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How corrupt is the #MontereyCounty Judicial Branch of the Superior Court? Easily as corrupt as Carrie Panetta’s former @AlamedaSuperior.

In Monterey County John Phillips has been an integral component of the rigging of our local courts.

For example.


Lydia Villarreal’s son has a juked up job and has been credibly accused of messing with minors.

So far - no punishment. The MoCo DA fixed the case.

Oh look, it’s Plasha Will. Someone who should have been criminally investigated years ago but she is also @RepJimmyPanetta’s paid consultant. Plasha is also Judge John Phillips’ paid consultant.

Plasha Will received $5,000 for this rigging of a judgeship. Image
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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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#Apar Industries is one among the best established companies in India, operating in the diverse fields of #electrical and #metallurgical #engineering.
@Raunak_Bits @Sachsharma12 @srslysaurabh @Agarwal_Ishu @Random_Gyan @drprashantmish6
Raw materials:
Crude #oil & #Steel
There are 3 segments: #Conductors, Transformer and speciality #oils & Power/Telecom #Cable. The revenue breakup is in the screenshot attached
Domestic revenues decline 52% YoY with lockdown in April, lower scale of operations in May-June; #Exports up 11% YoY. Management focus is on improving revenue generation from high value products. Long time consolidation in financial parameters
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Let’s talk #Venezuela and it’s never ending super hyper #inflation for a second
Thread 👇
1/ According to the consumer price index elaborated by the National Assembly, monthly inflation in #Venezuela jumped to 55.1% m/m in July – thereby taking it back above the hyperinflation baseline of 50% (!)
2/ Under widely accepted definition of hyperinflation proposed by Cagan in seminal study (1956) an episode of this extreme economic phenomenon begins when threshold is 1st crossed but only ends when monthly increase in price level drops below 50% and stays there for at least 1yr
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WEF's Klaus Schwab: "In all likelihood, unless the #pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health & mortality will be mild..."

New week-end thread w/ @spencerlatu

#Covid19 as catalyst for #WEF #greatreset
Written by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, Geneva, July 2020.

"Until 2011, Mr. Malleret was a senior partner at the Geneva-based IJ (Informed Judgment) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals."

#WEF #GlobalRiskNetwork…
"Malleret is the co-founder & principal author of the Monthly Barometer, an analytical and predictive newsletter on macro issues for high-level decisionmakers." - "Relevant to all; read by the influential"
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I'm sharing the following thread because I feel the public should know how difficult it has been for journalists like myself to receive transparent and timely public records request responses from some @CountyofLA departments during this pandemic...Here goes... #transparency
When Safer-At-Home orders first came down in LA in March, I initiated a public records request with @lapublichealth to find out about @CountyofLA's initial response to the #COVID19 pandemic. When was the virus first discussed? How? What steps were taken to protect the public?
In March, I requested e-mails with extremely specific terms related to the coronavirus for a finite period of time (January to early-March) to/from two @lapublichealth leaders. @CountyofLA began a series of delays on the records request. 14 days... another 14 days...
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@Siobhan_Baillie summary of letter to you about #examshambles

What is your response, given your work championing further education, to the entirely foreseeable shambles in awarding exam grades this year and the fall out from the decisions and U Turn?

I assume you must feel that your focus on education has been dealt a body blow by The Secretary Of State For Education @GavinWilliamson. More importantly the many young people affected, have been devastated and the impact will last many years.

To hear him on @BBCr4today say "This is something none of us expected to see and none of us wanted to see"... well I agree with the second part about what was 'not' wanted but the shambles was entirely predictable especially after what happened in Scotland.

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In Simple Words...
Follow rules of 3 Monkeys 🐒 of #GandhiJi and use the word #NPA in place of #Evil


and when there is no #NPA you don’t have to follow any legal recourses to recover it from #Defaulters

#StopPrivatisation #SavePSBs
it’s like someone has been diagnosed fatal disease like #Cancer which is at very early & initial stage where it can be easily treated and cured but instead of start medical treatment, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports and keep quite & do nothing #SaveBanks
Moreover, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports & start thinking that he is very healthy and don’t have any problems and not to take any medicine until the disease reaches at its last stage and he start dying. #SaveBanks
@idesibanda @Bankers_United @bankers_we
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I agree with wearing a mask in public.
I think the majority of the #turn you away. Just I agree with wearing a #mask in public.
I think the majority of the #resistance comes from the #Government mandating it. The
government shouldn’t require it. #Capitalism is giving people the #freedom to make a choice. I agree with businesses that require masks and if you choose not to they have the right to turn you away. Just like the patron has a #choice to abide by the request or not enter...
...the business. #freedomofchoice
Also, I think it would help if people knew the threshold that needs to be reached for the mask recommendations be lifted...
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#Kashmiris join hands with the Govt in crisis for working towards the greater good. #NayaKashmir

