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One interesting aspect of looking at the #OneDnD playtest documents is that it makes me realize things that I didn't fully process in all the years of running #DnD5e. For example, I knew the Artificer is a class that is very dependent on its subclasses for its identity.
It never struck me how true this was for druids as well. The core druid is a very thin framework on which to hang subclasses, with the subclasses doing a lot of heavy lifting. This became even more true as subclasses started using Wild Shape as a player currency for abilities.
What's even more interesting about THAT development is that we're seeing a lot of One D&D developments that come from recent design, like from Tasha's forward, but Wild Shape as currency for non-wild shape stuff comes in pretty early.
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Dear @DnDBeyond,

I've restarted my #DnDBeyond Auto-Subscription.

But I want to add feedback I was unable to give in the survey (it bugged out). This is going to be quite a thread with praise and critique for you and some explanation into why and how and what to expect.

You yourselves know best the kind of disaster the #OGL 1.1 / 1.2 / 2.0 rollout was. This has cost you A LOT of goodwill with the community and turned swathes of us permanently away from your products.

But you've decided to do better. Thank you for that.

I'm sure you received lots of feedback and combed through the noise on social media and in your survey. But after not being able to take that survey, I'd like to add my 2 cents and a little extra to the voices, maybe it'll help you make better, yet profitable decisions.

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Just to make a clear statement, since I've got a podcast talking about #DnD5e with @orikes13 and @Thelight101, I love D&D 5e. It's my favorite iteration of the game so far. We started the podcast because we love the game and have fun playing it.
I am not going to support WotC until they take steps to make their position less hostile to the community and more permanent. But I've still got a lot of material, and I'm still looking forward to a lot of exciting 3rd party material.
If you look at the campaigns I've run in D&D 5e, outside of running games for the Adventurers League, I've run Storm King's Thunder, then run a campaign of my own set in @KoboldPress' Zobeck.
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Unpacking a whole lot of data around #dungeonsanddragons

Last week I wasn't expecting to study the implosion of the Dungeons & Dragons brand owned by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming.

#Hasbro #wotc #criticalrole #wizardsofthecoast #dnd5e #dnd #ttrpg #pathfinder Image
As a company Wizards of the Coast did over a billion dollars in revenue last year.

After one week of brand damage millions of dollars have been shaved off this revenue and it appears to be getting worse day by day. It will likely evolve into double-digit percentages.
Just on Youtube there were 500+ videos covering the topic this week. Fan creators and influencers generated over 10M views across hundreds of videos that generated millions of hours of view time and 110K+ comments spreading to every other platform.
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For anyone who is migrating to #Pathfinder2e from #dnd5e, I've been running adventure paths for almost a decade now and have read through or ran all the 2e adventure paths. TLDR they are all extremely high quality, but have pros and cons. Here is a quick review of them: 1/x
Age of Ashes: The first adventure path released in 2e and a quintessential adventure. While I enjoyed parts of this adventure, they hadn't quite nailed down encounter balance yet and it can get *very* lethal. 2/x
Extinction Curse: This path is kind of broken into two separate parts, both of which are really good but don't really play well with each other. The initial premise of a traveling circus run by the PCs is great but gets abandoned halfway through for a very interesting plot. 3/x
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So i finally got my hands on the full legal text of the OGL 1.1, and now I can safely look at all of its parts, and how they would affect me as a publisher (and other small publishers) #DnD #OneDnD #dnd5e #wotc
Starting from the top, they really go out of their way to define commercial and non-commercial.
especially when it comes to KS and patreon
"If you’re giving your work away for free, on Patreon or otherwise, and asking that people support your work if they enjoy it, that’s not commercial. But your work must be given without strings attached if it’s going to be considered “noncommercial.”
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I don't like to use this account to talk outrage, so I've been mostly quiet about the #dnd5e situation the past few days; I've been way too pissed to say anything productive.

I've finally settled enough, so, here's my🧵: why this is a disaster for everyone, WotC included.
It's not ambiguous why this is happening: WotC shareholders demand growth, and D&D's growth has slowed. How could it not? They captured a colossal market share over the past 5 years, and the pandemic only amplified that, with people playing online.
However, we saw this with Netflix, too. They captured basically their maximum market share during the pandemic, so in practice, they had nowhere to go but down, and everything started burning as a result.

