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As UCP tries to gaslight all of us about how ‘democratic’ their ‘referendums’ will be, here’s some food for thought. #ableg
Bill 26 would allow Kenney’s cabinet to determine which issues can go to referendum, how the question is worded, and how, where, and when they are to be held, including during and to decide whether the referendums are binding or non-binding. #ableg
Here’s a recent ‘referendum’ #ableg…
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ɹǝᴉɯǝɹԀ Kenney has made things worse for:
1) teachers & other educators
2) medical doctors
3) nurses
4) social workers
5) community organizers
6) people living with poverty
7) people who use drugs
8) women
9) LGBTQ2S+ folks
10) BIPOC peoples
11) senior citizens

ɹǝᴉɯǝɹԀ Kenney has made things worse for:
12) students
13) young workers
14) cranes & other wildlife
15) small business owners
16) patients
17) people with disabilities
18) campers
19) hikers
20) entrepreneurs who aren't involved in oil & gas
21) mothers
22) artists

ɹǝᴉɯǝɹԀ Kenney has made things worse for:
23) professors
23) education administrators
24) public health professionals
25) refugees
26) temporary foriegn workers
27) people who work at Cargill

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@InsiderOilers Well Done Insider. I was born into a left leaning family in Saskatchewan and was fortunate to learn the importance of labour unions and by extension NDP. In my late teens I was converted to a full blown right winger because of my dislike - at the time - of gun control 1/x
@InsiderOilers And because I worked for one of the biggest grain farmers in Southern Saskatchewan. I was nearly a true believer. The interest that “saved” me was political geography. The riding I lived in always voted conservative. I was perplexed why the one geographic area 2/x
@InsiderOilers Near Briarcrest College… voted overwhelmingly conservative. Usually 90+%. I took a human geography course circa 1995 and wrote a paper. My hypothesis was that the voters in the area were voting based for a religious reason. 3/x
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So it’s a beautiful evening in AB and I’m sitting on the deck checking out doctor jobs (because of course I am) and what do I find?

A thwackload of listings from AHS recruiting international docs on this global recruitment site:…

So I guess @AHS_media and @shandro know that they aren’t going to find replacements easily, especially for the rural family docs, so they are already searching abroad for unknowing-scabs to replace the docs who poured their hearts and souls into their communities.

Check it out, #ableg, seriously. Over the past two weeks, @AHS_media added about 170 new postings looking for docs to work in AB, many of which are rural family med: Ponoka, Wabasca, Cold Lake, High Prairie, Valleyview, Innisfail. And of course, Pincher Creek among many others.
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The UCP are “threatening” to release physician compensation figures. Well, the AMA has already made public a lot more than that, including figures on average overhead and salaries to staff paid from those figures. BUT maybe the UCP doesn’t understand that you can ALREADY look 1/x
up the information. It’s already public! Here.

Remember, as Mr Shandro already said, these numbers don’t reflect the salaries paid out to staff, rent and overhead and utilities, professional fees, and any benefits/pension plans the doctor chooses to have. Just details I guess. #AbLeg 3/x
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A PhD? In your case, we'd settle for high-school level math skills. So sit down for school, Matt. (thread 👇)

Alberta physician fee schedule has been growing slower than the average earning of Albertans in other industries.

#ableg #abhealth
The proportion of health expenditure Alberta spends on physicians is the same as other provinces, which is what we need to stay competitive, and to make it financially feasible for physicians to afford to pay the higher wages staff demand in Alberta.

Cumulative growth of physician gross billings in Alberta is on pace with the rest of the country.

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1/ Dear Minister of Less Health @shandro;

Threatening to expose MD salaries instead of engaging in good faith bargaining is not useful to anyone except those of you hoping to profit from it.

Here's why I don't need to know.

#abpoli #ableg #UCPcorruption
2/ Disclosure: I am not in healthcare, although I have worked for a Canada Research Chair in healthcare .

I did 14 years of postsecondary education. Not only does that mean considerable debt, but also lost earning years. I spent most of my career as a self-employed contractor.
3/ During much of my career I had enough overhead (offices, employees) that my own take-home was under the poverty line.

I now make a reasonable living, but still with zero security. Which means I should be saving more. If I had the net income to save.

Fortunately, I have no
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❇️Shandemic: Thread of Two Tiers❇️

There once was two firefighters.
Dr. Oru and Dr. Eye
They both worked for Alberta Health
But only one would go buh bye....

Tyler took away their masks 👩‍🚒
Tyler took away their hazard pay 🧯
Tyler ripped up their contract 🧨
Tyler fought their union in every way 🚒

Tyler yelled on their driveways,
Tyler called them at night;
Tyler said they got paid too
much, and that wasn't right.
Then along came Corona🦠
A deadly arsonist to fight,
Burning down hospitals,🔥
Doctors worked all through the night.

