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Ten lesser-known symptoms that could point towards a diagnosis of brain tumor

June 8th is celebrated as “World brain tumor day” to raise awareness about brain tumors. I would like to focus on the symptoms, presence of which, can make one suspect the presence of brain tumor.…
Common symptoms of brain tumor include headache, vomiting, reduced alertness, fits & paralysis. However, in several cases, these classical symptoms may be missing. It is important to know the lesser-known symptoms of brain tumors so that they can be diagnosed & treated early.
1. Increase in hat and shoe size over time- A tumor of pituitary gland of brain producing excess growth hormone (GH) causes a condition known as acromegaly, which can result in increasing head and feet size, necessitating a need for larger hats and bigger shoes.
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Quand évoquer et consulter pour une maladie d’#Alzheimer

- Quels sont les troubles qui appellent à une consultation ?
- Comment se préparer à la consultation ?

Un thread
#MedTwitter #gériatrie #psychogériatrie
Intérêt du diagnostic précoce

Plus la maladie d’#Alzheimer est repérée tôt, plus les traitements et l’accompagnement sont bénéfiques

C’est tout simple. Cependant, cela fait peur

#Alzheimer #gériatrie

La peur de l’#Alzheimer

D’après des enquêtes Ipsos de 2017 et de 2021
La maladie d’#Alzheimer est la deuxième la plus crainte par la population française
Juste derrière le #cancer

#Alzheimer #gériatrie

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#MentalHealthAwareness 🧵🧵🧵
#Depression is a mental health condition that can make a person feel sad, empty, or hopeless for an extended period of time. It affects emotions, thoughts, and overall well-being. Image
🍄 Some common symptoms of depression include low mood, loss of interest in activities, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and thoughts of self-harm or suicide.
➡️ Strategies to overcome depression

🍄 Seek professional help: Consult with a mental health professional, such as a therapist or psychiatrist, who can provide guidance and tailored treatment options.
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Effective treatment of #depression through psychological therapy is associated with lower risk of #stroke and #heartattack
1. 6,36,955 people with depression were treated with psychotherapy and were followed up for a median of 3.1 years.
#MedTwitter Image
2. Reliable improvement from depression was associated with a 12% decrease in incident risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) at any given time, with similar results observed for coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, and all-cause mortality (death).
3. Benefit was maximum in those aged 45-60 years. For this group, the improvement in depression was associated with a 15% decrease in cardiovascular diseases. In patients over 60 years of age, there was only a 6% decrease.
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A girl asked me: "What did you do to get out of horrible position in life you were in? I am still in it and I am trying to get out..."

I write out 10 mindset quotes I applied and she responds: "You're a bad person. You say it like you are better than me".


1. Everything that happens in your life - Is your fault. Even, if you can't control it.

You could've prepared for the worst even when expecting the best.

2. #Depression is not real.
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#Suicide et la personne âgée

Comment prévenir le risque ?
Comment parler d’idées suicidaires ?

⚠ Si vous souffrez d’idées suicidaires nous vous encourageons à consulter un professionnel

#MedTwitter #gériatrie #psychogériatrie
Idées fortes

L’âge ne protège pas du suicide
Parler de la mort ≠ Risque suicidaire
Échelle RUD + évaluation des facteurs de risque

#suicide #gériatrie

Idées fortes

Il est important de distinguer

- Idées suicidaires
- Idées noires
- Parler de la mort

Autrement dit, distinguer

- Crise suicidaire
- Envie de mourir

#suicide #gériatrie

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This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
Today’s short thread is about how living with #diabetes can affect psychological well-being🧵

Plus how #HCPs can effectively assess and support people living with the condition👩‍
Living with #diabetes increases the risk of variable mental health conditions.
For this thread, we will be focusing on #depression , #anxiety and #diabetesdistress🔎 Image from Diabetes UK whic...
The ‘Diabetes is Serious Report’ led by @DiabetesUK highlighted that almost half (47%) of people with #diabetes experience difficulties managing their condition.
Those from more deprived areas are at a higher risk🔼
The report is available at:
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1/ After chatting with @eugenemcfadden I've been thinking about embodiment. These things that are supposedly in our heads: #depression, #anxiety, #autism, #ADHD are for me PHYSICAL. Here are some thoughts on depression, and how it is different from sadness 🧵
@eugenemcfadden 2/ When you are sad, you are perhaps a little more of yourself. It makes you a little Cartesian; your mind, it seems, is noticing that you are feeling things, and knows it will have to wait this absurdity out, until you can go back to the numb comforts of normality.
@eugenemcfadden 3/ You observe a rawness within and without: eyelids and nostrils, follicles and skincells — these are the external, bodily realities that represent the internal shrinking and puckering.
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1/18 Recommendations from the #GoneTooSoon paper published in todays @TheLancetPsych.

