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I've Got You Under My Skin
It's Been A Long Long Time

Here, we report the discovery of persistent SARS-CoV-2 protein in CD14lo, CD16+ MONOCYTES out to 15 MONTHS in some individuals and discuss the implications for the pathogenesis of Post Acute Sequelae of Covid>
The clinical relevance of monocyte activation in COVID patients and the SIGNIFICANCE of these cells as VIRAL PROTEIN RESERVOIR in PASC is supported by our data reporting the PRESENCE OF S1 protein WITHIN nonclassical MONOCYTES....CD14+CD16+ monocytes express intermediate levels>
of ACE-2 receptors and could as well serve as an infectious target of SC2 as it has been proved to be an infectious target of HIV-1 and HCV. Nonclassical monocytes have been proposed to ACT AS CUSTODIANS of VASCULATURE by PATROLLING ENDOTHELIAL cell integrity>
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At the international @IAS_conference on HIV Science, WHO launched 🆕 guidelines on #HIV for prevention, treatment, monitoring & service delivery, including important updates & recommendations since 2016.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
WHO released its first guidelines on hepatitis C virus (#HCV) self-testing, highlighting key recommendations for countries to eliminate HCV as a public health problem by 2030.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
During the international @IAS_conference on HIV Science, WHO highlighted its 🆕 guideline on screening & treatment of #CervicalCancer to help countries make progress faster & more equitably.

More in detail 👉 #IAS2021
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.@American_Heart @CircAHA @AHAScience Assessing & Addressing Cardiovascular Health in People Who Are #Transgender & Gender Diverse #transhearthealth.
Author team Incl trans & non-binary researchers & clinicians. @laurenbbeach @billycaceres_ @Ndowshen @KerriMoreau @MMukherjeeMD @ToniaPoteat @AsaRadix @SariReisner @DrVineetaSingh5. Thank you to AHA staff (incl @P_Stlaurent)
Top 10 things to know about the new @American_Heart Statement on Assessing and Addressing Health in #Transgender and Gender Diverse Persons Authored by Published in @CircAHA
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🆕 recommendations for screening and treatment to prevent #CervicalCancer will help countries take the next step towards elimination. Cervical #cancer is the 4th most common cancer among women worldwide 🌎🌍🌏

#CervicalCancer is almost entirely preventable and treatable with the HPV vaccine, screening and treatment - but in 2020, more than half a million women 👩‍🦰👵🧕 contracted the disease, and over 340 000 women died as a result.
This must change.

The 🆕 recommendations have 🔑 updates for countries working to meet the life-saving targets set out in the WHO Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of #CervicalCancer by 2030:
🎯70% of women are regularly screened
🎯90% of women with the disease receive treatment
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<THREAD> Let's unpack ur warped idea #CovidVaccines aren't “legitimate”, shall we?

I'll address the history of EAU’s first & then the link u think backs ur claim up

The basic principle behind the #EUA, originates from the #HIV/#AIDS pandemic identified in 1981 in N America 1/7
The first FDA issued EUA was in 2005 for an anthrax vaccine, for military personnel only. In 2009, first FDA issued EUA for civilians was for Tamiflu so it could be given to infants during the H1N1 pandemic. 2/7
FDA has issued dozens of EUAs for drugs, devices & diagnostics based on the best available scientific evidence for prevailing public health crises since 2009.
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Every Day I Write The Book

FIRST EVIDENCE THAT RNA SEQUENCES CAN BE WRITTEN BACK INTO DNA, a feat more common in viruses than eukaryotic cells. For example, this finding suggests that RNA MESSAGES CAN BE USED AS TEMPLATES for repairing or RE-WRITING GENOMIC DNA.
...a VERY UNUSUAL polymerase called POLYMERASE THETA (PolΘ).
Of the 14 DNA polymerases in mammalian cells, only 3 do the bulk of the work of duplicating the entire genome to prepare for cell division.
Polθ repairs DNA, but is very error-prone and makes many errors or mutations.
The scientists noticed that some of PolΘ’S QUALITIES WERE ones it SHARED WITH... REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE.
Like Polθ, HIV reverse transcriptase acts as a DNA polymerase, but CAN ALSO BIND RNA AND READ RNA BACK INTO A DNA STRAND.

