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JUST IN: #BNNAfghanistan Reports.

The Ministry of Public Health said that it lacks sufficient resources to properly identify and treat AIDS patients, adding that over 3,000 people, including women and children, are living with #AIDS in the country. #health #Hiv #Afghanistan Image
Deputy of the Ministry of Public Health, Habibullah Akhundzada, in a statement said, “3,200 HIV cases have been recorded in Afghanistan, of which 75% are men and 25% are women.”
"We attempt to provide information, diagnose those who are affected, and treat them,” said the director of the infectious diseases department of the ministry, Bismillah.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "This week I had the privilege of travelling to Brussels for the launch of the @EU_Commission's Global Health Strategy"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @EU_Commission "The 🇪🇺 is a key partner for WHO, and has played a leading role in global health. It was a driving force behind the creation of the @ACTAccelerator, and has been one of the largest funders of #COVAX"-@DrTedros
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🧵1. BREAKING: @SAHPRA1 has confirmed the registration of the #HIV prevention jab, #CABLA in South Africa. On Thursday, #ViiVHealthcare issued their statement. ImageImage
2. Who can use the jab? @SAHPRA1 didn't specify restrictions for use in their statement, only that it is "a highly effective option for people at substantial risk of #HIV infection." Image
3. How does the jab work? It uses an #ARV called cabotegravir that prevents #HIV from replicating and entering someone’s cells. It’s taken every two months. Read my latest story for more.
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According to a press statement issued by the Stem Cell Therapy Centre, Advanced Cells, a woman in the United States, a leukemia patient, became the world's first and third person to date to be cured of HIV after getting a stem cell transplant.
The treatment was the first of its kind because it did not require antiretroviral therapy, which could help many HIV patients. #HIV #US #Health #StemCell #leukemia #Colorado
The case was presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Denver, Colorado, United States. According to the experts, it was the first study to use umbilical cord blood to treat acute myeloid leukemia...
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BREAKING: #BNNMorocco Reports.

The Moroccan Association for the Fight Against AIDS (ALCS) is preparing to launch the 9th edition of their health outreach, which aims to raise awareness about the existence of AIDS and funds to assist those who have been affected by the disease.
The scheme which is known as "AIDS is still present... Let us make a contribution," will take place across the entire country from December 1st to December 31st, 2022. The ALSC campaign coincides with World AIDS Day, which is always held on the first of December each year.
During its campaign in Morocco, the ALSC will focus on a variety of health issues, including warning people about the shortcomings of the Covid-19 health crisis,
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It's World AIDS Day: time to take stock. Because there is no #HIV #vaccine and women can't compel men to use condoms, people continue to get newly infected. And because the majority of them live in poor parts of the world, the undeclared #pandemic is very expensive.
MORE Image
Inside the USA federal spending on HIV/AIDS $7.6 billion/year.
MORE Image
Of that, about $780 million goes to the @CDCgov for prevention programs -- and much of that is passed onto the States.
MORE Image
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JUST IN: #BNNArgentina Reports.

The Argentine Government approved the regulation of the National Law of Integral Response for people with HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and other sexually transmitted infections. #Argentina #HIV #Health
Coinciding with the commemoration of World AIDS Day, the regulation was made effective through decrees 804 and 805 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette with the signatures of President Alberto Fernandez and some ministers.
Law 27.675 was approved by Congress and proposes a comprehensive collective health approach to HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and other sexually transmitted infections and seeks to provide support and information to overcome prejudices and situations of discrimination.
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🧵1. @SAHPRA1 says it’s “days away” from announcing a decision on the registration of the #HIV prevention jab, #CABLA. The shot virtually wipes out your chances of contracting HIV through sex + needs to be taken every 2 months.
2. How does the jab work? A bit like contraception, says @LindaGailBekker. “U take contraception before sex 2 prevent pregnancy. Similarly, u take the jab before being exposed 2 #HIV 2 prevent infection.” Listen 2 Linda-Gail on @bhekisisa’s #HealthBeat.
3. What makes #CABLA work? An antiretroviral drug called cabotegravir. Some people with #HIV use it for treatment, along with other #ARVs. The drug prevents #HIV from entering your cells.
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It’s #WorldAIDSDay

Here are 4 things you need to know about #HIV ⬇️
Have you ever taken a #HIV test?
If YES ➡️ Well done! Just remember to do it regularly!
If NO ➡️ What are you waiting for?

