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This is why your packages are still "in transit," and why it won't be helpful to call with your tracking number. USPS package volumes are up 30-40%. Staffing is short due to COVID cases and quarantines. The mail is simply backed up. Remember to thank your carriers! #USPSdelays Thousands of packages being processed at an unnamed USPS dis
Adding to this: letters and flats that can pass through the automatic sorting machines are being processed at much faster rates than large packages, which is why you’re still getting cards and catalogs but not your packages.
Some of those mail sorting machines were disassembled and removed from distribution centers this summer thanks to Postmaster DeJoy. DeJoy also changed the “every piece of mail, every day” operating policy of the USPS.
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With all respect for those who want to vote Trump out of office - voting him out means letting him stay until Jan. 20.

He does not deserve to remain Commander-in-Chief for one more day.

If you agree, here are 3 things you can do TODAY to make #TrumpResignNow...
1) Call the White House at (202) 456 - 1111. They will ask you for a BRIEF comment. Need a script? Here you go: "Donald Trump is #UnfitToServe as Commander-in-Chief and should resign today."

Let's flood their phone lines!

2) Visit the White House website and leave a comment on their "contact" page.

Don't know what to say? Try, "Donald Trump is #UnfitToServe as Commander-in-Chief and should resign today."

Let's crash their server!

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@realDonaldTrump me & ~10 mil other @PillPack taxpayers are reliant on meds mailed via @USPS, & 90% of those people that will vote for you may be not be alive by E-Day due to lack of timely access to life saving drugs.

I will be though.

See you at the polls. #VoteBlue2020
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1st, I’m a progressive.
But come on progressives, are “Medicare For All,” “The Green New Deal,” or “Ending Citizen’s United” the hills you want to die on? If you do, there will be no living to fight another day.
We need to defeat tRump if we are going to have a chance to live to fight another day. We cannot afford the luxury of being purists, arguing about whether or not the party will or won’t move completely away from fossil fuels or will or won’t embrace Medicare for all.

If we hold out for those demands we will find ourselves living in a dictatorship with zero freedoms. We can fight for the other things later. If we don’t take a stand against tRump right now, there won’t be anything left to save.
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tryin to uspspspspsps the cat mail van into existence to run over DeJoy

#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice
📨follow @USPostOffice911
☎️call ur reps(esp if they are REPUBLICAN SENATORS) to support the following legislation⬇️
💌get cute stamps & collectibles from the USPS ⬇️
@USPostOffice911's USPS: WHAT'S HAPPENING? thread for those out of the loop

while the above thread was from 7/31, the only big changes so far are that DeJoy is being questioned by Congress & USPS bills have passed the house- they still have to pass the (majority republican) senate
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Elizabeth Warren shows how to “handle shit. Not with elegant words and prose and heartfelt ... whatevers. But by making sure [Trumpers] are fucking annoyed, aware of who is responsible for them being annoyed and what it is they can do to make it stop.”…
👀 Warren TURNS UP the Heat - pushing @USPS Board to fire #DeJoy or resign if they don't fire him. The path forward is clear for @SpeakerPelosi @RepMaloney et al.

If USPS doesn't fire #DeJoy or he resign by next week the House must move to #ImpeachDeJoy…
Great to see @RoKhanna also pushing to #FireDeJoy - if #DeJoy doesn’t resign or @USPS doesn’t fire him by early next week @SpeakerPelosi @RepMaloney must move to #ImpeachDeJoy ASAP. #SaveUSPS
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Today's hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was the first step — but Congress must do more to hold him to account for USPS delays & sabotage. #SaveUSPS Thread⬇️ (1/x)…
DeJoy has already caused enormous damage that he has no intention of reversing. And there were no questions about his financial conflicts of interest and no examination of how a GOP donor became Postmaster General without proper vetting. (2/x)
As more alarming details are brought to light, DeJoy and anyone else responsible for sabotaging the Postal Service and our ability to vote by mail must be held accountable. (3/x)
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On sorting machines: DeJoy claims no knowledge of disassembly of sorting machines being sold for scrap.

@SenatorHassan: "You are really sabotaging the Postal Service's ability to sort mail efficiently..."

@SenatorHassan wants to make sure that postal workers are not retaliated against, asks for #DeJoy's commitment to NOT retaliate, to which he says, "Yes Ma'am."


