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Dozens of students were killed& wounded in an #explosion in #Kaaj educational center in #Shia settled Dasht-e Barchi area, in PD13 of #Kabul City, today.
#Taliban's interior ministry confirmed the attack but didn't provide details about the casualties. #ISKP is the main suspect. Image
"The suicide attacker killed the security guards in the alley& the gate of the Kaaj educational center and injured 2 officials inside the center, with Small Arms Fire, before detonating his suicide vest in a classrooms where the trial University Entrance Exam was taking place... ImageImageImage
...Unfortunately, dozens of students have been injured& martyred. Most of the wounded are girls.
Um ul-Banin Asghari, my sister and the sisters of Ustad Mukhtar Modaber& Tahir Rezaei, the security guard of Kaaj Center, are also among the martyrs," a victim's brother posted on FB.
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Circumstantial evidence suggests that #Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei is at least temporarily unable to perform his normal duties. Read the first daily Iran Crisis Update by @criticalthreats with @TheStudyofWar.… 1/6 Image
Regime power centers are behaving as if succession is either imminent or underway. 2/6
The ongoing #MahsaAmini protests may be challenging the regime’s capability and willingness to crackdown but do not appear close to collapsing the regime. 3/6
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میخی یا پیکانی رسم الخط (Cuneiform Script)
3500 BC - 2500 BC
دنیا کے اس قدیم تیروں کے سروں کی مانند رسم الخط کو دریافت کرنے کا سہرا ایک انگریز عہدے دار کے سر ھے جو ایران میں مقیم تھا۔ اس نے 12 سال لگا کر اسے دریافت کیا۔
یہ رسم الخط بابلی، عکادی، سمیری ImageImageImage
تہذیب (Sumerian Civilization) کے زمانے میں، لکڑی کے کیل کی مدد سے لکھنے کیلئےمٹی کی تختیوں کا استعمال کیا جاتا تھا۔ اسی لیے اسے میخی کہا جاتا ھے۔
سمیری تہذیب میں تحریر کا سب سے پہلے آغاز شہر یوروک (Uruk) سے ھوا جو تصویری (Pictorial) تھایعنی "بچہ بھاگ رہا ھے" تو بھاگتےبچے کا خاکہ۔ ImageImage
گیلی مٹی کی تختیوں پر *نرسل کے قلم سے لکھ کر وہ اسے آگ میں پکالیتے تھے۔ اور یہ کام سب سے پہلے مندر کے کسی کیا کرتے تھے۔
اسی تحریر نے معاشرے کو منظم کیا۔
اسی طریقے سےوہ تجارتی لین دین، ٹیکس، قانونی معاہدے، احکامات، حساب کتاب، رسیدیں لکھتے۔
دنیا کااولین قانون "حمورابی کا قانون" بھی ImageImage
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After weeks of debates amongst #Tishreeni actors regarding attendance at the long-awaited planning meeting for the third anniversary of the Tishreen Revolution, the meeting finally took place on Friday in #Nasiriyah. 🧵1/6
📷Ali Dab Dab
This is the first time in which #RDG has seen disparate actors within the broader Tishreeni network function properly as a collective movement rather than several power centers that compete amongst themselves for primacy. 2/6
It is not an understatement to say that the meeting was the first time they sat together in one room and concretely planned activities based on a shared vision. 3/6
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#Iraq's oil ministry announced today the "start of trial operations" at the 140,000 bpd Karbala refinery- considered part of Iraq's refinery upgrade plans to address product imbalance & improve product yields. (Photo circulated by the oil ministry) #OOTT . More below: Image
2) Iraq will most likely continue to remain a net importer of gasoline and gasoil through 2030, some have noted.
3) Other refineries have undergone some upgrades. For example, in 2021, the oil ministry announced the addition of an isomerization unit and a reforming unit at the old Daura refinery with a capacity of 10,000 bpd to convert naphtha to higher-value gasoline blendstock.
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In the Pyrennes #France, seven hours internet cut since this morning and now the electricity went off. We've been told that someone is stealing the upper in the cables in different locations. Good start.
I though stealing cupper from the wires could happen only in #Iraq, #Syria and #Lebanon. Now it is happening in the heart of Europe.
Correction: Copper
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Conflict in Iran thread
#Iran #IranProtests2022