But STILL Tyler took away their masks.
Again Tyler took away their hazard pay
Tyler kept their contract ripped up,
Tyler fought their union every day

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We need to talk about Kenney's #ABLeg...

A place where:
- Bills are introduced rapid fire to confound the media and prevent scrutiny, and opposition
- Private member bills are killed in committee keeping them from the full body of the leg
- MLAs who call out bullying and...
..childish behavior are tossed from the chamber
- Technical briefings are no longer provided to all MLAs
- Ministers - such as those for red tape - can't explain what's in their own bills
- Reports are hidden from the public (looking at you AIMCo)
Partisanship is a terrible disease. Kenney learned his from Harper, the master of attack politics, where political enemies need to be shanked at every level. Enjoy it Alberta, you wanted it. You got it. Nothing will be greater for it. #ableg
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A woman reports a male coworker is intimidating her in her workplace to the person responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe & orderly. That person orders the woman to withdraw the report & apologize for making it. When she refuses, he removes her from the workplace. #ableg
This is what @NickMilliken did to @MarieFrRenaud yesterday in the Legislature. It is irrelevant whether the cameras caught the intimidating conduct. It is irrelevant whether or not that conduct would be considered intimidating to anyone else. #ableg
What matters is the message sent loud & clear to any woman in the Legislature - you will remain silent and take it. And if you dare speak up, you will be targeted and punished. #ableg
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ will try to kill two birds with one stone today.

First , the AIMCO Annual Report will be released at 4 PM today!

They just had to wait until the furor over Bill 203 died down a bit. @ChristinaNDP #ABLeg
And, since MLA's don't sit on Fridays this is the equivalent to a Friday afternoon at 4 PM. Travis will safely be where no one can find him for comment.

Second, I did get a request through Twitter to explain how AIMCO operates a bit more.....#ABLeg
AIMCO is a statutory corporation owned by the province of Alberta. So it acts as an agent for the Province.(Good for Heritage Fund bad for LAPP.)

What all of that means is the GOA is liable for the activities of AIMCO. #ABLeg
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Tonight, my friend @MarieFrRenaud pointed out, during debate, that some members undertake intimidating, unparliamentary behaviour in the House. The women on our side of the House often deal with staring, posturing, scoffing and other non-verbal forms of harassment. #ableg
I've been around #ableg for almost 20 years as staffer/ observer/MLA. There's always debate, there's always heckling. It's a floor of a legislature in a Westminster Parliament. Rules-based, orderly debate includes well-placed heckles. That's not intimidating, it's the job.
But. A man turning his chair around to stare at an MLA while they speak, scoffing at everything they say, puffing himself up in his chair, laughing at the MLA trying to speak, continually trying to throw them off with verbal and non-verbal harassment... isn't the rules. #ableg
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By the time the UCP American-Style Health Care bill passes, the CDC estimates 160,000 Americans will have died of coronavirus.
This bill allows for-profit clinics, hospitals. It allows govt to delist a bunch of services so you'll have to pay for them. #ableg THREAD.
It used to be the few for-profit clinics in the system had to prove they were going to add to reducing wait times and wouldn't siphon resources from the public system. The new UCP American for-profit hospitals don't have to prove that anymore. This isn't about wait times. #ableg
This is about opening up a new market for private health insurance and for-profit hospitals. The UCP wants Albertans to look south, during a pandemic where a botched response and lack of health care has cost so many American lives, with envy. Strange political strategy. #ableg
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I can vouch for the dangers that kids face when allowed to work at a young age. My youngest, who was extremely interested in learning cooking begged me to allow him to work in a fast-food franchise restaurant when he turned 14.. Only after he was 16 did he tell me some of #ableg
what happened to him while working as a kid. He was bullied, burned, tricked and refused rides home after late-night shifts, as required under the legislation at the time. He was afraid to say anything to the employer, or to the older employees that were the perpetrators 2/
because he wanted the job so badly. He also didn't tell me because he knew that I would talk to the owner and demand that she comply with the basic safety rules or take him out of the job. Until my son was a young adult and understood that it was 3/
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for a bill that's all about 'restoring balance from overpowered unions' Bill 32 sure has a lot of stuff in it that's going to affect everyone #ableg

Here's a thread on some of the NON union stuff, if it passes as is.:
Layoff / termination pay would in many cases be reduced, and employers could take significantly longer to pay the final amount. Employees who quit without due notice could have their final pay date calculated at 'date of notice + x weeks notice period + 31 days'
13 and 14 year olds can be hired for some jobs without youth employment permits required (at the lower min wage allowed for youth employment)

Employers gain more power to deduct from paycheques, primarily in cases of previous payroll errors.
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ seeks to expand your knowledge!