On #WorldAIDSDay & beyond, the best time to take a test is NOW Image
It’s #WorldAIDSDay

Inequalities still persist for the most basic services like testing and treatment.
We must ensure that everyone, everywhere has equal access to #HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care Image
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This is the @PeoplesCDC weekly update for November 28, 2022! This Weather Report from the People’s CDC sheds light on the COVID situation in the US.…
The Weather: Transmission levels continue to remain high, with close to 85% of the population living in areas with substantial or higher COVID transmission, an almost 2% increase from last week. Map and table show COVID tr...
With PCR testing infrastructure dismantled in Spring 2022 (, this map represents an undercount. We applaud the National Institute of Health for finally releasing an anonymous self-reporting portal ( rapid antigen tests.
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If you're standing underneath it☝️
you will see when you inspect it
that a Flying V is made of flying geese

The pointed end flies in the lead
so when it flies it's hard to read
You've got to tip your head to see

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When you look back at the history of #HIV and #AIDS it took a massive publicity campaign & years to bring the public to the understanding that things had changed, that wearing a condom was now a habit they needed to adopt so they wouldn't get and spread a lethal infection. Image
And it was a different time, when people's media consumption was limited to TV, movies and print, most of which did not want to acknowledge the scale of the problem let alone promote a change to the status quo.

A lot of people suffered and died tragic, horrible, needless deaths
The scars from that era are still felt to this day. It took decades for an effective treatment to be developed, and in the beginning the attitudes from those in authority ranged from blasé to outright contempt and celebration at people's suffering.
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🦐 Jambalaya 🦐

2 years ago next month, this scientific preprint came out and I tweeted it with an explanation:

"The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein disrupts the cooperative function of human cardiac pericytes" >…
At the time, only a few of my followers like Martina Sisters and Walter Chesnut cared or understood.
Since then, I have had 4 research accounts censored and countless explanations of the science of the #toxic SARS-CoV2 spike protein erased.
Many people have died. >
But, as Feynman wrote in his
"Appendix F, Personal Observations on the Reliability of the Shuttle":

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." >…
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#Shi & her 2022 #China Patent: BALB/c mouse adapted strain of #SARS related coronavirus WIV1-RsSHC014S and application thereof..
Inventors: Shi Zhengli, Lin Haofeng, Liu Meiqin, Jiang Rendi
Zhou Peng. #WIV1 #RsSHC014S Image
The invention relates to the technical field of coronavirus, in particular to a BALB/c mouse adapted strain of SARS-related coronavirus WIV1-RsSHC 014S. Image
The SARS-associated coronavirus #RsSHC014 can effectively replicate and propagate in a corresponding cell line and a transgenic mouse by using #hACE2 as a receptor, Image
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#Riboflavin (#vitamin B2) versus #covid19?

A series of molecular docking studies (modeling of biological actions by computer) indicate that plain old cheap old perfectly-safe old RIBOFLAVIN inhibits critical #SARS_CoV2 #proteases -- thus acting as potential #antiviral compound.
By analogy: viral protease inhibitors are the basis of anti-#HIV #ART (anti-retroviral therapy) - drugs used widely to maintain disease-free, #AIDS-free life, albeit at a cost: $25-50K per year. Plus headache, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and a dozen other crappy side effects.
Riboflavin, if it proves to be effective in humans, or even if it doesn't, would cost perhaps $25 (twenty five, not 25 thousand) per year, with no headaches, nausea or the rest of that rot. Just so you know.
There is only slight chance that the definitive human studies will be
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Nunca vi vírus ou bactéria saindo pra perguntar ‘você é gay? Hétero? Bi?’ antes de infectar alguém.
IST’s não te escolhem por orientação sexual.

Achar que ‘monkeypox’, ‘HIV’, ‘sífilis’ são problemas só do outro, te dão uma falsa sensação de segurança.
E é aí que acontece com vc.
Obs: ainda não se bateu o martelo de que varíola pelo monkeypox seja exatamente uma IST (infecção sexualmente transmissível) apesar do vírus ter sido detectado em esperma, secreções anais e vaginais.
Qualquer contato íntimo pele com pele pode transmitir, inclusive sexo.
O início da epidemia de HIV teve concentração dos casos em alguns grupos vulneráveis, mas isso foi mudando através do tempo.

Como o tempo foi havendo ‘heterossexualização’ da transmissão, aumentando também entre mulheres e idosos.
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Casos de Covid aumentando.
Subvariante Ômicron BQ.1 circulando no país.

Você já tomou a sua 4a dose?
Pessoa com HIV, já tomou a 5a dose?

Muita gente tá relaxando e esquecendo dos reforços.
Isso não deve acontecer.
Com reabertura e sem máscara, o mínimo é todo mundo se vacinar!
Ei, você com alguma alteração da imunidade. Já tomou a quinta dose contra Covid-19?

