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O HIV não vai te impedir de ser pai!

Mesmo sem lavagem de esperma, fertilização in vitro ou reprodução assistida.
Basta estar indetectável há pelo menos 6 meses, com controle regular e rastreio para outras IST’s.

Direito reprodutivo é direito humano, para homens cis ou trans 🏳️‍⚧️
Ele, um pai vivendo com HIV, com carga indetectável há vários anos.

Ela, uma mãe que não vive com HIV e manteve relações sem preservativo com o desejo de engravidar. Não se infectou.

Um casal SORODIFERENTE para o HIV.

#saudedamulher #saudedoidoso
Uma pessoa vivendo com HIV com carga indetectável há pelo menos 6 meses não transmite HIV por via sexual. Indetectável = Intransmissível. Fontes: Estudos Partner, Partner 2 e Opposites Attract.
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The first #AIDS case in the UK was reported in December 1981.
Three years later there were just over 100 cases, almost all of them among gay and bisexual men; over 40 of them had died.
At this point there wasn’t even confidence that condoms offered protection.
It was the 1980s.
Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Government was in power.
Homophobia in the UK was deeply entrenched. Many felt that the deaths of queers was of no concern.
It was unclear when, or if, the Government would take action. 2/
In 1987, with a still relatively small but significant number of cases observed among heterosexual people, the UK Government launched its first #AIDS campaign.
Billboards across the country proclaimed the message, ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’. 3/
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After 10+ yrs covering #HIV and 25+ yrs as a journalist, I'm taking a step back from the grind to do something I think is just as important. I will miss HIV coverage. And I have Things To Say about the way legacy journalism supports white supremacy/misogyny.
Especially the way science/health journalism falls into the two-sides myth and the way the threat of "bias" is used to uphold white supremacy/misogyny/trans/queerphobia and all the other -isms.
I have done a lot of journalism. I have been a self-employed journalist for nearly 19 years. I have written for daily newspapers and big health sites. I spent five years building up the HIV coverage at @medscape and later contributed some work I'm proud of for @Webmd
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Today is International #YouthDay

Healthy behaviours that start in adolescence make healthy adults:
-Healthy diet
-#NoTobacco nor alcohol use Image
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death & disability among adolescents (10-19 years)

In 2019, nearly 100,000 adolescents died because of road traffic accidents.

Half of all #MentalHealth disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected & untreated


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Gay men don't need government directives or community shaming -- just be honest about how #monkeypox is spreading (ie, don't suggest sex, dancing together & touching clothing are equal risks) & they'll figure it out for themselves. It's already happening.
Behavior change didn't *fail* to curb #HIV -- rather it was an incomplete success, so we needed new approaches like U=U & PrEP. Until #monkeypox vaccines are readily available, abstinence, fewer partners, different activities & condoms are all part of the harm reduction toolbox.
(We don't know yet whether condoms can prevent #monkeypox, but given symptom presentation in the current outbreak, it seems likely they can reduce risk.)
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Clinical presentation and virological assessment of 181 confirmed human #monkeypox virus cases in #Spain
✔️92%, gay men, bisexual men, or other men who have sex with men (MSM) &
✔️8%, heterosexual men or women

(A) genital & pubic region pustules
✔️Median age was 37 years (IQR 31–42).
✔️18% patients reported previous smallpox vaccination

(B) Three semiconfluent pustular #monkeypox lesions with a depressed centre located on the left side of the tongue dorsum.

✔️40% were #HIV-positive, 11% had a CD4 cell count less than 500 cells per μL

✔️17% were diagnosed with a concurrent sexually transmitted infection

(C) Pearly acral #monkeypox vesicles embedded in the thick stratum corneum of the palmar skin, shotty on palpation

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Concur with discussion below. Adds to weight of evidence that direct inoculation via receptive intercourse (anal, oral) likely primary route of infection for many patients

Important implications ⬇️

Helps explain why >10K cases globally during 2022 outbreak remain tightly connected to gay men & their sexual networks: transmission via anal/oral receptive intercourse far more efficient than other routes.

Short incubation period and likelihood of direct inoculation supports why pre-exposure #monkeypox vaccination for groups at highest risk likely much more effective at preventing disease than post-exposure vaccination.

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🆘 1/3 È deceduto ieri un farmacista di xxx con ciclo vaccinale completo.
Ha avuto una forma gravissima di #herpeszooster. Potrebbe essere uno dei primi casi di morte da immunodeficienza acquisita tipo #HIV.
2/3 Quando il sistema immunitario si deprime ti trovi esposto senza difese a qualsiasi virus e clinicamente si chiama immunodeficienza acquisita.
Proprio come lo è per l’#HIV.
Deceduto per un #herpeszooster. Mai visto in 30 anni di medicina se non nell’#HIV in fase terminale.
3/3 L’avevamo già previsto mesi fa.
Purtroppo non pensavamo si arrivasse addirittura a questo punto.

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WHO, @UNAIDS, @UNICEF and partners bring together a 🆕 alliance to end AIDS in children by 2030. Only 52% of children living with #HIV are on life-saving treatment. This is far behind adults, nearly 76% receive antiretrovirals.

