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Here's solid proof of yet another thing I've told you all for fucking years…
Heritage is a major part of the #TantonNetwork
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Completely, fatally, horribly wrong and he should never be platformed again, yet alas
He was one of the original members of the #TantonNetwork
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Bruce Marks was John Eastman's co-counsel on Trump v. Boockvar. Bruce Marks, Nina Khan, Tom Sullivan, and Yulia Cherepanova are all lawyers at Marks & Sokolov, LLC.
Bruce Marks, Nina Khan, Tom Sullivan, and Yulia Cherepanova are all lawyers at Marks & Sokolov, LLC.

Marks & Sokolov, LLC. and Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP have both been lobbyists for Ihor Kolomoisky.
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What were Ihor Kolomoisky and all of his lawyers up to? Image
Other than attempting to overthrow the government, obviously. ImageImageImage
Marks and Sokolov, LLC was coordinating with the Public Interest Legal Foundation to overthrow the United States Government.

Pence Pressure Campaign. Image
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They didn't really found it. They just laundered more money and influence into it and rebranded slightly. It's still the same old #TantonNetwork eugenicists as ever.
But I guess now everybody knows what the fuck I have been trying to warn about all these years???
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I was just talking about how this is clearly being promulgated by the #TantonNetwork channels in order to offer the illusion of popular support. That's why that network exists, to launder disinfo and money. If you look at who is promulgating this and related narratives, it
shows an extraordinarily clear pattern. The topics change from time to time, but not very much, and the people laundering them into the mainstream remain the same. You can check this for yourself -- just check on all the electeds who regularly show up at the Rio Grande in camo
and all the moist weird media wannabe creeps who egg them on
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This vicious, nasty little #MarthasVineyard stunt did one good thing: it revealed exactly how the #TantonNetwork operates. It's this, and it's going on all over the country under the very noses of Americans, pushing along an overtly racist and eugenicist agenda.
The network was created by John Tanton, who first was concerned simply with the spectre of "overpopulation," but as so often happens, quickly decided that the people who were "overpopulating" the planet were the ones who didn't look like him…
Unfortunately, this is a very lucrative stance as it appears to be shared by a lot of people who never worked a day in their lives for the wealth they did not earn. This was one of his first and most generous funders…
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If you're thinking right around now that this appears to be a giant interconnected network, guess what? It's the #TantonNetwork…
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Which is why I have been yelling about it for approximately eleventy billion years. I watched it developing in real-time during my years reporting on the U.S.-Mexico border
That's why I wrote all those things about the #TantonNetwork, too. That's who is behind every single last one of these evil fucking stunts. Borders and babies, babies and borders.…
(This wasn't intended as a passive-aggressive quote-tweet, it's really good and important information, I'm just using it as a springboard for my own thoughts and failing to clarify that, as usual)
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Because the #TantonNetwork thinks that doing this to families, including little kids, will make Americans come around to their white supremacist lies about "masses" and "hordes" and "invasions"
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Every single last phrase being flogged in these ads came to you directly from the eugenicist disinformation purveyors of the #TantonNetwork, the dark money and lobbying group that pretends to consist of "immigration hawks" but whose true, stated aim is population control
That's why I wrote this…
But don't just take my word for it…
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Further reading about the head of Marble, 2017…
This is why I spent all those years warning about a massive nonprofit and lobbying network with explicitly eugenicist interests fyi
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It's always the same few dozen people. Please stop pretending this is something other than a coordinated effort by a bunch of anti-democratic power-horny pro-diddler maniacs who think they alone are entitled to rule the world with impunity.
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He's also an election denier, #TantonNetwork lawyer, Citizens United champion, and the guy who filed lawsuits against same-sex marriage back in 08
Please stop letting these anti-American cretins have power
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Babies and borders -- it's the #TantonNetwork.

Lawyer Jim Bopp counts the Federation for American Immigration Reform among his clients.
He's also the Citizens United lawyer and an election denier.

It's always the same people.

Here's a citation that's unfortunately paywalled regarding his relationship with FAIR…
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As I've said: Borders also keep you in. This is exactly the scenario I was envisioning at the time. Borders and babies -- the eugenicists of the #TantonNetwork's bread and butter. And make no mistake, that's who is behind all this.
It would have been super awesome if white Americans had fucking listened to me before we got to this point
Gosh, why are borders suddenly so important, I'm sure it has nothing to do with resource consolidation in an age of extreme climate change during a far right power grab
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Which coincides with a major push by creepy eugenicist Americans going and sterilizing women and circulating disinformation that pathologized babies: the #TantonNetwork.
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Well, everybody, you can't say you weren't warned.
State borders are about to become very important
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Thanks to the decades-long, well-funded, almost invisible tendrils of the #TantonNetwork in absolutely every aspect of American political power and influence, matched by similar efforts all over the world. A global, far right power grab.
If you're finding the scope and scale of this difficult to grasp, just consider how easy it is for just one person to spoil and undo decades of progress. Destruction is so much easier than creation or mitigation
And that's why it's all centered around borders, immigration, and birth rates. Because of these orgs, which were brought en masse into DHS and other government agencies by the Trump administration.…
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This is exactly why I have kept at pointing out the intersection of "immigration hawks" and those touting "passive eugenics" for so long, ever since the #TantonNetwork was brought into the federal government en masse by the Trump administration. This is what they are.
Don't get me wrong. They were already there. But they've metastasized now. Our border agencies are in very bad shape and should be matters of grave concern for anybody who cares about American security. They're a major threat to our national resilience.
And that "shadow Trump administration" is the #TantonNetwork.…
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