I want to be clear, I don't mean to disparage AIMCO. In fact, Kevin started this with his op ed. His job as an employee is to keep AIMCO out of the news. #fail #ABLeg
In my appearance before the standing committee I was asked why ATRF had never chosen to invest with AIMCO. I ran out of time after the first part of my answer. So, in the interest of full transparency, I will give a complete answer here: #ABLeg #AIMCOfail
ATRF never used AIMCO as an investment manager because:
1. None of their current clients would give them a good reference. (this is the one point I got out in the hearing) #ABLeg

2. Poor track record. (neg articles in financial press, poor during financial crisis) #ABLeg
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The @CDNEnergyCentre is more active on Facebook, so you may have missed the outright climate science denialism they spouted recently. #ableg #abpoli (Thread)
The science is very strong on the link between climate change and the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters.…
As we know, so-called "skeptics" have decided to reject the preponderance of scientific evidence in favour of the small minority of voices (typically, with direct ties to industry funding) who support their denialist narrative.
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The UCP’s new anti-worker law, Bill 32, represents a fundamental attack on worker rights & democracy. This isn’t about “balancing the scales”; it’s about tipping them grossly in favour of the UCP, corporations and the wealthy. #AbLeg #canlab #cdnpoli…
Here’s a transcript of the comments I made to reporters. “This Bill will dramatically reduce the bargaining power and legal protections currently enjoyed by working Albertans and set off a race to the bottom.” #canlab…
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Jason Kenney and the UCP have launched a blatant attack on working people.

While profitable corporations and their CEOs make off with billions of dollars thanks to Jason Kenney, everyday working people can’t catch a break.

THREAD 1/ #ableg
Bill 32 now allows employers to cancel averaging agreements and impose averaging arrangements on employees.

Put simply, it puts more power in the hands of your boss, and takes power away from you.

2/ #ableg
It’s no longer an agreement, your boss can now impose an “arrangement” that doesn’t even require your input.

The changes also mean there is no need to limit your hours to 12 hours per day or 44 hours per week

3/ #ableg
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I know that my Twitter TL is very much an echo chamber, but I can’t understand how more people aren’t vehemently outraged by every goddamned thing the UCP is doing to turn Alberta into a failed state.

I don’t even have the words anymore so I’m just going to keep contacting MLAs
And this goes beyond being an NDP supporter or whatever - the UCP is bad for Alberta and bad for Albertans.

It might not be the union-busting bill from today, or the health omnibus bill from yesterday, or changing education funding formulas, but something is going to affect you
And when it does, I hope you have the presence of mind to get in touch with your elected official, the minister responsible for the bill, and the premier.

Don’t let up. They can’t ignore us forever.
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There's a falsehood UCP Press Secretaries & Chiefs of Staff will continue to spout re. Bill 32.

They will claim that union members "don't have a say" in how their dues are spent on political activities, & that Bill 32 is "restoring democracy".

These are sick lies 1/ #ableg
Unions are democratic organizations. They elect their leadership, & who are delegated the authority to make decisions on the use of funding in the best interests of members.

If members aren't happy with the use of their dues? They can vote in new leaders. 2/ #ableg
Just like Albertans can vote in and vote out MLAs - and Governments.

Union leaders have democratic mandates to fight for the best interests of their members - their constituents. Unsurprisingly, those best interests generally run contrary to the goals of the UCP... 3/ #ableg
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1/10 THREAD: Public vs private health spending in Alberta
So, we've got #AbLeg Bill 30 and everyone is freaking out.
First, lets be clear, it is about private clinic delivery of publicly funded services. However we have to consider the broader policy context the UCP have crafted
2/10 First in November the UCP membership voted not uphold the principles of the Canada Health Act; A cost-sharing agreement that establishes our system as universally accessible, publicly provided, not-for-profit, and portable.
3/10 next we have the vilification of doctors in the public system and the unprecedented cancellation of doctors collective agreement. Rather than collaborate on innovative remuneration methods (which I wrote about here:… and here:…)
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ will lay the truth bare!

Loyal followers, I again descend into the tailings pond of post factual pension knowledge. It might take me a couple of days, but I will point out all errors and omissions. #ABLeg
First, did I hear Athana (TBF DM) refer to the ATRF year end as Dec 31? And the AIMCO year end as March 31? Both of those are wrong. Aug 31 (school year end) for ATRF and Dec 31 for AIMCO.

But, AIMCO never releases their report until June to line up with the rest of GOA. #ABLeg
We're paying for this work, I would hope she could get it right.

She was (I think) trying to argue that the diff year ends made it to complicated to compare two investment funds. When, if she looked, the ATRF risk adjusted analysis had already done this. #ABLeg
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This is a story about Tyler and Undrea Shambro, their friend Jason and their adventure into politics.

📗a thread📗…
Before we begin this epic tale: a disclaimer:

*Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.*
One day, Tyler (a lawyer by trade) became a Health Minister. He was in charge of a health crisis. One that was in the works for years: #Privatization

Then a deadly virus, Corona, came along that and a president drink bleach.

But that wouldn't stop Tyler from doing his job.
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