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#Garuda abducting Queen #kakati, sculpture from Gandhara.

2nd-3rd century.

There are many jatakas (Buddhist tales) about the former lives of the Buddha. In this one, he was born as the king of Benares and ruled with his beloved queen, Kakati. The royal solar bird Garuda Image
came to the court disguised as a man and gambled with the king. He then became enamored of the queen and abducted her. But when Garuda heard of the king's great sadness and of his true love for Kakati, he restored her to him.

In #Gandharan depictions, the victim of the eagle
kidnapping is a lady. She is often shown with a snake, coiled around her and the eagle's beak. The eagle is no longer a representation of #Zeus but of Garuda, the Hindu eagle deity. Garuda's main enemy are Nagas (Hindu mythological snakes), which he eats.
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Obiecana 🧵: #Francja 🇫🇷 - #Indie🇮🇳, czyli niezwykłe partnerstwo. Dwustronna współpraca ma swoje korzenie w czasach zimnej wojny. W pierwszych dziesięcioleciach, po odzyskaniu przez Indie niepodległości. 🇫🇷opowiedziała się po stronie Indii podczas wojny indyjsko-pakistańskiej🇮🇳🇵🇰
Paryż nie chciał wykluczenia Indii z globalnego ładu nuklearnego.Podpisanie umowy o partnerstwie strategicznym w 1998 wyniosło stosunki 🇫🇷-🇮🇳 na wyżyny, a umowa z 2018„o zapewnieniu wzajemnego wsparcia logistycznego między ich siłami zbrojnymi”, była potwierdzeniem super relacji.
Kooperacja z Indiami🇮🇳 dla Francji🇫🇷 oznacza wzmocnienie pozycji, co jest istotne wobec nieudanej akcji „układania” stosunków na Indo-Pacyfiku. Zwłaszcza w kontekście współpracy obronnej – AUKUS 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺. 🇫🇷 wciąż może wybrać #Chiny 🇨🇳, dlatego #Biden oferuje wsparcie w #Afryka!
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#sKaNda (#SubrahManya) #ShasHti (29.11.2022) 🧵

In #TheerthaPrabandha Sri #VadiRajaru extols the glory of Lord #SubraHmanya

सुब्रह्मण्यस्य महिमा वर्णितुं केन शक्यते |
" ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯಸ್ಯ ಮಹಿಮಾ ವರ್ಣಿತುಂ ಕೇನ ಶಕ್ಯತೇ "

who has the capacity to describe the merits of Lord SubraHmanya;
Dedicated to Lord #Subrahmanya, sixth day (#Shashti thithi) of the sacred lunar month #Margasira maAsa is known as #SkandaShashti or #SubrahmanyaShashti.
It is believed to be the day Lord Subramanya was born. As such He becomes the presiding deity of Shashti tithi. ++
If there is khanda (broken) thithi [<Panchami (+) >Shashti] and the day is coinciding with Sunday or Tuesday + Satabhisha Nakshathra + Vaidruthi Yoga it is known as #ChaMpaShashti. +
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Myth & Realities of #GarudaPurana...🧵

There is an apprehension (myth) among people that, the text of Garuda Purana is inauspicious and hence cannot be read or the book be kept at home or should be read only on the occasion of death at home.
++ Image
People hesitate to keep this sacred text at their homes or read it because of its fearful subject matter. It is only a misconception due to the contents of Garuda Purana.


When it was explained/narrated by Paramatma #Vishnu Himself, how can it be inauspicious? ++
Even in #Bhagawadgita; #SriKrishna #ParamaAtma makes a reference to the law of Karma; death and its realities; reincarnation etc. But, we don’t consider Bhagawadgita as inauspicious; in fact we adore it. ++
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Mengangkat Kujang Meteorit ini menggunakan 1 tangan berat sekali. Tp jk 2 tangan kan terasa ringan; sbg amanah u/ mengembalikan keagungan warisan leluhur dilakukan bersama2 agar qt memiliki kekuatan u/ memperjuangkan peradaban Nusantara

📸 Den Mas Suratman, pejuang Landhep Agung
Biarkan bila ada org asing atau bahkan org kita (bangsa dari negeri ini) yg mencibir & memandang dg sebelah mata akan adanya warisan leluhur Nusantara yg adiluhung, sepanjang kita bersatu & tetap teguh pd kesucian hati dg menjaga bukti2 keagungan peradaban Nusantara 🇮🇩

Rasanya sdh tak sabar menunjukkan pd dunia: tekhnologi metalurgi leluhur #Nusantara, salah satunya adalah busur meteorit setinggi 2,5 meter dengan berat 30 kg , terima kasih atas warisan leluhur yg akan menjadi bag dari bukti peradaban dunia yg membanggakan 😍🇮🇩

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If we are to look for the origins of the #Yoginis, it appears that we must turn to the simple village cult & to the #GramaDevatas/ #GramaDevatis, the local village #gods & #goddesses. In villages of #India they are the favoured #deities
- Vidya Dehejia

#Bhubaneswar #Odisha 64 (Chausathi) Jogini Temple, Hirapur, Odisha
List of 64 #Yoginis at #Chausathi #Jogini #Temple (#Hirapur), near #Bhubaneswar #Odisha
1) Maya - standing on a corpse lying straight
2) Tara - mounted on a corpse in bent knee pose
3) Narmada - standing on an elephant
4) Yamuna - standing on a tortoise
#Tantra #Tantric #Yogini 1. Maya/ Bahurupa/ Chandika2. Tara3. Narmada4. Yamuna
5) Shanti - standing on a full blown lotus
6) Varuni - standing on waves
7) Ajita - standing on an alligator
8) Indrani - mounted on an elephant
#Chausathi #Yogini #Jogini #Hirapur #Bhubaneswar #Odisha #Tantra #Tantric
@punarutthana @LostTemple7 @ReclaimTemples @SaveTemplesBH 5. Shanti/ Kanti/ Laxmi/ Manada6. Vriddhi/ Kriya/ Varuni7. Ajita/ Gauri/ Ksemankari8. Aindri/ Indrani
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