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9 modes of #Devotion

śravaṇaṁ kīrtanaṁ viṣṇoḥ: smaraṇaṁ pāda-sevanam
arcanaṁ vandanaṁ dāsyaṁ sakhyam ātma-nivedanam
iti puṁsārpitā viṣṇau bhaktiś cen nava-lakṣaṇā
(Srimad Bhagavatham 7.5.23-24) #Thread
@ShefVaidya @anuradhagoyal @Sai_swaroopa @vikramsampath 1/22
Nine types of #Bhakti are
1. Shravana
2. Keerthana
3. Smarana
4. Paada sevana
5. Archana
6. Vandana
7. Daasya
8. Sakhya &
9. Aatmanivedana.

Thus, a person can follow any of the given nine types of Bhakthi and can attain #Enlightenment. 2/22
1. #Shravanam: It means ‘to listen’. A devotee can demonstrate shravanam by listening to the Bhagawan’s qualities & stories related to his divine nature and form. Also, this is the easiest type of Bhakthi any devotee can practice. All it takes is for one to listen. 3/22
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🙏 ThulAseEthwaAm NamaMyaHam 🙏
(Glory-Significance-Merits-do's & don'ts of #THULASI)

प्रसीद तुलसीदेवी प्रसीद हरिवल्लभे
क्षीरोदमथनोद्भोते तुलसीत्वां नमाम्यहं |

ಪ್ರಸೀದ ತುಲಸೀದೇವೀ ಪ್ರಸೀದ ಹರಿವಲ್ಲಭೇ
ಕ್ಷೀರೋದಮಥನೋದ್ಭೋತೇ ತುಲಸೀತ್ವಾಂ ನಮಾಮ್ಯಹಂ |

Special🧵on the eve of #UttanaDwaadasi ++
As per Padma Purana, Thulasi has emerged from aAnandaAsru (AanandaBhaashpa - Joyous tears) of Lord Vishnu that fell on the divine Amrutha during KsheeraSagara Mathana.

Thulasi is Lakshmi Swaroopa and is beloved to Lord Vishnu; +
Where #Thulasi is, there Lord #Vishnu resides and such place is considered as a #Theertha (sacred place).

Lord Vishnu always resides where there is #Thulasi, #Padma (Lotus) and #Saligrama; ++
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04.11.2022 - Karthika Sukla Ekaadasi (#Prabhodhini)

05.11.2022 - Karthika Sukla Dwadasi - #UttanaDwadasi - Thulasi Damodara Vivaha - Manvaadi - Chaturmaasya Vratha samaapti - Shani Pradosha.

++ Image
स्नानं दानं जपं पूजां समुद्दिश्य जनार्दनम्।
नरे यत्कुरुते वत्स प्रबोधिन्यां तदक्षयम्॥

Those who perform ceremonial bath, stipulated worship, perform japa, daana (charity), meditating upon Janārdhana on this day (#Prabhodhini) shall get infinite merits. +
पूर्वजन्मसहस्रेषु यत्पापं समुपार्जितम्।
निशिजागरणां चास्या दहते तूलराशिवत्॥

staying awake all night on Kārtika Ēkādaśi (#Prabhodhini) by following scriptural injunctions one’s sins accumulated from many previous births shall B burnt just like mountain of cotton is burnt by fire+
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Myth & Realities of #GarudaPurana...🧵

There is an apprehension (myth) among people that, the text of Garuda Purana is inauspicious and hence cannot be read or the book be kept at home or should be read only on the occasion of death at home.
++ Image
People hesitate to keep this sacred text at their homes or read it because of its fearful subject matter. It is only a misconception due to the contents of Garuda Purana.


When it was explained/narrated by Paramatma #Vishnu Himself, how can it be inauspicious? ++
Even in #Bhagawadgita; #SriKrishna #ParamaAtma makes a reference to the law of Karma; death and its realities; reincarnation etc. But, we don’t consider Bhagawadgita as inauspicious; in fact we adore it. ++
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