In a series of experiments, the authors tested Polθ
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Baby It's You

Erythrocytes are constantly produced under a highly orchestrated process regulated by multiple factors in adult bone marrow... Nonetheless, stresses such as anemia, chronic infection, pregnancy, cancer, hematologic disorders... DISRUPT THIS BALANCE in the bone>
marrow, CAUSING ERYTHROPOIESIS to occur OUTSIDE OF THE BONE MARROW (e.g. in spleen and liver).It is worth noting that stress erythropoiesis may be a better reflection of this phenomenon than EXTRAMEDULLARY ERYTHROPOIESIS (EE) in some cases. However...there is a rich body of>
evidence demonstrating the occurrence of EE under different physiological and pathological conditions.

Erythroid Precursors are The Newborn’s First-time Enemies but Lifelong Friends:
Newborns are highly susceptible to fatal infections. This susceptibility has generally been>
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Will we see a wave of HIV false+ people?

We have shown for the first time... there is cross reactivity of SC2 antibodies with commercial ...immunoassays LEADING TO A FALSE-POSITIVE (HIV) result...sequence analysis had shown that HIV AND SC2 viral proteins SHARED SEQUENCE MOTIFS
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A man came into our clinic to start #PrEP.

Almost 50 years old. Well educated. HIV negative.

In a romantic and sexual partnership with another man, also HIV negative.
No other sexual partners.
Doesn't smoke, drink, or use drugs.

Reports using condoms 100% of the time.
Tops most of the time with anal sex.
Sometimes bottoms.
But mostly enjoys oral sex and foreplay.

We discussed PrEP. Its effectiveness. Possible side effects. Pros and cons. Insurance coverage.

Many would ask "Why give this man PrEP? He's not 'high risk'."
The answer is simple.

PrEP is a #sexualhealth program. It's not simply for those whom medical providers deem to be "high risk."

He gets to choose the combination of #HIV prevention methods that are best for his sexual health.

If he feels he needs it, I trust him.
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Thanks Tony!

They are recommending this because they know the genome of the 💉will give you a false positive result for HIV. I believe many will be barred from donating blood.
#HIV #SpikeProtein #Shedding #PutOnTheRedDress #RedCross
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@DrTedros "Globally, newly-reported cases of #COVID19 have now declined for 8 weeks in a row, and deaths have declined for the 7th straight week. This is good news, but new infections and deaths remain high globally"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Last week more than 2.5 million #COVID19 cases and almost 64,000 deaths were reported – that’s 250 cases and 6 deaths every minute, that we know of"-@DrTedros

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Eccoci qua! Secondo thread su origine di #SARSCoV2!
Dopo avervi spiegato perchè il virus potrebbe essere artificiale (ma anche no!), oggi invece vi raccontiamo perché NON abbiamo delle prove che il virus sia naturale 1/ Image
Se #SARSCoV2 è naturale, esiste un animale portatore, cioè animale in natura infettato da un virus quasi identico a quello umano. Non vale 92,4% del #coronavirus nei pangolini malesi, né 96,2% del virus trovato nei pipistrelli ferro di cavallo. Punto. 2/
Come per le scale in Harry Potter, anche ai virus piace cambiare. Pipistrello e pangolino potrebbero essere “serbatoio” naturale, da cui #SARSCoV2 è arrivato a noi, attraverso varie mutazioni e salti di specie intermedi. Il punto è ricostruire la mappa degli eventi. 3/
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@catturd2 @gatewaypundit 1/📨 @foofighters remember this? The other side of #AIDS. You were there. You dared to put your name under this group of #HIV+ patients who questioned the mainstream narrative & decided NOT to take AIDS "medication"

