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While the rest of the US had massive voter turnout in 2016, in parts of #Wisconsin, voting fell off a cliff. Which parts? In Black-majority Milwaukee, turnout plummeted from 66 percent to 56 percent of the voting-age population. That’s strange...…
And #Wisconsin’s student vote evaporated. Nationwide, only two states recorded a drop in student voting. Wisconsin’s drop was breathtaking: In-precinct voting by students declined by a third, from 67 percent to 49 percent.…
They didn’t need to drag #Wisconsin’s lakes to find the missing students and Black voters. They were disappeared in plain sight by the Republican legislature under laws crafted by Wisconsin’s radical-right governor, Scott Walker.…
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Absentee voting is new to MANY voters in @CityofMadison and #Wisconsin in general.

One way we try to make it easier is by highlighting the lines of the absentee certificate envelope that are necessary for you to complete for your vote to be counted.
All of the language on the envelope is required by state law, and it can be very small type and difficult to understand.

We highlight those lines you need to fill out so your vote can be counted.
Many of the certificate envelopes sent out in ballot mailings for the Aug 11 Primary were hand-highlighted by AMAZING volunteers and staff, including @LWVDaneCounty members.

A huge #ThankfulThursday shout-out to them for making absentee voting a bit easier to understand!
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#Resisters With #100DaysToGo until #ElectionDay, this thread is a detailed plan for all members of the #Resistance to exert their rightful influence over #Election2020! We got #OneChance to make these 100 days useful so let’s build the #JOEMENTUM! #ResistersUnite #Biden2020 #FBR
Step 1: Assist @JoeBiden:

Like & Share All Posts
Allow the Biden Campaign & Joe himself to make the pro-Joe case
Prioritize “Biden For President” monetarily & organizationally
Text United to 30330
Learn all “Biden Plans”
Cite “Joe’s Story”

#JOEMENTUM #Biden2020 #RidinWithBiden
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Man PLEADS To Possessing Child Pornography While On Supervised Release

⚖️ Jonathan Brownlee, 42, Long Pond,PA
#RepeatOffender #ChildPredator

MDPA #Freed
@POTUS @TraffickStop ImageImage
UK Man SENTENCED For Illicit Sexual Contact With A Teen-Ager Within A Family He Had Befriended

⚖️ Joseph Lawson Scott, 35 #Nevada
#ChildPredator #CrimesAgainstChildren

@POTUS @TraffickStop ImageImage
Man SENTENCED To Over 15 Years For Receipt Of Child Pornography

