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The lucky bamboo plant should be placed in the east or southeast corner in the house.
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Cotton and silky cotton plants are considered unlucky plants for the home.
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Dead plants are a sign of ill health and negative energy. Cleanse your garden every day. Cacti or other thorny plants: Plants with thorns are a strict no-no in Vastu.
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Vastu Tips: Removing negativity from home using salt
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A mixture of lemon juice with water, white vinegar and salt can be used for wiping doorknobs and windows. Subsequently, spill sea-salt at the entrance and cover it using a doormat to get rid of negative energy from entering your premises.
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A pinch of sea-salt must be added to the water while mopping, excluding Thursdays to remove all the negative energy from home
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Bring in Plants. ...
Clean the Home With Rock Salt. ...
Save Water. ...
Store Food in the Right Place. ...
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Burn Camphor. ...
Have a Clutter-Free Entrance. ...
Display Fruits. ...
Bring in Light.
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Vastu tips for good health
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One should never utilize the space under the stairs because doing so can lead to sickness and heart disease. Vastu for good health, suggests focusing on keeping the space underneath the stairs clean and clutter-free
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You should consider facing east or north whenever you study, as it can help streamline your energy, thereby giving positive results.
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Vastu Tips for Marriage
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For a happy married life, make sure there are no single pieces of decoration in the room, like a single duck or a single butterfly. Keep them in twos, symbolic of love. Family photo in south-west & couple photo in the west direction is highly recommended
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It is highly recommended for married couples to sleep in the South-West or the South direction in the house. Painting your bedroom with light and bright colors like white, yellow, pink, light green, light blue, etc.
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Vastu tips to remove negative energies.
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Light a candle or an earthen lamp daily in the evening to keep away negative energy from the house

Avoid artificial flowers at home.
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Declutter your house on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Using White California Sage and Palo Santo sticks also helps in removing negativity
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Brown: Brown is a classic choice for wallets/money pouches. It is believed that brown has earthly characteristics of flourishing. Keeping money in a brown wallet will help you save it.
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Black: Black is a colour of prosperity, wealth, and career opportunities. You can carry a black wallet to attract all of these three things.
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Wallet tips:
Money attracts money, so keep some bank notes in your wallet, never keep it empty.
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Keep some rice grains: Rice represents good life and abundance. Keeping a few grains of rice in your wallet will attract wealth and fresh energy.
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Peepal leaves: You can attract a lot of luck and abundance by keeping a peepal leaf in your wallet.
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Assumptions in vastu : Truth and fallacies in #VASTU

🦜 Most of the modern Vāstu lays emphasis on kitchen, rooms, facilities etc. This is considered Vāstu according to modern thoughts and even by common people. However, this is not given any preference in real granthas. In
fact it does not occupy even a single chapter in certain granthas. This shows that choosing rooms or kitchen or pooja room is not Vāstu. A widely accepted concept which is not real Vāstu.
🦜 Kitchen-A common thought is that it should always occupy SE section. However, all major
granthas unanimously give it NE or Vayu area. SE is mentioned in only single book which is not in order of first preference. I have seen Vastuśastris beating the bush by emphasizing kitchen to be located in SE.
🦜There is no mention of dakṣiṇāvartī or vāmāvartī stairs. All
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1-What could be a man’s point-of-opening into the #Vedic Corpus?

For me it is #Ayurveda, #VedicAstrology and #Vastu. (1/16)

2-Vedic #Astrology that ways is well & truly a #Vedanga…for it virtually has answers to every question one might have

If one has a subtle enough perception! (2/16)

3-Consider this from the works of #Parashara.

This is used as a tool for #BirthTimeRectification and #PrashnaAstrology by #Jyotishis

..especially in the #Tamil School of #VedicAstrology. (3/16)

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1-Today is the #Birth #Anniversary of quite possibly the most interesting #God in the #Sanatana #Pantheon - #Ganehsa!

For #AyurvedicAstrology and #VedicAstrology #Tradition in general – Ganesha is the central #God controlling all the #Planets.
2-The Puja timings at most places today in #India are between 11 and 1 during the day.

No tradition is as rich in #Mythical #Symbolism (that if properly meditated upon – can point to the reality) – as the Vedic Tradition.
3-According to the #Vedic Traditions of #Yoga, #Vastu, #Ayurveda and #Jyotish

..the following are the #Metaphors and #Allegories associated with #Ganesha
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Vastu- Eight directions and their rulers

East - Indra - Ruled by the solar deity - Aditya (Seeing the world)

West - Varuna - Ruled by lord of water (Physical)

North - Kubera - Ruled by lord of wealth (Finance)

South - Yama - Ruled by lord of death -Yama (Damaging) Image
Northeast Eesanya - Ruled by Shiva

Northwest - Vayuvya - ruled by the god of winds deity Vayu (Advertisement)

Southeast - Agneya - Ruled by the fire deity - Agni (Energy Generating)

Southwest - Pitru/Nyruthi, Niruthi -Ruled by ancestors (History)
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Directions and there lord (Swamy)

1. North is ruled by Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth for Money

2. South is ruled by Lord Yama, the lord of Death

3. East is ruled by Lord Indra, the lord of solar energy for Prosperity Image
4. West is ruled by Lord Varun, the lord of water/Rain

5. North-East is ruled by Lord Shiva, the lord of Divine power

6. South-East is ruled by Lord Agni, the deity of fire for Energy

7. North-West is ruled by Lord Vayu, the lord of Air
8. South-West is ruled by the demons/ancestors

9. The Center is ruled by Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe for cosmic energy.

10. The flow of the magnetic field on the Earth/Patal or Nadir is called Ananta.

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Basic Vastu Directions

1. North-East (NE) is for clarity of mind.

2. East-North of East (ENE) is for recreation, Entertainment, and Fun (ENE is situated in the eastern side near to the north-east)

3. East is for Social Connections Image
4. East of South is for Anxiety and Churning

5. South-East is for Fire, Cash, and Liquidity

6. South-South of East is for Power and Confidence

7. South is for Relaxation and Fame

8. South-South of West is for Expenditure, Wastage, and Disposal.
9. South-West is for Relationship and Skills

10. West-South of West is for Education and Savings

11. West is for Profits and Gains

12. West -North of West is for Depression and Detoxification

13. North-West is for Supporting and banking
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