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THEY DID IT!!! Today, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed into law one of the most meaningful and comprehensive gun safety packages in our country's history: five new gun safety bills, including background checks on all gun sales and an extreme risk protection order law. #VAleg
Virginia is now the 19th state to enact an Extreme Risk Law and the 22nd state to require a background check on all handgun sales. #valeg…
How did this historic win happen? Well, it started last summer, when Virginia @MomsDemand volunteers attended a special session on gun violence after the mass shooting in Virginia Beach, only to see it adjourn after 90 minutes without a single vote. #valeg
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THEY DID IT!!! The Virginia General Assembly just passed gun safety legislation to require background checks on all gun sales. The legislation is headed to the governor’s desk, along with a slate of gun safety bills, including red flag legislation. #valeg…
Almost all of the gun safety bills - seven of them - that the Virginia Governor asked lawmakers to pass days after the Virginia Beach mass shooting last summer have been passed and are on the way to his desk for his signature. #valeg
How did that happen? In November 2018, @everytown was the largest outside donor in Virginia, outspending the @NRA 8 to 1. And @MomsDemand volunteers outworked them with 100,000+ calls and 10,000+ door knocks. We helped flip the Senate and the House. #valeg
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When the bill passed, the gun extremists - including @NRA representatives - stood up and chanted "We will not comply!" Police escorted them from the room. #valeg…
Crowd of middle aged men shout at police in the Virginia statehouse and accuse them of betrayal for ushering them out of the hearing room after being disruptive. #valeg

Proud of Virginia @MomsDemand volunteers for standing their ground today against gun extremists who are throwing temper tantrums because they can’t stop lifesaving gun safety bills from becoming law. #valeg
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[THREAD] They say that hindsight vision is 20/20. That's why I'm so troubled by SJ75 in the #valeg.

A history lesson + a call to action...

#vagov #vapol #fundourschools
First, I'm the Executive Director of @VirginiaExcels. VE is designed to develop and amplify the voices of students and families from historically underrepresented communities to promote educational equity.
As I've shared with all of the participants in our programs, "I've failed you if you only parrot things that I think & I hate failing."

Daily, I ask myself multiple times, "is this best for kids? If not, how can we make it better?"
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NOW: Gun extremists have gathered at the Virginia State Capitol in an attempt to intimidate lawmakers out of doing what voters elected them to do: pass common-sense gun laws that will keep our families safe.

#VALeg #GunSenseMajority #IStandWithVirginia
Our VA volunteers worked tirelessly to elect a #GunSenseMajority of lawmakers who will stand up for gun safety laws. Now, these lawmakers are ready to uphold the will of the people and follow through on their pledge to protect Virginians from gun violence.
It’s not only our volunteers who want action on gun violence prevention—gun safety was the top issue for voters in VA’s 2019 elections. Recent polling found that the vast majority of VA voters support background checks on gun sales & red flag legislation.…
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To remind Virginia lawmakers that the extremists in the streets on Monday don't represent most voters, @MomsDemand volunteers will spend Monday phone banking to connect Virginia voters to lawmakers to thank those who have spoken out for gun safety. #IStandWithVirginia
@MomsDemand Activism is always more effective than extremism. That's how @MomsDemand helped flip both chambers of the General Assembly to be gun sense majorities in November. Moms will always outspend, outwork and outvote people who threaten our communities' safety. #IStandWithVirginia
@MomsDemand In the first two weeks of 2020, Virginia @MomsDemand volunteers have already held over 20 organizing events, as well as an advocacy day in Richmond, where we sat down with nearly 80 legislators. Extremists can make threats — we’ll keep making change. #IStandWithVirginia
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The @VCDL_ORG event in Richmond is drawing militia groups from across the US (including organizations that fomented violence in Charlottesville), and internet chatter that it could kick off the “boogaloo” - far-right slang for a violent civil war. #valeg…
The @NRA has yet to disavow the January 20th event or the various militia groups planning on attending. However, the NRA put out a formal statement supporting Virginia’s Lawless County resolutions, and former NRA personalities like Cam Edwards are listed as speakers at the rally.
The @NRA put up Virginia billboards baselessly warning of coming “confiscation” of guns. As UCLA Professor Adam Winkler said, for decades the NRA has pushed “overheated rhetoric about protecting the right to rise up against the government … this is the natural result.” #valeg
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Virginia gun extremists who are upset they lost the election and now democratically elected lawmakers are passing stronger gun laws are weirdly obsessed with my vagina. Also, they’re all apparently the result of immaculate conceptions. 🤷‍♀️ #valeg
Still going...
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It’s been a day. Virginia gun extremists are very very unhappy about the gun safety bills we started moving through the General Assembly today. What they don’t realize is that these comments only make me more determined, and only serves to multiply @MomsDemand supporters. #valeg
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BREAKING: Virginia lawmakers just voted to prohibit firearms for civilians and lawmakers at the statehouse to protect public safety.

