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I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard more people discussing / breaking down this academic paper re: how the Iraq war, 07-08 financial crisis & Obama’s-

(PDF) AMERICA'S POLITICAL PARADIGM SHIFT | Rachel Wyman, Ph.D. - Academia.edu academia.edu/41157832/AMERI…
Failures led to the changing American paradigm shift that brought us @realDonaldTrump , #QAnon and loss of faith in the media.

Would anyone be interested in my doing a @Shem_Infinite - style breakdown?

It’s a 500 page academic paper so it would be long...but there’s a lot of-
Good stuff here.
And I’ve got plenty of experience reading & writing academic papers, so I can make it easy to understand.

But this stuff truly is amazing.
I mean hell, this is just the chapter 1 TOC:
This really is fascinating stuff.
Chapter 2 breaks down political arguments into a formula.
This one may explain a substantial amount of the leftist lunacy (maybe it’s not just Alinsky).
If you consider your goal, G, to be important enough...would you be willing to do anything?
This diagrams a speech O made re: Wall Street reform:
And, of course, he placed blame for the financial crisis exclusively on Wall Street (which he never TRULY reformed), with zero mention ever of the governments hand in causing the financial crisis.
The two vastly different ways to view politics (not left vs right, which doesn’t matter in the uniparty/Deep State):
What is “the state,” really?
Elected representatives?
We know what’s its SUPPOSED to be...but what is it, really, when the people’s voice has become so marginalized by special interests, lobbyists and geopolitical / megalomaniacal goals?
“The State defines reality for its citizens.”
Very Orwellian.
“It is The States responsibility to convince subjects to perform desired independent actions eg paying taxes. Without this power, it becomes difficult to maintain the legitimacy of society’s major institutions...
Very important right now.
If the ppl truly believe there are...
2 different systems of justice for us vs the elites, why would we continue paying taxes to support the elite political class and their extravagant lifestyles?
“Such representations constitute society’s understanding of the general truth of things.”

And what happens when we realize most of the “truth” we’ve been told were lies?

Failure of faith in the institutions.

Hence, our current state of affairs.
The 2016 election wasn’t merely a choice between President Trump and KillDawg’s ideas.

It was a debate on what America truly is, and what part we play in the world as a unipolar super power.
“The State” should be an accurate representation of the ideals & values of the society it represents.

But in Deep State theory, it’s actually only a representation of the goals of a very small, elite class and the means of meeting those goals.
Political speeches, the way in which The State communicates to her subjects, are literally building blocks for that society.

Paradigms are groupings of ideas, which result from The State thinking as a single entity.
Policy paradigms are systems of policy decisions based on the existing idea (paradigm) - and reflect on the ideas upon which they build.

Presidents do not determine political power, and we are mistaken to judge power in measurements of time via individual actors.
And this is what @realDonaldTrump is fighting right now.
“We can identify what paradigm a politician serves by examining the arguments they make...”
(Ex RINOs, corrupt Dems pandering)
And more importantly “...political power grows over time.”
Like when you have the uniparty.
“Ideas take precedence over actions but also over political actors...”

Unless you’re the DNC falling on their sword to try and force KillDawg down our throats.
Or Biden.
Or Warren.
Or any of the current nut jobs they’re trotting out.
“The current paradigm is an organic, bottom up process.”
Hence the rise of alternative media, as people search for something that fits their current paradigm (“Drain the Swamp” and “Make America Great Again”) vs the old paradigm.