#Fauci #JoepLange🍃
#MH17 #Swissair-111
@catturd2 @gatewaypundit @foofighters 2/ The other👆side of AIDS

Christine began to question if #HIV causes #AIDS. She came to believe that her positive💭test📖…

#PCRtest's #KaryMullis*🍃died Aug'19💭 #Event201 Oct'19
#JoepLange🍃 #MH17 #Swissair-111⤵
@catturd2 @gatewaypundit @foofighters 3/ Two Airplane Crashes & Dashed Hopes for a Cure💭

#SwissAir-111 & #MH17

Leading AIDS researchers died in each of the two disasters. Would #AIDS have been defeated💭by now if they survived?…

RIP Prof. #JoepLange

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The world has made significant progress but #HIV is far from over. In 2020, there were:
🚨 37.6 million people living with HIV
🚨 690000 AIDS-related deaths
🚨 1.5 million new infections

Despite the challenges of #COVID19, the #UNGA 🇺🇳 High-Level Meeting offers us a chance to end #AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.
Over the past 4 decades more than
7⃣7⃣ million people have been infected with #HIV
3⃣5⃣ million people have died from #AIDS
This #UNGA 🇺🇳 High-Level Meeting must ensure the effective prevention tools we have are used as widely as possible. 👉
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I've been seeing a patient living with #HIV who has had right hip pain for 5 months.

He is a 33 year old Black man who hobbles around like he's 90.

He just lost his job.

The pain was so great he couldn't sleep at night and was dozing off during his shift.
No one explained to him what was going on. He got an x-ray at an ER five months ago.

He understood that he had a "ruptured" hip.

Doctors who have seen him have only given him ibuprofen and Aleve for the pain.

Both don't touch it.

He cried during our first office visit.
He could barely get up on the exam room table without excruciating pain.

I couldn't rotate his right hip due to the discomfort it caused him.

We agreed to try a low dose opiate and muscle relaxants as needed.

Our clinic would request the medical records from his ER visit.
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"Globally, we continue to see encouraging signs in the trajectory of the pandemic. The number of new cases of #COVID19 reported to WHO has now declined for 6 weeks, and deaths have declined for 5 weeks"-@DrTedros
"However, we still see a mixed picture around the world. The number of deaths reported last week increased in 3 out of WHO’s 6 regions: Africa, the Americas and the Western Pacific"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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Pessoas com pênis,

Não caiam nessa ilusão pornográfica de ejaculação mega volumosa.
Sabiam que muito daquilo é falso e montagem?

O volume ejaculado varia de 1,5 a 5ml, pode vir em jatos ou escorrer. Só não deve ter sangue ou pus.

O importante é você e seu par sentirem prazer.
🍆💦💦💦 Cuidado com o que vocês vêem em filmes pornô! Muitas vezes aquilo é tudo falso! Aquelas quantidades exageradas tipo Blastoise não existem. O esperma (ou sêmen) é constituído de espermatozóides produzidos no testículo, líquidos produzidos na
próstata e na vesícula seminal e pelo lubrificante natural.

Cada pessoa produz uma certa quantidade, com um jato de determinada intensidade, uns mais (Olá, Peter), outros menos.

Geralmente em cada ejaculação, as pessoas com pênis produzem de 1,5 a 5ml de esperma,
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Neste dia da #ParadaSP ao vivo, com o importante tema sobre HIV/Aids, quero que estes 10 fatos cheguem ao maior número de pessoas possível. Por isso peço, encarecidamente, que me ajudem nesta missão.

