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Do I work on the McCoy + Andorian Med Student Fic, the #StarTrek/#Shera AU Fic, The Star Trek History Book or the #Spop 1930s novel fic
I have a lot of cursed writing concepts, but they're all really fun
Ok here's links to each one
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Bruh the reaction to the She-ra panel is seriously hurting my brain??? There seems to be so much misinformation going around and some of the responses I genuinely don't understand... #shera #sherapanel

1) "Hordak and Entrapta are some of the best disabled representation"

This was read from an email sent in from a fan, NOT a quote from the show's creators.
2) Racist joke about Bow's brothers

Watching the clip it is clearly meant as a pun and is in no way related to Bow's race/ethnicity. However, the setup could be worded a lot more constructively.
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So at the end of s1 #SheRa balances the runestones with Friendship SheRa magic and we get that scene of the tech around the black garnet snapping off and frying right

But like fucking up the black garnet gave them really good results right

it fucked up the whispering woods
So why didn't entrapta just reconnect it all and they could use Fucking Up The Planet as a random advantage whenever they needed it?

why did that really important strategy just go away?
there's no doubt entrapta could just fix it all up again
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god I don’t want to spoil anyone but I’m on the finale of #SheRa and it truly feels like it’s being written by someone who read all my memos on the ways other shows have broken my heart and then did the opposite

adult characters matter! love isn’t weakness! EVERYTHING IS GAY!
I knew Noelle would stick the landing I HAVE FAITH IN LADY SHOWRUNNERS but I did not expect it to so BRILLIANTLY interrogate the stupid, sexist notion that the Chosen One heroine is obligated to keep sacrificing herself for everyone else and gets no love/happiness of her own
and like oh my god the Team Adults content in season 5 is serving me EVERYTHING

Netossa and Spinnerella get PLOT and CONFLICT, Sandra Oh and Daniel Dae Kim are SIBLINGS, Shadow Weaver got a whole side quest with Castaspella and now I ship it, this is EVERYTHING
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2:30 am and I’m weeping on my couch over how much I love Adora and Catra #SheRa #SheraSeason5
god @aimeecarrero I’m so glad we’re friends now, just in time for me to scream all my season 5 feelings at you
Micah desperately attempting to bond with Frosta is making me WEEP with laughter and is also hitting me right in the sweet spot of my favorite trope, Well-Meaning But Completely Inexperienced Dad Finds Himself Unexpectedly Saddled With Tiny, Furious Chaos Daughter
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Seeing why She-Ra people felt it was important to clarify Entrapta is like thirty-five years old or something.
Also, Hordak's role in the Horde makes so much more sense than in the 80s cartoon.
Definitely re-upping my theory that Entrapta's mask is actually a robot face. She is clearly using it for emotional protection more so than physical safety.
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