It really is fascinating how many US politicians
Tried to label themselves as “rebels” or “outsiders” (McCain (NoName) and Obama) but immediately fell in line with the Institutional paradigm.
President Trump is the first who both branded himself and outsider and truly delivered on his promises to change things.
Scientific discoveries are paradigm shifts. Those with new & novel ideas are usually seen as crazy bc they don’t conform to the current paradigm.
But then they’re heralded as geniuses (only after a lot of ridicule).
Seems a lot like what we’re going through with @POTUS
Paradigm shifts are destabilizing, but they’re how we evolve.
Take a moment to contemplate the significance of what we’re going through.
2016 wasn’t just another 4-year election.
It wasn’t a political revolution.
It was political EVOLUTION.
We will never crawl back into the water of the swamp from whence we came. We need @realDonaldTrump
Paradigms are difficult to change non-organically, and there must be a new one to take its place.
They change the very way society views the rational framework of its existence.
Our current shift is a product of the Iraq war (belief that politicians & media lies) and ‘08 crisis
Paradigms are changed when previously held paradigm is revealed to be no longer true.
People lost faith in institutions, but also realized the political elite, on “both” sides (really just one side/uniparty) were not working for us anymore.
Wonderful point.
Our current surveillance state would be impossible to implement under a single administration.
We had both Republicans & Dems responsible, over multiple administrations, for building The Swamp / nanny state / surveillance state.
Good way to explain a paradigm.
Keynes (Keynesian economics) created the paradigm (prism) through which the UK viewed economics and the world for a long time.
Good point.
Different administrations may change small things, but don’t typically cause structural changes in the paradigm.
If you’ve read Inside Trump’s White House by @DougWead you fully understand the significance of this administration making structural changes.
Zero was not only challenging ideas by presenting new ones, but was actually making changes to the very idea of The State.
By increasing the size, scope and overreach exponentially.
Look up how much he increased the SES by.
He was the Deep State’s best friend.
President Trump would be a 3rd order paradigm change / shift.
This describes the Dem’s backfiring strategy perfectly.
Once the people see that the narrative is nothing more than a narrative, their belief in The State falters and they look for an explanation - but the Dems keep getting caught in lie after lie.
Ideology vs hegemony - why the left is waging a war on our language.
If they can win the battle of words and direct the way we speak, they can have hegemony.
Same thing again.
Power & hegemony are inexorably linked.
Controlling the language equates to power.
In Marxism, hegemony is a top down process by which elite w/ power control those w/o power.
Paradigm shift is the way the people think, so can be (but is not always) bottom up as we see in the US currently.
Hegemony is often used by the elite to control critical thinking.
Our current paradigm shift in the US is unique because it’s happening from the bottom up, and challenging a set of elites who’ve had hegemony for decades.
* That is a hell of a (true) statement and a good place to tap out for the night.

Fiancé is going to hurt me if I don’t bask in her awesomeness at all tonight.

If enough ppl enjoy this I’ll pick back up in the morning.
-Do you want me to continue?
Another important point to focus on again as we begin: elites use hegemony to control critical thinking, leading to the destruction of naturalized ideas.

Essentially, elites use their hegemony to control the way you think. And as we discussed earlier, the way you speak.
The 2-party system is contrived as nothing more than a distraction from the fact that both left & right leaders follow the same paradigm.

Nobody really noticed that Obama was simply continuing the same paradigm as Bush bc he followed a neoliberal ideology, but same paradigm.
Not sure how much of this will apply to the macro analysis, but if it does I’ll share.
I’m curious to see how they did this & what metrics they used.
There may be more to share in this chapter than I anticipated.

Breaking down Obama’s speeches / finger pointing / lies based on speeches.

I hope they taken Ben Rhodes to task but not holding my breath.
Wow. They use the corpus of Zero’s 413 addresses to retrace the changing “conditions” metric to outline when he was full of Schiff.
Basically an explanation of using big data to track lies by politicians.
Using frequency data to show how much disdain Obama has for the American non-elite.

Yes, even you, libs.
List of most frequent words used by Obama in speeches.
Pretty avg as most are lexical, but inclusion of jobs & economy is important.
What happens when they remove lexical words?
Frequency list after removing lexical words.
Next focus is on concordances.
Concordance assigns context to frequently used words.

For ex, by looking at the concordance of Wall Street we see that Zero was placing all blame for financial crisis on Wall Street, and neglecting to mention the role that government played.
Good Lord I didn’t realize they could do this.

I mean I know the Agency & NSA can do some crazy language stuff, but a college researcher?

Here she explains using keyword lists to determine if the speaker consciously or unconsciously uses specific words.
Obama used the terms “everybody” and “folks” more than other Presidents.
There are a lot of pages that just breakdown different language analysis but don’t really put meat on the bones.

I’m going through them and will continue when we get back to the interesting stuff.
Ok this is important.
In the 25 speeches Obama made on health care, the “circumstantial premise” changed often.
The arguments he made to SELL Obamacare differed after implementation.
He sold us a false bill of goods.
Told us it would be cheaper, silent when it wasn’t.
Looking into Obama’s insistence we engage in Syria, it is logical to assume a level of corruption in his administration & the media as his rhetoric didn’t stand up to critical evaluation.
Donald Trump was challenging the long held US Presidential paradigm as early as the debates, while KillDawg was merely parroting the Obama strategy.

The 16-year plan to destroy America.
2 main points of Obama’s rhetoric didn’t stand up to critical evaluation: the “economic recovery” and that terrorism was our greatest threat.
In reality both were merely used to take extreme measures against the populace.
And KillDawg was going to carry the torch.
The 2016 Presidential debates were not 2 people debating the same, ongoing paradigm.

They were each presenting different paradigms.

