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Been seeing seeing a lot of #TTRPG/#dnd5e posts about this pic, to showcase the size of a Roc to players!

But the real story of this statue, & the mythical Indian Creature behind it, Jatayu, is something I feel more people would be interested in!

Let's Go!
So, let's start with the myth.

The story of Jatayu comes from the Ramayan, one of the major Indian Sagas depicting the adventures of the God King Rama, an avatar of the Major God Vishnu!
In the Myth, Vishnu re-incarnates as one of his avatars (a word directly borrowed by the English language from Sanskrit), called Rama, to help rid the world of demons, primarily the great demon king Ravana.
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#dnd5e another homebrew idea- orcs are vikings.

Yeah, you heard me.

Most of your forgotten realms folks are terrified of orcs because they've only met orc raiding parties. They don't get that orcs are fucking fantastic navigators and sailors.
They don't see how Uber clean and fashion forward orcs are. They don't see how the women of the orc clans have the most power in relationships. They don't see how whole villages help raise children. They don't see the beautiful, intricate carvings and art of the halls and temples
What they have seen of the orcs, and this is how the orcs like it, are the orcs they have fought - their terrifying berserkers. Everything from their tusks, to their green painted skin, to how they dress for combat are all designed to provoke fear in highly trained knights.
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It is my firm #TTRPG head cannon and homebrew staple that goblins are an entire group of people who are predisposed to #ADHD , and have it to an extreme degree. It is untreated because no one has stopped to study it.

They do not lack intelligence, they lack impulse control.
A goblin is hyperactive and always in search of the next bit of dopamine to keep them going. It's why they can come up with creative solutions, but it always seems super dangerous.

Going specifically into #DnD5e you can see a decent example of a few #ADHD types.
Goblins are hyperactive. They can't stay still unless they have to. They lack impulse control. They are startled by loud noises and smells. They have hyperfixations that they obsess over. Their executive dysfunction manifest is opposition to authority. They have anxiety
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The orc NPC manages to throw a flask of oil onto the Mind Flayer.
The Triton hits the Salamander causing a (homebrew) explosion pushing the Magma Mephit back, which also exploded, IGNITING the Mind Flayer.

And then The Great Goldfish Heist was in motion!

The Cleric casts guidance on the Monk.

The Monk uses Mage Hand (from homebrew training) to grab SYLGAR from next to XANATHAR and, using ALL her movement, absolutely LEGGED IT something like 135ft away.

Xanathar was PISSED, but before the fish was stolen he attempted to petrify the chaos-causing Orc NPC. Who saved!

The Monk was gone, Big X couldn't move as a Legendary Action but attempted another Eye Ray at the orc.
A Death Ray. Dex save. Orc has +1.

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Dear my English-speaking brothers and sisters. Hi, I am Kanata Yanagino, a novelist. He is also the original author of "Saihate no paladin(faraway paladin)", an anime that starts this month. #dnd5e #faraway_paladin
My work is strongly influenced by tabletop RPGs. If I may use a recent great work as an example, it's something like "Goblin Slayer". #dnd5e #faraway_paladin
Now, I should probably start tweeting about the anime or novel I'm promoting. I should start tweeting about how fascinating, wonderful, and worthy of your viewing it is, or something.
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Okay, #dnd5e hot take.

I think every subclass should start at level 1 like the Cleric does.

A whole lot of games start at level 3 because it's "when you get subclasses" but there's little reason to withhold it so long, EVEN IF, all you get at level 1-2 is flavor/fluff mechanics
If level 1 is the most dangerous level and DMs/Players hate it (in general) then adding robust subclass features to that level would help define the character's playstyle AND help prevent them from being murdered before they did anything cool.

"Hurry to level 3" shouldn't exist.
"They don't want to give too many options!"

I hear you loud and clear!

Like... choosing what style of weapon, style of armor, fighting style, and spells. Wait - we gotta do that already. But at least you can change them!... just like you can a subclass... uhhh... BUT STILL!
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So based on the object AC & HP rules of #dnd5e, a Tarrasque can destroy the Earth in 37 days.
To follow up, a Gray Ooze's Corrode Metal can "eat through 2 inch thick metal in a round". that means in 23 years, it can CANONICALLY get to the earth's center.
A bullete, which weirdly enough has a faster burrow speed than an earth elemental, can reach the core by digging in about 6 years.
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I highly encourage every #dnd5e DM to consider PATRONAGE as a kingly reward in their games.

Having a rich, Noble, entitled ENTANGLEMENT that also benefits the party is SO GOOD.

Here's a few of the patronages I've done in the past:
Countess Hauldese saw a young swordswoman (swashbuckler rogue) defeat two bandits and kill an attack dog in a back alley of Luskan.

She offered a patronage - a swordplay exhibition for her guests in exchange for 10 gold a day for a year, to be repeated indefinitely.
Vraxis Amberglass was saved a great deal of embarrassment when a paladin (Devotion oath) apprehended his lover before she could murder a house guest.