Anti-consumer policy became the only way to keep that growth going.
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So I'm seeing a lot of Monolithic "WotC doesn't want to do this" or "WotC doesn't care about this" comments in regard to a lot of trending points of conversation, and I think, once again, it's important to point out "WotC" in these instances isn't a monolith.
The people in charge of the profitability of the company have their goals, the people in charge of marketing the brands of D&D and Magic want certain things, and they want those things in context of the brands, not the specific games.
The people in charge of the actual game development and the success of the specific games want different things than all of those other folks, and have to balance those desires against what gets set as a company priority.
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Reading some commentary on Banishment to day got me thinking about the classic trope of banishing something to another dimension, and how to express that in #DnD5e
The tricky thing is, banishment in most stories isn't a "the caster snaps their fingers, says a word, and their gone" kind of thing. I may have recently been reminded of this watching the Willow series on Disney Plus.
On one hand, you could fix this by just making the casting time longer, but having one spellcaster in the group dedicating their action to casting a spell for a longer period than most fights take doesn't seem like fun, or fit the playstyle.
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Finally, finally got to play #DnD5e again tonight after being sick last time around. I'm probably going to jinx myself, but I'm feeling pretty good right now. At any rate, we had a few developments.
The PCs were trying to free a group of clerics that had been kidnapped by zealots of Ba'al, and each of the clerics had a magical trapped lock on them based on the Arcana of the Deck of Many Things.
Each cleric had a card's symbol that was antithetical to their religion showing, and they needed to be moved to the opposite of those symbols in order to free the cleric without triggering the trap.
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Finished up Chapter 4: Shadow of War in Shadow of the Dragon Queen. I'm going to dance around some spoilers in this section while trying to say something meaningful about it. #DnD5e
We have more thematic echoes of the original adventures, in this case a situation not entirely unlike the arrival at Thorbardin. We also get an NPC foil in the veil of Theocrat Hederick or Derek Crownguard from the original series.
This section has a number of missions to complete, as well as two main locations to explore, and another encounter that can be played out that happens in the middle of a larger battle.
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There is a whole lot into going on the the most recent UA, so we're on episode three of @BrandesStoddard and @DMSamuel look at it, and I'm here for it, because #oneDnd is now taking up an inordinant amount of my brainspace. Don't be ADD online and have things you care about.
Anyway, since I've got three blog posts on this, as well as potentially mutiple episodes of @Thac0wA looking at this as well, I again don't have TOO much to say about this episode, other than that Brandes and Sam have some great insights into this.
Brandes and Sam dive into some discussion of if #dnd5e will be supported in the future on D&D Beyond, and the wider philosophy of digital "ownership" of material. I think this is an important discussion to have.
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So, I have some #DnD #dnd5e thoughts:

They are great at tying mechanics and flavour together, while also giving you a greater understanding of the setting you are in. They require a bit of work though.

Long 🧵👇
So, a short explanation for the uninitiated:

In D&D each player character has a class. Some classes have access to magic spells. Which spells are available to you is dictated by a class spell list.
Any given spell is associated with one or more spell lists. So there is some overlap, but each spell list defines the capabilities of its corresponding spellcasting class.
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We can argue back and forth all we want about whether CR in #dnd5e works but in the end it comes down to this:

Players and Monsters are asymmetrical

As such, there will never be a perfect metric of Encounter Balance. It'll always be horseshoes and hand grenades

So what to do?
As designers (of player options, monsters, adventures, etc.) we have a skeleton key:


Nothing will tell a better story than actually using the content as many times as possible and aggregating the results, turning dials, testing the results, and concluding.
As DMs its not so simple. The point of CR/Encounter Balancing tools is to be able to ad hoc playable material outside of what is published.

What we need is better guidance into what goes into CR and Encounter Balancing, so we can better see where we stand.
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Thread #application #JDR 1/7 :
Dans ce thread, tu trouveras mes 3 applications favorites pour le jeu de rôle.

#pathfinder #wh40k #kult #shadowrun #warhammer #cthulhu #dnd5e #dnd #roliste #geekgirl #geeklife #geek #dice #gamemaster #roleplaygame #maitredujeu #jeu #logiciel Image
Thread #application #JDR 2/7 :
Tout d'abord, j'aime beaucoup pour les ambiances dans les parties de JDR. Plutôt utilisée en physique, elle est assez modulable pour correspondre à mon idée d'ambiance pour certaines scènes.
Thread #application #JDR 3/7 :
Ensuite, j'utilise énormément YouTube pour les musiques en partie et maintenant je couple YouTuble avec watch2gether dont j'ai parlé dans mon premier défi JDR - The Sprawl sur le blog (…).
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Lady Eagleshield has become a very fun NPC in my home #dnd5e campaign. Tonight she will be giving my players this silhouette portrait so they can keep her close. Thanks again for bringing her into existence @TheEdVerse ! Link to make this 👇

#realmslore #dungeonsanddragons Image
As an NPC, I like playing her as a mixture of between Julia Child and Foster Florence Jenkins. Most people know Julia Child, but may not know Foster Florence Jenkins, in which case I suggest watching this fun film

#dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons
Anyways, if you wish to make this #dnd5e prop, then here is the file…

