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Amüsant: junge, aufstrebende Forscher feiern aktuell erste Ergebnisse von #Charité & #MDB zu einem nasalen #Impfstoff ab, der im Gegensatz zu den bisherigen Vakzinen just über genau DIE Vorteile verfügen soll, die eine natürliche Infektion (Achtung: böse!) so mit sich bringt.
Die Motivation scheint enorm:

Operation Warp Speed 2 schon in den Startlöchern?
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1. Now that the MASVINGO WEST WARD 21 BY ELECTION is over, it is imperative that we demystify the circumstances we faced in the run up, during & after elections. I implore and think that it is high time #MUGWAZO is taken seriously without fear or favour @daddyhope @nelsonchamisa
2. The election in ward 21 was no meaner task bcz it was a litmus test of rural agenda , specifically , a resettlement area , a ward with plots, over 400 purchase farms, few professionals, 3 villages. The geographical distance of the ward covers from Bhati @nelsonchamisa
3. ...and is near the boundary of Masvingo Central near near Muchakata with MUKORSI POLLING STATION & NYAMAFUFU. It is not possible to campaign in that ward on foot of using fan cargos, or Honda fit but offroad. This means the cost of covering the ward is high @daddyhope
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1/5 When President Mugabe announced he would vote for @nelsonchamisa, and not @edmnangagwa, on the eve of the 2018 elections; it was on the back of lots of ground work that had been done by "G40" around the country, in some provinces more than in others, since the Nov 2017 coup!
2/5 The "G40" 2018 Chamisa campaign didn't extend to MDC; as shown by the messaging & the results. Hence ZanuPF won 145 out of 210 parliamentary seats, out performing @edmnangagwa who got 125. Chamisa won 85, outperforming MDC with 63; he won the poll but it was stolen from him!
3/5 In actively & openly campaigning for @nelsonchamisa in 2018; and exposing the stolen vote since then, in various fora including here; President Mugabe & "G40" never said they wanted to join the #MDC; never. IT WAS PURE COALITION POLITICS. Only dogmatic cultists don't get it!
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1] It's hilariously sad, how @DMwonzora & crew, do not realize that they are winning battles they would rather loose.

With every hit targeted at @nelsonchamisa, endorsed & celebrated by #ZanuPF, the #MDC-T is promoting the narrative that they are a ZanuPF front.
2] How does Dr TK, who publicly fought MT because of the MDC-A coalition, suddenly become Acting Pres of the MDC-T & defacto Pres of some MDC-A coalition?

How does she become leader of a anti-ZanuPF coalition yet be the godmother of a Zanu aligned opposition coalition, #POLAD?
3] That @nelsonchamisa is publicly recognized as the Leader of the Opposition @mdczimbabwe party is a local, regional & international reality that cannot be wished away.

Any pretence & actions to the contrary, only serve to expose the self-styled Constitutionalists.
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1] Those inside #ZanuPF are convinced that #PATRIOTISM is a synonym for their party name

Those who find themselves outside the #MDC also begin labelling themselves #PATRIOTIC.

It would seem like #PATRIOTISM has a relationship with party affiliations

Ofcourse that is nonsense.
2] But ofcourse ZanuPF ceased to represent the ethos of PATRIOTISM a long time ago.

Infact, the formation of the MDC in 1999 was the greatest form of PATRIOTISM.

The nation had been derailed from the NATIONAL AGENDA promoting formation of a MOVEMENT by different constituencies.
3] PATRIOTISM is the embodiment of NATIONAL pride.

In a normal #democracy, you readily put party differences aside and rally behind national institutions.

You rally behind a #PRESIDENT whom you respect as a product of national processes.

He symbolizes a country's #SOVEREIGNTY
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1] The #MDC-T just held a press conference condemning youths allegedly aligned to #Chamisa for an attempted violent takeover of HH

#Mwonzora & #Komichi threatened legal actions against the sponsors & perpetrators

This is a welcome development.
Can't tolerate political violence
2] The politics of violence should be condemned.

A sensible leadership cannot use violent to settle internal or external disputes.

This cultivates a dangerous culture of intolerance.

It eventually visits you also.

Real Leaders should be honest and reflective in their conduct.
3] In equal measure, people shouldnt hide behind unfounded violence allegations to settle political scores.

The decision to make Mukoyi Youth Chair after labeling him a violent Vanguard CIC leaves a lot to be desired.

You can't raise political capital on sympathy & victimhood.
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1] Some of us who come from the ghetto will always say:

"if you can't say it to my face, i don't believe you".