He offered the paladin full patronage up to 1,000 gold a month, so long as the dragonborn lived and stayed within the law.
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#dnd5e Hot Tip

Hey, did you know that in addition to your movement (not an action), your action (an action) and your bonus action (if any), you also have another kind of action on your turn, every single turn?

You get one Object Interaction per turn for free (not an action).
This is cleverly concealed in a Player's Handbook sidebar with the header "Interacting with Objects Around You."

Most, though certainly not all, of the items on this list require a free hand (implicitly, if not explicitly), so shieldbearers and TWF types are hard-pressed here.
There's a lot of potential environment interaction here (activating levers or switches), as well as a place for a lot of physical comedy (draining a flagon, stuffing food in your mouth) and your standard array of hockey-themed interactions (donning a mask).
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🕯️D&D Darkvision Thread Worth Bookmarking🐉

Everything you need to know about D&D 5E Darkvision in one thread.

Follow along and let me know your thoughts about Darkvision in your games!


#dnd #dnd5e A Hero holding a torch stands on a small island with piles o
How does DV work?

1. Creature with darkvi⁠sion see in dim light as if it were bright light and in Darkness as if it were dim light.

2. For DV creatures, areas of Darkness are **lightly obscured.**

3. The creature can’t discern color in dark⁠ness, only Shades of Gray.

2/13 Many creatures in the worlds of D&D, especially those that d
Okay, so pretty much a creature with DV is in a **lightly obscured** area while in darkness.

Remember, enemies also with DV are in a lightly obscured area, so neither the player with DV nor the creature has an advantage here, they are equal.

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Hi #MAMG21! Thanks for coming to my paper: Fuck the Paladin and the Horse he Rode in On. Thanks to @cosyfanheater and Luiz Guerra for some early feedback on this. #DnD #DnD5e
1/ #MAMG21 “Paladins” are a stock figure in medievalist fantasy—whether that’s books, films, or games. But it was not always so. Though they have a long history (more below), the version we know sprang from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) Player’s Handbook in 1978. An illustration from the 1978 AD&D Player’s Handbook, titl
2/ #MAMG21 Paladins are long overdue to be put out to pasture. This is for two core reasons: 1) they tie together holiness and violence, and 2) that violence is built on anti-Muslim bigotry, root and branch.
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I need a good pinned tweet, so here is a brief (haha) synopsis of my ambitious "World of Splendors" campaign that uses the Forgotten Realms setting & mixes both official #DnD5e content with homebrew.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
We started with some in depth character creation using Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Then I began the campaign with the first chapter of "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist" .

The party get together and have to find Volo's friend, delving into a Xanathar's Guild hideout.
After this, they receive Trollskull Manor as payment from Volo and they meet their neighbours.

They visit a temple for a celebration day and, in a hook that will draw the party to the region of "Princes of the Apocalypse", they encounter some sabotaged fireworks.
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Playing #AThousandThousandIslands in #dnd5e :

Here's the house-rule document, in PDF-…

And that post *already* has long-ass notes. But talking shop about game design is fun, I guess? So, thread:

My fave RPG rule texts are ones that trust players.

Games like Knave and Troika! set their ethos by what they *don't say*, as much as the rules they provide:

"You are sharing a cool experience with friends, here's a scaffold, climb all over it and build something together"

PS: Troika! still has, in my estimation, the best "what is an RPG?" section ever written. Basically:

"Oh wow you are getting into RPGs for the first time, here's what it is, don't be scared, just go for it, I'm so excited for you!"

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When planning a #dnd5e adventure ask: If every player failed every single skill check in this adventure, could they still complete it and could they still have fun?

If either answer is 'no' - I urge you to rework your adventure with that in mind.
"A character must succeed on a DC 17 Wisdom (Perception) check to notice the trap door in the floor."

Okay, everyone fails. Now what?

"Uh... UHHHH... i guess roll again?"

Hard pass.

And dont try the "make the DC 5!" i said assume they FAIL, not roll low.
"Characters who succeed on a DC 17 Wisdom (Perception) check notices the trap door in the floor. Otherwise, the doctor's mad shrieks leads them to the cellar, where a helmed horror with a +1 halberd guards a descending staircase."

Trap door = safe, easy
Cellar = dangerous enemy
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It was a genuine delight to work with @redscargaming on this and I can still scarcely believe I contributed to an official Hellboy product!!

(I've supplied ALT text in the replies below!)
#ttrpg #disabilty #dnd5e
It’s no secret that the life of an agent of the B.P.R.D. is one fraught with danger and the unexpected. An average day can throw you for a loop at any time. Things rarely go the way they’re anticipated to – that's a fact of an agent’s life. However, not all disabilities are
the result of accidents out in the field. People are born with them or simply develop them over time as the result of an illness or genetic condition. The B.P.R.D. realises this and offers assistance to all agents in the form of both medical care and mobility aids and
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There is a controversy happening in the #DnD twitterers currently.

