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Habemus Numbers!!!
During #WBD’s Q3 2022 Earnings Report (JUL-SEP), it’s unveiled 2.8M boost in global DTC subscriptions, citing #HouseOfTheDragon as the main catalyst, but coming below #WallStreet’s 3.3M estimates, reaching 94.9M total #HBOMax+#HBO+#DiscoveryPlus subscribers
1/ Image
According to #WBD, total subscriptions in the US grew 500k, to 53.5M subscribers, and an ARPU of $10.66, a +1.1% increase
Meanwhile overseas markets were the main driver in subscriptions growth, adding 2.3M on Q3 2022, for a 41.4M international total,with an ARPU of just $3.68
Streaming and subscriptions alone were responsible for 2.3B in revenue, -6% compared to Q3 2021.
Ads revenue more than doubled to $106M, as #HBOMax Ad-tier keeps growing in subscribers.
Even so, overall streaming Costs increased +22% to almost 3B, putting DTC -634M in the red.
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Here’s a recently discovered image of the very first drawing of #MortalKombat’s dragon icon. I designed the icon as both a symbol of our game and its fictional tournament… (thread) #MK30
The image comes from fellow MK artist John Vogel’s video taped footage used to digitize my pencil drawing. We traced over the digitized image with pixels for use in the game… (2/9)
The inspiration to use a dragon as the fictional tournament’s symbol came from “Dragon Attack,” which was in contention as our game’s title before @noobde and I changed it to “Mortal Kombat.” Here’s my rough marker sketch of the marquee logo… (3/9)
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Pues mira, si @AlvaroLoman dice que es una idea chachi, ¿quién soy yo para contradecirle? Se viene... EL MEGA HILO DE REFERENCIAS DEL FANHUNTER NAPIAS OF FORTUNE 👇👇👇 Image
Que si alguien a estas alturas TODAVÍA no se ha enterado de lo que es... #NapiasOfFortune es un pack de personajes (narizones) pregenerados no-oficial y gratuito para #Fanhunter el #JuegoDeRol #Épicodecadente de @chemapamundirl, @celspinol y @DevirIberia.…
Empezamos por They-Ra, superheroine no-binarie a tiempo parcial. Aurorita Puigmartí es un claro homenaje a Adora / #SheRa, protagonista del spin-off de He-Man del mismo nombre, y concretamente al reboot de Netflix del 2018 realizado por ND Stevenson (@Gingerhazing). ImageImageImageImage
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Like Kitana/Mileena, #Scorpion & #SubZero also make a pretty good PB&J. One completes the other. But, if we dig deeper with each, we can uncover individual story arcs...

Let’s sit Scorpion on the couch for a psychoanalysis of his path thru early #MortalKombat games (thread)
Scorpion was never a very complex character. His archetype in MK1 was a hunter fueled by revenge. Man on a mission. That singular focus is why he has always worked so well as a character.

We all understand the visceral motivation of revenge... (1/10) Image
But, what happens after revenge is realized? That exploration is what defined Scorpion’s story arch post MK1. I don’t know that we conveyed it particularly well, but laying it out can help clarify what happened to Scorpion in the early games... (2/10)
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Funny thing is, I just realized that Smoke/Jade as secret characters in #MortalKombat 2 may have been part of an elaborate joke on me by @noobde ... (thread)
I believe having Smoke and Jade poke out from the trees in MK2’s Living Forest was Ed or Tony Goskie’s idea. Secret characters in MK were a huge part of the mystique that defined the series... (1/14)
While I was aware of Smoke/Jade during development of MK2, the adding of secret characters didn’t start out that way. On MK1, I had no idea that Ed had added a green tinted ninja and named him Reptile... (2/14)
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¿Sabíais que igual me doy a los hilos?
Pues vamos con ello 😉


Una de las franquicias de juegos de lucha más importantes de la industria del videojuego. #MortalKombat

Dentro hilo
2/ Su lanzamiento en 1992 de la mano de Ed Boon y John Tobias supuso una gran revelación en su género y marcó la niñez o adolescencia de muchos jugadores.

📷 Ed Boon y John Tobias posando con su outfit de gala.
3/ Sí, hemos dicho año 1992

...estás mayor.

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#MortalKombat has always trafficked in rumors and mystery. But, our choices behind character ‘deaths’ in the early games were always calculated...

Not the end of match Fatality kind of deaths. I’m talking about the not returning in a sequel fiction altering kind... (thread)
Lots of things changed for us between MK1 and MK2. One thing that didn’t change was a memory limitation. While we had more of it for MK2 we still didn’t have quite enough, which forced us into hard choices... (1/10)
Ed and I wanted to add as many new characters to the MK2 roster as possible. This meant that we were going to have to leave a couple behind. How to make that choice? (2/10)
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ALSO: Warner Bros - whichever exec is REALLY into scenes - regardless of genre! - where people go "something something every civilization! something legends something myths are real!" while gesturing at 'cave paintings' of cereal mascots or whatever? Let someone else give notes
Because if you show the #GodzillaVsKong , #MortalKombat and #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague trailers all in a row on TV it just looks and sounds like the same movie now.
And I'm not even kidding - I FULLY expect to shortly see some formerly-respected Irish actor holding up a spelunking torch to illuminate a wall of 'primitive runes' and be like:

"Heart... Star... Clover... Horseshoe... ...The Blue Moon."

"They were right. Heaven save us."
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296. #SophieJones (2021) A raw and resonant coming of age story about dealing with grief and overcome pain,it feels very personal. The cinematography is gorgeous and visually stunning with excellent performances by the cast especially the lead who is great.Really good. ⭐⭐⭐1/2 ImageImageImageImage
296. #Moxie (2021) A fun and entertaining coming of age movie that might be a bit flawed, but the performances by the cast is good and it is a bit long however it deals with a lot of important issues and it have a really powerful scene at the end, the direction is strong. ⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
297. #TheHitchHiker (1953) A swift thrilling noir film that is visually pleasing with great direction, it is very tense,suspensful and fast paced (yeah it's only 70 min)anchored by a trio of great performances by the cast. The story might not fully fleshed but still fun. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
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Video games are taking over Hollywood. In the past 24 hours, several A-list stars have signed on to some of the most high-profile adaptations of major video games in the coming years. Here’s everything you might have missed.
Pedro Pascal will play Joel in HBO’s series adaptation of #TheLastOfUs.
Bella Ramsey, best known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in #GameOfThrones, will play Ellie on HBO's upcoming series adaptation of #TheLastOfUs. The character is described as a 14-year-old orphan who has never known anything but a ravaged planet.
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In general, I made my version of Sonya. As I did not try to love the MK11 version, I still could not. But I wanted to do Sonya anyway.
Therefore, I did something of my own from Sonya MK11, I added to her facial features of Kerri Hoskins(Sonya from MK3). So I got a very young Sonya, where she is 18-20 years old. :D
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[THREAD DO EVENTO DE MORTAL KOMBAT 11] #MortalKombat #MortalKombat11 #MK11Reveal

Vamos compartilhar todas as informações reveladas na live EM TEMPO REAL aqui nesse tweet 😎
O verdadeiro significado de "quebrar a cara" 😂😂😂

#MortalKombat #MortalKombat11 #MK11Reveal
Serão mostrados 7 personagens ao longo do evento, e agora estamos vendo um gameplay inédito do jogo. #MortalKombat11 #MK11Reveal
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