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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 19 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Image
(1/3) Over the last ten days, Russia has highly likely started relocating elements of its Dnipro Group of Forces (DGF) from the eastern bank of the Dnipro River to reinforce the Zaporizhzhia and Bakhmut sectors.
(2/3) This potentially involves several thousand troops from the 49th Army, including its 34th Separate Motorised Brigade, as well as Airborne Forces (VDV) and Naval Infantry units.
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Welcome to another week of daily threads on Europe's war. Updated throughout the day (and night) every single day.

It's Day 481 of #Russia's illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

To review Sunday's thread, click here.
I tempted fate by saying I was hoping for sleep. Soon enough alarms were sounding in the south of #Ukraine.

Suspected cruise missiles launched from #Russia's Black Sea Fleet, and #Odesa has reported explosions. Hopefully it's just air defence.

Good news is just coming in from #Odesa (RU: #Odessa) where it seems to be quiet now.

There were reported to be three targets - all three may have been shot down. I'm not hearing of damage yet.
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Day 480 of the war. #Russia defending stubbornly with reinforced lines in the areas of #Ukraine they stole.

But I think the real push, with most forces, is yet to come. Here's another daily thread. There's been one every day, but I do need support pls!
Yesterday's thread can be found on the link below, click and scroll if you missed anything.

Loads of nice photos and videos in Saturday's thread and how there seems to have been a #Russia-#Africa plot to deny missile strikes, but Russia's MoD messed up!

Who doesn't like a bit of alliteration? And here are some sweet Sunday sounds to start your day.

Less than 20km north of #Henichesk in #Kherson region there was a big explosion, then many, many more in the village of #Rykove as #Russia's weapon/ammo store there went up in smoke!
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 18 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Defence Intelligence update...
(1/3) In recent days, heavy fighting has continued, with the most intense combat focused in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, western Donetsk Oblast, and around Bakhmut.
(2/3) In all these areas, Ukraine continues to pursue offensive operations and has made small advances.
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 17 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Image
(1/3) Since the start of Ukrainian counter-offensive operations in southern Ukraine, Russia has re-enforced its attack helicopter force in the region.
(2/3) Imagery shows that over 20 extra Russian helicopters deployed to Berdyansk Airport, approximately 100km behind the front line.
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 16 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Latest Defence Intelligence...
[1/5] General-Major Sergei Goryachev was almost certainly killed in a strike on a command post on or around 12 June 2023, in southern Ukraine.
[2/5] Goryachev was the chief of staff of 35th Combined Arms Army (35 CAA).
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War klar, dass sich ein Stultus einmischt. Info : Das Russische Haus ist die größte Propagandaeinrichtung außerhalb RUS. Es (und Betreiberin) ist mit Sanktionen belegt, die aber nicht vollstreckt werden. RT darf dort verbreiten, dass Ukrainer Nazis sind.
In dieser sog. "Kultureinrichtung" darf auch keine Regierungskritik gezeigt werden. Dort wird im Gegenteil für das Kreml-Regime geworben. Und das muss wirklich nicht in unserem offenen Berlin sein, solange Russen Ukrainer abschlachten. Niemand macht gegen einfache Russen mobil...
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Russia continues to launder money, use crypto for illicit activities globally & intensifies cooperation with FATF-blacklisted states & circumvents sanctions.
@FATFNews #Russia violates your principles & must be blacklisted at the Paris plenary next week!

#Russia committed an act of terror against 🇺🇦civilians by blowing up the #KakhovkaDam, causing death, destruction & the worst ecological disaster in Europe in decades. Russia finances terrorism at state level. @FATFNews, #BlacklistRussia.