A #Thread

A story with real-time examples which clearly depicts, what a normal #Kashmiri desires? Firstly, Let’s talk about
#Shopian- Hotspot for violence & mostly in news for the same but it is also famous for its Apples. The development in the district got disturbed in 2016 after an incident when a mob set fire on DC Office. As we know a coin has both faces,society too has all kinds of people
Now let’s talk about Post 05 Aug 19 #article370abrogation in reality the execution wasn’t a cakewalk. Internet restriction gained the max traction from the populace but seeing the sensitivity of the situation no loose ends were left.
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1/n The foundation of #सामाजिकन्याय is based on the urge to treat all human beings as equal. #Tweet4Bharat

Img src : vocal
2/n The Nyāya Sūtras of Gotama focusing on knowledge and logic devided in five books.
1 - 16 categories of..
2 - Means & Object of..
3 - Intellect or Nature of..
4 - Rise of true..
5 - Balancing of Knowledge
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Would you agree that #Science today is mainly motivated by #politics… NOT #Health
Do you believe Cures exist?
Would you believe me if I told you that #Cancer, #Aids and #Diabetes, all diseases thought to be incurable, actually had Cures and have been proven to be cured?
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Several weeks back we issued judicial review proceedings against Michael #Gove for his decision to award an £840,000 contract to associates of his and Dominic #Cummings, without any advertisement or competitive tender process.
Last week we got back a letter from #Gove’s lawyers, refusing to provide any information about #PPE contract how it was awarded (despite being bound by a duty of candour). Instead they refuse to engage at all with the proceedings - and challenge our right to bring them.
We already knew from his trips to and around Durham that #Cummings didn’t think the rules applied to him; does #Gove now feel the same?

Well, they may consider themselves above the law, but we do not.
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@CathyCathyFox & @CzebotarJessie#exposing the #WorldwideTheatreShow for all to see

💯Thx to them for making my life easier🙏
I walk out of my front door into a #SatanicWorld

Over 8yrs years people thought I was🤪#MeToo but now others see it too #WelcomeToMyWorld ImageImageImageImage
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110+ HOT stories, articles & videos covered by #independent outlets #corporatemedia #MSM ignores in the Friday, 7/24 edition of @ProgNewsDaily...

Top stories & videos linked below.
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...because it #exposes the wrongdoing of their advertisers (can’t have that now!), or are counter to #corporateprofits. Keep scrolling...

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Stories about #GhisilaneMaxwell, the grift from the #meatindustry, #Russia recommending #banningwifi & #banningcellphones in schools & TONS more!

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According to #Stratfor, #JulianAssange is a victim of #FVEY (#USA) #government security agencies' #targetingprograms, which illegally framed #Assange for crimes he did not commit.…

#FreeASSANGE Image
According to #ICWatch's aggregated #LinkedIn profiles, #FVEY security community's CVs indicate "#honeypots"/"#roleplayers" are on the government entrap people. Image
#FVEY govt. security agencies conspired with transnational corporations to attack #JulianAssange's finances. Attacking finances is just one of many criminal tactics that #CIA/#FBI/#DHS, etc. use to illegally harm individuals' incomes, without due process.… Image
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Think of #Government this way: it exists to smooth economic activity over the cycle (ups & downs). Ergo, it exists for no other reason but to ensure output is close to or at full potential. Efficient resource allocation & redistribution are neccesary but insufficient condition.
Government has two levers it can pull on to honour this so called "social contract". These are Revenue (taxes) & Primary Spending (consumption & investment). In a downturn, as in an upturn, #FiscalPolicy is an automatic and/or deliberate toggle of those two levers...
Ideally, government is expected to always note where the economy is on the cycle (early, mid, late cycle etc) to execute efficient #FiscalPolicy. Should government miscalculate the position, fiscal policy could be misguided (e.g. loose when should be tight)...
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In developed #countries, #government policies to restrict private behavior in response to #COVID-19 have had no effect in reducing #deaths at all. Excess all-cause mortality is actually associated, though insignificantly, with increasing restrictiveness.
In developed #countries, #deaths caused by #COVID-19 have had no — zero – correlation with #government policies of increasing restrictiveness such as #lockdowns.
Given the statistical #evidence, it is reasonable to infer, in the absence of contrary statistical evidence, that increasing restrictiveness does not decrease mortality. Any assumption or assertion that it does is not following the #science – and #ScienceMatters.
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Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (1/17)

"There isn’t enough #money that comes into #MainstreamMedia for the #environment for it to support the cause."

@MRTB_India @a_khosla @khannaajay @ajaynagpure @AnumitaRoychowd @Brikesh @fayedsouza
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (2/17)

"The media wants sources of #revenue apart from what they are getting from #government #ads and lobbies."
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (3/17)

"They (media) have approached us time and time again, and asked if there are any available #funds and why there isn't any #philanthropic money coming for the environment?"

@RNTata2000 @NandanNilekani
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