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Support USPS x Incarcerated Youth!

We are asking for donations of sheets of stamps so that we can give stamps to young people incarcerated across Illinois so they can write letters!
While incarcerated young people use USPS frequently, they have to use their own money to mail letters. And with COVID restricting in-person visits, communication with friends and family is more essential than ever.
Stamp donations can be mailed to our offices:

Liberation Library
​c/o In These Times
2040 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL 60625
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DeJoy Targeted Democratic Urban Areas

DeJoy launched the Expedited to Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS) program on July 25. It's focused on 1,200 zip codes.

ESAS slowed mail in regions and cities that tend to vote Democratic.

#ONEV1 #OVElections…
The total population of the sites being tested that tend to vote Democratic was 17,368,620.

The largest site slowed down mail for 1.3 million people in heavily Democratic Los Angeles. 2/

The president of the American Postal Workers Union, Mark Dimondstein said:

“These are changes aimed at changing the entire culture of USPS.

3/ #OVElections
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Elizabeth Warren shows how to “handle shit. Not with elegant words and prose and heartfelt ... whatevers. But by making sure [Trumpers] are fucking annoyed, aware of who is responsible for them being annoyed and what it is they can do to make it stop.”…
👀 Warren TURNS UP the Heat - pushing @USPS Board to fire #DeJoy or resign if they don't fire him. The path forward is clear for @SpeakerPelosi @RepMaloney et al.

If USPS doesn't fire #DeJoy or he resign by next week the House must move to #ImpeachDeJoy…
Great to see @RoKhanna also pushing to #FireDeJoy - if #DeJoy doesn’t resign or @USPS doesn’t fire him by early next week @SpeakerPelosi @RepMaloney must move to #ImpeachDeJoy ASAP. #SaveUSPS
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Today's hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was the first step — but Congress must do more to hold him to account for USPS delays & sabotage. #SaveUSPS Thread⬇️ (1/x)…
DeJoy has already caused enormous damage that he has no intention of reversing. And there were no questions about his financial conflicts of interest and no examination of how a GOP donor became Postmaster General without proper vetting. (2/x)
As more alarming details are brought to light, DeJoy and anyone else responsible for sabotaging the Postal Service and our ability to vote by mail must be held accountable. (3/x)
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Happy #DeJoyHearing Day you all. Once again @SenWarren has done all the work a the outset so others don’t have to. She has questions. 👀
The lack of fight here from @KamalaHarris - not going after #DeJoy when our democracy is at stake is deeply troubling. Where is the urgency to #SaveUSPS @JoeBiden?…
Harris absence from #DeJoy hearing is concerning for Democrats bc it signals a lack of urgency in approaching this election and also governance if Biden/Harris were to prevail. 🧵
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As Trump actively works to harm the USPS and the right of all Americans to express their voice this November, I’m reminded of another time I came face-to-face with how communities are hurt by government inaction and lack of access to the post #SaveUSPS #SaveThePostOffice
Back in 2014, I was still a new-ish organizer with @SierraClub’s @OhioBeyondCoal team. The legal folks on our team alerted us that AEP, then owner of the Gavin coal plant, had filed with Ohio EPA (OEPA) to update Gavin’s water permit.
Gavin is one of the country's largest and most notorious coal plants. After years of poisoning the local community, AEP spent $20 million to buy out the village of Cheshire. The village de-imcoporated and AEP demolished the buildings of those who left…
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Friends - you know what I’m doing today? Driving to each of our post offices to take photos of the boxes. Can you? Let’s collect the photos & send them to @RepJayapal #SaveThePostOffice #SaveTheUSPS #SaveUSPS
We are getting ready to go. #Bo is all in. He was super excited a few minutes so before I picked up the camera :) #SaveTheUSPS
Now he’s excited! #SaveUSPS Image
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If Pelosi really is sincere about putting the pressure on Rs to #SaveUSPS she will be getting subpoenas out this week (w/ intent to enforce) and she will signal ready to w/hold funding for govt (bill due next month) if Rs dont relent on usps funding bill.
This is good. Fight back and assert pressure on all fronts
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🙏🏻 4 activism who have been relentlessly pushing Pelosi 2 move NOW to #SaveUSPS@KristinMinkDC⁩ ⁦@traceyecorder⁩ ⁦@jljacobson⁩ ⁦@whstancil⁩ ⁦@3vanSutton⁩ ⁦@jeffhauser⁩ et al

This wouldn’t have happened w/o pressure. 1/…
But sadly we aren’t done. Need to keep the pressure up bc Pelosi et al need to remain relentless - they ought to be issuing subpoenas this week and be ready to deploy Sargent of Arms to arrest DeJoy if he doesn’t show up 2/
Dems also can’t afford to buckle in the negotiations now and they must use the #DNCConvention platform to turn up the heat even more. So please keep the pressure on @FlyingWithSara @ggreeneva @JulianCastro @SawyerHackett @AdamGreen @TheStagmania @Hoopdata and so many others 3/
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USPS delivered about 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s last year. It delivered about 2.5 billion pieces of first class mail the week before Christmas.

