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Another year, another time to #TimetoTalk day. This year I'd like to talk about mess and discomfort. One element of stigma is feeling like you carry a story and history that will never be understood and never be possible to integrate with the lives and stories of everyone else
If there's a #TimetoTalk day, there should also be a #timetolisten day. And listening means learning to live with stories that discomfort, stories that trail off, stories that ask questions you can't answer. Mental ill-health is a fucking mess to live with.
The experiences people share around mental ill-health will not conform to your wider narrative expectations. The job of making our stories make sense that we have who live through them is not the same job that a person listening has. #timetotalk isn't about you
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Anyway, it is indeed #timetotalk day. Easy to put the onus onto the person suffering to start the conversation but sometimes we can get too sick to do that. So if you want to be a good friend/colleague/whatever to someone, here are some things I’ve learned from my wonderful pals
People may well be more likely to turn to you if they know you’ve been sick at some point too - that’s defo been the case for me since I spoke out about my illness. But I think this is partly because people are often worried that talking to just anyone won’t go well.
And that can add to pressure on someone who is sick: I am not always well enough to support people who come to me and I dearly wish their friends were more open so they could provide better support.
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#Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

Depression can be treated.

The first step is talking #LetsTalk

Depression can happen to anybody.

If you think you have #depression, seek help.

Living with someone with #depression?
Here are 7 ways you can help #LetsTalk

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It’s #TimeToTalk about people who are employed to use their experience of mental distress in MH charities ie. @MindCharity @TimetoChange. #LivedExperiencePractitioners #Peers experience discrimination, derogatory pay & active blocks to career progression #TimeToListen #TimeToAct
#TimeToTalk Many people don’t realise is that large generically run charities such as @MindCharity are given majority of funding, whilst orgs run by people who live with mental health conditions & grassroots groups are not funded. We are becoming extinct.…
The National Service User Network @NSUN is run by ppl with lived experience of Mental Health condition, but even that has lost its funding - the one org trying to support and keep our SU-led orgs together! #TimeToTalk Why can money go to @TimetoChange but not SU-led national org?
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Today is Saturday 1st February 2020, and it is NOT Time to Talk Day, which is marked this year on Thursday 6th February.
But that’s the point. No specific day should be a day we talk to one another. It shouldn’t need a special event.
Yes these campaigns are vital for us to increase awareness of mental illness and the power of connection and conversation. However this should be an every day not a special day.
We all must take the time to connect, to talk and to listen much more than we do.
Lives running at 1,000 miles per hour we often forget what matters, and that is the person looking at you, working with you, or back at home.
So my ask is that today, like every day, we choose to connect, to talk, to listen and to support each other.
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It's #TimetoTalk day, an event with the best of intentions but also serves to remind us of the pressure put upon mentally ill folk to reach out instead of mentally well people reaching in.

It's also a reminder that thanks to government cuts there is often nobody to talk TO.
#TimetoTalk can work very well for people with mild stress, depression or anxiety.

However, thanks to the removal of NHS and social care support, fewer and fewer people are dealing with "mild" cases of mental illness.

Many of us are left to worsen, and spiral.
I have friends who were told it's #TimetoTalk but their doctor didn't listen, a psychologist wasn't available, their area (and mine) has no therapy, and a psychiatrist can only be seen every 4 months - a different one each time.

Reaching out did not help them.
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Last night I sat in front of 40 strangers and told them I’d had depression since I was 20. I also told them it became dangerously severe last March. I’ve written about it in a book that thousands of people have read so 40 is nothing, right? I felt good when I got home. It was...
...a full house, people said kind & encouraging things. I had something to eat then watched tv for a while. Then my brain capsized. I had told strangers about my mental illness. This has not ended well in the past. When I first became ill in 1992 some of the people I told....
...-the ones who might have helped-weren’t kind. I was too ill to continue my degree but couldn’t go home. Telling people resulted in a range of reactions:silence, anger, attempts to blame me, total withdrawal, coldness, but some understood and the understanding kept me going...
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