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Low vaccination rates are a #publichealth crisis, leading to outbreaks of deadly diseases like #measles. My new research in Vaccine/@ElsevierNews provides insight into the characteristics of people who post #antivax content on #Facebook:…
First, I want to credit my fantastic co-authors: @MTH_Pitt @emfelter @DrToddWo @ChadTRM @PittPubHealth. This research stemmed from thousands of #antivax comments on a video on the @kidspluspgh Facebook page:…
We used social network, quantitative, and qualitative analyses to examine 25% of people who left these comments. Our goal was to answer questions about who these people are, the information they post, and how they are connected.
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There is no town square discussions anymore. No man standing on the corner, no more having political discussions in the taverns like yesteryears. #SocialMedia has become the new town square where, the new open forum where people should be allowed to express #freespeech
For the most part, the benefits and uses of social media for the end user are merely carrots on a stick for these social networks to data mine the hell out of you and sell it to the highest bidder, or use it to compile dossiers on you for intelligence agencies #qanon
You see, without the consent of the user, to hand over their data and willingly contribute content which draws the views that the networks monetize. They become billionaires and feed off of the content users provide while they give nothing back and build fortunes.#qanon
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Mikaela BearPaw, real name Mikaela Martinez, from Bishop, California, is the daugther of Evangelist Marty and Debbie Martinez who administer the World Harvest Ministries.
Father of Mikaela Martinez, Mikaela BearPaw, is an Internationally recognized Evangelist who has promoted his faith and his family's faith for many years.…
This CD is Mikaela BearPaw, Mikaela Martinez's attempt to break into the music scene through her fahter's…
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Capita spesso che un post, un commento o addirittura un like possano provocare disappunto a qualcuno che non la pensa in egual maniera. Prima dell'avvento dei #socialmedia le persone frustrate scaricavano la loro rabbia, maleducazione e ignoranza in famiglia o nel traffico.
Adesso il fenomeno si ripete (quasi sempre protetti dall'anonimato) contro perfetti sconosciuti! Il fatto di non poter sentire il tono di voce di una persona, guardare i suoi occhi e vederne le espressioni facciali porta a una freddezza nell'interfacciarsi con chiunque.
I social dovrebbero essere fatti da persone e non da “seguaci” che estremizzano ogni interazione. L’identità di gruppo incoraggia e rafforza l’identità dell’ego: tutto viene esasperato e amplificato.
Fermiamoci un attimo per riflettere e ritrovare il senso della vita.
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some people think that @HouseOversight is on the side of #undocumented Californians; they'd be more wrong than right
because when it comes to adults apprehended inside the border, they won't be bothered…
it would be great to share that with this group, but @facebook marked that last link as #spam; never mind that it doesn't lead to a commercial site. $FB's algorithms are dumb, making a platform that suites users needs isn't a high priority for Zuck
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Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

All with bios, account IDs, etc..

@/mikepfanaccount => 1060400718505525248
@/branbeast_ => 1245477500
@/prichardington => 1013818520889683969
@/outsider__14 => 897500703869911042

Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

Mike Enoch Peinovich Followers (following him)

Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

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[THREAD on #SNCLavalin/#cdnpoli] I am not a partisan: I defend my political independence. That being said, I just want to point out that the @CPC_HQ, Hon. @AndrewScheer PC, Hon. @lraitt, PC, Hon. @CandiceBergenMP, PC, Hon. @MichelleRempel, PC, Hon. @PierrePoilievre, PC and [...]
other Conservatives MPs/Senators who were former Ministers of the Crown during the 28th Canadian Ministry are the last people in Canada entitled to even pretend that our current PM and PMO committed “corruption”, “obstruction of justice” or any other criminal offences [...]
No later than six years ago, in 2013, Canada experimented an unprecedented political scam purely designed and manufactured by tightly managed Harper’s PMO that caused serious harm to our political institutions (i.e. Senate). Then Chief of Staff to the PM, multi millionnaire [...]
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Why can't Indian Media have dedicated Defence/War Correspondents like Foreign Media...?
Most seem to be "Jack of all Trades" more adept at creating hype rather than reporting news

