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16 Apr
My heart physically hurts hearing @ewarren speak about the dignity of each soul, intelligently suggesting a plan - in such contrast to the utter BS coming from the WH — & I think how diff it would be rn if Hillary was at the helm. VOTE VOTE VOTE PEOPLE. #Maddow
2/ I refuse to spend any time listening to his drivel - Maddow is right in saying - pay attn to what he does, not what he says. The amount of time wasted by giving attention to the stupid, useless, wrong things he says is time we can't get back. I'm done.
3/ We are going to need ALL of us to be our best selves as we move into whatever happens next. What can we learn? Who might we be? How do we care for each other? How do we see each other as connected? We together will create the new world.
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6 Mar
I have never cried so much during a #Maddow interview. @ewarren is as compassionate as she is smart. What a loss.
And it’s not good enough that there are so many qualified women in her campaign. It’s not US. it’s not about trying harder. Yes we will get back up. But the change is coming. #Maddow
I am so grateful Warren is speaking out about the online bullying that has gone on esp w/ Sanders supporters. It is real. It is not everyone. But it is dangerous & hurtful. Bernie needs to get his people to stop it. #Maddow
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25 Feb
Thread: A woman I know who is a constituent of @ewarren shares this: "I have watched her work here in Mass. and believe she is exactly who she says she is. When she mis-steps, she educates herself, corrects the error and apologizes. /1
/2 "@ewarren truly cares for children, the poor and under-represented, the environment and actually working 24/7 to right the wrongs she is presented with. She is a Feminist who understands this means "humanist", with rights, actual rights, for all. She has a plan.
3/ "@ewarren works on and accomplishes her plans. She is, as I've stated for years, The Real Deal." (She gave me permission to share her exact words. Let ME add - someone who listens, is humble enough to apologize, is SO WHO WE NEED) END.
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9 Feb
Thread. I want to give voice to those of us who are sad, depressed even, feeling hopeless right now. Many of us are fearful for the future. Some, terrified. The effect of the "acquittal", even tho expected, is difficult. /1
3 pieces of advice: 1) give space to your feelings, as they are real. Sit in the sadness (it will not last forever). Write or talk about it. Be with what is for as long as you need to. 2) commit to some kind of action that matches your values. For ex: /2
-- volunteer for a campaign, work with a local refugee group, write postcards to voters, donate money...Action is the antidote for despair. 3) take a break from media or news for a bit. Take a walk. Play with a child or animal. Listen to music. Fill yourself up with the good. /3
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30 Jan
the chutzpah! Trump's lawyers going after Hunter Biden while Jared & Ivanka are in our flippin White House, with ZERO experience, meeting world leaders on our dime, trademarks with China, w/o security clearance.... OMG. #impeachment
I honestly can't believe any intelligent person would buy this argument. This was an absolutely illegitimate request to investigate Biden by Trump. WOW.
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9 Dec 19
Being a Jew in America, 2019: enduring DT spew antisemitic tropes to a room filled w/Jewish-Americans last night, only to hear a US rep today refer to the "New York lawyer". We know what that means. I just never thought it would be like this in the USA. #ImpeachmentHearings
In all my years of life, I have never been as concerned about anti-Jewish hate as I am now; I have friends who have taken their Jewish symbol necklaces off; I know people walking around w/their passports in their purse just in case... THIS IS NOT OK. Jews need to feel safe here.
Can I use this as a "teaching moment"? When an African-American, gay person or Mexican-American says they don't feel safe in this country- the compassionate response is NOT: well, Jews don't feel safe either. It IS: I hear you. I will stand up for you.
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21 Aug 19
It's hard for me to tweet through my tears at this utter ignorance & antisemitism. How is this happening in a country where we felt so safe? Trump is no "King of Israel". Trust me on this.
I've said for 3 years: Donald trump is good for NOBODY except Donald trump. That's been clear as day from the beginning. All his tweets this week have put a target on American Jews. Increased security & fear abound. 2/
My students last night expressed deep disbelief, great fear, concern for the safety of their children & grandchildren re: trump's comments. You have no idea what this kind of talk triggers in Jews. He's got to stop /end
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4 Aug 19
Apparently our leaders value the rights of the ppl who want to buy assault rifles over the rights of MOST OF US to live our lives without dying....
Apparently it's ok for Donald Trump to spew hate on this platform, have the media cover it 24/7 WHEN we KNOW this fuels white supremacists & legitimizes violence....
Apparently it's acceptable to have people in power (looking at you #GOP) completely ignore the will of the people who want common sense gun laws so they can take blood money from the NRA...
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7 May 19
you know, i've had it with Steve Mnuchin. He is NOT beyond the law. In fact, I've had it with all of them. Enough shenanigans already. Someone needs to tell them we are in a democracy & we have rules that apply to everyone. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.
2/ & another thing. I'm sick of the news too. I'm tired of the back & forth & intracies of the NOTHING. What we need is simple: full unredacted report, tax returns, Mueller testifying, public hearings of ALL OF THEM. Let me know when that happens. Anything else feels like BS
3/ I want to wake up tomorrow having every single newsperson calling it like it is: cyberwarfare (not "meddling"), illegal activity by cabinet officials, anti-constitional actions by govt. HAIR ON FIRE. WE ARE IN DANGER.
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7 Apr 19
Let's make this perfectly clear. At least 75% of American Jews did not vote & would never vote for Trump. He is anathema to core jewish values like: welcoming the stranger, standing up for justice for ALL, honoring each human being...
Just came online after Shabbat: Trashing @IlhanMN is WRONG & does not represent mainstream Jewish thinking. Major shanda (more sickening on a day she's received death threats.)
To use Dayenu (it would be enough) referring to trump is too disgusting to even comment on. It's a refrain in the Passover Seder about God freeing the Jews from slavery. Esp abhorrent as he has put families in cages.
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2 Aug 18
I'm live-tweeting @HIASrefugees conference call happening right now abt. the state of asylum seekers right now.@truahrabbis #KeepFamiliesTogether
The conditions people are fleeing from: gang violence, failed states, gangs extorting money, gangs asking young girls to be their "girlfriends", family members killed in front of them...@HIASrefugees
TODAY - hundreds of cases where families are still separated. Our gov't MISSED the deadline & they have no clear plan to reunite. Hundreds parents deported while their kids still here.
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18 Jun 18
1/ Whenever I go into despair re: the painful times we are living in, I think of ancestors who survived the worst, & still maintained their humanity. I’m going to share about one tonight. #SpiritualGuidance4Now #FamiliesBelongTogether
Rabbi Kalonymous Kalman Shapira was the rabbi of the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. Despite the harrowing, murderous conditions, he counseled his community to make sure they continued to develop their inner life...#SpiritualGuidance4Now #FamiliesBelongTogether 2/
even in the darkest of time. He called his people to not go into despair, & instead, to continue to look for holiness & light in the everyday. Teaching in the Hasidic tradition, he taught that the Divine Presence is everywhere. #SpiritualGuidance4Now #FamiliesBelongTogether 3/
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12 Jun 18
1/ THREAD: Concerned abt the heinous policies separating families? Here's a whole list of actions u can take. TY to Rabbi @salempearce @truahrabbis You can 1) educate yourself 2) Donate 3) call your MOC & senators to support bills. Here we go:
2/ LEARN: @truahrabbis Rabbi @rebamy1 & Lorena Melgarej of @FIABayArea wrote this op-ed on the issue in The Forward. op-ed on the issue in @jdforward forward.com/scribe/402569/…
3/ LEARN:@WSJ on the crisis: wsj.com/articles/mass-…
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