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The next few weeks are going to be tough for socially isolated LGBT people. LGBT communities have come together in response to a virus before. This one won't beat us. LGBT orgs & charities across the UK are offering support & helping us to connect. We'll share links & resources
If you missed it, @TeamPrepster and @THTorguk held a Facebook live event on Friday on #COVID19 , living with #HIV, and LGBT health.

You can watch a recording of the event here -…
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#COVID19 arrives in SA

Christian: "no COVID19 formed against me shall prosper"

Same Christian gets infected

Christian: "I am healed by His stripes"

Same Christian succumbs to the virus

Church: "God gives and God takes away"
Do you guys have any idea what's happening behind-the-scenes?

The medical fraternity is bracing itself for the worst

We don't know what to expect but we are trying to prepare

The whole world has been asked to #StaySafeStayHome but NO. Some Christians are special I guess ☹️
Today I call a spade a spade

Some Christians think that they can manipulate God and "make" Him do what they want Him to

I see it every single day of my working life with #HIV

It is sad

It is not too much to ask bazalwane


We need to protect each other
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Some thoughts after week 2 of working in an #ICU here in #Seattle: (1/10)
The “new normal” is still in flux, but certain things are becoming more routine. I’ve adjusted to the slower pace of entering rooms with #InfectionControl precautions, online meetings are less buggy, and ordering some tests for patients has become easier. (2/10)
I’ve been surprised by the amount of fear not just from the public but also from other healthcare workers. I am becoming accustomed to caring for people with #COVID19, yet many are still not. It manifests as friction and pushback when calling a consult. (3/10)
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Virus pandemics: are they a surprise? No.
I'm an HIV scientist 👋 HIV's emergence into the human population and the subsequent 1980's HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the most consequential events in modern medical history. There's a lot we can learn from it.
So what happened? (1/9)
HIV spilled over into the human population from the ancestral Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) in the late 1800s/early 1900s. This is akin to SARS-CoV-2, which emerged into the human population from a non-human reservoir (likely bats). (2/9)
Human-to-human transmission of HIV occurred "under the radar" for the next ~70 or so years. In the late 1970s/early1980s, healthcare workers began noticing young adults succumbing to pneumonia and/or developing cancerous lesions with low white blood cell counts. (3/9)
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Listen to this Clip:

#covid19: FDA Issued VS Approved. WHO Cares?

"The Quality of Tests goes thru the #FDA," says #DrBirx


But the #Roche test was *released under Emergency Use Authorization

This means it has not gone through usual testing.
Devil 😈 is in the Details

I repeat: the test itself has not been thoroughly tested.

I'd like to see the data & ensure its accuracy. Less false positives, I hope.

@Roche has not responded to emails or calls.
#HIV: Imagine Receiving
A False Positive? Says #drbirx

Yes that would be devastating.

From my understanding there were issues with hiv tests & misdiagnosis.


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A THREAD | 11 Years HIV ❤

Yesterday, counted as my healthy 11 years with #HIV.

And today, to accompany all of you who #workfromhome I want to share the story ❤ Hope you get something from it! 🤗
Eh pakai bahasa Indonesia aja yah ceritanyanya. Bisi pabeulit pake bahasa inggris wakakak. 🤣🤣
Th 2008. Suami mulai sakit2an.
Saya dan keluarga menyaksikan kondisinya semakin memburuk. Banyak infeksi muncul & tubuh makin kurus.