(Warning: This thread references suicide)

1. Eliminating the silos of physical and mental health care will make healthcare more holistic. On a white background title...
@TheLancetPsych @ProfAnnJohn @suicideresearch @DaveHendMD @DrLaifChan @UnitedGMH @MondelliValeria @parisamansoori @afspnational @YoungMindsUK @samaritans 2/18 Collaborative care models integrate a range of carers, including primary care providers, mental health staff, social workers and other healthcare professionals working together to provide holistic care. On a white background Title...
3/18 Improving training and building capacity in the #MentalHealth workforce is vital, especially in low and middle income countries and other low resource settings. On a white background Title...
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Washington DC City Council member @CMBrookePinto introduced the 2023 Vehicular #Noise Reduction Act to create a #noisecamera pilot program, subsidies for vehicle-repair costs, and a study on how to reduce…
“The #VehicularNoise Reduction Act would create a two-year pilot program to use a combination of #noise-detection devices, video cameras, and automated ticketing to hopefully cut down on vehicles with purposely loud or bad mufflers on DC roads.” @PVDMayor…
Washington DC ‘Gets’ It: City Councilmember @CMBrookePinto says that “excessive #noise from revving engines and other #roadnoise is a quality-of-life issue that can alter sleep; disrupt business, educational, and social settings; and create stress.” @pvdcitycouncil @PVDMayor 👂⚠️
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“AM” Weekend Check-in - 4.23.23

Mood rating (1-100): 45
Emotions: Sad, anxious. Tired.
Struggle: I wish I had community in real life. I could really use a hug.
Goals: smother myself with self-care + mindfulness practice today instead of getting anxious about the week ahead
Please check in using whatever format works for you. Substitute, delete, add, and/or ditch the template below. The goal is to take a few minutes to observe your feelings, in whatever form feels right to you.

AM check-in
Mood rating (1-100):
I will respond with simply a note of gratitude for your share. I will not be opining on the content. If you have safety concerns, please call the Suicide talk line at 988 and seek help. Talk to someone. @988 @afspnational

*I am not a mental health professional.
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#santé : éclairant article sur la #dépression à la lumière des recherches les plus récentes notamment sur le stress (……) qui change complètement la façon de voir le phénomène.
La dépression est une stratégie de survie de notre corps. C'est une défense
de survie face à un stress continu trop important.
Et si nous restons exposés aux facteurs de stress, le corps et le cerveau développent des symptômes que l'on a jusqu'alors appelés dépression.
La dépression est donc un élément clé de notre système de défense. Et c'est cette
stratégie biologique de défense qui se traduit corporellement et dans nos pensées.
Les personnes dépressives sont donc de courageux survivants. La dépression aide à résister, à accepter l'inacceptable. Ça n'en reste pas moins une mauvaise expérience de vie. Et il importe de
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@le_Parisien publie un article dans lequel il est pas mal question de Méta de Choc ; parce que j’y suis interviewée, mais pas que :-) :….
On y trouve plusieurs #témoignages, notamment celui d’une #musulmane séduite par ces pratiques pour combler un vide et s’apaiser, celui d’une #sagefemme de formation qui déplore le manque de place accordée aux #rituels dans son métier et...👇
... qui propose désormais des cercles de parole et accompagne les #femmes « dans toutes les étapes importantes de leur vie ». Une autre personne encore cherche dans le #néochamanisme des outils pour sortir d’une #dépression.👇
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I've wanted to write something about #depression for a while but I've been TOO DEPRESSED! Anyway this is not my first black dog rodeo and I'm on my way out the other side the last week. I think. So this is a 🧵. massive CONTENT WARNING for depression, suicide, my bullshit
So 2 things made me want to 🧵. There's an event coming up in the next few weeks that will bring out a lot of Mental Health Matters-ing people who would normally rather sell their home and move to Mars with El*n before they'd ask how you are ( I'm not naming the event)
Plus I saw this tweet from an account with over 13 million followes while I was doom scrolling and it struck me AGAIN that MH especially depression is still so misunderstood and misrepresented. Image
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I want to remind you all that not wanting to do anything or having to stimulate yourself with low energy stuff like eating or TV can be indicative of #AutisticBurnout for some, and that the old dopamine systems may need a bit of a reset.
If we think of burnout as an umbrella term for a state that can include fatigue, anxiety, depression and so on, then any of the symptoms of those will fall under the umbrella condition of burnout. With #depression, #anhedonia is a symptom for many.
#Anhedonia refers to a lack of pleasure. When I was in #burnout, I didn't want anything, I didn't know what I wanted and I couldn't even do things I actually loved. I ate and ate and ate to try and stimulate myself and kickstart my brain functioning.
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Aditi Vaze became a counselor through her gift for listening and empathizing 🎧💖

#counselor #empathy.
Therapy was once dismissed as a "pseudo-science," but Aditi persisted and now values evidence-based techniques 🧐📚

#therapy #evidencebased
Aditi faced many challenges and skeptics, but she persisted, knowing her work could help heal people. Today, she is proud to be part of a growing profession that values evidence-based techniques and rigorous training 👩‍⚕️💪🌟

