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The Dark Triad Man



Grab your balls.

Pay attention.

We're going to discuss a process.

And you will APPLY IT...


Correcting this is a critical component of vital health as a human being.

Mental health, emotional health, physical health.

There is no way around this, people.

If you are engaged in Sick Thought,

You are going to be Sick.

That's how it works.



Thought can arise with ill and disordered pattern, resulting in sickness of alignment of the three realms of thought, word and deed.

Sick thought is malevolent, both in consideration and in internal impact.

Pay close attention here.

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1. thread.

Nice @FrontPediatrics paper providing guidance for docs and #pwME in the diagnosis and management of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #MECFS

#MedEd #MedTwitter #chronicillness #chronicpain #SickNotTired…
2. #MECFS is commonly misdiagnosed as a #somatic disorder

#pwME "..have been humiliated or dismissed by other providers, so [doctors] will need to be.. nonjudgmental.. & acknowledge that #MECFS is not a #psychological condition but a real illness"…
3. #MECFS symptoms can be diverse, complex, fluctuate and overlap with many other conditions making the diagnosis difficult

This @FrontPediatrics paper lists 33 (!) co-morbidities commonly associated with #MECFS

#MedEd #MedTwitter #pwME #SickNotTired…
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Now, if you'd like to see what and who in our community is up to no good, please refer to the following tweets with vital information so we can STOP attacking the victims involved in this situation.
First up! Introducing Author Lissa Gromley (@AuthorLissa) who was part of the Sassy Literary Ladies, a group consisting of several authors across genres that eventually turned on her and caused the chaos taking over the #writingcommunity today, see here:
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1/This care partner's tale in 9 tweets.
Son 35 yrs. Undetected spondylolysthesis and other musculoskeletal issues uncovered at 13 yrs due primarily to onset of pain during a period of rapid growth.
2/ First emergency spine fusion at 15 yrs after 2 yrs of medical profession denying that kids have pain. Teens are an invisible health care population.
Columbine happened in this period.
Every teenage boy in America had a target on their forehead.
Pain became 'kid wants drugs"
3/ Fusion failed. #FailedBackSurgerySyndrome
Blame the kid for failure to heal. Medical message: Shift the blame. Teach the kid that cure is his fault.
Teenage cutting, self-harm distracts from daily pain.
Back into surgical revision2 @ 16.
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I keep being asked what #Dickens would have made of #Brexit. Charles & Catherine Dickens took their family to live in #Genoa, #Italy for a year (in 1844-1845) – something Brits will no longer be able to do after 29 March. #travel
Before moving to #Italy, Charles #Dickens employed Antonio Gallenga, a political #refugee from #Parma who had migrated to #London, to teach him Italian. In #Brexit Britain, Gallenga would no longer be allowed to work legally.
#Dickens wrote a #travelogue about his year in #Italy. ‘Pictures from Italy’ details the family’s travels through #Europe to their new home in #Genoa, & Dickens' #travels around the country. In #Brexit Britain Dickens would no longer have the right to work in another EU country.
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1/ Here it is, the culmination of many hours of research - our published paper describing a genetic analysis of depression using data from over 2 million people.…
2/ We firstly analysed DNA data from 800,000 people from @uk_biobank, @23andMeResearch and @PGCgenetics and identified 102 independent variants associated with #depression.
3/ In an independent replication dataset of 1.3 million people, all of the 102 depression variants had an effect in the same direction, 87 were significant after applying Bonferroni correction and 56 passed the threshold for genome-wide significance.
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1. Adults from dysfunctional families guess at what normal behavior is.
2. Adults from dysfunctional families have difficulty following a project through from
beginning to end.
3. Adults from dysfunctional families lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.
They lie out of self preservation and usually about their feelings.
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1/ Thread: New study forthcoming on whether #gene-testing can help guide #antidepressant selection for #depressed patients who have failed to respond to 1 or (on average) 3-4 trials of medication. I have been skeptical: mostly, scant added value…
2/ & I found the reporting of this study annoying. On the primary endpoint, improvement in average #depression rating scores, the gene-testing failed. Patients whose MDs chose new meds w/o help of gene tests did just as well—& yet news reports suggested that tests can help…
3/ That's because the gene testing led to a choice of new meds that led to significantly more remissions (patient no longer depressed) and responses (halving of symptom burden). In general, in drug trials, response/remission shows antidepressants to better effect…
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I have spent the last few years trying to rethink #mhealth. As we work to lessen #stigma and fear I ask everyone to keep an open mind, give feedback, and join me as I delve into some unique hypotheses. 1/
This started with my sphere of mental health. (Pinned) . I don’t believe true “normal” exists and feel everyone has issues that fit within the sphere. A dx comes because of observations that are inherently flawed & variable due to relative perceptions. 2/
I use the word “flawed” because none of us can read minds, therefore, there is no objective way to truly know exactly what someone is going through or how extreme their suffering is. This is one reasons #mhealth pros have such a difficult job. 3/
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Sending support and strength to anyone in #pain or fighting #depression/#anxiety.