#Media #Journalism #MSM #MediaWatch #MediaBias #SocialMedia #Breaking #Ethics
TV News Channels
Please change your "Defence Expert" Panelists
We are fed up seeing these "Delhi-Centric" panelists
Some whip up emotions - others have nothing new to say
Please get some unbiased knowledgeable Defence/Security Analysts from outside Delhi-NCR
Media should inform and educate.
Has any TV Channel done a dispassionate professional/technical analysis of the two recent Air Force Actions (Air Strike on Terror Target and Enemy Aircraft incursion and ensuing Air-Battle)...?
We saw only jingoistic debates.
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I was on #SimonBolivar international bridge connecting #Venezuela and #Colombia. #Thread

1. The '#humanitarianaid volunteers' were violent and masked up, unlike any humanitarians I have ever seen.

They also appeared to be aided (no pun intended) by the Colombian authorities.
2. What appeared to be a hand gun was seen with the 'volunteers' on the Colombian side. Y would #Colombian authorites allow a boy masked up to past them with a gun, was it really all about #humanitarianaid?

Or were they sending some kids to do their dirty work. #JustAsking?
3. The local community on the #Venezuela side were supporting their army- cheering on every push back. Clearing the stones after they were thrown at the soldiers and bringing water etc to soldiers on the front line

They didn't seem too welcoming the '#humanitarianaid volunteers'
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Deep Dive: #FTC Negotiating Multi-Billion Dollar Fine For Facebook’s Privacy Scandals; Violating 2011 Accord
The FTC’s probe of Facebook began in March of last year in response to big social’s entanglement with #CambridgeAnalytica, a political consultancy firm connected to a U.S. subsidiary (SHELL COMPANY) of a UK defense contractor #SCLGroup, (Strategic Communication Laboratories)
#SCL improperly accessed data on 87 million of the social site’s users. According to reports, #Facebook knew for an entire three years that #CambridgeAnalytica was abusing and misusing user data but did absolutely nothing.
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1) @realDonaldTrump #QAnon post No. 2682...…
#TheHill reports, in a damage control effort, the realities behind #Dem [#HRC] #RussiaCollusion in #U1/#Rosatom. This & more, have always been the issue! The time of a set stage, ripe for action, moves closer.
2) These arrests & prosecutions will be the way faith is restored 2the public.
Projection here, is the transference of ill acts from the guilty party, 2another party, in this instance, #Patriots.
With the system so thoroughly corrupted, the necessitation of a complete removal of
3) #OldGuard Minions in the #FBI & #DOJ (& replacements within a corrupt court system) becomes a necessity. 2restore, for the sleeping masses, an image of trust, they must be subjected 2a deprograming effort.
A slow speed, high torque, effort is needed to combat the #Clown's,
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Black History Fact for 1 February (Pre-1492)

Source: Urban Intellectuals

#blackhistory #FridayFeeling #BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2019 Black History Fact for 1 February (Pre-1492)
Black History Fact for 2 February (STEM):

#STEM #blackhistorymonth #blackhistorymonth2019 #SocialMedia Black History Fact for 2 February.
Black History Fact for 3 February (Pre-1492):

Queen Candace was an Ethiopian Queen who ruled the Kingdom of Kush.

Legend says that her real name was Amanirenas and that she was a fierce warrior.

#BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2019 Black History Fact for 3 Feb: Queen Candace of Kush.
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Major points here (thread):
👉outrageous, disgraceful, not surprising as its cut throat business as usual; guarantee @Facebook isn’t the only organization doing what it takes to get ahead #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #hcldr #ThursdayThoughts…
2) 👉@Apple didn’t “know” until the headlines broke & they want to be the “guardian of our health” 🤨 Please 🤯 #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #healthcare #digitaltech #innovation #hcldr
3) 👉targeting children & their #data needs to be recognized as digital trafficking & punishable by law #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #healthcare #digitaltech #innovation #hcldr
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Liberty U CIO John Gauger created software to rig Online Polls for Donald Trump, & created the @WomenForCohen twitter account that posted, "Love to see good #Christian people on board the #TrumpTrain #Liberty #Trump2016”:…
"Freeping"; Stacking polls by direct persons online to the poll:
The Alt-Right, and the practice of freeping polls before #Election2016:

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As promised, here's a retrospective on @GamesDoneQuick's broadcast design!