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When Trump decided to make funding the Postal Service a partisan issue, he decided to ignore millions of Americans who depend on mail to meet their basic needs like the delivery of their medication or their Social Security checks.
Trump is doing everything in his power to sabotage the #USPS and make it impossible for voters to vote by mail during a pandemic -- endangering the lives of millions in the process. Text USPS to 977-79 or call 1-833-522-8923 to demand your rep #SavetheUSPS. Image
This Saturday, we're asking everyone to find a mask, figure out a social distancing plan, and show up safely next Sat the 22nd at a Post Office near you to #SaveThePostOffice. Sign up for alerts & get your event ready. Wear masks, bring signs, & invite media.
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Overhead convo at #Fredericksburg #VA #PostOffice:
Customer: Where is everyone?
Clerk: Honestly, they're all quitting.
Customer: What about the supervisor? Can I talk to him?
Clerk: The supers are out delivering mail. Nobody's here. That's how short we are. It's bad.
A customer in line with me witnesses this conversation turned to me and said:
"My neighbor has been waiting for her social security check and her heart meds for weeks. I don't know how to help." #SaveTheUSPS
Personally, I've had no issues with sending or receiving USPS Priority's letters, bills and such that are coming late for me.
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Richard Ojeda: We have some amazing candidates, & if we're going to change things, we need to get in there and fight. We go into red districts & pick those fights. We have to put in the groundwork if we're going to flip from red to blue.
@Ojeda4America @NDLB2020
Richard Ojeda: When I ran for Congress in 2018, we moved the needle 34 points. They said it was an impossible race but up until about a month before, we were leading in the polls. It can be done.
@Ojeda4America @NDLB2020
Richard Ojeda: No Dems Left Behind is proud of our candidates. We have a 5th generation farmer who's also a dentist, we have the first transgender Democratic nominee in MD. If you take the time to listen to our candidates, you get inspired.
@Ojeda4America @NDLB2020
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Here's why @ushadrons & @File411 were working so hard to combat the fake USPS post box images flying around on the internet. It cheapens our arguments & focus and distracts us from the real issues ... like no longer treating the ballots as first class mail… Image
But by not speaking out against a lie, u risk normalizing the behavior & the lie. Normally I'd agree with the statement "we risk giving it the oxygen it needs to spread" IF we were only talking about "Bob Smith", crazy local politician, but we are talking about President Trump
Here is the other thing about flooding the zone with #misinformation to pursue a certain strategy of ... say disrupting a Presidential election. Its easy to focus on something that seems to make sense & is concrete like the removal of post boxes. #SaveTheUSPS 1/2
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1/ My Great Grandpop Hiram Lawrence moved to Philly with his wife, Ella Fortune, after seeing the world aboard a WWI US Naval ship. While establishing himself in Philadelphia he and Ella rented a home while 28yr-old Hiram worked two jobs: Dog Catcher and mail clerk. #SaveTheUSPS Image
2/ Ten years later, in 1930-in the middle of the Great Depression, Hiram had established himself as a clerk for the US Post Office and had earned enough to buy a home.
#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice Image
3/ Hiram Lawrence served as a US Postal Clerk into the 1940s. He was promoted to a supervisoral role in the late 40s-early 1950s.

He loved his work and served in Philadelphia’s Central Post Office well into the 1950s until his passing in 1958.
#SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice Image
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🚨Happening at 1pm: #SavetheUSPS!

Join this discussion featuring @waltshaub, @JoyceWhiteVance, @KristenClarkeJD & @AmberMcReynolds to find out action steps that can be taken to avert this crisis and how you can vote by mail in your state.

Watch Here:
"It will take a postal service that can operate effectively and efficiently for American's voices to be heard. And that's not what we're seeing from this post master general." #SaveTheUSPS #Election2020 #COVID19

"Drop boxes managed and run by election officials have been a staple for safe elections. And the postal service is the only entity that is structured to serve all communities. It provides a critical service to the electorate at large."

-@AmberMcReynolds of @voteathome
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Friends - you know what I’m doing today? Driving to each of our post offices to take photos of the boxes. Can you? Let’s collect the photos & send them to @RepJayapal #SaveThePostOffice #SaveTheUSPS #SaveUSPS
We are getting ready to go. #Bo is all in. He was super excited a few minutes so before I picked up the camera :) #SaveTheUSPS
Now he’s excited! #SaveUSPS Image
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1/ Alabama -- Military Vote By Mail
Federal Voter Assistance Program (FVAP)

US Citizen
18 yrs old
Absent from your voting residence.