👉 📸UNICEF/Schermbrucker
The 🆕 global alliance aims to ensure that no child living with #HIV is denied treatment by the end of the decade. It also aims to prevent new infant HIV infections. 👉
The 🆕 Global Alliance for Ending AIDS in Children by 2030 has identified 4⃣ pillars for collective action.

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#Monkeypox vaccine messaging is difficult & conflicting because there's not enough research. Data so far is based on immunogenicity (essentially, antibody production) not real-world effectiveness. Starting with 1 dose is a good strategy to get more people some protection ASAP. 1/
But saying a single dose provides adequate protection is premature. In particular, people with #HIV have a lower response rate & it seems like they should be prioritized for 2nd doses. @dr_demetre says @US_FDA stands by its recommended 2-dose regimen. #AIDS2022 2/
I went into #AIDS2022 #monkeypox media briefing with many questions, but most don't yet have answers, including importance of various transmission routes in the real world, asymptomatic transmission, does HIV influence susceptibility, TPOXX efficacy, can isolation be shorter. 3/
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Always so inspiring listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Sharing his wisdom and decades of experience at the very fore front of fighting to end the #HIV #Epidemic
#AIDS2022 Image
The global statistics on #HIV show that our work is far from done. We must do more to #EtHE
#AIDS2022 Image
#COVID has had a profound impact on rolling back progress on the fight against #HIV
#AIDS2022 Image
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And now at #AIDS2022: ad hoc #monkeypox media briefing with @mdoherty_hiv, Marina Klein, @ProfSharonLewin, @dr_demetre, @klts0 & @profchloeorkin.
.@dr_demetre: There's not one magic bullet. Learned lessons from #HIV that absolutes tend not to work, so focus on harm reduction. #Monkeypox vaccine supply & demand mismatch will probably go through the summer & fall. #AIDS2022
Marina Klein: Montreal was able to graft #monkeypox vaccine effort onto existing COVID vaccine infrastructure, with low threshold, evening hours, broad eligibility for gay/bi/MSM. #AIDS2022
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And now, the Future of #HIV Media Coverage -- plus COVID & I won't be surprised if they mention #monkeypox. With @picardonhealth, @sciencecohen, @sarahboseley, @boosulyn, @SipokaziF, @apoorva_nyc, @rkhamsi & @ProfSharonLewin #AIDS2022
.@sciencecohen: There used to be AIDS journalists, that's rare now. With COVID, every reporter became a health reporter. Public more informed about science than ever before. But, adds @picardonhealth, they're more misinformed as well. #AIDS2022
How to balance COVID -- & now monkeypox -- with ongoing issues like #HIV/#AIDS?
@apoorva_nyc: When people stop seeing a disease as a threat to themselves, they don’t pay attention anymore. How do we get people to care about something that affects a specific population? #AIDS2022
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Racial inequities in use of #PrEP for #HIV prevention have worsened, @EmoryUniversity's Patrick Sullivan reported at #AIDS2022 this week. Among men who have sex with men, HIV rates are highest in Blacks and Latinos, who use PrEP the least.…
🧵⬇️ Image
The team at @EmoryEPI and @AIDSVu created the "PrEP-to-need ratio" metric to help us understand inequities in #PrEP uptake: the number of PrEP users in a group divided by the number of recent #HIV diagnoses in that group.

The racial disparities are stark and only worsening:
2/ Image
@EmoryEPI @AIDSVu findings:
💊Blacks and Latinos comprise 42% & 27% of HIV diagnoses, 14% & 17% of PrEP users, respectively
💊Whites comprise 26% of HIV diagnoses and 65% of PrEP users.
💊Black comprise 52% of HIV diagnoses in the South and 21% of #PrEP users there.
3/ Image
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I may never understand why some PH people who advocate for harm reduction around #HIV for gay men & people who use drugs, and now #monkeypox -- recognizing that people have needs & desires you can't just order them to ignore -- didn't apply the same principles to COVID. 1/
This🧵expresses that frustrations. PH people are hesitant to ask gay men to limit sex partners temporarily until they can get vaccinated, but didn't have similar reluctance about closing schools & asking the general public to give up important events. 2/
I think some of the nasty-seeming comments about #monkeypox & gay men's sexual behavior aren't driven so much by homophobia as by anger at the apparent hypocrisy of it all. 3/
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One of the very few times I have agreed with a Tory, @Jeremy_Hunt said earlier "Time is of the essence" in relation to those with #infectedblood so @Michael_Ellis1 please hurry up with the suggested interim payment

A friend of ours and his brother, both haemophilliacs received
#infectedblood his brother sadly died a few years later as a result, our friend has survived thanks to medical breakthroughs and with the love of his family he leads as much a normal life as possible, but this life has presented him with many challenges both mentally & physically
but he has miraculously and heroically beaten those challenges and thankfully continues to do so.
So if you are with me, our friend, the survivors and the bereaved families please like, RT and share this tweet so all those affected can at least acheive some sort of "justice"
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Did you know?

