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Alright Twitterverse, listen up! I want to try something CRAZY. You and I, we're going to play some #DnD5e together. I'll be the DM, and all of you together will be the player. Each day I will post a new 24h poll. Your answers will determine what happens next in the story. 1/...
Should be fun, am I right? You'll all be like a hydra character, having one body but with many minds. The more people playing the game (number of votes), the more interesting the choices will be! Help us expand the hive of players by retweeting with the hashtag #TwitterDnd. 2/...
The goal is to connect with people in a fun and engaging way and give them a shared experience together. If I can also show new players how easy it is to get into #DnD5e so much the better. We'll try to keep it simple with traditional rules and see how far our hero can get. 3/...
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Result: Stalk
The wolf snorts approval
"Good cub, your prey thinks because it hunts it won't be hunted, makes stalking it easy, lets begin"
The wolf moves until it is directly down wind of where you know the prey to be
"Some of these things have good noses
it is best to approach from downwind, now lets get closer"
You follow the wolf, switching to a low crawl as you approach to the edge of a gully, Directly below you a humanoid shaped creature is feasting on the remains of a stag. It's skin is a solid black colour, its hands clawed
you glimpse rows of sharp pointy teeth as it tears a chunk of flesh apart.
There's plenty of cover if you want to get close though you are fairly sure you could make a leap from here and land on it.
You hear the other wolf in your head
"Your prey is before you cub, now what?"
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