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It is no exaggeration that the future of our national treasure, the public Postal Service, will be determined by the actions of Congress, the Postal Service, postal workers and the mailing public in the months to come.
Some elements of the plan are welcome proposals which reflect the enormous dedication of postal workers and the Postal Service’s unrivaled network and its unmatched presence in communities across the country.
We share management’s optimism in the Postal Service’s potential to grow new lines of business, capitalize on the booming package market, connect everyone more closely with all levels of government & to increase and improve services offered to business and household mailers alike
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"Postal workers have proudly facilitated mail-in voting since the Civil War. We also know that the increase of mail ballots expected can be easily handled, even if all 150 million voters in the country receive and return their ballot by mail." Mark Dimondstein #SaveThePostOffice
"Vote-by-mail has proven to be an incredibly safe and secure method of voting. More than five states conduct their elections entirely by mail. Since 2000, more than 250 million votes have been cast by mail. "
"In Oregon’s 19 years conducting all-mail elections, more than 100 million votes have been cast with only 15 cases of voter fraud, less than one per year." Mark Dimondstein
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Omar Fernandez: There have been so many people out supporting the postal service; it's encouraging to see so many people waking up to what's going on around us.
@APWUnational @VermontAFLCIO #SavethePostOffice
Omar Fernandez: People need the Post Office, for medicines, checks, communications to be delivered to them. We come right to your door, no extra charge, & we bring your packages right to you.
@APWUnational @VermontAFLCIO #SavethePostOffice
Omar Fernandez: My postal carrier is awesome. He walks the extra distance from my mail box to my front door to deliver packages right to the house.
@APWUnational @VermontAFLCIO #SavethePostOffice
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tryin to uspspspspsps the cat mail van into existence to run over DeJoy

#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice
📨follow @USPostOffice911
☎️call ur reps(esp if they are REPUBLICAN SENATORS) to support the following legislation⬇️
💌get cute stamps & collectibles from the USPS ⬇️
@USPostOffice911's USPS: WHAT'S HAPPENING? thread for those out of the loop

while the above thread was from 7/31, the only big changes so far are that DeJoy is being questioned by Congress & USPS bills have passed the house- they still have to pass the (majority republican) senate
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"Mr. DeJoy, do you own any financial interest, whether options or stocks, covered calls bought or sold, do you own today any financial interest in Amazon?" @RepKatiePorter

DeJoy: I do not

#DeJoyHearing #SaveThePostOffice
"Mr. DeJoy, the fact is that you have financial interests in Amazon. Mr. DeJoy, are you aware that Amazon does 40% of its shipping with the USPS?"
#DeJoyHearing #SaveThePostOffice
"Mr. DeJoy, on Fri, Sen. Peters asked if you had discussed changes to postal ops with Pres. Trump, Mark Meadows, anyone at the White House or anyone at the campaign, and you said no...For the record, do you stand by your statement?" @RepMaloney #DeJoyHearing #SaveThePostOffice
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LIVE: APWU President calls for nationwide rallies to #SaveThePostOffice Aug. 25…
"When I was in kindergarten, my teacher started an inter-classroom post office...The post office is built into the very fabric of this nation." Tara Ebrahimi, volunteer event host for our 8/25 Day of Action to #SaveThePostOffice
"The post office is an integral part of our daily experience...I refuse to sit idly by while this administration dismantles our public post office." Tara Ebrahimi, volunteer host for our 8/25 Day of Action to #SaveThePostOffice
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Here's my map of yesterday's roll call vote on H.R.8015, the Delivering for America Act, that funds the US Postal Service $25 billion and reverses recent operational changes that have slowed deliveries. 26 Republicans broke ranks and supported the bill. #SaveThePostOffice Image
Notable yes votes from Republicans in competitive races include Don Bacon (NE-02), Rodney Davis (IL-13), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03), John Katko (NY-24), Fred Upton (MI-06), Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02), Ann Wagner (MO-02), and Don Young (AK-AL).
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"Save the Post Office Saturday" Day of Action, US Post Office at 104th Street, zip code 10025, Manhattan,
New York City, Saturday, August 22, 2020
(arrived after rally, so signs only)
This is a multi tweet thread
#SaveThePostOffice #PostOffice #USPS #NewYorkCity #NewYork #nyc ImageImageImageImage
2/ Image
3/ Image
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📬 #SaveThePostOffice 📬
@SenSchumer visited my hometown post office this week in Corning, NY--part of his #USPS fact-finding tour across NYS.