It's a hard place to be in.

Do whatever you can to create safe, comforting non-toxic space around you.

Have faith in your own ability to survive. 💜🌿

(Flowers via The Wife.)
Reach out if you know you are in trouble.

Someone will be there to catch you before you fall. ❤
I don't mean to sound glib about reaching out. But my experience is that doing so--finding someplace to land and someone to listen to you will help you survive what you're facing. A support group if you are estranged from your family as many are. ❤️
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As I approached the canal to dispose the baby, A bright light flashed on me.
I was caught red handed.
“Hold it right there.” A male voice thundered with authority.

Brethren, Issa thread.
#feeltheeagle #depression #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation
I stood motionless. I thought of running, but the road was too dark.
As he approached me, I noticed he had a locally made pistol and a well sharpened machete.

I closed my eyes to say my last prayers.
“Please, don’t hurt me.” I begged.
He didn’t say a word.

Suddenly, he blew a whistle. More armed men trooped out from different corners.
In a matter of minutes, I was surrounded.

Though I was tired of life, I didn’t want it to end this way.
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Lita! Lita! Please wake up!” I screamed holding her lifeless body.
“Mum, you’ve killed her. I guess you’re happy now.” Bola said wryly as tears streamed down her eyes.

Brethren Issa thread.
#depression #TuesdayThoughts
“Take this.” She said handing me a note.
It read.
“Mum, All efforts to make you happy have proved futile. I guess my corpse will bring you joy.
Signed: A broken child.”
My reaction.
A cold chill ran down my spine. Flashes of my past actions came in quick succession.
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is a real deal fam!

Let's do a thread. Shall we?

#Depression #EmdeeTiamiyu #YouHaveARightToBeMotivated
"You have Power over your MIND, not outside events. Realize this and you'll find Strength." - - - Marcus Aurelis

© Emdee Tiamiyu

#EmdeeTiamiyu #YouHaveARightToBeMotivated
Many of us are legit raising up depressed KIDS or living with depressed "Family" members. I grew up struggling with Emotional Imbalance. In my 100 Level, I had an opportunity to OPEN UP to someone for the first time.
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Remember that #depression and #anxiety both come from a misunderstanding about how the brain works. The #brain is a "comparison machine". It doesn't know how to do anything else. It compares every experience you are having to other experiences you've had or could be having.
It's your job to remind the brain that it only sees things in black & white (& based on assumptions). You're not your brain (it's a tool). ALL thoughts are based on an incomplete picture (a half-truth). Reminding yourself that your thoughts aren't fact, that they're only half the
picture, allows you to keep yourself in a state of awareness. The reason #DepressionIsReal is because we believe our thoughts ARE reality - they are not. Thoughts are fragments of information, used by the brain to develop context. The greater the context, the greater the #wisdom.
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So - thread on Depression (as promised)

The truth is I don’t remember exactly when I got depressed or why but I’m going to try to explain it, my failed attempts at getting help, and how I feel now.
2/ I should start by saying I know I’m not a good looking person. It used to be one of the main reasons I was unhappy but I’ve come to terms with it. Years on hotornot netted me a 4.1/10 which is somewhere between Steve Buscemi and an Orc. I grew facial hair to hide most of that.
3/. Anyways, 1997 is the year I fell into a seemingly bottomless pit. After Spending my entire life previously living in a nice rich town with the same people, but struggling to make friends...I got into 8th grade and finally started to fit in.

And then my mom met a guy...
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So, I thought I’d microdose this morning, get some errands done, you know. End of the year type stuff. Nope. I’m going NO WHERE. Physically anyways. Downside to organic = unpredictability.

#psychedelics #magicmushrooms #microdosing #depression
Man, inter-planetary travel IS possible. Every time I stand up and my blood pressure drops, I’m off to a whole new world.
Right now, I’m on an ice world.

I have to get up and clean the cat crapper pretty soon. It’ll be an adventure as to where I’ll actually end up! 🤪
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This is the face of #depression.
Today I'm going public in the hope that will help me to fight back.
No one can guess from that picture that I cried for hours that day and had dark thoughts.
It never stops.
#mentalhealth matters, even if not visible.
#MentalHealthAwareness 1/
No one can guess that I had to have medical leave and I am still followed by psychotherapists.
It's invisible, and I am good at hiding it until it becomes too hard. But don't be fooled by fake smiles.
Dig deeper. Listen. Be prepared to listen uncomfortable emotional stuff. 2/
It's been a year now, I begged for help and I realised now that it's hopeless and easier to discard victims than deal with #workplace #bullying. 3/
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Depression is more than just feeling down.

It's a lack of motivation, increased negative emotions (anger, anxiety), a lack of concentration and memory, negative thoughts about oneself and the world (hopelessness, worthlessness), social anxiety, feeling trapped, dark imagery.
Fun not-so-fun facts about #depression:

Over 100 mil of us suffer from it.