I will avoid posting any information that could compromise protesters in Iran. So all info in the thread will be intentionally vague and void of some details. I will attempt to verify any info I can but can't guarantee all info
2/ increasingly Iran protesters are moving off social media and onto VPNs and tor browsers. Religious 'police' are actively searching for organizers of protests. Several have been 'arrested' Protesters are also referring to themselves more as resistance and resistance fighter's

Students from a University near Tehran prepare for a night of street battles with police.
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Unbelievable scenes from #Tehran: a woman standing on a car, wearing western clothes, takes off her hijab and waves it in defiance at #Iran's religious police.

#MahsaAmini #IranProtests2022
I could not watch the terror on their faces. Amazing courage by these Iranian men and women as #Iran security forces chase them into a residential building stairway then try to get in. These brave souls are out for #MahsaAmini, 22, killed by hijab police:
This lone Iranian woman at the beginning of the video joining men in turning #Iran police car upside down. Other women join in moments later.

#MahsaAmini #IranProtests2022
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President Vladimir Putin announced that #Russia has lost 5973 in the war in #Ukraine.
Announcing a partial mobilisation in #Russia was expected following the battle of #Kharkiv, as predicted in this article 👇, instead of using depleted uranium, as the #US did when bombing over 300 sites during its invasion of #Iraq

It shows that #Russia is determined to enlarge its control, counter @NATO attacks and direct war in #Ukraine and not lose the war.
Using depleted uranium bombs is not excluded, depending on the level of #US-NATO weapons delivered in Ukraine.
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Expectations for #Brexit benefits have in fact mirrored hopes of #iraq invasion unearthing WOMD.

Hopes for cheaper food/fuel have seen 🇬🇧 prices soar above EU as 🇬🇧 businesses drown in red tape.

Even #Brexit opportunities minister failed to identify Brexit bonuses.

But … 🧵
Rees-Mogg was promoted to business secretary and now in charge of cutting regulation to “boost business-led growth and investment”.

A crucial job as 🇬🇧 is crushed by global energy crisis — a role that one of wealthiest in cabinet is expected to relish.

But who will benefit?
@MarkJLittlewood says JRM is instinctively opposed to heavy-handed regs … he once observed that he’s not sure it wld have been possible to set up Somerset Capital due to growth in financial regs.

Regulations introduced to protect people from repeat of 2008 financial crisis.
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🔴🔥🔥REMINDER - The hidden side of 9/11

#insidejob #WorldTradeCenter #WorldTradeCentre #Iraq #Afganistan #BushCrimeFamily #zionist #antichrist