4⃣0⃣0⃣ million people have no access to essential health services
2⃣1⃣4⃣ million women of reproductive age in developing countries cannot access modern contraceptive methods
2⃣2⃣ million unsafe #abortions occur each year globally Woman with earrings and pin...
🔸Every day 🗓️ more than 1⃣ million sexually transmitted infections are acquired

🔸Around the 🌎🌍🌏: the number of new #HIV infections among young people is still unacceptably high

#AIDS2022 Two people standing next to...
Every person, irrespective of #HIV status, should be able to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


#AIDS2022 A couple is hugging while w...
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A Southern California man appears to be cured of #HIV after undergoing a stem cell transplant to treat leukemia, Dr. Jana Dikter of @cityofhope reported this week at #AIDS2022. @eBARnews…
This risky procedure isn't suitable for most people with HIV, it offers clues for more feasible approaches. "These cures are no longer anecdotal - we now have a real case series," said Dr. Steven Deeks of @UCSF . #AIDS2022
.@iasociety put journalists in a bind by holding press conferences so early. Dikter gave a summary at Wed press briefing & @cityofhope issued a press release, but her actual presentation isn't until Monday. Of course, mainstream media reported it right away after the presser.
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Annie Luetkemeyer (@annieluet) reports doxycycline PEP reduces risk of STIs for gay/bi men & trans women on #PrEP (incidence 32% vs 11%) & #HIV+ (31% vs 12%) — even more so for those who used it consistently. @UCSF #AIDS2022
DoxyPEP led to reductions in #gonorrhea, #chlamydia & #syphilis. Analysis of antibiotic resistance & gut microbiome is underway. #AIDS2022
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Monkeypox não é problema de gays.
É de todo mundo.

Só que o sistema desigual , racista e lgbtfóbico só se preocupa quando o fardo atinge mais brancos, héteros e ricos.

Demonizam nossos corpos, repudiam nosso desejo e sempre julgam a culpa em nós.
Década de 80 novamente.
O vírus da monkeypox já aflige países africanos há muitos anos.
Alertas já eram enviados às autoridades e nunca foi feito nada de concreto (nem ao menos desenvolver uma vacina específica, afinal, tava só na ‘África’ ).
Mas só agora que ele saiu mais do continente africano começou a receber um pouco mais de atenção.

E em vez de pensar nos impactos ambientais e desigualdades que ocasionam a eclosão de nessas novas pandemias, o que as autoridades fazem: crucificam
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Long-acting PrEP 🧵⬇️
A new scientific analysis finds that long-acting injectable #Apretude (cabotegravir) is highly effective as pre-exposure prophylaxis (#PrEP) among #transwomen. Gender-affriming hormonal therapy did not impact the concentration of the drug. #AIDS2022
A global coalition has launched to promote access to long-acting injectable #Apretude (#cabotegravir) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (#PrEP) against #HIV, announced at the #AIDS2022 conference in Montreal. The coalition is convened by the @WHO, @UNITAID, @UNAIDS and
The @WHO recommends long-acting injectable #Apretude (#cabotegravir) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (#PrEP) and calls on nations to consider it as a highly effective option for those at risk of #HIV.

@ViiVHC has signed a licensing agreement for poorer nations. #AIDS2022
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City of Hope Patient is older than the few other people previously cured after stem cell transplants & he's been living with #HIV longer, suggesting this approach may be feasible for more people with both HIV & cancer. #AIDS2022 @cityofhope #AIDS 1/
This follows the cures of @TimothyRayBrown, @londonpatient, the New York Patient -- & some count the Dusseldorf Patient -- making this the 4th or 5th such case. @pozmagazine 2/
Stem cell transplants are too risky to be an option for most people living with #HIV, but these findings provide clues that could help researchers develop more widely applicable approaches for long-term HIV remission. 3/
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.@ProfSharonLewin #AIDS2022 media briefing: As we face the COVID pandemic & ongoing humanitarian crises, we need to refocus attention on the global #HIV/#AIDS response. 1/
Annie Luetkemeyer (@annielue, @UCSF): doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is safe & highly effective strategy for reducing sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis) among men who have sex with men (MSM) & transgender women (TGW). 2/
66% reduction in STIs among MSM & TGW taking #HIV #PrEP, 62% reduction among HIV+ MSM & TGW. Analysis of doxycycline resistance & effect on gut microbiome is ongoing. #AIDS2022 3/
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A 5th person has possibly been cured of #HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant to treat blood cancer from a donor with a rare HIV-resistant genetic, I report for @NBCNews @NBCOUT. The #AIDS2022 conference also heard of a woman in viral remission. 🧵…
The 5 cases of definite or possible cure of HIV achieved through stem cell transplants for blood cancers from donors with a genetic abnormality making immune cells resistant to the virus are only for people with HIV and such cancers. #AIDS2022 2/…
Other #HIV cure research avenues: immune therapy; therapeutic vaccines; “shock and kill,” in which they seek to flush the virus out of the reservoir and then kill it off; “block and lock” in which they seek to keep the virus trapped in cells. #AIDS2022 3/…
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