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So, today, I'm declaring a #SocialMedia #War on you. Your #PrinthouseParkway location is a #clusterfuck of carelessness and stupidity.
Daughter was seen there by a Nurse Practitioner on the 10th of March.

NP provided two scripts, to be transmitted electronically, including a steroid and pain relief.
Daughter went to pick up scripts.

No scripts.

Oh, there's a record, according to @Walmart pharmacy in #ColoradoSprings. They say, electronic record shows that @PVCHC #cancelled the scripts.

Ten days to get transmitted electronically?
Cancelled scripts?
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Comey is a Russian agent. He used a Kremlin dossier to spy on the President.

Since when can a FBI Director use a dossier sourced to the Kremlin to destroy a President?

#Weasel #Comey
It really shocks me that Republicans haven't picked up on this yet. Time to get over defending Russia to spite Democrats: There are bigger issues at play here!
If there is an innocent explanation, someone please explain to me, how an FBI Director could accidentally start an investigation based on Kremlin sources? In what universe is it possible Comey is not a Russian agent?
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1. @realDonaldTrump is an anti-Communist.

The corrupt secret police crap perpetrated by #Weasel Comey + Hillary is stuff Trump understands and detests even more than we do. He will end them.

We'll look at the decisive historical evidence contained in his personal relations...
2. Historical analysis of friends, family, and mentors is crucial. Any politician can deceive in the short term. But looking at the lives of the key influences on a man will show the truth.

I learned that from the brilliant PHD Paul Kengor (read his work).
3. Trump had a close relationship with his dad, Fred Trump
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1. Let's talk about how James Comey is a Russian agent.

Maybe people think I'm using hyperbole or argumentation here to make a point?

I'm not. I'm serious.

When the smoke clears years from now we're going to see numerous FBI agents were Russian agents.
2. I'm feeling pretty Twitter-energetic tonight. When a thread goes viral all these notifications I guess gave me a dopamine rush.
3. Obligatory @Comey #Weasel picture.
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