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Thread on #Syria Here 👇

Will Be Based on Extensive Conversations with Former Administration Official

I Will offer 6 broad counter arguments to the ...

Countless number of observers / reporters / Think Tankers

who have long argued along same line as @shadihamid below
2-Let’s start with the obvious

First duty of a sovereign is to his people. In this case, that would be the American not the Syrian people, who decided to rise against their leader

Americans didn’t enable Ba'ath authoritarianism

#Syria was on the other side in the Cold War
3-Second, although it is staggeringly obvious that US military power exceeded that of #Syrianarmy

Issue for the U.S was whether intervention would protect or advance a strategic interest

#Syria, however, lay well outside the boundaries of US interest
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Wow! Someone (@WhydoiH) has kindly compiled links to all 84 of my Twitter threads on disinformation into a Google Sheet. They are organised by topic and date! From Brexit to the Algerian elections, they're all here. The kindness of strangers 😍… #disinfo
@WhydoiH Topics and hashtags include:
Jamal Khashoggi
Kjetil Jansrud
Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Protests
Boris Johnson
Fake News
The Sun
Jo Swinson
Nigel Farage
David Schwartz
Boris Johnson
Angus Gallagher
Al Jazeera
Emir of Qatar visit to White House
Gulf Twitter
Greta Thunberg
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⚠️#CoronavirusOutbreak surges. #SouthKorea now has 833 #coronavirus cases, 7 deaths. #Afghanistan, Kuwait & Bahrain now have cases, too.

#Italy has >200 cases, the largest known outbreak outside Asia.

It’s a global #pandemic.

@thespybrief @WHO #COVID19…
#China postponed the National People’s Congress—their biggest political event—due to #coronavirus.

China’s economy is being hammered. President Xi says the #CoronavirusOutbreak is a “crisis” that would inevitably jolt the country’s economic development.

#Afghanistan confirmed its first case of #coronavirus, announced a “state of emergency,” and closed its border with #Iran and halted flights between the 2 countries after at least 1 man who recently came from #Iran was infected.

Afghanistan is NOT equipped to handle #COVID19.😱
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As a person who was always confused as to where she actually is from, and saw other people being just as confused about it, I hereby present to you:

The #Feyli Kurds series.
Part I: A “short” history📖

Feylis/Feyli [Faili] Kurds are a kurdish tribe originating from the borderlands between #Iran and #Iraq.
One of the earliest mentions of Feylis goes back to 1887. Austen Henry Layard (English archeologist) described Feylis as “the largest and most powerful tribe inhabiting the mountains to the North of Dezful”, better known as the North of the Zagros Mountains.
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18 Years of War, Trillions of Dollars in Cost, Only to Go Back & Put Things Where They Were Before. The Only Good It Did: Fortified War Machine’s Earning- Made a Few Billionaires More Billions. #Afghanistan #PerpetualWars…
And the same story repeats, and will repeat itself: #Iraq, #Libya #Syria ... So Where’s the #Antiwar Movement? I only hear the crickets. You?
#Afghanistan War- not about terrorism or “Democracy”.
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This LIE destroyed Jeremy #Corbyn, Labour's chances of winning the recent General Election ... and handed power, and control over your lives,
to the ultra-right wing Tories.

#Britain's democracy and your democratic rights, in other words, were stolen by the undemocratic, unrepresentative, ultra-right-wing 'Jewish' Board of Deputies.

- - - -

It will shock you to discover that in a country with a population of more than SIXTY SIX MILLION PEOPLE, there are ONLY 260,000 JEWS!

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Feb 13 - #Iraq
Rocket attack hits north Iraq base hosting US troops, security sources say - via AFP & Sky News Arabia

This could be the K1 military base north Kirkuk or the Qayyarah military airport.
Reports indicate two rockets have targeted the K1 military base near Kirkuk. No injuries reported as of yet.

K1 was targeted back in Dec 27, 2019, leaving at least one U.S. contractor killed. Soleimani was killed afterwards.

Intense U.S. Air Force activity reported over Kirkuk, northern Iraq.
The base was reportedly targeted with two Katyusha rockets (most likely 107mm).
No casualties or damages reported.
(File images)
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#Iraqi cleric & politician Moqtada Sadr has always been a misogynist shit. In 2005, a TV producer told me that when he asked Sadr “what’s the worst thing the US has done?”, rather than say “Invade and destroy my country,” he said “Let a woman lead prayer.” 1/
He meant historic Friday prayer March 2005 when amina wadud was imam to 100 of us in #NYC.