Armed extremists have been threatening violence during their upcoming Jan. 20 rally at the statehouse. #valeg…
Until now, this was legal. These armed extremists have been protesting gun safety bills at the Virginia statehouse, and trying to intimidate and silence @MomsDemand volunteers. Because of Virginia’s lax gun laws, these men may not have had background checks or training. #valeg
The @NRA’s support of lawless sheriffs and counties, as well as encouraging armed extremist threats against lawmakers and civilians, appears to be backfiring. Spectacularly.
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I'll be live-tweeting tonight's community meeting at #ecglass on safety concerns, after more than 800 kids stayed home because of #gunviolence concerns today. #lynchburgva #VAleg
Opening the event is Dr. Crystal Edwards, superintendent of Lynchburg City Schools. Says she's "not afraid to do the hard work" to engage families on safety concerns. Also that it's tough to notify parents right away about concerns when ask the facts aren't in.
Edwards: "it's a 24/7 job" to coordinate with kids, parents, police and community on safety concerns. Wants parents who see "talk" about gun/gang violence on social media to report it immediately to the school (who can then report it to the police.)
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Third stop: I’m in Fairfax to support @HelmerVA, an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and is campaigning on gun safety. He’s running for a seat in the Virginia House against an incumbent who is the chair of the House GOP caucus and an @NRA shill. #valeg
Virginia is one of only four states with legislative elections in November. All 140 seats in the General Assembly are on the ballot, with Republicans protecting razor-thin majorities in both chambers - and a @HelmerVA win is key to getting a gun sense majority. #valeg
.@HelmerVA was introduced by another gun sense champion (and future governor/senator/president) @JCarrollFoy, a Virginia state representative. #valeg
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Second stop: I’m in Richmond, where @debrarodmanva’s race for Virginia state senator is one of the tightest in the state. She’s running against a candidate whose record is abysmal, but who‘s pretending to be a gun sense champion in order to siphon votes. #valeg
.@debrarodmanva ran for the Virginia House of Delegates for the 73rd district and beat a Republican incumbent. Now this gun sense champion is running for state senate. Watch her ad here: #valeg
.@debrarodmanva’s Republican opponent has an A-rating from the @NRA, takes NRA money, and has been endorsed by the NRA. But she also had the gall to run a TV ad in which she pretended to support gun safety laws. She even called herself a “mom who demands action.” 😒 #VALEG
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First stop: Virginia Beach. After the mass shooting tragedy here, Navy veteran @MissyforSenate held a round table to discuss gun sense solutions. Her opponent, Bill DeSteph, spoke at an @NRA townhall, voted to do nothing on guns, and then took a check from the gun lobby. #VALEG
Virginians won’t allow their children to be unsafe in their classrooms or on their streets. Candidates like @MissyforSenate will beat the @NRA in their own backyard on November 5, and then pass gun laws that save lives. #VALEG
.@DelegateFowler was one of the first Asian-American women to be elected to Virginia's House of Delegates in 2017. She’s a gun sense champion whose re-election will ensure the safety of families in the Commonwealth.
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Article neglects to mention that in 2017, @MomsDemand helped elect Virginia’s leadership and swept the House of Delegates. The @NRA lost in their own backyard despite investing $2M. And polls showed gun violence was a top three voting issue. #valeg…
How did we do that? Virginia @momsdemand volunteers made thousands of calls and held over 100 canvasses. And through Everytown, we invested over $1.5 million. We’re gearing up again given that every General Assembly seat is up for grabs in 2019. #valeg…
You can help us win a gun sense majority in Virginia no matter where you live. Text READY to 644-33 to join @MomsDemand today. #VALEG
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Open Carry is legal in Virginia. That’s why these armed men are standing near the Virginia statehouse in an attempt to intimidate and silence the hundreds of @MomsDemand volunteers and other advocates supporting gun safety at today’s kickoff of the special session. #valeg
The 2019 special session was called after the deadly mass shooting in Virginia Beach. @MomsDemand volunteers are urging lawmakers to support background checks, extreme risk protection orders and bans on large capacity magazines and silencers. #valeg
This is legal. These armed gun extremists protesting gun safety legislation at the statehouse are the definition of @NRA “good guys with guns” - until they’re not. Because of Virginia’s lax gun laws, these open carriers may not have had background checks or training. #valeg
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74 state legislative candidates received our @MomsDemand Gun Sense Candidate distinction before yesterday’s Virginia primary (some running against each other); 52 Gun Sense Candidates won and will advance to the general election

4 Moms Demand Action volunteers ran for the Virginia state legislature and 2 ran in school board races, with 5 of the 6 volunteers advancing to the general election. 💪💪💪
This fall, Virginians have a chance to flip control of both houses of the General Assembly to gun sense majorities in the @NRA’s own backyard.

Join us to help make it happen: Text JOIN to 644-33.
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Last year, @MomsDemand helped stop the @NRA's federal bill to deregulate silencers - even after the gun lobby gave $30M to Donald Trump's campaign. The silencer industry took credit for writing the legislation, saying it could grow the silencer industry “by 10 times.”
When people hear the sound of a gunshot, they know to run, hide or call the police. Hearing and identifying a gunshot can mean the difference between life and death. Virginia Beach witnesses said they thought the gunshots were a nail gun or were coming from outside the building.
The most important thing in Virginia right now is to elect gun safety leaders in the state's 2019 elections. @MomsDemand volunteers are connecting with candidates before the June primaries and asking them to fill out our Gun Sense Candidate questionnaire. #valeg
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#Predictions for the rest of 2019:
1. Trump’s #dementia worsens.
2. Try as he may, Bolton fails to start war with #Iran.
3. Democratic candidates pick up seats in #NJLeg #KYLeg #VALeg #MSLeg & #LALeg.
4. Bots from Iran/Syria/Russia will wreck havoc on the Internet one day by retweeting like a DOS attack.
5. #Brexit will be extended yet again until 2020.
6. Interest rates will spike, but corporate stock buybacks will continue to prop up the stock market until late in the year.
6. Due to Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, other countries raise prices opportunistically. #Inflation heats up on durable goods and many other products. (H/t to Art Leonard)
7. School shootings return as usual.
8. No #InfrastructureWeek happens.
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