I spoke for affected #veterans. My msg: @VetsWall is ready to support postal workers & #ProtectOurVotes. Image
📬 #SaveThePostOffice 📬

My remarks at the end of @SenSchumer's press conference on interference with #USPS operations.

#ProtectOurVotes ImageImage
📬 #SaveThePostOffice 📬

I'm proud to help build a wall of our own ... #WallOfVets Image
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100’s of protests today across the land demanding Louis DeJoy resign as postmaster.

In Atwater Village, protesters say he’s done too much damage, worry about the processing of mail-in ballots and delays in getting medications
DeJoy on Fri backpedaled on many of his proposed cuts to USPS but said he would be not be returning the 100’s of blue mail boxes and mail-sorters that’ve already been removed.

Election is 73 days away. Says Brigid LaBonge: “This is absolutely wrong.” Image
Chloe Hoffman can’t vote bc she is 17 but says she’s protesting outside the Atwater post office because she wants to protect others’ ability to vote in a timely way Image
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Protesters are starting to gather outside of the outside of the Old Post Office (now Trump International Hotel) in DC for one of the several hundred #SaveThePostOffice rallies happening across the country Image
It’s going well so far
The scene outside of the #SaveThePostOffice rally in DC ImageImage
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Media advisory:
@LynnwoodToday @EverettHerald @seattletimes @myedmondsnews

#SaveThePostOffice rally scheduled at USPS office, 6817 208th St SW, Lynnwood on Sat 22 Aug at 11 am

Defend Voting Rights, Support USPS

#USPSprotests #ResignDeJoy

@MoveOn Image
According to @KUOW, 40% of the letter-sorting equipment in Seattle-Tacoma area has been dismantled this summer.

Contrast that with 3-in-20 machines in eastern Washington…
First-class mail delivery has dropped precipitously from service delivery goals.

The target for first-class mail is 96% on-time performance. Starting in July, it fell to about 79% in the east. h/t @savethepo… Image
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#BREAKING: The #USPS is a vital, essential service. We're urging Congress to save it. @HRC…
The Delivering for America Act would:

➡️ Prohibit new changes until January 2021 or the end the pandemic
➡️ Provide $25 billion in emergency funding
➡️ Require all official election mail be treated as First Class
➡️ Reverse changes already implemented that delay mail delivery
It also blocks:

➡️ Removal, decommission, and termination of sorting machines/mailboxes
➡️ Closing, consolidating, or reducing office hours
➡️ Prohibitions on paying overtime to employees
➡️ Revisions to existing service standards

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Today's hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was the first step — but Congress must do more to hold him to account for USPS delays & sabotage. #SaveUSPS Thread⬇️ (1/x)…
DeJoy has already caused enormous damage that he has no intention of reversing. And there were no questions about his financial conflicts of interest and no examination of how a GOP donor became Postmaster General without proper vetting. (2/x)
As more alarming details are brought to light, DeJoy and anyone else responsible for sabotaging the Postal Service and our ability to vote by mail must be held accountable. (3/x)
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USPS ordered to remove 671 mail sorting machines under DeJoy:

59 in Florida
58 in Texas
34 in Ohio
30 in Pennsylvania
26 in Michigan
15 in North Carolina
12 in Virginia
12 in Wisconsin
11 in Georgia

He just said removed machines won’t be reinstalled. This is major crisis
Sen Gary Peters (D-MI): “Will you be bringing back any mail sorting machines that have been removed?"

DeJoy: “There’s no intention to do that. They’re not needed”
Thank you to @_cingraham & @jacobbogage for providing very helpful data on mail sorting machine removals