Saya ya kurus juga, tapi ga sakit2an atau mungkin ga merasa sakit. Karena yaaa.. gimana bs ngerasain sakit kalau ada yg lebih sakit saat itu.
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This has been circulating and it’s given me one too many thoughts. An #HIV, #Queerantine and #COVID19 thread: 1/
Imagining that queers and queer academics are going to jump on some bandwagon to catch up with everybody else shows little knowledge of how the history of a much larger and deadly epidemic has for decades been entangled not only with our work but with the flesh on our bones 2/
That all the generalised panic to me reeks of a total disregard for the histories of pandemics that have affected and killed (that continue to affect and kill) bodies always considered less worthy of life. 3/
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Watching #Pandemic on @CNN right now - produced in 2017 about #SARS #MERS #H1N1 #HIV & other infectious diseases...and our failure to learn from previous pandemics is concerning. #unseenenemy
Some very interesting points about the #ethics of forcible #vaccination (done in order to eradicate smallpox), the role of rumors undermining authorities, especially in the age of social media & the immediate leap to close borders after the + diagnosis of 1st #ebola case in #US.
With the 2014-6 #Ebola outbreak, I wonder what combination of the 90% mortality rate or the point of origin played in the lack of resistance to enforced quarantine for those returning from abroad?
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MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 1: Latest ARGIS Map 3/5 6:53AM .. NOTE #China not supplying DEATHS update.FIRST SEE #IMF Report from yesterday.. AND Breaking #Boris suspends #British #Parliament .. IS #Iran totally sure that Vendor from #Wuhan had come to HolyDays before?
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 2:
Yesterday's MD THREAD:
by MD trained during #HIV #AIDS Epidemic When we had to fight YEARS for Research, and Treatment.
Still do @VP #Pence killed many in #Indiana in 2015 #maddow @seattletimes @sfchronicle
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 3: WaPo Mapping as I note above I like ARGIS JohnsHopkins Map better but this is US alone... HEADS UP..SCARY folks...
While #ImpeachedForLife #IMPOTUS45 #Trump and @VP Pence are clueless @maddow @CNN @votevets
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A thread about the delayed #coronavirus/#COVID19 testing, and more broadly, about the process of science: 1/
One of the many questions of the past week in the US has been: "WHY AREN'T WE TESTING ALL SUSPECTED CASES?" This is a very fair and natural question if you do not work in a clinical laboratory or, more broadly, in R&D as applied to human health. 2/
To set the stage, imagine if there would be mass disruption to everyday life by the triggering of containment policies on a grand scale, not to mention lives on the line, if absolutely everything at your work was not reliably perfect every time. Those are the stakes. 3/
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#BanLec #HIVTreatment #TheSleeperHasAwakened
BanLec is a jacalin-related lectin isolated from the fruit of bananas, Musa acuminata and binds to high mannose carbohydrate structures found on viruses containing glycosylated envelope proteins such as HIV
#BanLec #HIV #Flu #Ebola
looks like HIV isn't the only thing it's good for. im buying some today…
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On #WomenInScience Day,

We celebrate all the women who have had a pioneering role in advancing science and health.

@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO On #WomenInScience Day, let's remember Florence Nightingale, a 19th- century statistician and founder of modern nursing, who understood the benefits of hygiene and sanitation in preventing disease.
@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO On #WomenInScience Day, let's remember Fe del Mundo, a paediatrician from the #Philippines, who did pioneering work on infectious diseases including #dengue. She was the first female student at Harvard Medical School.
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MUCH outpouring of love & support for Phillip Scofield for coming out today as gay - & rightly so!!!

(However @Schofe, please remember that @BorisJohnson described gay men as "tank topped bum boys", so please reconsider your apparent support for him - HE IS NO ALLY TO US LGBTQ+)
But I *LONG* for the day when no-one has to "come out" any more & that it never has to be "news-worthy"....

I was watching #thebodyinthepool @Channel4 documentary last night, & although at the time of the incident, Michael Barrymore had already publicly come out as gay....
.... I must assert that, although poor Stuart Lubbock died unnecessarily & that someone should be held responsible for the crime, a *HUGE* part of what went wrong that night & all the subsequent covering-up was due to the clandestine nature that gay people have to adopt....
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Live: Opening of the #EB146 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "Thank you for your moving tributes to our late friend & colleague, Dr Peter Salama. The expressions of sorrow over the past week & of admiration for everything Pete did & everything he was say it all. We miss Pete now & we will always miss him"-@DrTedros #EB146
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO "2019 was a very rewarding year, and a very tough year, as we pushed hard to finalize the design phase of transformation, while fighting emergencies, launching new initiatives and striving towards the “triple billion” targets"-@DrTedros at #EB146 #HealthForAll
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[THREAD] China Coronavirus Outbreak
A deadly virus is spreading from Asia, affecting hundreds of people and resulting in dozens of deaths, in what may become a gloabal health epidemic. This thread contains news about the outbreak.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus #WarWatch
On Dec 30, 2019, Chinese authorities confirmed cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A team of national experts was sent to carry out detection tests. Patients at a local seafood market were put in quarantine.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus
Liu Youning, a professor of epidemiology and respiratory medicine, told the Global Times that the #coronavirus found in #Wuhan appears to be far less serious than the virus that caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome (#SARS) or the Middle East respiratory syndrome (#MERS).
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Enveloped , single stranded RNA viruses.
Corona - crown like structure (as seen in image below)

Causes diseases in mammals like cats, bats, pigs, camels, cows and also in birds.

Almost all of these are eaten in #China
#Coronavirus strains known before latest epidemic :
1.Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E)
2.Human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
4.Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63, New Haven coronavirus)
5.Human coronavirus HKU1
6. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
The new strain of #coronavirus is named -
#NovelCoronavirus (2019-nCoV),
a.k.a #WuhanPneumonia or #WuhanCoronavirus.

This new strain though initially spread from animals to humans, now the human to human transmission is suspected by chinese authorities.
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Here are our #Top10 health tweets in 2019:

1⃣ #VaccinesWork

💪🏽reduce child deaths and disease
💪🏽protect against outbreaks
💪🏽prevent malnutrition
💪🏽defend against antimicrobial resistance
With vaccines, we are protected together!