It's existed as long as there have been human records.

Was first named as a condition 2400 years ago, by Hippocrates (in the West).

Non-human mammals can be depressed.

#mentalhealth #mentalillness
We often think of #depression as sadness, but the "two A's of depression" are very real: anger and #anxiety.

Other negative feelings that can increase are sadness, guilt, shame, envy, and jealousy.

#mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness
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What's that feeling where you are very satisfied with the day you just had but don't want to sleep because you might wake up to a far less satisfying day?

When you never know if you'll wake up to an open or a closed door. Where the next day is dictated by how your mind will decide on its own regardless of events and people. That all you can do is fight it if that decision is against you.

Whether the door is open or closed... Whether I'm in the dark or in the light... No matter what my mind decides I should feel tomorrow, I want to *feel*. Because there is nothing worse than spending an entire day not feeling... like a shadow in day you never existed.

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Est-ce qu'on peut reparler 5 min du Grand Bain à la "lumière" du podcast "Mansplainning" qui lui est consacré ? Parce que perso ça m'a assez désemparée pour avoir envie de défendre l'écriture de perso masculins / blancs / hétéros faite par ce film, mais aussi dans l'absolu. Si si
Certes, à l'heure où des journalistes qualifient de "communautariste" LA rom com sur 10k à sortir en occident mettant en scène des perso asiatiques, ou déplorent que les hétéros soient "laissés de côté" dans un film sur... Act Up (j'invente rien hein 🔽)
Ca peut paraître étrange/inapproprié de défendre la figure de l'homme blanc hétéro en fiction alors qu'elle y est déjà *partout*. Mais c'est de qualité (fond de l'écrit) pas de quantité (%age de représentation) dt j'ai envie de parler car c'est là que je ne rejoins pas ce podcast
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Sharing #MyStory as an #international #immigrant a part of @IWS_Network #Voices without #Frontiers initiative! As a #scientist and an advocate for #workplaceequality, I believe in the power of stories. #IWS #VoicesIWS #SayItForward #WomenInspire #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM
As a child, how would you have liked moving schools in new cities with different cultures every 2-4 years?

Growing up in the #IndianArmy, I absolutely loved it! By the time I was 18, we had moved over 9 times across 9 states! #Diversity #India #TravelTuesday #IWS #VoicesIWS
My #memories of #India include sunny days, welcoming people, rich heritage, vibrant colors, abundant fruits and mouth-watering street food! #IWS #VoicesIWS
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Ich wünschte, ich könnte mich mit Alkohol, Drogen oder Medikamenten betäuben, damit es leiser wird. Falls Sie sich nicht vorstellen können, wie laut es in mir ist, setzen Sie sich mal 14 Stunden neben eine Rüttelmaschine und hören sich selbst beim Reden zu. Geht? Gut!
Wenn Sie da so neben der Rüttelmaschine sitzen, konzentrieren Sie sich noch auf alle wichtigen Aufgaben. Rechnungen, Termine, Projekte usw. Sie haben aber auch noch Ihr Kind und Gespräche mit anderen Menschen. Geht? Gut! Wie viel davon haben Sie konzentriert gemacht?
Und wie viel wissen Sie noch von den Gesprächen, Gedanken, Ideen, Terminen und all den anderen Sachen? Vergessen Sie nicht, Sie sitzen noch neben der Rüttelmaschine! Die ganze Zeit. Wie viel Entspannung und Ruhe hatten Sie? Genug? Gut!
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When I started chronic medication for #depression , I was started on:

• Fluoxetine/ Prozac : antidepressant
• Clobazam/ Urbanol : anti-anxiolytic
• Trazodone : antidepressant
• Lamotrigine/ Epitec : mood stabiliser
• Loprazolam/ Dormonoct : sleeping tablet
The cocktail of medication you're started on will depend on the severity of your #depression . Your psychiatrist and psychologist monitor side-effects and response to medication closely and make the necessary adjustments.

I needed Bupropion/Wellbutrin to be added on
The side-effects can be hectic. Forewarned is forearmed. My main side-effects were mucosal dryness and night sweats. Everything was dry - eyes, mouth, vagina, everything. Then I'd have night sweats. Because I knew what to expect, I wasn't alarmed
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay.

DYK: Half of all #mentalhealth conditions start by 1️⃣4️⃣ years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.
WE ALL have a role to play in supporting adolescents 👧🏾🧒🏼👦🏿👩🏽 with their mental health #LetsTalk
Some adolescents are at greater risk of #mentalhealth conditions due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion, or lack of access to quality support and services #WorldMentalHealthDay
Emotional disorders commonly emerge during adolescence.
In addition to depression or anxiety, adolescents with emotional disorders can also experience excessive irritability, frustration, or anger #WorldMentalHealthDay
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