In 2018 USPS decommissioned 3 percent of Delivery Bar Code Sorters. In 2019 it was 5 percent. This year it's 13 percent…
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BREAKING: Moscow-loving #Wisconsin @SenRonJohnson opens Senate hearing into Postmaster General’s sabotage of the election by pretending the sabotage isn’t happening. #GOPTraitors #SaveThePostOffice
“In less than two months as Postmaster General, you have undermined one of our nation’s most trusted institutions and wreaked havoc on families, on veterans, seniors, rural communities and on people all across our country.” @SenGaryPeters #DeJoy #DeJoyHearing #DeJoyMustGo
If #DeJoy and @SenRonJohnson are telling the truth and everything’s going to be fine in November, why are people in July and August ending up in the hospital with seizures because their mail is being substantially delayed?
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Jonathan Smith: The Postal Service has campaigns to threaten workers if they put the USPS in a bad light. They don't want pictures getting out of the delayed mail.
@APWUnational #SaveThePostOffice
Jonathan Smith: I even rec'd a test from a district manager of NY that I was putting the USPS in a bad light. I asked if Louis DeJoy wasn't putting the USPS in a bad light, & I haven't heard back since.
@APWUnational #SaveThePostOffice
Jonathan Smith: Do the elderly stop needing their medicine after Nov 3? Do soldiers overseas stop needing to hear from their families after Nov 3? Do people stop needing their stimulus checks or gov't checks after Nov 3?
@APWUnational #SaveThePostOffice
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When Trump decided to make funding the Postal Service a partisan issue, he decided to ignore millions of Americans who depend on mail to meet their basic needs like the delivery of their medication or their Social Security checks.
Trump is doing everything in his power to sabotage the #USPS and make it impossible for voters to vote by mail during a pandemic -- endangering the lives of millions in the process. Text USPS to 977-79 or call 1-833-522-8923 to demand your rep #SavetheUSPS. Image
This Saturday, we're asking everyone to find a mask, figure out a social distancing plan, and show up safely next Sat the 22nd at a Post Office near you to #SaveThePostOffice. Sign up for alerts & get your event ready. Wear masks, bring signs, & invite media.
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Thank you, @SRuhle, for having VoteVets' Chair @jonsoltz on this morning to discuss Trump's war on the Postal Service. We need to problem solve-not cause more problems. Trump's attempt to subvert democracy isn't only hurting veterans-but all of us. (1/3) #DontMessWithUSPS
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Cindy Heyward: Since Trump appointed a new Postmaster General, there have been a lot of changes in the organization from the top. He removed the top two officials & reorganized 23 others. Now he's helping dismantle the Postal Service.
@diamondjewel17 @APWUnational #USPS
Cindy Heyward: Trump & the new postmaster are trying to sabotage the election via mail-in ballots. They're dismantling sorting machines, removing the blue mail boxes...they're setting us up to fail.
@diamondjewel17 @APWUnational #USPS
Cindy Heyward: They're targeting Dem/ communities. Trump understands that the people want to vote him out of office. He's doing everything he can to suppress the mail; they've already removed a lot of voting machines from Dem areas & now mail
@diamondjewel17 @APWUnational #USPS
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As Trump actively works to harm the USPS and the right of all Americans to express their voice this November, I’m reminded of another time I came face-to-face with how communities are hurt by government inaction and lack of access to the post #SaveUSPS #SaveThePostOffice
Back in 2014, I was still a new-ish organizer with @SierraClub’s @OhioBeyondCoal team. The legal folks on our team alerted us that AEP, then owner of the Gavin coal plant, had filed with Ohio EPA (OEPA) to update Gavin’s water permit.
Gavin is one of the country's largest and most notorious coal plants. After years of poisoning the local community, AEP spent $20 million to buy out the village of Cheshire. The village de-imcoporated and AEP demolished the buildings of those who left…
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1/ My Great Grandpop Hiram Lawrence moved to Philly with his wife, Ella Fortune, after seeing the world aboard a WWI US Naval ship. While establishing himself in Philadelphia he and Ella rented a home while 28yr-old Hiram worked two jobs: Dog Catcher and mail clerk. #SaveTheUSPS Image
2/ Ten years later, in 1930-in the middle of the Great Depression, Hiram had established himself as a clerk for the US Post Office and had earned enough to buy a home.
#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice Image
3/ Hiram Lawrence served as a US Postal Clerk into the 1940s. He was promoted to a supervisoral role in the late 40s-early 1950s.

He loved his work and served in Philadelphia’s Central Post Office well into the 1950s until his passing in 1958.
#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice Image
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LIVE NOW: Moral Monday Digital Direct Action on Mitch McConnell…
URGENT: #MoralMonday Digital Direct Action on McConnell!

CALL NOW and demand a full relief package that includes protections for the @USPS! Stand w/ our @APWUnational family!
#SaveThePostOffice #SaveLives

Direct ☎️ link for @senatemajldr:
We demand a full and just stimulus package! Add your name here:
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🚨Happening at 1pm: #SavetheUSPS!

Join this discussion featuring @waltshaub, @JoyceWhiteVance, @KristenClarkeJD & @AmberMcReynolds to find out action steps that can be taken to avert this crisis and how you can vote by mail in your state.

Watch Here:
"It will take a postal service that can operate effectively and efficiently for American's voices to be heard. And that's not what we're seeing from this post master general." #SaveTheUSPS #Election2020 #COVID19

"Drop boxes managed and run by election officials have been a staple for safe elections. And the postal service is the only entity that is structured to serve all communities. It provides a critical service to the electorate at large."

-@AmberMcReynolds of @voteathome
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