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Heute möchte ich mir etwas Zeit nehmen, mit euch über #OpenScience,
#Wissenschaftskommunikation und #SocialMedia zu sprechen.
Nicht erst seit der Replikationskrise, aber seither stark zunehmend wird die Forderung nach
transparenter und reproduzierbarer Wissenschaft lauter. Verständlich.
Die meisten von euch kennen das Reproducibility-Project. Die Open Science Collaboration
hat 2015 diesen lesenswerten Artikel veröffentlicht:…
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#Grifters exploit fear and ignorance for profit.🤑

They push #disinformation on ANY issue that's of big concern to the public, and David Icke is one of the worst.

Which is likely why he's branching out into #ClimateCrisis #denial, citing a garbage #climatechange paper.

1/3 ctd Image
2/3 The paper was mentioned in a reply to me yesterday, intended to sow doubt about the scientific concensus of evidence about manmade climate change.📈📊

Which is FULLY supported by every scientific agency on earth.🌎✅

#Misinformation travels fast and confuses the public.📲🤨 Image
3/3 #BigOil's agents and those they fool are ALWAYS pushing noise, flooding #socialmedia with hundreds of false and misleading 'facts' on climate.👹🌊

Read the comments on this page to understand why the paper is ONLY mentioned on #denier sites like WUWT:… Image
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1/7 🧵🤖 Recently, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's remarks about India's ability to create something like ChatGPT have sparked a lot of discussion. Here's a breakdown of the situation. #AI #OpenAI #ChatGPT #TechNews
2/7 🌍 During his visit to India, Altman was asked about the potential for India to build foundational AI models like ChatGPT. His response, that it would be 'pretty hopeless', has drawn criticism. #AI #India #TechControversy
3/7 💬🔥 The reaction on social media was swift and varied. Some users called Altman's statement arrogant, while others saw it as a challenge to prove him wrong. #SocialMedia #TechDebate
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Each of my recent Twitter threads had tens of thousands of views and 100s of retweets & likes. But as soon as I posted a 🧵 with a link to an article on a rival social media/newsletter site, the thread barely got more than a thousand views, and just two retweets. This seems like…… ImageImageImageImage
👆🏼 I say this as somebody who intends to continue using Twitter and whose overall experience on the platform has been positive in recent months. Twitter has allowed me to connect with numerous Sudanese and to follow the conflict there closely. More importantly, it (and Facebook……
On net, I think #socialmedia has had an overall positive impact during the crisis that began in Sudan on April 15, 2023. (I would not say the same about all conflicts. During the civil war in #SouthSudan that began in December 2013, for example, I criticized Facebook for……
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1️⃣ 📢 Big News! Meta is rolling out a Twitter alternative codenamed #Project92. This decentralized social network could be known as Threads upon its public release. Could this be the next massive thing in #SocialMedia? Image
2️⃣ 👥 The rise of Twitter alternatives like #Mastodon and #Bluesky has stirred up the industry. Now, Meta is stepping up its game, testing Project 92 with global celebrities. Is this the new home for the stars?
3️⃣ 📱 At first glance, Project 92 looks like a Twitter twin. Users can like, comment, reshare posts, and more. Plus, it's putting verified accounts front and center. Is this the #TwitterClone we've been waiting for?
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FBI Warns of Crypto Human Trafficking Rings in Asia

The #FBI issued a warning on fake job ads that lure people to Southeast Asia, where “victims are held against their will and forced to commit international crypto #scams on unsuspecting victims.”… Image
"These scam mills usually put up ads on #socialmedia and lure their victims by promising well-paid jobs. Upon arrival, however, victims have their passports taken and are forced to work by scamming innocent people."
"Furthermore, if workers were unsuccessful, they would reportedly face torture, abuse, murder, or be sold to another gang."
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🧵 A look at how @ManCity approached their title win on social media this weekend...

#smsports | #socialmedia | #digisport Image
City shared 14 TikTok videos, gaining a total of 46.5m views + showing the appetite for content in big moments.

The most-viewed posts show it's all about the moments that make up the moment...

Haaland + the trophy - 12.5m
Full-time at Forest v Arsenal - 11.1m
Trophy lift - 6.5m Image
On IG, they've shared more than 70 posts and again, the 'moments' have over-performed, with the trophy lift hitting 20m views.

Pre-planned content has worked well too, like their Champions Artwork from artist Tsokolakyan hitting 9.6m views.

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Hier in diesem Thread ein paar lustige, informative & erhellende Fakten zur KI und ChatGPT in der digitalen Marketingwelt präsentieren!

Seid gespannt! #DigitalMarketing #Thread
Fakt 1: KI & ChatGPT können die Erstellung von Inhalten enorm beschleunigen.

Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Copywriter wie Detlef Schreibtisch stundenlang über einer Überschrift brüteten. 😅

Heute erstellt KI knackige Headlines in Sekundenschnelle! ⏱️ #Copywriting #KI
Pro: Schnellere und effizientere Erstellung von Inhalten.

Con: Potentielle Entmenschlichung der Kommunikation.

Unsere charmante Detlef Schreibtisch muss seine Kreativität in anderen Bereichen entfalten. 🎨 #Inhalte #Kreativität
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Keynote 'State of the German Internet' als Thread.
#OMR23 Image
Die #GAFA-Firmen haben erstmals an Wert verloren. Ist das 'Peak GAFA'?

#OMR23 Image
"Die Firmen wachsen vor allem gegen sich selber. Um zu wachsen, müssen sie sich gegenseitig Marktanteile abnehmen. Außerdem ist @Microsoft wichtig. Fünf Firmen rangeln um die Aufmerksamkeit." (@Westermeyer) #OMR23 Image
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1. A/B testing can significantly improve your copywriting results. By testing different variations of your copy, you can determine what works best for your audience and optimize your content accordingly. #copywriting #ABtesting
2. A/B testing allows you to make data-driven decisions about your copy. Instead of relying on guesswork, you can use actual user data to determine which copy resonates with your audience and drives more conversions. #data #copywriting
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#IPL is spreading hate amongst the citizens and minting money.

This is not a new analysis and it's known for most people but after watching yesterday's incident between #RCBvLSG this is the right time for all the cricket fans not to fall into this trap. 1/n
IPL has always been everything about #MONEY and #entertainment. The teams were based on most popular cities in #India so that each team will have larger fan following and representation, just like #football leagues. 2/n
The people behind #IPL were/are biggest #businessmen, #Celebrities from various fields and #politicians. It gathered enough attention when it got started as new league in 2008. Just because IPL has celebs backing doesn't mean it's gonna be a superhit league in the long run. 3/n
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What happened in Sinjar region of Iraq/Kurdistan the past three days? He's a brief #thread.

Iraqi government resettled some of the internally displaced Sunni Muslim families to Sinjar, where #YazidiGenocide was committed by ISIS in 2014. Image
Yezidis protested against this plan in front of the Islamic Mosque located in Sinjar, because according to some witnesses, there were some Sunni Muslims among them who supported and joined #ISIS against the Yezidis in 2014. This people joined ISIS and betrayed the Yezidis back……
After this protest reached #socialmedia, a group of Imams, sectarianism led Islamic politicians and parties spread a picture of a mosque and saying that Yezidis have demolished it and burnt Islamic Holly Book Quran and attacked and called Yezidis devilworshippers & atheists.
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A 🧵on #COVID19 Survivorship Bias
on #SocialMedia

Working as a counsellor and drawing on personal experience as someone who’s immunocompromised, I’m ever conscious of the growing gulf between private and public experiences in this pandemic. Image
Survivorship Bias refers our mental short cut that focuses us on stories of success, not failure. This distorts our world view and also impacts our capacity to assess risk in a pandemic where public health has been dumped in favour of ‘personal responsibility’. #COVID19
It comes from a famous example from World War Two when the military tried to assess the damage on returning planes in order to protect future ones and initially decided the planes’ extremities like wings etc were most vulnerable. #CovidIsntOver
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>Anlasslose #Überwachung von privaten Messenger-Chats durch den #Staat: Das droht durch ein neues #EU-Gesetz ➡️ Doch @NancyFaeser kann im EU-Ministerrat die #Massenüberwachung noch stoppen. Unterzeichne jetzt den Appell:... <… ImageImageImage
#DigitaleBuergerrechte - Teil II

Als das #NetzDG kam, wurde dies damit begründet Hassrede eindämmen zu wollen.

Wir wir jeden Tag erleben können, existiert Hassrede weiterhin.

Zugleich sind seit 2019 viele linke Stimmen dauerhaft & unfreiwillig verstummt.

Bis 2018 hatte #Twitter eine enorme Bedeutung, wenn es um Recherche und Synergien im Bereich monetaer marginalisierter Menschen ging.

Es gab ein echtes Netzwerk aus empathischen, reflektierten und informierten Menschen.

Dialog war da via DM fast ein Selbstlaeufer.