The presser by #MaKhupe and co was just empty rhetoric.

Everyone looks brave when they feel safe.

It's only a matter of time when this charade will be exposed. Image
2] Its embarrassing desperation for #MaKhupe to claim Leadership over 103 MPs when she has 2.

Even stupid people know that the MDC-T was rejected by voters.

That rejection cannot be cured by legal technicalities.

It's even embarrassing for #Mwonzora to be part of this madness.
3] #MaKhupe continues to expose her naivety & #Leadership deficiency.

To argue that she is to the #MDC-T what #JohnStenheisen is to the #DA after the exit of #MusiMaimane is a joke that's not funny.

There was an undisputed #Leadership succession in the #DA.
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1] The #unrelenting #hypocrites who said #Chamisa was afraid of a #Congress & was taking power through boardrooms accuse(d) him of not using #political #tokenism to protect #Mwonzora from #Hwende

They equally wanted #Mudzuri & #Komichi to be rewarded outside Congress #elections.
2] The #unrelenting #hypocrites who accused the #MDC-A of lacking party discipline want to christian #Chamisa a dictator for taking measures to realign party communication channels with the constitution.

They prefer seeing #MDC-A officials excitedly behave like a #Vikings army. ImageImage
3] The #unrelenting #hypocrites pretend like there's no difference between #discipline & #democracy.

They enjoy seeing #MDC-A officials quenching their thirst for rumours & discord by needlessly rushing to the #media to share #personal #opinions even against #party #positions.
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1] Here's some interesting thoughts from Mudzuri regarding the recalls of MPs by #Mwonzora.

I have consistently argued that the NC meeting of the #2014MDC-T was important so as to clip #Mwonzora's new found authority

#Mudzuri has confirmed that #Mwonzora has become power drunk.
2] #Mudzuri argues that he's seen as a weak character in the #MDC-T for advising against the recalls

He says:

"You have not talked to anyone. You still need to talk even if it's at law. You don't necessarily have to throw away your wife because you have a divorce certificate"
3] #Mudzuri in an apparent attack on #Mwonzora's says:

"This is a civilized world. Even when someone is wrong, you show them you're telling them to go because they have done A B C,in a civilized manner that shows we are not in the stone age period.That's tyranny & dictatorship"
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1] The key thing to read from this cryptic tweet is that there's a #Leadership vacuum in the so called #MDC of #Tsvangirai

Knowing too well that some #MDC-T supporters feel very strongly against her, the intention is to politically pronounce that #Khupe is a transitional Leader.
2] It's hilarious for EM, who accepted an appointment outside #Congress, to lecture #MDC-T supporters on #Khupe's #2014Congress #legitimacy

Defeats the whole purpose of the new argument

Why does it matter now?

Had the powers of #Congress #legitimacy been lost to him all long?
3] Back to the cryptic tweet..

EM is making political notification to MDC-T supporters, that MaKhupe should be accommodated for the duration of the EOC preparations.

Politically,it cannot happen.

There is no judgement that can erase the political realities of the past 2 years.
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1] Going through a presser by #Mwonzora yesterday, can't help but laugh at how he has become a #pathological liar.

Infact, its clear that besides getting security, legal & material support from #ZanuPF, they are equally giving him free lessons on #propaganda.

It's a shame Image
2] #Mwonzora unashamedly claims there was a "peaceful & smooth handover & take over" .

He wants you to believe that the then occupants, i.e. #MDC-A officials "peaceful" handed over the HQ to MDC-T.

& then probably regained their consciousness & returned to reclaim it at night? Image
3] #Mwonzora falsely claims that they had nothing to do with the presence of security forces at MRT House.

Bizzarely, #Komichi claims the exact opposite, arguing that they invited them against marauding MDC-A who had petrol bombs.

He clearly says they actually invited them. Image
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1] Some ppl have been accused of using the "tired song" of ZanuPF's underhand or marriage of convenience with #Mwonzora et al.

It would seem like #ZanuPF has used the "kombayi tirove" tactic in the "kombai titore" hijacking of the MDC Headquarters.

#Mwonzora should be ashamed.
2] Things just don't add up, regardless of how open minded one chooses to be.

The courts surprisingly opened during the lockdown for the judgement.
#Komichi spectacularly came with a prepared acceptance speech.

Guessing a judgement & bringing a related speech are 2 diff things
3] Then came Parliament..

