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David Perdue is a political coward. Two weeks ago he refused to admit he wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade because he knows he will lose votes in this 2020 election. #AbortionIsHealthcare #TrustWomen #TaxOnWomen
Now, in response to the extremist wing of his party, he attempts to legislate that abortion services are not healthcare. @SenDavidPerdue politically panders for votes all the while demeaning, disrespecting and marginalizing women. We can’t trust #Perdue in the U.S. Senate.
When I am elected Senator, I will support a woman’s right to choose enshrined by Roe v. Wade. I would also support the repeal of policies, including the Hyde Amendment. cc @PPact @PPIAction #DavidPerdueAbortionTax…
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1. For the anti-choice, forced pregnancy supporters—here is my statement for you. It’s a thread because I have a lot to say.

If this resonates, please share it. Take it as your own even! I have no ego when it comes to this. I want to protect women. I trust women.

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2. While I certainly respect the right of every woman to choose her own reproductive path -- whether that's abortion, adoption, parenting or none of the above -- I fundamentally disagree with the notion that (predominantly male) lawmakers should legislate women's bodies.
3. Every woman, regardless of geography, political affiliation or economic status, should have the right to decide if & when to enter motherhood, not have it foisted upon them.
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A thread by @dearinterwebs #moleg #SB279 #SB139 #SB345 #SB312 #TrustWomen👇
“I have been trying to think about how to explain what happened yesterday in the #Missouri Senate Health and Pensions committee. I have testified in Jefferson City three times....
Twice in the Senate and once in the House. Last year I testified in the Senate, and while I was called “distasteful” by the Representative from the House who was sponsoring the anti-choice bill for saying the word “fetus”, the general tone was respectful....
Kind of weird, but respectful. [This time] was a different story.

While the Senators did not really ask questions of people/parents like me who were testifying – they mostly looked bored while we testified about our most personal, private, and heartbreaking moments....
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We know is that the anti-choice movement LOVES to talk about later term abortion because they know they lose on more common place abortions that women experience. So, no wonder they are leaning into the policies this week that safeguard this right and undo an historic wrong.
But the misinformation being spewed by anti-choice politicians, right-wing media, and Trump around VA and NY’s abortion bills is egregious and we must set the record straight and remember the anti-choice movement has one goal: ban abortion and criminalize women and doctors.
To work towards this goal, they must deceive the public and twist the facts, especially when it comes to women who need abortion later in pregnancy. They are fine to jeopardize women's lives and make them relive the worst moments of their lives to do this. Don’t take the bait.
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Women with chronic illnesses: how long & how many doctors did it take you to get diagnosed? I counted 11 months & 17 doctors & wrote down what each did to show what we go through just to begin to heal.
Side note: the first person to accurately diagnose me was a psychic 😂 Second was my acupuncturist.
[Thread] Women, PoC, NB folks, & LGBTQ people w/ chronic illnesses are criticized for self-diagnosing, but the reason we self-diagnose is that those charged with diagnosing us are biased against us & don't understand issues that disproportionately affect us.
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The ironic thing about being the victim of sexual assault, is what you remember. You spend years trying to erase it from your memory, and no matter what you do...the memories always comes back.
I was sexually assaulted the first time when I was 8 yo. A 10 yo boy tried to have sex with me. He laid on top of me and he tried to insert his flaccid penis into my vagina. It didn't work, and because it didn't work, I learned for the first time something was "wrong with me".
It felt dirty. I can still easily recall the feelings of embarrassment, horror, and blame...I was 8.
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Here’s a test for the antichoice campaigners that come knocking on your door. Ask em if they believe abortion is murder. They’ll mainly say yes. #together4yes #8thref #repealthe8th ➡️
Now ask if they believe a 14 years sentence is enough for a girl taking an abortion pill, or if the full mandatory life sentence for murder should be the maximum term. Now watch them scramble. ➡️
So far I’ve found it goes one of these ways: a) the old reliable side step that they also use for the rape question. ➡️
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