@paradasp #Pride2021 #pelofimdaAids
1. A Aids já tem 40 anos de história mas ainda tem gente achando que não é ‘problema seu’. Mas o HIV pode acontecer com todos nós. Não há grupos de risco. Há crianças, adultos e idosos. Solteiros e casados. Gays e héteros. Cis e trans.
Todos nós podemos nos infectar.
Porém pessoas com menos acessos ao serviços de saúde e que sofrem mais preconceito (mulheres, gays, negros,as travestis) morrem mais.
A principal forma de transmissão é através do sexo desprotegido (sem camisinha, sem PrEP ou quando a pessoa ainda não faz tratamento).
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1/ My first patient with AIDS was a young Black man - young enough to be the oldest on a pediatric ward - with wasting, diarrhea, fevers. Dx=DMAC. He died without a official diagnosis of AIDS. I was on my first clinical rotation in medical school. It was 1982.
2/ My last pt w HIV/AIDS during training was a young Black woman who presented to the ER with “asthma” that did not clear in the “asthma room” and who had PCP on bronchoscopy. She had had only one relationship.
3/ Many of my patients @GradyHealth with HIV/AIDS were Black in those early days. Some were Latinx. The myth of “gay white” AIDS has never been true, and that has cost many lives and worsened stigma.
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Atenção usuários de #PrEPHIV:

O valor saltou de 150 reais para quase 300 reais/mês, fazendo muita gente desistir da profilaxia.

Motivo: o governo de SP retirou a isenção de ICMS para medicamentos de Aids no setor privado!

#DoriaVolteAIsenção #PrEPacessível #PeloFimdaAids
Todo mundo sabe que eu sou um grande defensor e prescritor de Profilaxia Pré-Exposição para o Hiv, uma das medidas mais eficazes na prevenção da infecção e que nos traz esperança de, um dia, eliminar a Aids.
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Não existe como desvincular HIV/Aids da causa LGBT+.
Alguns ativistas e lgbt+ neófitos precisam entender isso.

Parte da nossa HISTÓRIA teve muito sangue HIV+ derramado. E continua tendo.

Perdemos uma inteira geração mas sobrevivemos.
Pra mim é sobre orgulho, não negação. 🏳️‍🌈
Não tenho paciência e nem tempo hábil para este tipo de pessoa.

Se você não deseja que sua própria história revele uma profunda marca do HIV/Aids, seja marciano então! 👽

Pois, na Terra, todos temos.
E nós LGBT+ principalmente. Já que historicamente fomos quem mais sofremos atrocidades e perdas nesta antiga pandemia de 40 anos e, se não permanecermos vigilantes, vamos sofrer de novo.

Perdemos uma geração inteira.
Várias referências.
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1/ "Undetectable = Untransmittable" can be an empowering message for people living with #HIV.

That said, we don't explain to patients that the studies leading to that slogan defined "undetectable" as a viral load less than 200.

Not less than 20, which is the current standard.
2/ So when people are stable on their HIV medications and see their viral load go up to 60, or 100, or 120...

Listen to and address the anxiety they feel, thinking they are not "undetectable" anymore.

Reassure them that they are and you will follow things closely.
As clinicians, we need to do a better job explaining that these small increases in HIV viral load are called "blips."

Blips are common.

A. Doesn't mean the medications have stopped working.
B.. Doesn't always mean you are now "immune" to the meds.…
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🧵:On the erasure & hyper invisibility of Black Americans during the early #HIV/#AIDS epidemic

Tomorrow, 6/5 marks 40 years since @CDCgov’s 1st AIDS case reports of five “homosexual” men who presented w/ a rare pneumonia. Their race/ethnicity was not specified.
The five men were white as can often assumed when race isn’t specified.

The fact that the next two cases of this rare pneumonia occured in Black men was never mentioned.

A point that the white male doctor who identified the first cases thought was “no big deal.”/2
The first @CDCgov #HIV/#AIDS case reports in cis het women thought to be due to sexual transmission were a Black woman and a Latina woman.

It wasn’t until 5 years into the epidemic that @CDCgov began to finally report on the disproportionality of the epidemic on Black.../3
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