Temos uma nota técnica FEDERAL que permite isso.
Pessoas acima de 18 anos com imunossupressão (alteração da imunidade) podem receber mais uma dose da vacina contra a Covid-19, segundo nota técnica do ministério da saúde.

Para receber você pode levar um encaminhamento do seu médico, um documento que comprove
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🆕 WHO 2022 Global TB report 🧵

For the first time in many years, an increase has been reported in the number of people falling ill with #tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant TB.

📌 Three doctors are looking at an X-ray of a patients lungs.
In 2021, #tuberculosis was on the rise ↗️:
🔸10.6 million people fell ill with TB, an increase of 4.5% from 2020.
🔸1.6 million people died from TB.
🔸Drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) increased by 3%, with 450 000 new cases of rifampicin-resistant TB (RR-TB).

Reasons for increase in #tuberculosis cases:

🔸Disruption of essential TB services due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

🔸Ongoing conflicts across Eastern Europe, Africa & the Middle East have further worsened the situation for vulnerable populations.

📌 Illustration of the letters "TB" whit a clock goin
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#idweek2022 acute #HIV #PrEP likely delay diagnosis of HIV in oral PrEP users ImageImageImageImage
#idweek2022 #HIV long acting #PrEP #cabotegravir #HPTN083 acute HIV diagnosis delayed 2-3months ImageImageImage
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#idweek2022 #hiv transmission in various clusters @CarlosSaldanaMD why is important to respond to clusters? 6x rapid spread. The five networks @EmoryInfectDis once identified: conduct surveillance, reach to cdc and initiated ‘The Epi Aid’ partner with community based org
#idweek2022 #hiv @CarlosSaldanaMD
-language barrier:trust is lost in translation
-structural barrier: can’t get documents
-inability to take time away from work to go to doctor or labs, many intake forms not in Spanish
-Hispanic gay/bisexual makes marginalized
#idweek2022 #hiv transmission in various clusters @CarlosSaldanaMD solutions:
-language justice
-service delivery models
-hiv prevention models
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#idweek2022 #hiv #PrEP cisgender female hiv negative, ongoing study interested in long acting LA prEP? Study geographic representation not matched with hiv epidemic
-majority black followed by Hispanic
-16% consistent condom use
-9% STI in 2 yrs
-risk perception low
#idweek2022 #hiv #PrEP cisgender female hiv negative, ongoing study interested in long acting LA prEP?
-older participants compared to younger aware of prEP
-19% reported using it
-9% still using it
-the ones who dropped prep reason:being in monogamous relationship
#idweek2022 #hiv #PrEP cisgender female hiv negative, ongoing study interested in long acting LA prEP?
-half had heard of long acting prEP
-high awareness in white participants
-willingness to take PrEP high 60%
(Thought prevents hiv and STI)
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#SupremeCourt litigant requests the Court to allow him to to argue his matter himself.
Case: Litigant is a #HIVpositive patient, because of a Given blood transfusion (as alleged) in a military hospital, which was contaminated with #HIV
The litigant yesterday appeared before the Court request an urgent hearing his matter. The Court listed the matter for today.
Hospital Had given a negative report of 2014, is alleged.
Litigant says HIV negative report can not be taken on record, as the concern is required in writing.
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Don't Leave Me This Way~HIV~Love Hangover

The SARS-CoV-2 virus and its Sp!ke Protein (SP) contain gene sequence homologs of other lethal organisms.

One of these is HIV.

It's interesting to compare their shared pathophysiological mechanisms.
(Research🧵, hit "Show replies" at the end to see more)

Dr Richard Fleming, explains the evidence Montagnier found, including 18 gene fragments similar to HIV and SIV, on SARS-CoV-2.
SARS-CoV-2 like HIV, suppresses the innate immune system…
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Short 🧵 On Persistence of #Ebola - Patient infective over 500 days & spreads infection by Sex- So with the risk of spill over we may see repeated outbreaks. In 2016, Guinea had recorded 3 probable, 7 confirmed cases, of which 6 were admitted at an Ebola treatment unit ctd)
2/n 4 patients died in the community ,4 patients in the ETU.Fatality ratio among probable & confirmed cases in this cluster in Guinea was 80% (8/10).They were closely related to viruses from the 2014–2016 outbreak, ruling out a new introduction from an animal reservoir ctd)
3/n Epi investigation revealed that case 1 had sexual intercourse with a male #Ebola survivor who reported sexual abstinence after discharge from Nov 2014 -August 2015 as recommended. From Sep 2015, he had occasional intercourse with various partners, including case 1 ctd)
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