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This is your daily pension announcement: Rob Anders and his pension! Wow. The problem with the far right is they benefit from roads, hospitals and national defense but believe they don't need to pay for it. #ABLeg #TaxationIsTheft…
He hasn't been found guilty of anything yet (other than being the worst MP ever). Who shit talks Nelson Mandela? Rob Anders does.

Early in his career Rob castigated the MP "pension" plan. Later in his career I believe that he felt entitled to it. #ABLeg
This is where @jkenney gets his wrong headed info about defined benefit pension plans. The MP plan is the worst example. Remember, public sector DB plans generally have 50/50 employee/employer contributions.

Before 2016 the MP plan had a 96%/4% contribution split. #ABLeg
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#TaxationIsTheft, so I don't wish I were paid by a government to speak, but it would be nice to make above a thousand a month.

If I am a Putin shill, I get the worst paycheck ever, cause I constantly wonder where rent is coming from.

This month, too.

Also, if y'all want to help me do what I do (since I'm not paid by any government to do it), here are some links to fund my operation of tweeting antigovernment things for the government; which is totally what I do, and not at all my detractors' delusions.
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While Congress is busy bailing out Corporate America and passing Bill's for Israel... Americans who were FORCED out of work by our government officials are now being evicted from their homes.

#COVID19 #coronavirus

Humanitarian disaster looms for some 28 million people in the US who are facing eviction & homelessness in the immediate future. Yet, Congress has done nothing to help regular working class America, after their shutdown & regulation…
#WallStreet #COVID19

The #BailOut plan was rolled out in August 2019 at the G7 summit of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – months before the public was aware of any financial crisis.…
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@SHGfounder @MMAnarchist @PeterRQuinones @rangermonk1 @LibertyImplac Dense topic. I plan many vids on it.

A chief prob with it is gold-plating - if you're gonna steal for a job (#TaxationIsTheft), don't go with a contractor to spend fun money - buy what works.

Also like... 800 bases in 70 countries. Most of whom never attacked US soil. No bueno.
@SHGfounder @MMAnarchist @PeterRQuinones @rangermonk1 @LibertyImplac While I'm talking about where US is, I can also discuss black budgets, and how money constantly "goes missing" to fund offbooks jive that would be illegal if actual troops did it.

There's a reason it's called "Academi" now - gotta rebrand after fucking up that much, that often.
@SHGfounder @MMAnarchist @PeterRQuinones @rangermonk1 @LibertyImplac These three make a profitable industry, and encourage money in politics, so the US stays where it oughtn't, fighting countries it pissed off. And like... killing civilians.

Also nicht ser gut, but don't let that stop people in lineage of Rumsfeld from padding budgets like cells.
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I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard more people discussing / breaking down this academic paper re: how the Iraq war, 07-08 financial crisis & Obama’s-

Failures led to the changing American paradigm shift that brought us @realDonaldTrump , #QAnon and loss of faith in the media.

Would anyone be interested in my doing a @Shem_Infinite - style breakdown?

It’s a 500 page academic paper so it would be long...but there’s a lot of-
Good stuff here.
And I’ve got plenty of experience reading & writing academic papers, so I can make it easy to understand.

But this stuff truly is amazing.
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