One of the few generals who actually has had the balls to speak out the #truth

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1. L'#11settembre ricorda la tragedia del 2001 a #NewYork, che fu all'origine della più grande tragedia, della ventennale guerra in #Afghanistan e in #Iraq. L'11 settembre ricorda anche il #colpodistato militare in #Cile del 1973 contro il governo di #SalvadorAllende >
2. Date simbolo della #violenza del #terrorismo e del #militarismo. Tragedie delle quali non riusciamo a liberarci in una spirale di #guerra continua. Se non ricorrendo alla memoria di un altro #11settembre, quello del 1906 a #Johannesburg, quando un giovane avvocato indiano >
di nome Mohandas K. #Gandhi, in un'assemblea al Teatro Imperiale, chiamava gli immigrati indiani alla lotta contro l'#apartheid. Fu la nascita del metodo #satyagraha, l'alternativa razionale e morale alla violenza e alla #guerra per affrontare e risolvere i #conflitti. >
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Last week, #Iraq saw the first coup attempt in decades. A complicated political/religious blow triggered a series of events that brought to a head the rivalry between the Sadrists and elements of the Shia Coordination Framework (SCF). 🧵 1/5
In assessing the sudden social media activity of several Sadrist accounts posting, just before the conflict began, about the coming “big surprise,” combined with the fierceness and overnight duration of the attack points towards an actual attempt to overthrow the system. 2/5
They faced unexpected resistance, especially in the IZ and Basra, which led to a very public statement of retreat. Though the IZ took longer than they’d expected, the mobilization required from their rivals to keep it that way was disproportionately large. 3/5
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This is a long thread about brain development / brain maturity / brain areas impacted by PTSD / war-related PTSD and risk factors as well as prison statistics as to Veterans, including scientific sources. 🧵⬇️
1/ Before you read, note that John Thuesen:
- was aged 20 when he was deployed to a dangerous combat zone in Iraq
- was exposed to combat about 7 months (= prolonged)
- despite his young age was used as a machine gunner permanently, although he actually was a radio operator
2/ - never was thoroughly or treated by the VA for a severe PTSD with full-blown severe clinical symptoms, which are well documented from 2006 until 2 days before the tragedy.

i. Brain Development and Maturity

„The scientists found that the region with the greatest relative
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Iraq cleric Moqtada Al Sadr says demonstrators must leave the parliament square and Green Zone within the next 60 minutes ...

"This is not the way to end corruption, you must go home," he adds
#Iraq: "I am not going to interfere in politics. I am just an ordinary citizen, I have no right in politics. I am saddened by what has happened to my country. My country is a prisoner of corruption, and has become a prisoner of corruption and violence together." Al Sadr added
Iraqi security forces will lift a nationwide curfew, Iraq’s state news agency reports, after Shiite cleric Moqtada Al Sadr called on his supporters to withdraw from the streets.
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#Iraq 🇮🇶: a Baghdad, a seguito degli scontri causati dall'allontanamento dalla politica dell'influente imam sciita Muqtada al-Sadr, almeno 20 persone sono rimaste uccise e più di 300 ferite, riferiscono Al Hadath ed Al Jazeera.…
Gli scontri nella capitale irachena sono iniziati il 29 agosto, dopo che il predicatore sciita Muqtada al-Sadr ha annunciato che avrebbe definitivamente lasciato la politica "a causa di un'impasse politica irrisolta" che andava avanti da tempo.
Ieri quindi, centinaia di sostenitori di Muqtada al-Sadr hanno fatto irruzione nella "zona verde" nel centro di Baghdad, dove si trovano gli edifici governativi e le Ambasciate straniere, oltre al palazzo presidenziale.
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30 killed & 700 wounded n #Iraq following inter-Shia clashes btwn @Mu_Alsadr supporters on one side & other Shia groups, including the security forces, on the other side. This battle is not expected to last for very long but the sequence of events leads to Al-Sadr responsibility.
It is the responsibility of @Mu_AlSadr to come out and ask his supporters, including the well-armed Saraya al-Salam, to leave the streets and provinces and end this useless battle.
The Sadrist supporters closed Um al-Kasr harbour in #Basrah, disturbing the oil export.
In such a chaotic situation, many other groups, including #ISIS terrorists, can take advantage and fire on all sides. The immaturity of @Mu-AlSadr in the political did not foresee such a strong possibility.
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A basic explanation on why the situation in #Iraq suddenly became so tense — follow this THREAD 🧵

Following the resignation of Ayatollah Haeri from the position of Marja al Taqlid, Moqtada al-Sadr, an Iraqi Shia cleric, announced on Monday that he will leave politics forever.1️⃣
Marja al Taqlid is a title given to the highest ranking #Shia clerics. A person with title would have the authority to make legal decisions within the confines of Islamic law for followers and lower-ranking clerics. 2️⃣
Ayatollah Haeri, today after announcing that he will no longer continuing to be a Marja al Taqlid, he invited Iraqi Shias to follow and obey Ali Khamenei. He described the leader of #Iran as "the most worthy person to lead the Islamic world". 3️⃣
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Local sources say 12+ killed in #Baghdad today.