#AdvMudenda inexplicably chose #Mwonzora over #Hwende even before any ruling on the identity of the #MDC-A.

#MaKhupe has been allowed to cross the political floor, with her MPs, with #Nyikadzino being ignored by #Mudenda.

There is a logic to it all.
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1] Around the 20th of May, the 2014 #NationalCouncil of the MDC-T petitioned the holding of a #NationalCouncil meeting to discuss the infamous #CovidRuling and the way forward.

Predictably, #Mwonzora rubbished the calls for the meeting & even demanded that it be suspended.
2] Regardless of #Mwonzora's whistle in the wind, the #NC meeting went ahead.

It subsequently made resolutions, key amongst them, cautioning DM to stop speaking on their behalf & acting unilaterally.

A petition was signed to have DM call for a #NC meeting on the 6th of June.
3] One would observe that, since the #CovidJudgement, the 2014 #MDC-T #NC has not met.

Mwonzora has been pushing this narrative that #Khupe,#Komichi & himself can organize the EOC on their own.

Predictably, Mwonzora rubbished the NC meeting calling it illegal & inconsequential.
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1] The continued corroboration of state institutions & the #Mwonzora led faction of the MDC-T is quite exposing.

On a day where the #PeoplesAdvocate @adv_fulcrum is appearing in court & Parly is resuming, with news of recalls of MDC-A MPs, Harare is on lockdown during lockdown.
2] How can you deny the regime's underhand in this issue when #Mwonzora et al, are finding it easy to by-pass all roadblocks from Harare to Humanikwa?

Which essential service are they offering?

No wait, anything that is anti-Chamisa is actually an essential service in Zimbabwe.
3] The big question would then be why ZanuPF would be more comfortable with #Mwonzora as Leader of the Opposition?

If he is #mature, does it then follow that maturity was lacking in the #Opposition and equally so in #ZanuPF that the State wants to utilize #Mwonzora's maturity?
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1] I personally find it disturbing to see MRT's former lieutenants making accusations on DrMRT when he's nolonger alive to defend or authenticate their remarks.

If you couldn't say it when he was around, forever hold your peace.

This hypocrisy is repugnant and self-serving.
2] I find remarks made by the likes of @DMwonzora @DrThoko_Khupe & @mkomichi1 on how they were always against the "illegal appointments" of additional VPs fake and condescending.

If you could not face DrMRT then, where are you finding the strenght to face him now?

This stinks.
3] I find the attempts at dividing the Tsvangirai family totally unacceptable.

If you love Morgan, don't try and divide his family.

Granted that they are adults who make their own decisions, but pulling them along to suit agenda is desperation of the unacceptably highest order.
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1] Law can be quite confusing

The #ConstitutionalCourt led by #JusticeMalaba found that #Chamisa was #President to a party which had participated at the polls and was known as MDC-A according to its electoral and legal documents before his court.

Shelve that...
2] #JusticePartel observed that the fights pertaining to the rise of NC in the MDC-T had become moot since he had held a Congress & was undisputed leader of that party which participated at the polls, & MaKhupe had done the same.

#JusticePartel still ordered a fresh #Congress
3] #JusticeManongwa at the #HighCourt grants an interim order to stop #MaKhupe from received money owed to the MDC-A.

The ruling effectively recognized the political existence of the MDC-A, separate to the MDC-T, whether as part of it, or a separate entity all together.
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1] A few things stood out for me as i was going through Pres Adv Chamisa's changes to his tool box.

Tools tell a lot about the carpenter.
More so when he was previously working with some rusty tools that belonged to the former carpenter.

I hope they will be useful to him.
2] In the appointments, Chamisa made some strong political statements.

Councilor #IanMakoni, MRT's Best Friend, husband to former #MDCTreasurer, & party stalwart Madam TM is now #Sec4Election.

Those who've followed the #Mwonzora fights understand my point.

Interesting pick.
3] Then there's #DavidChimhinhi, the past immediate #MDC-T 2014 #Manicaland Provincial Chair.

Mr Chimhini has replaced @JamesonTimba as Deputy SG.

In light of the #Mwonzora fights, and all the theories that followed, this is a interesting political statement by #Chamisa.
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1] By each passing day, i wonder what goes through #Mwonzora's mind as he continues to lose his #political battles with #Chamisa.

How does he think of himself as SG of a party who's supposed #MPs (majority), continue to defy his #authority?

Surely, one has to #pause & #reflect.
2] MDC supporters have seen 3 splits now.

They know that they have little to do with #constitutionalism.