Voting assistance for Service members,
their families and overseas citizens

#DemCast #DemCastAL #MilitaryVoting
2/ Alabama #Military VBM
*Postmarked ballots must still be received by the 7th day after the election.

Please mail your voting materials early enough to account for mail delivery times. Check the recommended mailing dates section in Chapter 1 for details.
3/ Alabama #Military VBM
Registered by Postmarked by 10/19/20
Ballot Request r'cvd by 10/29/20
Ballot Return Postmarked by 🔥 11/3/20

Service members, their families and overseas citizens in Alabama use:
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So @michaelwhitney just tweeted a bunch of @APWUnational merch, and oh my goodness some of this stuff is so badass. This shirt commemorates the 1970 postal workers' strike.… Image
Postal Workers' Union facemask.… Image
Super seventies, super cool baseball cap.… Image
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.@realDonaldTrump is once again attempting to abuse the power of his office to undermine democracy. Each time this President makes a statement that has to be walked back, we have a glimpse of exactly what he really means. The right to choose our own leaders through free and (1/3
...fair elections is one of our most precious possessions as Americans. It is ironic that, as we approach the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment and the enfranchisement of women in the electoral process, (2/3)
we have an administration that is trying to disenfranchise millions of American voters. This is shameful. The #USPS must be fully funded and every vote must be counted. #SaveTheUSPS (3/3)
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Someone asked for a 50 state thread of voting deadlines, so here we go!

Graphics are screenshot from but it's best to follow your Secretary of State's guidelines (links provided for each state.)
ALABAMA: Voting deadlines.

Visit for more info. Image
ALASKA: Voting deadlines.

Visit for more info. Image
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Okay. Trump n' co want to force in person voting during an effing PANDEMIC. We're 82 days out. The time to start preparing for this sh*t-show NOW.
I have no experience coordinating these kinds of things, but I'm betting some of you do (or know someone who is great at it). Please feel free to take these ideas and run with them!

Here's what I think we'll need so far:
1. A central, safe, and trustworthy way for people to donate supplies and/or $$.
2. Methods of helping people get to and from their polling places.
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Trump and his allies are amplifying their attacks on @USPS, using common misconceptions to justify their baseless and dangerous attacks on this essential service. Let me dispel some of these myths about the most popular government agency in the US: #SaveTheUSPS
MYTH: USPS is funded by taxpayer dollars.

FACT: @USPS receives $0 tax dollars for operating expenses. It relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to fund its operations.
MYTH: Sweetheart deals for Amazon & other businesses are contributing to @USPS’s losses.

FACT: The Post Office makes money off of the delivery of packages. Revenue from packages increased $2.1 billion, or by 11.8 percent, in fiscal year 2017 alone.…
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let’s talk about actionable steps to help the @USPS
1/ stamps fund their operating budget, so buying (and not using) stamps is cool

plus these hip-hop history stamps command respect on your written correspondences…
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While Trump uses his crooked Postmaster General to try and throw an election, the Veterans are in the crossfire.

I personally depend on the @USPS to deliver 8 medications. Here is my story and I know I speak for all Vets.

🇺🇸Please help amplify🇺🇸

#SaveTheUSPS #HonorAVet
Without these medications I can go from functional person with disabilities to completely nonfunctional.

Some Vets without their meds can be a danger to themselves & possibly others.

We must fight to have #LouisDeJoy removed as Postmaster General!

#SaveTheUSPS #HonorAVet
For the trolls that say I don’t speak for all Vets fair enough. Some where lucky enough to come out perfectly healthy and don’t rely on meds.

That’s a blessing but for those of us that rely on meds to live life in normalcy after the fact we agree.
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Congress cannot be silent in the face of Donald Trump's campaign to sabotage the US Postal Service.

This week, 130 of my colleagues joined our efforts to #SaveTheUSPS.

In addition to the $25 billion in emergency funding included in the Heroes Act, here's what we're calling for:
Sec. Mnuchin is attempting to block USPS from accessing the $10 billion in loan money authorized for USPS in the CARES Act -- a total subversion of Congressional authority.

Any forthcoming #COVID legislation must include language that ends this outrageous, unlawful blockade.
At @realDonaldTrump's behest, the new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is doing all he can to grind USPS' operations to a halt.

Any forthcoming #COVID legislation must mandate that USPS return to operational standards as they were prior to DeJoy taking over.
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