Despite curfew, heavy gunfire & explosions heard in #Baghdad -- multiple security offices attacked. Green Zone on security alert & U.S. Embassy sirens sounding off.

In #Mosul, security forces say they foiled a major #ISIS attack.
The situation in #Baghdad is deteriorating fast -- mortars, rockets, RPGs & heavy machine guns all reportedly in use, including within/targeted at the Green Zone. Many casualties; grisly images emerging.

#Basra also in a very bad place -- heavy fighting too.

#Iraq spiraling.
Heavy fighting outside #Iraq's Parliament tonight, as pro-#Sadr & pro-#Iran factions confront.

Dutch Embassy personnel have just evacuated to #Germany's Embassy.

2 soldiers & 20+ protesters dead -- dozens more injured.

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HAPPENING NOW: A senior US defense official & a senior US military official briefing reporters on latest developments with #Ukraine-#Russia
NEW: US casts doubts on #Russia efforts to grow military by 137,000-"unlikely to succeed as Russia has historically not met personnel end strength targets" per a sr US defense official

Russia began #Ukraine war w/25% of its force conscripts & 150k soldiers short, per official
Day 187 of #Russia invasion of #Ukraine-"There have been no major geographic shifts" in past 3 weeks, per senior US military official

Russia is now firing into #Kharkiv, small gains in #Bakhmut
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Ayatollah al-Haeri’s resignation from the marja’iya is not only a rare event, it is ill-timed & extremely dangerous.
Al-Haeri knows the consequences of his announcement to #Iraq. Otherwise, he is right to question his own fitness to remain as a marja’. (1)
To be sure, there is no reasonable urgent cause to make such an inflammatory announcement at this critical time. A second-tier marja’ like al-Haeri (84 years old), with no serious impediment to his daily life functions could wait for a calm time to make this move. (2)
Also, history of his peers, and the ones senior to them, show that they remained in their position until they died — many of them more advanced in age & in worse health conditions than him. (3)
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What's up with Iraq? "Chaos inside the Republican Palace after the Sadrists took control of the palace." -- via
"Clashes erupt after Iraqi Shiite cleric resigns, 5 dead"…
Ok cool

AP has a bit of an answer re: Iraq
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#BREAKING: #Iraq is experiencing a security crisis now. A civil war has now started in #Baghdad! These armed militias of a Shiite cleric named Muqtada Sadr (this footage) are now fighting against Iraqi security forces including #PMU militias.
In this footage recorded this afternoon in #Baghdad you can hear exchange of fire between #Iraqi security forces and the militias of extremist Shiite cleric, Muqtada Sadr.
Interestingly, supporters of the extremist Shiite cleric, Muqtada Sadr can be seen removing a banner showing images of the dead Commanders of #IRGC Quds Force & #PMU in #Baghdad this afternoon. Muqtada Sadr was an ally of both Qasem Soleimani and Abumahdi Al-Muhandis!
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3 killed in inter-Shia clashes in #Baghdad #Iraq between @Mu_AlSadr supporters and "Coordination Framework" Shia loyalists following the decision of Sayyed Muqtada to retire from the political scene (for the dozen time).

This clash can be contained.
General Curfew was imposed on #Baghdad and all Iraqi provinces for an unlimited period of time following the inter-Shia clashes. Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi gave orders to evacuate all official buildings from Sadrist demonstrators. Calm has returned to Iraq now.
Notwithstanding Moqtada al-Sadr hectic decisions in the last months, he won't allow the clash with the security forces or with other Shia groups. The clash in #Iraq will be contained despite all (wrong) media expectations of a possible escalation.
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