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some people asked have me for a breakdown of this effect, so here goes! (1/6)

#VFX #UE4 #realtimeVFX #gamedev #Arcane
the lightning is a very simple hand drawn spritesheet (8 frames) that is then playing over a sphere for the volume and twisted UVs for extra movement. the same sheet and material is used for all the spark elements with all variation done within the Niagara systems.

the floor effect is very straightforward. sine wave with animated distortion texture. using a smoothstep on the values and lerping between two colours (which ended up being this blue/purple and black). then the same again for the bright edge. all on a flattened disk mesh.

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Netflix/Riot Games' #Arcane's plot sucks and I'll tell you some of the reasons why.


- This kid Powder/Jinx has a great relationship with her sister. For an accident she kills all of her friends and her stepfather, trying to rescue him from the "bad" guy*. Because of the accident there is tension with her sister and so... she joins the bad guy? REALLY? 2/n
- the stepfather (Vander), who is depicted as a great responsible good-but-tought guy, was a literal snitch who made deals with the police to keep the people from revolting. Literally that kind of socialdemocrat who killed rosa luxemburg. 3/n
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Avec #Arcane y'a pas mal de tweet qui comparent le design de base de VI avec celui de la série et comprennent l'absurdité et la sexualisation du premier.
C'est pour ce genre de raison qu'on a besoin de diversité de représentation et de dépasser la simple sexualisation ImageImage
L'auteur du design de base lui même admet qu'aujourd'hui il ferait le taff différemment (bas c'est toi qui avait fait ça de base frérot), qu'il dégagerait la jupe par ex et améliorerait l'armure.
(Et aussi il fait des nft lol) Image
Zeronis à beau être un super artiste il a toujours poussé l'hyper sexualisation de ces personnages féminin au maximum à tel point que honnêtement ces modèle se ressemble énormément et on les différencie que par leurs cheveux.
(Est-ce que je viens de vous c/c ces nft ? Mdr oui) ImageImageImage
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как персонажи #arcane едят хлопья ImageImage
джинкс ImageImage
силко ImageImage
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Finished #Arcane. I cannot find a *single* bad thing to say about it. I kid you not, it is possibly the best animation series ever created. Ever. It is incredible.
(Here's a spoiler free 🧵, but tldr is watch it. Now.)
PS: I couldn't care less about LoL. I do now though I guess!
The animation has been getting mountains of praise, and deservedly so. The graphic design and animation are unbelievable. It looks so good, and impressively, consistently so.
You are never not in awe watching it.
I'm guessing Fortiche Prod will be getting a lot of phone calls.
The graphical style is original but familiar, and just clicks. Every frame is a painting.
Animation wise there are already numerous scenes that people will talk about and refer back to for years to come. It all feels fantastical and realistic at the same time. Totally incredible.
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3) Outro paralelo que quero fazer sobre a Mel:

Os quadros que ela pinta, em muitos momentos, representam a cabeça/emoções dela. Quando ela se entende com a mãe, mostra os barcos dos Medarda atrás

Quando ela tira o anel, a última cena da mãe é com uma mancha dourada nos barcos. ImageImageImage
3.5) Os Medarda, na lore ATUAL, são uma família de prestígio /em Piltover/. Isso me dá a entender que a Mel é, provavelmente, a primeira deles ali.

Em @RuneterraBrasil tem mais lore sobre os outros, e aqui tem um post no Reddit sobre eles pra quem quiser:…
@RuneterraBrasil 4) Tem um Teemo escondido em cada um dos três atos. 👀

🍄Aqui o Teemo de cada um deles, em ordem: ImageImageImage
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💥Tá, vamo lá:

Detalhes e referências que você perdeu no Ato 3 de #Arcane. #ArcaneSpoilers
Protocolo né família, cês sabem:

🔹Thread feita como fã, não to mais associada à Riot e toda informação que eu uso é pública.

🔹Quem quiser usar a thread na criação de conteúdo, pode, só credita aí, na moral. ✨

🔹Bora manter a civilidade e educação nos comentários, pfv 💖
Pra quem chegou agora ou tá atrasado (sim, eu sou a doida das threads, como descobriu?)

1⃣ Thread sobre o ATO 1:

2⃣ Thread sobre o ATO 2:
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📺 44.


Agradezco que lo nuevo de Josh Thomas haya tenido un tono general más cómico que Please Like Me, aunque también tiene momentos que duelen. Una pena que se haya cancelado, ojalá siga creando cosas tan guays Los personajes protagonista...
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Con la segunda dosis lo único que me apetecía era ver musicales. Y qué guay, qué bonito, qué canciones más buenas, un flipante Richard E. Grant... ojalá más películas coming of age así. La tenéis en @PrimeVideoES Image
@PrimeVideoES 🎞️ 75.


Realmente esta versión de Cenicienta es UNA EXPERIENCIA. Quién me iba a decir que escucharía a Cenicienta cantando Let's Get Loud, a Billy Porter como hada madrina.... Entretiene y la BSO es muy top. La tenéis en @PrimeVideoES Image
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