KillDawg: new boss, same as the old boss

Donald Trump: Drain the swamp
Twit decided to shut down when I got back to the fun stuff.
It’s also been pushing me back to the first tweet every time I put a new one up.
Regardless, it’s getting interdasting again.
Although the New World Order was outlined by Bush Sr in several speeches, it wasn’t really covered by the MSM.
Instead it became the domain of alternative media, who widely criticize it.
Since Alt. Media is decentralized, there isn’t really a single corpus of criticism against.
While many books on the NWO exist, they are mainly written using secondary sources.
The Wikipedia page contains links to many of those sources.
NWO is used as a catch all term to describe an elite group of bloodlines who control everything and are seen as responsible for much-
Of the current failings of our system.
As our life expectancy falls & suicide rate increases, many blame this on an elite Oligarchy rather than poor policy decisions.

This is where many see that, as in California, it seems unlikely that so many decisions leading to the same (obvious) outcome could be by mistake.
This is profoundly interesting.

Deep State, NWO & Oligarchy are linked.

Oligarchy, coming from Greek for “few” means strict control of the masses by a small group.

They create 2 sets of rules for them vs the masses.

Sound familiar?
NWO is viewed as policy trajectories meant to fit the US into the greater Oligarchic global model, with each nation state being nothing more than chess pieces to a group who control all and owe allegiance to no nation.

Members of Congress seen as working to forward these goals.
Important to note that the American elite is different from the global Oligarchy, and that this is not a class war.
Shout out to one of our favorite researchers, @CarrollQuigley1 .

2 researchers have best outlined the “centralization of the system” aims of the NWO, who planned to use private bankers to control the money supply and, by nature of money = power, the global political system.
This gets into a subject I’ve studied at great length.
International bankers who fund & promote war to further their financial interests rather than anything else.
Many don’t know Prescott Bush (W’s gramps) funded Hitler’s rise to power.
But he was far from the first/only.
A 3rd World War set in the Middle East to enslave all of humanity.

Sound familiar?
The Bank of International Settlements.
Funded Franco’s terror regime.
Funded Hitler and changed his stolen goods to cash for weapons purchases.
Ran Auschwitz & the human experimentation.
Helped devise the EU and Euro.
Wielded enormous power after WWII.
Not conspiracy theory.
After WWII the US mil was used, at expense of the American people & middle class, to enforce corp monopolies across many sectors.
VP Wallace warned us about this, and how the media was owned by the same interests.
17 years later Eisenhower warned of the Mil Industrial Complex
If you haven’t read The Creature From Jekyl Island, you should.
Keynes helped implement the adoption of the Fed & BIS “debt based system.”
This means every dollar printed by The Fed is merely an instrument of debt.
Trump has hinted at going back to gold, and God I hope he does.
Discussion of how this system collides both the economic and political paradigms.
Politicians are seen as being emplaced by major banks - which isn’t far off when you know that Obama’s entire initial admin was selected by Citibank.
Who was majority owned by Al Waleed bin Talal.
Wow, she went there.
#OperationMockingbird discussions of how the CIA and CFR came to control the media as a means to shaping the narrative and controlling national discourse.
Again, not conspiracy theory - check the cited sources.

Description of the goals of an authoritative State to dehumanize the population by turning them all into mindless robots via the constant destruction of their ability to compare and rationalize.

Hence our media & Hollywood working to destruct our societal norms.
I studied Behavioral Economics and this really scares me, as I see how they do it every day.
95% of our brain function is unconscious, and when they can break past your filters to reach the “lizard brain” they can program you how they see fit.
Except in those of us immune.
Although I still don’t understand why those of us who’ve been REDPILLED are immune to their attempts - that’s something I’d really like to know.
I described it in my latest book The Pact Book II but still don’t get WHY some of us see right through it and resist the programming.
She gives a shout out to @DrREpstein and his research showing that other CFR-controlled and heavily Hillary donating enterprises (GGLE & FB) have replaced media & Hollywood as not only manipulating our consciousness but also as the most powerful tools of the surveillance state.
Microsoft & IBM are currently the largest in AI, see by any in the alternative sphere as being planned to make us like China, where the collective consciousness is lowered and the surveillance state increased.
Basically saying the want to turn us into mindless robots.
Interesting wording: “to redefine society’s concept of man.”
This can be further deduced into the literal change of the concept of man in the biological sense, as media/Hollywood work to destroy men & manhood to destroy the family unit which used to have the father as integral.
All of the “mainstream” political ideologies since Reagan (both neoliberal & neoconservative) have pushed the same policy paradigm which has been rooted in globalism.
This is the Uniparty at work.
They say what you want to hear, then do what they had planned anyway.
Both neoconservatism & neoliberalism have worked to further The State at the expense of her people., cannibalizing the foundation of democracy that this Republic was founded upon.
Neoliberalism defined.
Where classic liberalism concerns the rights of the people, neoliberalism is only concerned with economic forces and enriching a very small class.
Borders, rights et al are seen merely as an impediment to be overcome for their greater goals.
By elevating the economy in society, any threats can be used to justify extreme violence.
Explanation of neoconservatism, a bastardization of true conservatism which condones violence, allows for a surveillance state and works to dehumanize enemies.
The two work in tandem.
The 2 ideologies (political paradigm) work together, in tandem, to justify the economic paradigm.
Unlike the neolib & neocons, Globalism has been largely ignored by academia, even though it has largely controlled everything since the 90’s.
The core tenant is that no one person controls it, although it has become pervasive globally and represents strict authoritarian control
Both paradigms work in tandem to support Globalism.
Neoconservatives promote through military/force.
Neoliberal promotes through economic means.
The media & social media work to control the narrative & destroy any prevailing counter narrative.
The NWO & spiritual war currently unfolding are traced back to the Roman Empire via Dark Occult, Light Occult, Naziism and the Caliphate.