So fuck yes Iraqi women who today protested his call for gender segregation of protests,chanting “Revolution is my name, male silence is the real shame!" & "Freedom, revolution, feminism!"
Hundreds of #Iraqi women of all ages flooded central #Baghdad on Thursday (Feb 13) alongside male anti-government protesters, defying an order by powerful cleric Moqtada Sadr to separate the genders in the rallies.…
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@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Rep. @TulsiGabbard Speaks Out Against #Syria War Bill- H.Con.Res.121
Mar 14, 2016
"Similar resolutions were used in the past to legitimize the regime change wars to overthrow the Govts of #Iraq & #Libya. I will have no part of it."…
@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Rep. @TulsiGabbard Votes Against Efforts to Overthrow #Syria Govt - H.Con.Res.75
"I was extremely disappointed by amendment language later added to this resolution that provides “cover” or an excuse for ISIS & other terrorist orgs committing this genocide"
@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Tulsi Gabbard - CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad
Oct 22, 2015
"#NoFlyZone would be a terrible mistake"
why to overthrow President Assad is an illegal, counterproductive war that will cause even more human misery in the region
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Feb 5 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
Three protesters killed, 11 wounded by Muqtada al-Sadr’s #Iran-backed militias.
Feb 5 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
Activists say protesters are being killed by #Iran-backed Sadr militia members. The city atmosphere is being described as a "war zone."
Feb 5 - Najaf, southern #Iraq
#Iran-backed Sadr militia members continue to open fire on demonstrators, activists say.
Al Hurra TV reports tonight's death toll has risen to seven demonstrators.
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Rare. 3 famous Arabic goddesses (اللاة و العزة و مناة). In the middle, Al-Lat (also Allat, Allatu, and Alilat) flanked by two smaller female figures, Manat and al-Uzza. From the 5th temple at #Hatra, #Iraq. Parthian period, 1st to 3rd century CE. My #Nikon D750 at the Iraq Museum
This carved scene in relief depicts 3 women above a standing and roaring lion. In the middle Al-Lat (also Allat, Allatu, and Alilat) wears a wonderful military attire and head cap (similar to Athena). Her right arm holds a long spear while the left hand holds a shield...
Medusa appears on her chest. Al-Lat stands on both feet. She is flanked by two smaller female figures; both of them raise their right hand in salutation while their left hands grasp and lift up an elegant garment...
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Feb 1 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Iraqi president names Mohammad Allawi as new PM, nominee says
Protesters in Maysan Province, however, are clearly rejecting this appointee, adding they will not accept any candidate from corrupt political parties, especially those linked to Iran.
Feb 1 - Hillah, southern #Iraq
Protesters quickly in the streets protesting the candidacy of Mohammad Allawi as the new prime minister by Iraqi President Barham Salih.
Feb 1 - Basrah, southern #Iraq
Demonstrators rush to the streets protesting the candidacy of Mohammad Allawi as the new prime minister by Iraqi President Barham Salih.
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Jan 31 - South of Mosul, northern #Iraq
Reports indicate rockets have been fired at the Qayyara military where U.S. troops are stationed.
Jan 31 - South of Mosul, northern #Iraq
-3 Katyusha rockets launched at the Qayyara military base
-U.S. Air Force warplanes flying over Mosul

(File photos)
Jan 31 - South of Mosul, northern #Iraq
-Five projectiles fired at the Qayyara military base
-No injuries or damages reported as of yet
-Intense U.S. Air Force activity reported over Mosul
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Jan 31 - Nasiriyah, southern #Iraq
College students are starting their rally by marching towards protest squares as gatherings against government corruption & #Iran's meddling continue.
Jan 31 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Protests continue against government corruption & #Iran's meddling.
Jan 31 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Al Wathba Square
Clashes erupting between protesters & government security forces heavily supported by #Iran-backed militias.
Gunshots heard.
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This is the UN briefing room Inner City Press is banned from for 576th day by corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres; it has emailed 10 questions to @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric, on #SouthSudan, #Iraq, UN corruption - no answers. Threadette
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked On #SouthSudan, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on Kiir saying: “The role of the United Nations is clearly a matter of concern. They don’t have any reason to be there. People are dying in front of their eyes.”
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @EyeRadioJuba @JubaDailyNews @DDNewslive @The_EastAfrican Banned Inner City Press asked why Kyoko "Kiki" Shiotani will today take over the UNSC's Charter Research Branch; after the departure of Yvette Blanco, "forced out by Hasmik. who kept the post for her friend Kiki whom DiCarlo did not want in her office"
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Good news: An Iraqi committee has been formed to oversee the implementation of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from #Iraq, including the US forces. The US, UK, France, and tens of countries involved are informed of the procedure. #QassemSoleimani
I have to bow to the request to offer further explanation here:
I have to bow to the request to offer a further explanation here:e: The Iraqi government and all Iraqi forces agreed to allow the US and other forces to leave within 3 months.+
If Foreign forces refuse to complete the withdrawal, these will be considered occupation forces and therefore legitimate targets.