#Top10 health tweets in 2019

2⃣ #MentalHealth

Every 40 seconds someone dies from #suicide.
This year, WHO launched the #40seconds campaign to raise awareness about the scale of suicide around the world and roles we can play in prevention.

#Top10 health tweets in 2019

3⃣ #PatientSafety

Every minute, 5 patients die because of unsafe care. This year, we marked the first ever #WorldPatientSafetyDay to speak up for patient safety!

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At Rainbow's End 2. Satu dokumentari berdasarkan kisah benar 7 orang kanak-kanak yang hidup dengan #HIV dari Rumah Jaireh, Batu Arang.
Aku acah hati sado, tapi terciduk la juga part diorang show their frustrations due to stigma and discrimination. Being denied for education, kena pukul, abusive parents and all. Cikgu siap pindah sekolah sebab tak nak ajar diorang. Ha, kau rasa?
These kids did not choose their parents, did not choose how they were brought into this world. They have done nothing to deserve being rejected, they have done nothing to deserve being abandoned. Yet, why society keep punishing them?
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This opinion article by Douglas Makinnon is both troubling and groundbreaking. First, no one should ever condone #fatshaming - as it has been proven to be detrimental to individual struggles with #obesity and does not lead to resolution. 1/
The publication of this opinion, which “calls out” the #US government for a “waste of energy” during an #obesity crisis - #obesityepidemic is one of the few times a political publication has addressed the lack of action on resolution of this chronic diesease. @ObesityAction 2/
Despite the accusations in the article that #Physcians are NOT addressing the issue, there is a strong effort from #baraitric #surgeons and #medical #baritricians as well as advocates #RD #nurses @ObesityAction @obsmchat @ObesitySociety @OMAsocial among scores of others 3/
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"Today, over 90% of all people living with #HIV in 🇷🇼 know their status & almost all of them are on life-saving treatment. Of those, 90% have achieved viral suppression. That makes 🇷🇼 one of the few countries to achieve the 90-90-90 targets prior to 2020"-@DrTedros at #ICASA2019
@DrTedros "Globally, of the 37.9 million people living with #HIV at the end of last year, almost 80% now know their status, over 60% receive treatment & over 1/2 have achieved viral suppression. The number echoes overall progress in Africa, where 75% of all people with HIV live"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @WHOAFRO @RwandaHealth @UNAIDS "Millions of people are on #HIV treatment. Even better, millions of people are NOT on treatment because they have the tools to protect themselves. We’ve accelerated research & development. We’ve pushed back the boundaries of science & are now in hot pursuit of a cure"-@DrTedros
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"Today, in more than 1 in 3 countries, more than 90% of #HIV-positive pregnant women are receiving anti-retroviral therapy"-@DrTedros addressing @OAFLA at the #ICASA2019Rwanda
@DrTedros @OAFLA @WHOAFRO @RwandaHealth @FirstLadyRwanda "Eastern & southern Africa are leading the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of #HIV with an average of 92% pregnant women are receiving anti-retroviral therapy. 1 in 3 is still nowhere near good enough. We have a lot of work to do"-@DrTedros

@DrTedros @OAFLA @WHOAFRO @RwandaHealth @FirstLadyRwanda "#HIV, Hepatitis B and syphilis are all endemic in Africa.
All three can be maternally transmitted; are devastating; take a heavy toll on health systems, with catastrophic expenditures for families leading to poverty in our communities.
And all three can be prevented"-@DrTedros
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It's #WorldAIDSDay and I thought I would share my story in a thread. I was born with #HIV HIV in 1998, full blown AIDS by six weeks of age due to poor care. (my mom was an alcoholic & addicted to crack & was barely able to get by herself). At six weeks of age I was in a coma.
@UNAIDS @EGPAF @ejaf @RED @CANFAR @amfAR @ETAForg I was on life support @sickkids until I was six months old. My doctor, Dr Stan Read and staff fought to save me. At six months of age they wanted to move me to a foster home for palliative care. They called more than 200 families and no one would take a baby dying of #AIDS.
@UNAIDS @EGPAF @ejaf @RED @CANFAR @amfAR @ETAForg @sickkids Finally, they found a home. A couple who already had six kids, five of them with special needs came to Sick Kids to pick me up. They were told I had a month to live and they decided they were going to give me all the love they could for whatever time I had left.
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It's #WorldAIDSDay.
There were approximately 37.9 million people living with #HIV at the end of 2018.
🔹79% had been diagnosed
🔹62% were receiving treatment
🔹53% had achieved suppression of the HIV virus to the point at which they were at low risk of infecting others.
@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO #DYK: HIV can now be diagnosed through rapid tests that can provide same-day results.
But no single test can provide a full #HIV diagnosis: a confirmatory test is required, conducted by a qualified and validated health worker at a community centre or clinic.
@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO There is no cure for #HIV infection.
However, effective antiretroviral drugs can control the virus and help prevent onward transmission to other people.
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