#proud #mentalhealthprofessional
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New paper on skip-out questions in #depression diagnosis.
In many clinical interviews for depression, we query for core symptoms sad mood & anhedonia. If neither are present, we "skip" the other 7 symptoms (eg sleep, appetite) bc 1 of the core symptoms is required for diagnosis🧵
This is a practice to save time, but begs the question: are there people with many so-called "secondary" depression symptoms who do not have the core symptoms? This is what our new paper in JPCS led by the wonderful @orla_mcbride is about.
We also look into common data-analytic procedures to deal with skip-out data, such as imputing missing data with 0, meaning that if you don't have sad mood/anhedonia and we don't ask you about insomnia, we decide you don't have insomnia. Yep, bizarre, but it's really common.
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Happy to share my 1st paper, in @BiologicalPsyc1! We investigated the links between 249 circulating metabolites & Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in @uk_biobank. A thread 🧵 of our main findings:👇
Firstly, a Metabolome Wide Association Study (MetWAS) found that 129 (~ 52%) of metabolites were significantly associated with MDD.
We ran GWAS on all metabolites & found that 144 (57 %) shared a significant genetic correlation with MDD ranging from (−) 0.073 (omega-3 fatty acids to total fatty acids) to (+) 0.180 (phospholipids to total lipids in large high-density lipoprotein)
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@teaze_r @RedactedMom 1-) hEDS can not be detected w/ a genetic test. My child has an EDS gene in which I am positive that I am the one who passed it down. However they dismissed that gene mutation as a Variation of Unknown Significance, (VUS).
However scientists appear to be way ahead of that...
@teaze_r @RedactedMom 2-) ...geneticist because when I looked it up, having 1 copy of that mutated gene CAN cause problems. The mutation that I am talking about is a mutation in the COL12a1 gene.…
@teaze_r @RedactedMom 3-)... My 1st sign of having this mutation was Clinical Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My 2nd sign was Plantar Facitus, however at the time that I started having those problems I didn't recognize either problem as being a part of something as a whole. The next sign that I can think...
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(1/n) Today is #WorldBipolarDay 2023.
This is celebrated each year on 30th March to observe the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter who was posthumously diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorder.

Lets know what is #bipolardisorder & its #treatment
A 🧵
(2/n) Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of #mood that also affects our #thinking , perception, #behavior , decision making & thus hampers socio-occupational functioning.

A typical disorder consists of #depression , #mania or a mixture of both in varying types in its course.👇🏽
(3/n) A manic disorder is when there is:
persistent & pervasive elevated/ irritable #mood
⬆️ energy & activity for > 7 days ➕
other sx like Grandiose claims, ⬆️self-esteem, engaging in risky endeavours + ⬇️sleep need etc

Socio-occupational dysfunction.
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Depression is associated with higher risk of stroke

1. In a study on 26,877 people (40% women; mean age 62 yrs), people with pre-stroke depressive symptoms during previous 12 months had 46% higher risk of acute stroke.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter #depression #stroke
2. The risk of hemorrhagic stroke increased by 56% and ischemic stroke by 44%, if people had depressive symptoms in 12 months prior to stroke.
A larger magnitude of association with stroke was seen in patients with a greater burden of depressive symptoms.
3. People with depression also had poorer functional outcome one month after stroke (the risk of physical disability one month post-stroke was higher in people with depressive symptoms).
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Great 🧵- my takeaway since having a 👶🏻myself: if a patient comes to the ER postpartum, DO NOT BLOW THEM OFF. The barrier to leave the house is so high, that if they put on pants to come to the ER, they NEED something. HELP.
Women’s symptoms are often seen as histrionic or atypical at baseline by a medical system grown in patriarchy. Postpartum is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life, so if they seek help, do so, without judgement or barrier.
The issue may be social or a knowledge gap or a lack of healthcare access, but it’s our duty to counsel/reassure/coordinate just as much as it is to treat a classic medical complaint.
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So what's the difference between nutritional psychiatry and metabolic psychiatry?🧵(1/6)
#Metabolicpsychiatry is a subfield that focuses on the assessment and treatment of metabolic dysfunction as a means to improve #mentalhealth. (2/6)
There is a complex but crucial relationship between #metabolic dysfunction, food, and mental health. (3/6)
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Was du hier schreibst, ist falsch und brandgefährlich!
Ein Thread.
Wie jede andere Erkrankung auch treten Depressionen bei jedem Menschen unterschiedlich auf. Manche kommen besser damit zurecht als andere, manche empfinden sie als schlimmer, manche kommen damit besser zurecht. Nicht jedem helfen Medikamente und selbst bei diesen gibt es
unterschiedliche Wirkstoffe in unterschiedlichen Dosen für unterschiedliche Menschen. Nicht jede Depression ist gleich, weil auch nicht jeder Mensch gleich ist, trotzdem hast du meinst Meinung nach nicht das Recht, anderen Menschen diese Erkrankung abzusprechen, nur weil es
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