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1)Zimbabwe is in the middle of a structural economic crises characterized by poverty ,disequilibrium, high inflation,an exchange rate crises& total collapse of public services.For the third time in 20 years Zim is in the middle of yet another self induced recession created by .. Image
2)…high borrowing costs ,relentless inflation & a squeeze on government payments to contractors. The seismic headwinds required boldness honesty &brinkmanship Sadly the #Budget2023 presented today was a banal self serving ritual in narcissism&power retention excesses , months Image
3) …before the 2023 election. An honest budget ought to have been presented in US$.After-all more than half of government taxes are now being collected in US$.This would then have allowed civil servants to be paid in US$ .This would also have required Gvt to simply dollarize Image
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There is a serious inflation spike around with prices imploding in the past few days.The RBZ s squeeze on supply &availability of the Zim$ &RTGS is pushing prices to go up in US$ terms.There is total rejection of local currency & distorted de-dollarization is causing inflation
The rejection of the local dollar is universal &the regime itself is the greatest underminer of its own currencyFor instance SI 16 of 22 👇published this week sets new passport fees in US$.Truth is de-dollarization has failed . Truth is Mthuli& #ZANU have failed in absolute terms
The management of the economy will be a central issue in the 2023 election as in the 26 March by election. Contra to #ZANU we will re-dollarise&float the Zim$. Pensions&public wages will be in US$ . Further we will scrap export surrender requirements.We are the hope @CCCZimbabwe
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In the afternoon I pulled down a tweet made in connection with ProfMaduku’s interpretation of section 96(2) of the constitution.The context of that tweet is explained below. Clearly in my banter with Lovemore , whom I have known for over 20 years & worked with very closely ... the law , in the struggle & in personal spaces I overlooked the huge extent of the fragile national question marginalization alienation and exclusion of certain communities in Zimbabwe.I have lived with this discrimination & exclusion throughout my life. I have recently ..
...seen this isolation & disillusionment on our recent visit to Chilonga. Chipinge is no different. Ironically like Chiredzi it was part of the Gaza State established by Soshangaan &his descendant Ngungunyana With the fall of the Gaza State colonial Rhodesia plundered Gazaland
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1] The continued corroboration of state institutions & the #Mwonzora led faction of the MDC-T is quite exposing.

On a day where the #PeoplesAdvocate @adv_fulcrum is appearing in court & Parly is resuming, with news of recalls of MDC-A MPs, Harare is on lockdown during lockdown.
2] How can you deny the regime's underhand in this issue when #Mwonzora et al, are finding it easy to by-pass all roadblocks from Harare to Humanikwa?

Which essential service are they offering?

No wait, anything that is anti-Chamisa is actually an essential service in Zimbabwe.
3] The big question would then be why ZanuPF would be more comfortable with #Mwonzora as Leader of the Opposition?

If he is #mature, does it then follow that maturity was lacking in the #Opposition and equally so in #ZanuPF that the State wants to utilize #Mwonzora's maturity?
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The #ZanzibarRevolution was a “lumpen uprising” that was given leadership and strategic direction by the radical socialist / PanAfricanist Umma People’s Party led by #AbdulrahmanBabu. Source:… #Babu  #EastAfrica #BritishColonialism Image
#Babu was close to the Chinese leadership and helped broker the Chinese funded/built #Tanzania/#Zambia railway #TAZARA which helps Zambia overcome transport/economic dependence on apartheid regimes. ImageImage
#Babu opposes 1990/1991 war on #Iraq saying Iraq’s Arab radicalism / nationalism is challenging global US dollar hegemony. Image
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1) The power situation can be resolved immediately by any decent caring & competent gvt . As a matter of urgency the regime should scrap the fuel subsidy to #Sakunda & #Trafigura & use that to guarantee importation of at least 400 MW of energy .
2) Secondly @ZetdcOfficial must levy & collect charges in US$ to guarantee permanent imports .If this is done it’s only fair & logical that energy consumers must also levy their labor ,services & goods in US$. Thirdly there must a be a scientific &systematic push to green energy
3)Fourth there must be resolution of the country sovereign debt crises to enable access to cheap funds held particularly at the World Bank & African Development Bank . Development Finance key & necessary to fund major infrastructure energy projects.
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