This really got my attention.
Going down the rabbit hole (where I’m most comfy 😜).
Occult = study of all hidden knowledge
Exoteric = for the masses
Esoteric = hidden meanings
Institutions generally persuade people not to study the occult, making them believe it will turn them evil.
Here’s were we get further into the Orwellian state.

The Roman Empire/Vatican banished study of the occult & burned the library at Alexandria so they could literally re-write history.

If you control the past, you control the present. Control the present & control future.
The rulers Roman Empire gained control of reality, and became Ontologists.

Able to create the world/reality in the way they desired.
Many religions, at their core, are similar.
God, The Source, The Universe.
The battle to attain balance within oneself, and to connect to God and the world around us.
The Macrocosm (higher self) and Microcosm (lower self) are represented in the mantra “as above, so below.”
Man is defined by his relationship to evolution, which is a metaphor for God.

Made in the image of his Creator, man is imbued with energy and consciousness from The Source, giving him infinite wisdom, possibility and potential.

But [they] don’t want us to know that.
Man has the ability to connect with God via the Holy Spirit.
But earth represents the fallen man, built as a tool to force him into the slavery of materialism, barring him from his ability to connect to The Source.
The foundation of the NWO is theorized-
To have been established to block that connection, making man a slave to the priest class and Roman Empire, who insisted they were the only way to connect to God.
The Dark Occultists, as they are not directly inspired by God, choose to work their practices via inversion to try and usurp God’s power by elevating man above Him.
By inverting the symbols and practices, the promote the ego above the Spiritual, and work to their own dark means.
This process of inversion, used in Satanism, Luciferianism & Saturnism is used to lower the human consciousness to entrain & steal human energy in order to use it.

This is why #BendedKnee is so important.

The evil ones are using our energy, we need to battle it with good.
Spiritual warfare, Moloch & Saturn.

Through inversion they worship the material and deny their own humanity & evolution (connection of the higher self to God) in order to become what they worship, thus denying God his rightful place and power.
Although Satanism is viewed rather simplistically outsold the occult sphere, it’s a parasitic, hierarchical system believed to predate writing.
Followers attempt to channel demons who feed on lower energy vibrations, and those demons help them attain goals driven by ego.
The debt based financial system is also hierarchical & parasitic in nature, leading to lower energy vibrations, leading many to believe its a dark occult system.

These demons & low energy vibrations are why many Satanists are known for S&M and brutalization of victims.
Satanic practices are attained through mass-scale trauma. Most notably war.
Dig into the dates of major terrorist attacks - it gets pretty creepy when you look at the dates prevalent to satanists.
Luciferians discard violent practices and instead focus on the mind.
They create worship of materialism, forcing people to give up working on the higher self to instead chase the material pleasures of the lower self.
They create false realities to cover their practices & events
Within New World Order theory, artificial structures are put into place in order to distract the populace of the dark occultist practices which lead to the ever increasing need for material gain & worship.
W/in the occult field, evil make defined as those who undertake the transcendental nature of man & his ability to attain a higher level of consciousness & connection to God, yet creates artificial structures based on instead keeping man in the slavery of materialism.
Autocorrect - May be defined as those who UNDERSTAND
This just keeps getting more interesting, but...
I’m getting that look from my fiancé again.
I’m going to leave it here for the night and pick up in the morning with:

Politicization of the Occult
For those following this thread, I’m picking it up again now.
But since Twit got so weird yesterday, I’ll start a brand new thread & link it here.
Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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