When Biti left, NC, commenting on the #congress that followed mockingly said "we haven't invited Tendai & his oranges"

Fast forward to 2019, he's his closest lieutenant.
3] When Ncube left, citing certain issues, those who have left now mocked him.

The same happened when Biti & EM & even MaKhupe left.

The #constitutionalists remained.

The MDC supporters are not stupid.
They are rational.
They see through the patronizing Latin from the Lawyers.
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One of the headaches facing individuals with an interest in MDC political squabbles is on what the MDC-A is.

Is it a party?
Is it an electoral vehicle?
Is it a coalition which died soon after elections?

Here's something interesting:
2] Whereas there is a fixation with certain clauses of the original #MDC-A agreement as signed by #PresMRT, we have ignored some clauses

Or alternatively, #Mwonzora has chosen to never address them.

All this point out to a subtle transformation that perhaps was sloppy.

3] #MDC-A logo

The original #MDC-A agreement spoke to a logo with #PresMRT (Presidential candidate) & other parties surrounding it.

This provided for a clear distinction.

However, towards the elections, that logo actually changed.

What does this tell us about the #MDC-A? ImageImage
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1] The meeting of the 2014 structures of the #MDC of #Tsvangirai as well as its subsequent resolutions were both inevitable.

The reason is not that they have necessarily decided to implement the SC verdict, but rather that they need to stop #Mwonzora from politically abusing it.
2] As exposed by a letter circulating, #Mwonzora, #Komichi & #Mudzuri among others, who did not attend, were actually invited.

It then nonsensical for the resolutions to be declared void by #Mwonzora and his camp.

In their absence, #legally, the meeting proceeded.
3] Back to the judgement, #Mwonzora had become so dangerously excited.

He recalled MPs without any MDC-T structure meeting.
He had become the defacto MDC-T NC,SC & #Constitution.

#Komichi elevated himself without any engagement with the actual Chair, as directed by the ruling.
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1] As citizens wait patiently for the #HighCourt ruling on the matter regarding #MDC_T's parenthood of the #MDC_A, i fail to see how the judgement changes anything really.

This is because the #MDC_A is now a political party.
Something which a court can neither confirm nor deny.
2] The crux of this matter is more #political than it is #legal.

Though #Mwonzora & team were arguing today that the #MDC_A was an #electoral pact which merely now exists as some faction of the #MDC, only a week ago, he had people recalled for joining a party called "#MDC_A".
3] Although #Mwonzora was argues the MDC-A is a 2018 coalition, which ceased to exist post elections, nothing suggest the "individual parties" continued existing as such.

For post 2018 bi-elections,what strategy was used to choose candidates if the parties remained autonomous?
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1/21 #NovemberInFebruary
"For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events!".
29 January 2020

Strangely but tellingly, some took this metaphoric tweet as a prediction of a military coup in February. Ok!
2/21 The words of the tweet speak for themselves, despite the misplaced but understandable attempts to squeeze blood out of them. Zimbabwe is at the crossroads. The country is pregnant with change. Something is afoot. But there's no telling what it is or when it will be born!
3/21 I used the November metaphor to capture & convey the gestalt of the moment. Besides its sacred Shona myths, November has historical significance in Zimbabwe as the month of momentous events. The pioneer column of Cecil John Rhodes moved on King Lobengula in November 1893!
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In #SDNY Mag Court Ms Santiago freed after gov called her mental health risk for talking suicide after loss of child- thread
Next up is Burrell, in from the #MDC on the morning transport, bound for Judge Marrero for violence in aid of #racketeering
Next up is Mr Paulson, not Henry, in pink shirt. He has retained counsel Sorrentino and is assigned to Judge Crotty. Drugs
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1]It's #PoeticJustice,that i write a thread on the shenanigans in the #MDCALLIANCE on April 1st,a day loosely known as #FoolsDay.Sometimes you get the impression that some in the MDC are political fools.Are they ready to be a gvt when they aren't ready to be a political party?
2] #ZanuPF didn't win the #CowdryPark by-election,the #MDC lost it.They have learnt nothing and forgot nothing.I once argued that whoever resisted having the #MDCExtraordinaryCongress last year is a political tactician.The disaster would have been spectacular.
3]What we saw was just #MDC factional battles.It boggles ones mind how the #Mwonzora guy, misogynistic #Ndhlovu managed embarrassing votes yet he was the "official candidate".What makes the "unofficial candidate" garner more votes yet defying a party directive?
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