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THREAD: Israel is destroying the entire Palestinian community of Masafer Yatta. Here's what you need to know:
What is Masafer Yatta and what’s happening there?

Masafer Yatta is a rural community of Palestinian towns where Israel is currently forcing over 1,000 Palestinian families out of their homes in order to steal their land.
Where is Masafer Yatta?

Masafer Yatta is in the southern West Bank, which is Palestinian land that Israel is illegally ruling over with brutal military force.
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The Israeli military trainings that began today in Masafer Yatta are an ethnic cleansing strategy — a way of taking over Palestinian land and making life unlivable for the Palestinians who have inhabited it for centuries. 🧵

#SaveMasaferYatta Image
2,400 Palestinians face imminent homelessness in Masafer Yatta after an Israeli high court ruling last month. If this forced expulsion goes through, it will be the largest since 1967.
The Israeli government wants to avoid the bad publicity associated with images of demolished homes and Israeli authorities forcing residents onto trucks. So they are opting for strategies, such as military trainings, that are harder to photograph and explain.
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The Knesset Parliamentary Group for Ending the Occupation, led by MKs @AidaTuma and @mossi_raz, is holding its first meeting today - marking 55 years of military rule over the oPt.
We're livetweeting from the Knesset. Join us >
@AidaTuma @mossi_raz MK @AidaTuma starts off:
Once, the occupation was considered to be temporary. Today it appears that many around the world have gotten used to the horrors of occupation and siege. In order to perpetuate it and turn it into a done deal, Israel is operating an Apartheid regime.
@AidaTuma @mossi_raz > Even the horrific pictures from Shireen Abu Akleh's funeral a few weeks ago didn't make people think about what's going on here. It immediately turned into a debate about who went into the hospital when. Why is it so difficult to say that there's a moral problem here?
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On May 4, the Israeli supreme court greenlighted what could be the greatest displacement of Palestinians in the OPT since the early 70s.
By upholding the declaration of parts of Masafer Yatta (South Hebron Hills) as Firing Zone 918, the court has allowed the expulsion of over 1000 Pals from 8 villages in the area, while hundreds more in 6 other villages are also threatened.
Even if the whole expulsion doesn’t happen immediately, the court’s ruling will no doubt hasten the execution of over 450 demolition orders against Pal structures in the area. The process already began on May 11 with the demolition of 19 structures. Thanks @KNavot for maps
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Israel is going to forcibly expel over 1000 Palestinians from Masafer Yatta, Southern Hebron. 8 villages are going to be demolished to make way for a military firing zone. It will be the largest single forced expulsion of Palestinians.

Israel has displaced at least 12,300 Palestinians since 2009. Forced displacement is illegal under international law.


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Israel will go on "interfering with" Palestinians anywhere between the River and the Sea it covets their land, with the goal of dispossessing them. The excuses change from time to time, the ideology remains.… destroy the humble dirt roads and desperate water pipes of the Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills...…
After more than 20 years of legal proceedings, the justices in Jerusalem gave the government the green light, which only they may give, to commit the war crime of forced population transfer. #SaveMasaferYatta…
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Just got back from the hospital, after being attacked by five occupation soldiers. Head injuries, kicks to my stomach, my body dragged on rocks. As you can see in the video, they did it because I filmed them, after they came to demolish a structure my neighbor built. 1/2
Here, in Masafer Yatta, they evict us all through systematic demolitions. But a few days ago, the occupation court ruled the army can now carry out a mass eviction of our entire community, ethnicaly cleansing thousands at once. I fear the horrors that will come. #savemasaferyatta
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2,400 Palestinians face imminent homelessness after yesterday’s Israeli high court ruling, which paves the way for the Israeli military to take over their land.

These families have inhabited this land for 13 generations — long before Israel and Zionism even existed. Image
The pretense for this colonial theft and destruction? That the Palestinians of Masafer Yatta are “illegally” living in a military “firing zone.”
But Israel baselessly declared this “firing zone” in the 1980s, after the people of Masafer Yatta had lived there for centuries, with the explicit purpose of expelling them to colonize their land. Former PM Ariel Sharon brazenly discussed this ethnic-cleansing strategy in 1981. Image
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When I was just 1.5 old in 1999, the Israeli army destroyed my village and threw us homeless along with +100s of Palestinians from 12 villages in Masafer Yatta, we returned to our homes , last night , 22 years after, the court ruled Our villages to the army ImageImage
If the eviction take place today , 1000s of US living here,will be homeless again, the Israeli court even say that our Villiges and children's schools must be shooting play ground for the 🇮🇱 army, 10000s of animals would die from Hunger, we wouldn't have our fields to graze. ImageImage
We are calling on everyone to stand with us , to stop this eviction.
Would you help save lives?
Of Thousands of children and animals ?

We need your help at the most .

Ask your government to oppose the eviction that Israel is committing against us .
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Last night at 12:30am, we were woken up in the village of Tuwani (occupied West Bank) to frantic calls from our Palestinian partners announcing that the Israeli army was raiding the village for the third time in three weeks. Israeli soldiers physically assaulted three of us. 🧵
Katie, Maya, @ZakWitus, and our Palestinian host Hamoudi descended the stairs from the family guesthouse into their driveway. Some 20 Israeli soldiers, with assault rifles slung across their chests, marched up from the road into the driveway, crowded us, and yelled.. us to stop filming and go back inside. We refused and informed them that we are an American Jew here to stand in solidarity with our Palestinian hosts. They then turned and marched further up the road. The four of us followed them, filming. We spoke to them, asking...
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Today we met w/ a group of US diplomats on a tour of FiringZone 918.

The meeting went well. The diplomats told us that they've been closely following the case of #MasaferYatta. When we told them about the #SaveMasaferYatta campaign, they said they already knew about it! 🧵
The diplomats asked us thoughtful questions about our solidarity work and what's been happening lately in the South Hebron Hills. They listened attentively as we told them about the night raid in Tuwani last Thursday. They looked concerned when...
..we told them about the Israeli army in Susiya taking pictures of our faces and threatening to give us problems at the airport. We're now going to...
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We're at Supreme Court in Jerusalem, where the hearing that will decide the fate of 1,300 Palestinian residents of Masafer Yatta in the South Hebron Hills (who are contesting turning their home into a military training zone) is about to begin.
Before we begin - if you're not familiar with the facts of the case, watch this short explainer we put together on why Masafer Yatta has become 'Firing Zone 918' and what that means for the local residents.
Outside the court, BtS members have joined Masafer Yatta residents and other anti-occupation activists to say loud and clear: No to forced transfer. No to occupation. #SaveMasaferYatta.
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The Israeli High Court hearing to decide the fate of eight Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills begins shortly. Hundreds of Palestinians and allies will be rallying outside the Jerusalem courthouse. We will be livetweeting the day’s events… 🧵
“Throughout the tenure of five prime ministers, Israel's top court hasn't managed to reach a ruling on a cluster of Palestinian villages in the arid South Hebron Hills to make way for IDF training grounds”…
Listen to our Palestinian partner Basel describe his lived experience growing up with the threat of forced eviction looming over his head 👇🏼
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After trying—and failing—to make living in the Palestinian town of Masafer Yatta so unbearable that Palestinian residents would leave on their own, Israel is demolishing their homes.
Israel frequently targets the town by forcing residents to evacuate during military trainings, flying low helicopters, enabling settler attacks, and refusing residents access to water and electricity.
Demolishing Palestinian homes is a war crime that Israel plans to continue not only in Masafer Yatta but Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Tur, and more if they are not stopped.
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