⚖️ Brent Rawson, 55 #Iowa
#ChildPredator #CrimesAgainstChildren

SDIA #Krickbaum #Rose FBI Omaha
@POTUS @TraffickStop ImageImage
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🧵This thread is dedicated to the countless Essential Workers in America that died from #COVID due to lack of #PPE. The UNSUNG heroes in factories, transportation, schools, stores, law enforcement, healthcare etc. #DefenseProductionAct
Millions of essential workers are scared to go to work because they do not have proper #PPE. I will add to this thread daily.
⚠️dead educator, 46
Dr. Gerald Glisson "gentle giant" died from #COVID. He was a beloved principal at Eastside High School in Paterson. He leaves his wife, Michelle, and daughters Sydney, 17, and Skyler, 12 & brother @MrGetFlee99
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#Murfreesboro Police investigating two separate shootings (Thursday) #Tennessee… Image
BATON ROUGE, #Louisiana man out on bond and with active warrants has been accused of being involved in separate shootings that wounded five people, including two children.… Image
6 shootings in 6 hours: 9 wounded, 1 killed in Minneapolis #Minnesota (Friday)… Image
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@UWM This is the pathetic response from University of #Wisconsin, #Milwaukee about senior lecturer retired @usairforce Lt Col Betsy Schoeller's disgusting #Facebook post about Vanessa Guillen's death. #VanessaGuillen #JusticeForVanessaGullien #FireBetsySchoeller @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM #Facebook posts are NOT PRIVATE. In #Ohio, college professors don't get tenure if they talk about "controversial topics" like mental illness concerns or #homeless individuals' #CivilRights on social media. If you don't have a #SocialMedia policy, you should. @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM @ProtectRDfnders: Army soldier Vanessa Guillen's horrific murder been a trigger for countless #veterans suffering from #PTSD from #military sexual #trauma. A reprehensible #Facebook post from fellow veteran Betsy Schoeller has further exacerbated it. #MilitarySexualTrauma
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Thread 1. Lawsuit being filed in #Florida today to force #election officials to preserve digital images of #ballots. Digital ballot images are photos of the ballot made when the ballot is scanned. New generation scanners create these images automatically.…
2. Fun Fact: Scanners don't count the paper ballot. They take a photo (the digital ballot image) & count info from that photo. So the digital ballot image is part of the chain of custody of the vote & must be preserved. Courts in AZ confirmed this. This is a digital ballot image.
3. Digital ballot images can be manipulated. This was demonstrated at a 2019 @defcon @VotingVillageDC talk by Kart Kandula & Jeremy Wink, students at @UMich. Because of this it's important to use the original paper ballot for all official audits.… p. 36
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July board meeting for Friends of the Lower #Wisconsin Riverway #conservation #rivers #driftless
Joined by #fisheries guru John Lyons on behalf of the science team!
And our treasurer is with us!
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Per the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Monday, #Wisconsin voters need to establish residency 28 days prior to an #election instead of 10.

For the Aug 11 Partisan Primary, that means a voter must begin to establish residency by July 14.
By way of example, say you move into a new apartment today, July 1. You will have lived there for at least 28 days before the Aug 11 primary, so you're able to #registertovote from your new address and vote from that address.
What if you move into a new place on July 15? Well, the 28 day residency requirement means you won't have lived at your new place long enough to vote from that address.

So, what do you do?
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#Nazionale - #Sondaggio @ChangePolls.
#Presidente (nazionale)
@JoeBiden 49% (+8)
@realDonaldTrump 41%
Campione: 1.663 elettori probabili delle elezioni generali su base nazionale
Data: 26-28 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: +/- 2,4%…
@JoeBiden 50% (+6)
@realDonaldTrump 44%
@JoeBiden 51% (+8)
@realDonaldTrump 43%
Campione: 3.739 LV nei battleground States
Data: 26-28 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: +/- 1,6% nel totale, n/a ma più alto per i singoli Stati
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Donald Trump Speech from Wisconsin Shipyard June 25
The speech of #POTUS is like a monologue. He starts his speech "Thank you, Lee Greenwood. Thank you very much. Hey, it’s a good song, isn’t it? Lee Greenwood".
Lee Greenwood was born in 1942.

Important events that happened in 1942.
Definition of Greenwood
"I’m thrilled to be here with you on this incredible summer day in Wisconsin on the edge of the beautiful Lake Michigan".

Why did #POTUS said summer? Definition 👇
World War Two: Summary Outline of Key Events
#QAnon ImageImageImage
#POTUS speaks to us in double meaning "I know you went through a little bit of a hard time, not anymore, not anymore. Got you covered for years"
He is speaking to all of us & he has as cover for years.
This is not another 4-year election.