The initial goal was to overhaul how information was conveyed to viewers. The old design didn't have a donation total, or any information about donation incentives or prizes. You had to rely on hosts talking about them or looking at the website. No good!
That brings us to our first layout: AGDQ 2015!
Gameplay layouts: 7 (4 standard, 3 widescreen)

A big improvement, but you can tell that I'm pretty new at this. As mentioned a few days ago, I put that bar at the top just to shove a logo and a hashtag into view. That was silly.
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2668...
#BOOM💥💥💥💥...... We'll see soon enough what these 4 are assigned to. Four we know, or will #Q drop new sauce? ......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2669...
#Q points to #SteveMnuchin's trip to #China to talk #Trade ahead of January negotiations. The image is of #BeijingAirport at first glance. ......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2670...
The image is 2653 titled "The History of #RBG Appointed bu #BC. 4💥'\s ==> #ChinaTradeTalks, #BorderWall/#Crisis, #SchumerShutdown & we finish with #RBGOut [ ! ] Intel is being seen across #SocialMedia. ......
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Finally, GIPS enables Nigerian #AssetManagement firms to compete for business on equal grounds with firms from countries with more developed standards. Only 15 of the top 100 global Asset Managers are not yet compliant. It's the gold standard in Investment Management.
If you're thinking of opening a mutual fund account or you're thinking of setting up an investment account, you should ask your #AssetManagement firm why they are not GIPS compliant. You should get a full picture of their past performance and a listing of ALL fees. Peace! ✌️
Tomorrow, I'll share a bit more information about doing due diligence on investment management firms. I'll point out some of the things to look out for. #AssetManagement
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As a former journalist and a researcher of the relationship between #news and #socialmedia, I think I understand both sides of the argument over whether tonight's presidential address should be carried live. A few thoughts. #Thread
It's important to look at the decision in itself. Even if you think it violates precedent, and therefore is hypocritical, it may be that the previous decisions were the wrong ones and shouldn't be repeated.
For example, if I used to throw my trash out the car window, arguing that it kept prisoners busy doing litter pickup, that's clearly stupid. If I now know it's dumb and stop doing it, that is a greater good than my being consistent by still doing it.
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Gone are the days generating audience engagement on #SocialMedia was primarily a passive process. The always-online audiences of today want to be involved, interact and co-create. Here are 2019 social media trends to look out for via @buffer. #AfricaTweetChat
1. Stories and rise of ephemeral content across social networks which will win out over highly-produced content
2. With more brands competing for people’s attention on social media, ordinary posts just aren’t going to cut it. Hence, brands will no longer afford to ignore social media ads.
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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If you are young, please don't buy into Nigeria's gerontocratic culture or the entitlement ethos. Stop waiting for handouts and for people to help you. Chart your career & life and just start EXECUTING. Create opportunities and be aggressive. If not, life will simply pass you by.
"Waiting for things to happen", is why some people wake up one day and their mates are so far ahead of them. Also people don't realise that not taking a decision is already a decision. They think things will just "happen", if they wait long enough. Stuff will align, miraculously.
Also note that everytime you "passively" do something corrupt, you are taking a decision. Your soul is changing; your values goal post is shifting.
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Welcome to the 2018 Christmas Debate for young people. The motion: 'This house believes social media has made us a society of bullies'. Hundreds of school and A level students from across London have joined us @rcpsych. Follow the action here #rcpsychdebate
Debate chair Dr Jim Bolton asks the young audience to vote before the #rcpsychdebate - has social media made us a society of bullies? Oh it's close - pretty much 50-50. I wonder how that will change as a result of what the speakers say.
First up, Dr Elizabeth Masterson takes the stage, proposing the motion. She starts off on a positive note: #socialmedia lets you stay in touch with friends. But, she says, it allows anonymity - and that allows bullying to thrive. #rcpsychdebate
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