🚨Russian Terrorism in Ukraine and around the world – Sudan, Syria, Libya, Mali & Myanmar - cannot exist without financial support. @FATFNews, Russia must be backlisted at the FATF Plenary in Paris next week.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine #BlacklistRussia
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1/n 🧵
Blitz-Update am Abend zum Verlauf der ukrainischen Bodenoffensive (entsprechend der wenigen vorliegenden Informationen):

Es ist eine steigende Intensität der Kämpfe erkennbar. An zwei Stellen haben die Ukrainer die erste Verteidigungslinie der Russen durchbrochen... Image
..,die Ukrainer können aber diesen taktischen Erfolg (Einbruch) aktuell noch nicht in einen operativen Erfolg (Durchbruch) verwandeln. Gründe: (1) Ukrainer stoßen auf erbitterten Widerstand der Russen. Die Russen werfen alles in die Waagschale. (2) Bedingt wird dies v.a. durch...
...die Verlegung von russischen kampferfahrenen Einheiten, die bisher westlich am Dnipro-Ufer stationiert waren (Dammbruch). (3) Die russischen Sperren halten auf. Die Ukrainer räumen entlang ihrer Angriffsachsen fieberhaft Sperren aus dem Weg (v.a. Minengürtel), um das...
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Norge 🇳🇴 bør starte arbeidet for at NATO og Norge stiller med personell og soldater I Ukraina 🇺🇦 i kampen for å kaste Russland ut av landet.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussianWar #Ukraine #SlavaUkraini Image
Ukraina vil bli NATO-medlem så snart krigen er over. Vi bør allerede støtte Ukraina som om de var fullverdig medlem.…
Ukraina har et betydelig behov for hjelp fra NATO og Norge på grunn av Russlands terrorkrig. Dette gjelder ikke bare våpen. En av hovedårsakene til dette behovet er den enorme ubalansen i personellressurser mellom Ukraina og Russland. Image
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1/9 📢Die tragischen Ereignisse in der #Ukraine erfordern volle Aufmerksamkeit und Mitgefühl.

Clausewitz sagte: "Krieg ist nichts als eine Fortsetzung der Politik mit anderen Mitteln." Aber was, wenn diese "Mittel" die Grundrechte des Menschen verletzen? #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Image
2/9 🚨 Die Berichte über die Lage in der Ukraine sind erschreckend. Es werden Kriegsverbrechen und Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit gemeldet, die wir entschieden verurteilen. #JusticeForUkraine ⚖️ Image
3/9 💥Die jüngste Zerstörung des Staudamms bei Kachkowka und die Folgen für die lokale Bevölkerung sind verheerend. Dies geschah im Kontext des Krieges, wodurch die Verantwortung auf Russland fällt, da es die Ukraine angegriffen hat. #HumanRights 🕊️ Image
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These are the packs of water cleaning pillows.
1 pillow cleans 1 liter of water.
Each pack contains 50.

During today we raised money in different fundraisers for 472 packs like this. (6,5 euros without discount, and we will surely get one on big orders)

Simple math, but we…… Image
Read PILLS NOT PILLOWS (someone here definitely needs some sleep)
What a shame, what a shame
Btw, this is how people in Kherson area spent their night

#StandWithUkraine Image
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 06 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Image
(1/4) Over the last 48 hours there has been a substantial increase in fighting along numerous sectors of the front, including those which have been relatively quiet for several months.
(2/4) Concurrently, the feud between Wagner Group and the Russian MoD has reached an unprecedented level.
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Hello again. A new week begins and Day 467 of Europe's war.

All the important stuff from #Russia's illegal war and #Ukraine's defence is here in one place, as always!
Updates throughout the day, each day.

Thanks for reading, replying, boosting, contributing!
Read on...
Sunday's thread was a bit crazy and very long!

#Russia army was in the novel position of having prisoners of war taken by three different factions!

Mass brawls in Russia & a very sad story about dolphins.

Yep all those stories and more. Catch up here⬇️
#Russia's losses a little more stable today but troop deaths pass 210,000.

