), and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) unveiled the “The Environmental Justice for All Act.” We need strong public support to make change happen. Call your reps and VOTE! #uspoli…
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Excellent article on environmental racism that shows how government officials had “knowingly allowed” people of color “to be poisoned with lead, arsenic, dioxin, TCE, DDT etc.…
In Canads Bill C-232 Climate Emergency Action Act introduced by NDP MP Leah Gazan from Winnipeg calls to recognize the rights of all Canadians to a safe, clean, healthy environment as a human right. Over 100 countries did it. Call your MP to support!…
On July 30, Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kamala Harris (D-CA), and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) unveiled the “The Environmental Justice for All Act.” We need strong public support to make change happen. Call your reps and VOTE! #uspoli…
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#Covid19 map and smog map of City of Toronto. Shows how impacts racialized communities disproportionatly in Canada. ImageImage
This is the map of Cancer Alley in Louisiana. Image
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This is her community water supply here. @cppib has investments with Rostneft and Glencore and they are exploiting Africa to make profits for Canadian pension funds threatening to destroy the Congo Rainforest and Sahel. Climate change created food shortage creating poor migrants. Image
If you want to help people, give directly contact @KaoHua3
Kao is a social worker in Africa working to @savethesahel. They plant trees, gives seeds to provide food security while creating climate solutions and local employment. I support her efforts. I donated. My trees in Sahel. ImageImageImage
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There are transitions of economics happening at the global level. There is shifts in funding and divestment happening. There is meaning in the Blue Umbrella. A symbol for unity and love.…
Free movie of it online here.…
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This site states Canada didn't write the British North America Act. It was drafted by Lord Thring at Treasury and arrived to Canada in 1876. It is not a constitution for it constitutes nothing. Read here.…
So from what I see, your house of Canada is lacking a foundation. In part because you deported the actual Nations from Acadia to Standing Rock. Which was complete illegal. Lawsuit of Warren Perrin vs. Queen here:…
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