#dungeonsanddragons #realmslore #dnd
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Doctors and Daleks, our #dnd5e conversion of Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game, is out this Tuesday! So I thought I'd share some insights into what has changed from #dnd, what's the same, and what we've brought over from the Doctor Who RPG
Just like regular DnD, you'll pick your Species and Class. For Species, you can choose from Human, Sontaran, Silurian (Welsh or Wenley Moor), and Time Lord. There are no preset Ability Scores, you can choose those yourself, but there are recommendations (such as Str for Sontaran)
Time Lords get more bonuses than other Species, such as access to SRD spells like Telepathy and Augury based on their level. But don't worry, the GM chapter contains advice on having a Time Lord in the party and keeping things fair
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1/ Let’s make a #dnd prop! This is a Waterdeep almanac that I designed over a month (with @TheEdVerse providing some #realmslore via Twitter responses 🙏 Ed!). I’ll link the file in the 🧵. This almanac is a beast with 20 pages. #dungeonsanddragons ImageImageImageImage
2/ my goal with this 🧵 is to assemble one of these in real time, sharing all of the steps and equipment that I use. But first, a little bit about the almanac. It can be hard to get a clear picture of how this looks, so here is a video

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons
3/ this almanac draws on several sources, the first of which is early printed almanacs (which were bestsellers, second only to the Bible). Thankfully many of these can be found digitized online. ImageImageImage
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I am planning a #DND5e campaign. The following thread contains excerpts of my notes as I plan. Maybe once we play I'll tweet updates about how things actually happen. And then share this twitter account with the players at the end. Could be tedious, but could be fun?
I'll have plenty of time to define the macguffins later. Image
Planned from the start. Unless I change my mind later. Image
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📣 NEW SERIES!!! 📣 Introducing Ink-U-bus! Series ft. renowned tattoo artists playing travelling tattooers in the campaign world of #eberron! Follow for Updates!

Coming fall to

#Dnd #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons #dandd #ttrpg #inkmaster #dndtattoos
Our Dungeon Master will be none other than the awesomely talented @nerdytattooer Chad Rowe!
The shop-hand with an edge, Dara Darksbane, (Half-Elf, Paladin) will be played by the incredible Kassidy Norman!
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In 1963, a Cappadocian man discovered a mysterious chamber hidden behind a wall in his home. Investigation revealed access to the lost Byzantine city of Derinkuyu—an underground labyrinth reaching 279ft (85m) deep.🧵 1/3
#inspiration #History #writing #ttrpg #RPG #DnD #dnd5e
Artifact finds suggest construction began during the 5th century, and was completed by the 10th. Hewn from volcanic rock, the underground city’s countless rooms could shelter 20,000 people, their livestock, and food stores, all across five levels connected by stairs. 🧵 2/3
The upper levels of Derinkuyu hold stables, storerooms, chapels, and private homes. An abandoned cruciform church lurks alone at the deepest level. While the city was opened to visitors in 1969, over half of the tunnels—as well as the church—remain off-limits to the public 🧵 3/3
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THE WITCH HOUSE NEXT DOOR is a story I grew up with. In the early 60’s, several illegally-built houses in the woods nearby were being demolished to make room for a public park. One house had an especially poor reputation.🧵 1/12
#inspiration #urbanlegends #ttrpg #RPG #dnd #dnd5e
The story—as told by my stepfather—goes that the house’s owner was a practitioner of the black arts. Shortly after he died, local kids began daring each other to sneak into the house after dark. It took several weeks before any of them dared venture into the basement 🧵 2/12
Dirk, the local ‘tough kid’was a buddy of my stepdad at the time, and convinced him to explore the basement of the witch house together before it would be torn down by bulldozers. The boys didn’t expect to find much, since the upper stories had held nothing interesting 🧵 3/12
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D&D question: My 9-year-old has devoured all the Young Adventurers books, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, and an old monster manual from 1979 😅 He digs stats. Is it time for us to get him the 5e Players Handbook? Or are there other more youth-oriented books we should consider?
Thanks for all the recs/advice 🙏🏽🙏🏽We bought him the PHB this afternoon. He's been fully engrossed in it, pausing only to run around & yell, "I've never been more excited about any book like this one!!!" Then he held the book up & kissed the front cover 🤣😂🤣 #HappyDnDKid
Kiddo just burst into my office with this page and said, "This is so you, mama!" (meaning the guy w the battleaxe). I asked why & he said, "'Cuz on the surface, you seem like a happy, pleasant woman. But when you really get to explore you, you're really tough inside!" 😆🥰 #dnd5e Image
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All right! Here is: A d100 list of books you can find on a shelf or desk in your Dungeons and Dragons game. I hope it sees some use! (The full online PDF can be found in comment below)

#DnD #dnd5e #TTRPGs #pathfinder A preview of a d100 list, f...
Here's your link:…

I've found Homebrewery is an amazing resource, but the formatting gets out of whack depending on what browser you're on and what zoom level you're at. Might have to play around to get the best experience.
Okay! For those who just can't the formatting to work no matter what, I bring you a different take, through the magic of Screenshots! ImageImageImageImage
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