This is why I said the other day that no Iraqi anti-US group was responsible for rocket launching against the US embassy.+
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Jan 26 - Baghdad, #Iraq
At least four rockets (possibly Katyusha) land the Green Zone, one near the U.S. Embassy.
New report indicate five rockets were fired.
U.S. Embassy sirens sounded.
Jan 26 - Baghdad, #Iraq
U.S. Embassy compound received a direct hit from one of the rockets. The Embassy restaurant or canteen was damaged & burned.

Reports claim #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi was behind this dangerous attack.
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Jan 26 - Karbala, S #Iraq
Massive rally against government corruption & #Iran's meddling in Iraq.
Jan 26 - Nasiriyah, S #Iraq
Major march against government corruption & #Iran's meddling in Iraq. This is a massive response to yesterday's Baghdad rally launched by pro-Tehran groups.
Jan 26 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Protesters are chanting:
"Bye, bye Muqtada!" voicing their utter disappointment with Muqtada Sadr & his close relations with #Iran's regime.
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Le 3 octobre dernier, la @BBCWorld a diffusé le documentaire "Undercover With The Clerics - Iraq's Secret Sex Trade".

Depuis, la propagande "contre l'#islamophobie" essaie d’interdire ce reportage exceptionnel et de le faire retirer de plates-formes de streaming.

#Thread ⤵️
Pendant un an, un reporter de @BBCArabic a enquêté, sous couverture et en caméra cachée, sur les chefs religieux chiites qui légitimement voire encouragent la prostitution de très jeunes filles et d'enfantes (9 ans...) à travers des "mariages" temporaires (un jour... une heure)
Pour préserver sa sécurité et celle de ses collègues restés en #Iraq ce journaliste de la BBC a du rester anonyme... Et il l'est toujours.

Si son identité était révélée, il serait un homme mort

Il le raconte dans cet article du @Independent…
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Dramatic developments in #Iraq
Hours after Muqtada al-Sadr’s followers withdrew from the protests, it became clear that the numbers of others are few. The security forces go towards the protest squares in #Baghdad & other cities. Why did this happen and how? (1)
Yesterday, Muqtada Al-Sadr was insulted when accounts covering the demonstrations launched campaign against him because the demonstrations that he called for expulsion of U.S forces from the country with the participation of Shiite factions close to Iran (2)
While the real protests on the ground in Tahrir square were thanks Sadr because he chose the anti-US forces demonstrations should be far from their squares, & that disappointed the Shiite factions who opposing Tahrir protests & planed to be in Tahrir to make chaos, suddenly.. (3)
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Truths that have been told the last 1-2 months our Media, the constitutionally mandated 4th estate, have mentioned in passing, but, @realDonaldTrump & his tweets
@senatemajldr & @SpeakerPelosi with their procedural squabbles are easier to discuss
Political ldrs draw attention away from actual events, and there is only 24 hrs a day, @CNN, @MSNBC, @NYT, @WSJ, @CBSNews , @ABCPolitics, @NewsHour, @NPR, #FOXnews print media, et al have decided squabbling is more important than investigating

I disagree
I think most people do
I know right around Christmas time @SpeakerPelosi stated she did not start impeachment inquiry against GWBush/Cheney for at least 2 reasons

Pelosi knew they were lying about #Iraq from the start
but she kept quiet
2nd reason given
After @BillClinton’s
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Jan 21 - Basrah, S #Iraq
Security forces opening live fire on demonstrators.

Jan 21 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Al-Khilani Square
Activists say #Iran-backed militia members shot a tear gas canister directly at a protester, killing the man as a result.

Jan 21 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Footage shows Iraqi security forces firing tear gas canisters directly at protesters at a very close & dangerous distance.
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1/ #Iran dominates #Iraq today, but it wasn't always this way. Thoughts on the relationship between two neighbors in Late Antiquity and the Early Islamic period:

The Sasanians were the last great Persian empire (224-661). They originated in Iran, but ruled from Iraq
2/ Control of Iran and Iraq gave the Sasanians (and other Persian dynasties going back to the Achaemenids) distinct advantages. With the Tigris and Euphrates, Iraq was an agricultural powerhouse. This also made it a tax collector's paradise
3/ By contrast, the Iranian plateau was a great reservoir of manpower, with which an empire could fill an army.

Put simply, Iraq supplied the financial muscle of the state, while Iran supplied the military muscle
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Jan 20 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Al Tayaran Square
Security forces are firing tear gas into crowds of demonstrators. Thousands of Iraqis in various cities are continuing protests against government corruption & #Iran's meddling in their country.
Iraqis protesters are blocking roads to Baghdad as a deadline set for an end to government corruption & #Iran's malign influence in their country came to an end.
Jan 20 - Baghdad, #Iraq
Al-Khilani Square
Protesters are gearing for massive rallies & strengthening their positions against #Iran-backed militias. Demonstrations continue against government corruption & Tehran's meddling in Iraq.
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