Also, it's not clear if these estimates from #Ukraine include Kremlin losses to Russian rebel units and #Wagner 😜🤣 Image
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 05 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Latest Defence Intelligence...
(1/4) Over the course of May 2023, Russia launched over 300 Iranian Shahed series one way attack uncrewed aerial vehicles (OWA-UAVs) against Ukraine: its most intense use of this weapon system to date.
(2/4) Russia is probably launching so many OWA-UAVs in an attempt to force Ukraine to fire stocks of valuable, advanced air defence missiles.
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 04 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Image
(1/5) Some local Russian security officials are likely interpreting Russia’s draconian wartime legislation to mean that public display of blue and yellow items is outlawed because it might evidence discreet support for Ukraine.
(2/5) On 09 May 2023, a care home worker was reportedly arrested after wearing a blue and yellow jacket to work.
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Day 466 of the daily thread covering the #UkraineRussianWar begins here.

All the news and analysis, throughout the day and night - looks like little sleep again tonight as it's believed #Russia has fired cruise missiles, currently an hour away from hitting #Ukraine.

The situation is still developing. We hope the missile launch was a fake, or dummy warheads to "draw out" #Ukraine's air defence.

For all yesterday's news, including the terrible attack on #Dnipro, click and scroll here:

Also hearing now that cruise-missile laden ships are in the launch zone in the Black Sea. This is not uncommon, but #Russia's current tactic of a mixed missile attack increases the likelihood of ships being involved.

Estimated time of arrival of rockets: 03:10 Kyiv time.
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Good morning, welcome to Daily Thread number 465 covering #Ukraine's heroic defence against #Russia's illegal aggression.

I've been here from (before) the start of war, reporting on (sometimes from) a country I've loved, worked + lectured in many, many times.
Overnight was quiet
Before we get stuck in to today's news, a gentle reminder these threads are basically an unpaid full time job - actually more than that as you get days off with a job! Coffee donations welcome (link in Bio)

To catch up on Friday's news, click here
A few drones buzzed #Ukraine yesterday evening but air raids did not last long and no damage was reported.

The drone/cruise missile numbers on #Russia's daily losses are high as they include Friday morning's attacks.
Artillery, special equipment & fuel tanks way above average Image
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Day 464 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine starts with another horrendous wait to see if air defence can protect them as cruise missiles head towards them as I type.

This is THE daily thread with all the news of the brutal war in one place, updated all day (and night!)
So much happened yesterday - here's the link to the start of Thursday's thread.

Deaths from #Russia's missiles because shelters were locked
#Crimea bridge falling down?
Big explosions in #Belgorod + #Kursk regions and the rebel Russian units attack again

Almost all of #Ukraine is under threat right now. Sirens sound across the country except for a handful of western regions.

#Cherkasy, just south of #Kyiv is initially thought to be in the firing line of the missiles launched by #Russia from bombers over the Caspian Sea. Image
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The start of meteorological summer. It's also the start of the 17th month which has seen war in #Ukraine.
It's Day 463 of #Russia's illegal war and Thursday is another day which has started with murder in #Kyiv.

All the important news and analysis in one thread, starts here:
First, a quick reminder that you can access all yesterday's developments in #Ukraine in this link to the start of Wednesday's thread⬇️

Thanks to all my followers, boosters, story suggesters and financial supporters (see my profile for the link)

1/ Attack on #Kyiv

The first day of summer is Children's Day in #Ukraine. Yesterday schools closed for the summer.
In the first few hours of this special day, an 11 year old child was killed, murdered by #Russia's missiles, along with two adults in their 30s.

#StopRussia ImageImage
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Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 1 June 2023.

Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 Image
(1/4) On 27 May 2023, Russian opposition politician Boris Nadezhdin appeared on Russia’s NTV channel and called for a new president to be elected in 2024, in order to rebuild normal relations with Europe.
(2/4) Nadezhdin has been a vocal critic of the war since the invasion, but this is highly likely the first call for Putin to be replaced on Russian state-approved TV since it began.
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