Trump '4EVA'
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.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump President Trump delivers remarks at Fincantieri Marinette Marine in Wisconsin
"You've kept our sailors safe and our Navy strong. Every single day you prove the American workers are the best in the world."
Not long ago, "the future of this historic shipyard was looking.. "bleak," it was down to 44 people, getting ready to close up and then a lot of good things started happening."
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White House directs Agriculture Department to extend farmer bailout money to lobster industry… Image
President Trump signed an executive order aimed at strengthening child-welfare programs nationwide.…
Nunes has not yet lost his ongoing lawsuits against CNN, the Washington Post, Hearst, McClatchy, and Fusion GPS, but he has lost his legal battle with Twitter. #Devinnunescowfanclub #DavinNunesCow #DevinNunesMom…
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1/28 Here's a thread, in which I prove @ChrisJLarson @SenChrisLarson correct about the damage done to Wisconsin by holding an election in the middle of a pandemic, and offer some hard data that puncture theories that Wisconsin is actually Incredibly Safe™.
2/ Within the last couple of weeks, @DHSWI has been releasing #Wisconsin #COVID19 data based on date of symptom onset or diagnosis. This is important, because the day that new cases are announced is never the day that new cases are diagnosed.…
3/ I've got two charts for you here, this first one comparing the number of cases announced (blue) with the symptom-onset cases (red) by day, through 5/27, the last non-"preliminary" day in the data. There is clearly a lag between onset and reporting.
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1. The past week hasn’t been easy. “The fires of frustration and discord,” once again, “are burning in every city, North and South.” As a Hong Konger deeply disturbed by the death of #GeorgeFloyd in #Minnesota, I stand with those who march for #BlackLivesMatter.
2. Systematic racism in the U.S. is real. The present moment has deep historical roots stretching back to before the country’s founding. I can only try my best to empathize with the pain this has inflicted on so many, even as I’ll never fully understand the plight.
3. For those of us watching the events unfold, scenes of confrontation and bloodshed can be traumatic: State violence feels all too familiar ever since the anti-extradition demonstrations broke out around this time last year in #HongKong.
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*loads Twitter to see what’s happening in the US*
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As more states move toward reopening and the national picture improves, we revisited some of the reopened states- many of which have seen upward trends in new #COVID19 cases since reopening.

Since reopening 27 days ago, new cases in #Alabama have increased 119%
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Nowhere have I found such a mixed bag as I have #fishing the Lower #Wisconsin #River ... one long weekend bass, #trout, sheepshead, rock bass, redhorse, walleye, channel cat ..
Plus mooneye ...
@threadreaderapp unroll, please.
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1. Now that the @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump @KochIndustries @BetsyDeVosED crew has used @RupertMurdoch's propaganda machine & forced states like #Wisconsin to reopen & disregard guidelines we know many will become infected & die. So we need to work on the #MAGA. Prepare them to turn
2. on Trump, Koch, DeVos & Murdoch. Join the coming wire fraud Civil RICO cases to financially destroy the @GOP funding and propaganda machine. We need to help #MAGA turn on Trump and the GOP. Exploit their tendency to feel victimized.
3. Make them aware they were duped and their loved ones essentially murdered by the GOP. It's not their fault. It's the GOP's fault. They are the ones who killed your Nana. @PressSec @SenateGOP @HouseGOP
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.@POTUS @RealDonaldTrump should show it's okay to stop protecting from #Covid19. Go to #Wisconsin and hold a big rally. Make sure all the people in it voted for you in 2016. Take it all in Donald. Breath in the love of #MAGA. What? Are you chicken Donald? Come on. Do it. Breathe.
Have all the GOP Wisconsin Supreme Court justices on the stage with you. All hugging it out. Breathe. Do it Donald? What? Are you chicken? Have @PressSec walk through the crowd interviewing all the #MAGA. Giving hugs. Breathe. Do it. @GOP. Bring all the @SenateGOP with you.
Maybe John Roberts, Alito Thomas, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh can join. Take a big breath with all that #MAGA infection. Let's encourage the GOP to all get together and breathe. They deserve it. #Breathe. #TheMasqueOfTheRedStateDeath.
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Governors across the nation have eased harsh restrictions related to the #CCPVirus or are planning to start soon.

Here’s the current #Lockdown situation with each state and #WashingtonDC. (Thread👇)…
Alabama | Reopening started April 30 as @GovernorKayIvey loosened her #StayAtHome.

“As of this week, we no longer believe our hospitals will see an overwhelming amount of ICU patients who need ventilators, as we once believed, and that is sure good news.”
Alaska | @GovDunleavy allowed some sectors of the #Economy to begin reopening on April 24.

“Alaskans must be able to visit their doctors, pay rent, and buy food for their families.”
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