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Bila shaka kama unafuatilia ulisikia juu ya mkutano wa IDA20 SUMMIT FOR AFRICA. uliofanyika julai mwaka jana huko Dakar nchini Senegali. Na tuliwakirishwa na Mhe. Raisi @SuluhuSamia . Basi leo kuna habari njema. Image
Julai 25+26 Mwaka huu Tanzania itaandaa kilele cha mkutano kama huo. Uliopewa jina la "AFRICA HUMAN CAPITAL HEAD OF STATES SUMMIT." Na unatarajiwa kufanyika jijini Dar es salaam ukihusisha pia mapitio ya IDA20 mid-term ya December. (Yaliyoanzisha na japani Dec 14-15, 2021) Image

Huu ni mkutano maalumu wa viongozi wa mataifa ya Africa, inayojadili umuhimu wa kuwekeza katika watu na wenye malengo ya kutilia mkazo juu ya umuhimu wa mtaji/rasilimali watu kwenye mageuzi na ukuaji kiuchumi kwa mataifa hayo.
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🉑 Acknowledge the problem and recognize that social media addiction can have negative consequences on your life.
🉑 Set specific goals for reducing your social media use, such as limiting your screen time or taking a break from social media for a certain period of time.
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#socialmedia #addiction
#mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness
#Thread 🧵🧵🧵
Behavioral changes in social media addiction Image
🐦 Changes in behavior are often one of the first signs of social media addiction. Individuals may start to spend an excessive amount of time on social media platforms, at the expense of other important activities, such as work, school, or spending time with loved ones.
🐦They may also experience a loss of control, feeling unable to resist the urge to use social media, even when it is inappropriate or interferes with their daily life.
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#socialmedia #addiction
#mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters
#Thread 🧵🧵🧵
Social media addiction refers to the compulsive use of social media platforms to the extent that it interferes with daily life and causes negative consequences.
🉑 Addiction to social media can lead to reduced productivity, procrastination, and increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.
🉑 Social media addiction can also lead to a decrease in face-to-face social interactions, as individuals become more reliant on online communication.
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I'm awaiting an event in the near future; I'm not quite sure how it's going to play out, or how quickly. but I suspect that the fiasco of @elonmusk's ownership and right-wing politicization of @Twitter will mark the end of a global illusion, perpetuated on the Internet.

the illusion was that the #Internet was somehow equivalent to #democracy itself. merely being on the Internet, in this social illusion, was like participating in democracy. the idea was that "everyone" had a voice of equal weight and importance to every other voice.

nobody bought into that illusion, or put more energy into sustaining it, harder than @jack Dorsey and @Twitter.

it's a lie. access to the #Internet is a matter of money, just like everything else in this authoritarian, capitalist society. the rich get *more Internet*.

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Musk is "dismantling everything that made Twitter valuable—making it his mission to drive out expertise, scare away celebrities, bully reporters and—on the flip side—reward the bad actors... who thrive in the opposite environment: An information vacuum."…
"If the point is simply pure destruction — building a chaos machine by removing a source of valuable information from our connected world," writes @riptari.... "then (Musk)’s done a remarkable job in very short order." #Twitter #SocialMedia
"When I reached out to Musk... with questions about his failed promises, he didn’t respond. But I did receive an auto-reply poop emoji from the email... It’s perhaps one of the only pledges he has actually delivered on." @oliverdarcy…
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Op 19 maart 2023 publiceert het Cultureel Persbureau deze rectificatie:

Hieronder🧵 hoe een artikel @cultuurpers van 12 maart 2023 obv anonieme bronnen, zonder hoor en wederhoor viraal gaat op #Twitter, ophef veroorzaakt en tot een rectificatie leidt. Op 19 maart 2023 publiceert...
Op 10 maart 2023 schrijft @NPOKlassiek oa over het vertrek van Kees Vlaardingerbroek als artistiek leider & programmeur @ZaterdagMatinee: ‘De NTR laat weten dit besluit te respecteren en grote waardering te hebben voor zijn artistieke bijdrage a/d serie.’…
Op 12 maart 2023 publiceert het Cultureel Persbureau (@cultuurpers) dit item:

Obv anonieme bronnen, zonder 'hoor-en-werderhoor' wordt Vlaardingerbroek beschuldigd van ‘wangedrag’ @ZaterdagMatinee en dat diens vertrek ‘niet helemaal vrijwillig’ zou zijn.
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Campagne Provinciale Statenverkiezingen #PS2023:

‘D66, VVD, CDA en Groenlinks/PvdA waren veruit de grootste adverteerders op radio, tv, online (exclusief #socialmedia) en print.’… #media Campagne Provinciale Staten...
Wat de campagne voor de Provinciale Statenverkiezingen #PS2023 op #socialmedia (Facebook, Instagram, Google en YouTube) betreft waren PvdA, GroenLinks en CDA de grootste adverteerders.

Zie draadje:
Dank aan @xandervuffelen voor de diverse tussentijdse bedragen en deze eindstand wat uitgaven aan radio, tv, online (exclusief socialmedia) en print betreft.
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