I’m seeing a lot of (older, white) TTRPG creators today saying, “If you agree to do freelance work, you get what you signed up for. Don’t complain.”

We disagree. Here’s why.

#DnD5e #CandlekeepMysteries
It's perfectly reasonable to want to enter an industry that historically has treated people poorly but want to be treated better.

Imagine someone saying 'don't complain' to a union activist trying to fight for workers’ rights!

#DnD5e #DnD #CandlekeepMysteries
But in this particular case, the issue IS NOT about getting work changed.

An older white man inserted the word PRIMITIVE into the text of a black man whose is well-known for arguing against colonialism in #DnD! Here's why that is exceptionally bad:

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A short threat on my most used cheat sheets for #dnd5e. I've always got at least one copy of each of these on my table! First off, this great sheet summarizing ability scores/checks!

#dungeonsanddragons #dnd ImageImage
And here is the link to that sheet:…
Next up, combat! I find this sheet to be a wonderfully simple summary of what happens during combat and what a PC can do in #dnd5e #dnd #dungeonsanddragons This is a free d/l on the @dms_guild…
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I don't often promote myself on here, but I should. I have done some things that I am proud of. So here is a thread of episodes from @OurTurnPodcast that I contributed a segment and/or co-hosted. #RPG #podcast
Here is one of my very first contributions, a segment about one of my favorite RPGs of all time: 13th Age. @13thAge I still love it, and I have hacked the system to run other genres (ex. Star Wars: The Old Republic). Give it a try sometime.…
One the one-year anniversary of @OurTurnPodcast, I did a segment about Session Zero for RPGs. I love being a part of Session Zero in any #RPG, both as a GM and player.…
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D&D has a race problem.

In @WIRED, @mjgault describes @Wizards_DnD's resistance to changing parts of #DnD lore & rules concerning #race.

They want to retain the game's legacy. Here's why that's a problem:

A core element of #DnD5e is retained from #DnD's earliest days: fantasy races have significant inborn differences that include ability and morality. So, elves are smart, agile, & good, while orcs are strong, dumb, & evil -- they’re biologically savage & menacing.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Because it mirrors real world racism, & lots of folks don't like to play out fantasy racism when they have to deal with it in the real world as well.

Imagine if an RPG required you to role-play being sexual assaulted; it would alienate many.

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#dnd5e - Let me talk to you about non-combat conflict.
Problems that don't get resolved from murdering someone.

Combat can be part of it or part of the solution, but here's a quick run-down of my 10 session types. Works best serialized, but can influence whole plots too.

1. Survival Against Danger.
A quickly devolving situation puts the party in fight or flight.

The volcano is about to explode, they have only minutes to find out why or escape.

An assassin has framed the party for the prince's murder, the guards are coming from all directions.
2. Unknown Magical Upheaval.
Some magical effect has changed the rules wildly, the party must stop it.

The town of Gold Hills, where the party is staying, has its gravity inverted. The young sorcerer responsible is unaffected but can't control it.
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A thread of #DnD classes, in GIF form, starting with: Barbarian (1/13)

#dnd5e #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Monk (2/13)
Artificer (3/13)
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Okay, so some people are wondering why there's so much noise ranging from frustration to outrage coming from the larger POC community reference #TCE, the latest book from the team at #DnD. And to get into that, we have to go back in time a bit.…
When #DnD5e dropped in 2014, things were optimistic. POC representation in art was through the roof, and while there was still some problematic #DnD baggage following the new edition, it was what most would consider "a good start".…
The problem was that the effort sputtered there. #SCAG was released in 2015 and aside from making Gold Dwarves definitively Black again and maintaining the art representation, didn't offer significant coverage of even the POC coded areas near the area.…
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On the one hand, it is great to have resources to run games.

On the other, it is no wonder why more people do not want to run games. "Oh, you want to be a Dungeon Master? Here, read these 20+ supplemental books if you want to 'git gud'."

This is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but...
If a game is really self-contained, you should just need the core book(s) to run it. It is great that we have so many resources now; I wish I had them in the 80s when I first DMed. But now it can be overwhelming to new folks to run a game. #DnD #dnd5e #RPG
Between a glut of supplemental how-to books and scads of streams and podcasts, a person just starting out looks at the list of 'required' reading and RPG streams and thinks: I can never be as good as others without making this a full-time job. It is daunting.
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It seems like every season the @DnD_AdvLeague becomes more limiting with more book-keeping. The desire to keep people "seasoned" for story purposes has overtaken the fun value. You know most MMORPGs don't have story consistency as well, right?
I am scheduled to play D&D AL at @NukeCon this weekend, but now I am not sure if I even want to play. I only play D&D AL a couple times a year. Using the seasoned model, I will never see any story beyond Tier 1 play. All my characters will just collect dust. #DnD #dnd5e
Seeing how D&D AL and Patherfinder Organized Play are the only RPGs regularly offered, convention play has become homogenous and boring. I miss playing sci-fi, modern horror, etc. I miss Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, etc.
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