Even if *every one* of roughly 130 million voters mailed their ballots this fall, USPS could handle it.
The only thing that gets in USPS’ way are having mail sorting machines yanked from post office hubs and hours cut back for mail carriers so delivery slows down dramatically - the kind of things Trump’s man at USPS, Louis DeJoy, is doing.
“A majority of states won’t accept mail-in ballots unless they arrive by Election Day, even if they’re postmarked prior to Election Day.”…
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Hearing Progressive MoCs at #NN20 right now talking about USPS. None of them brought up why they need to head back to DC right now to work on saving USPS, holding Trump's postmaster general accountable, put pressure on the Senate. They blamed Russian bots and Tech CEOs. 🤦🏻‍♂️
This is how its done - @AOC challenges @SpeakerPelosi to cancel recess to #SaveUSPS
This is as clear as it gets from @AOC calling on @SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer and rest of Democratic House Leadership to cancel recess and return to Congress immediately to #SaveUSPS
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1/ Don't panic! We can still vote, and we can FIGHT this sabotage of the US Postal Service until we win. But how? See below for 5 Action Steps.…
2/ Step 1: Contact @SenBobCasey & @SenToomey & your MoC **EVERY DAY** to protect #USPS. Ask your MoC to cosponsor @RepMaloney's Delivering for America Act (via @IndivisibleTeam). Ask your senators to introduce companion legislation. Script and info here:…
3/ Step 2: Contact your PA State Senator and House Rep to protect the PA court emergency ruling to count any ballot postmarked by Election Day and received by the third day following the election.

More info here:
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While Trump uses his crooked Postmaster General to try and throw an election, the Veterans are in the crossfire.

I personally depend on the @USPS to deliver 8 medications. Here is my story and I know I speak for all Vets.

🇺🇸Please help amplify🇺🇸

#SaveTheUSPS #HonorAVet
Without these medications I can go from functional person with disabilities to completely nonfunctional.

Some Vets without their meds can be a danger to themselves & possibly others.

We must fight to have #LouisDeJoy removed as Postmaster General!

#SaveTheUSPS #HonorAVet
For the trolls that say I don’t speak for all Vets fair enough. Some where lucky enough to come out perfectly healthy and don’t rely on meds.

That’s a blessing but for those of us that rely on meds to live life in normalcy after the fact we agree.
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Americans take the US Postal Service for granted. Having lived in two countries where mail is chronically unreliable (to put it diplomatically), I do not.

Here are a few stories about my misadventures with mail in Russia and Ukraine.
The first time I lived in Russia, ten years ago, my then-boyfriend (now husband) sent me a Valentine's Day card. It never made it to me at my university address; eventually, it was sent back to him as undeliverable after more than two months of globe trotting.
I tried to send postcards; like many Russian state services the post office keeps a ridiculous schedule and it took me a few tries to find it open. Triumphant, I waited in line and asked for some international stamps, only to be told they weren't sold at that time/day.
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In the spirit of #SaveUSPS, I found a bunch of these in an old lulz folder of mine.
Sharing them again in case you haven't seen them before. ImageImageImageImage
More Image
Another, for the Silent Hill fans. Image
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The reason #SaveUSPS is trending is bc of reporting that Trump threatened to veto all Stimulus Plan funding if there was $ for USPS-in favor of the higher shipping rates of Amazon etc.. which he believes (incorrectly) will 'right' their budget.
2-"[USPS] has withered during the pandemic. The USPS needs an infusion of money, and President Trump has blocked potential emergency funding for the agency that employs around 600,000 workers, repeating instead the false claim that higher rates for Internet shipping companies
3-"Amazon, FedEx and UPS would right the service’s budget. Trump threatened to veto the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or Cares Act, if the legislation contained any money directed to bail out the postal agency, according to a senior
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.@USPS is the only organization in America mandated to prefund 15years of retirement money for its employees. Imagine hiring someone and after 3 months. You put 225K in a retirement account for them. #SaveUSPS
This is an opportunity reverse the mandated requirement 4 @USPS. The bill ought to reverse ridiculous law & allow a loan fr retirement funds that can be repaid by the @USTreasury in the case of any National emergency. The repayment in full mandated at the end of such emergency
Doing this will make @USPS solvent for the next 25 years
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