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1. Disclosure: I am on record as having said Statecraft is very hard. So critique of #Eritrea prez is within context of “statecraft is hard, but he makes it harder.” Let’s discuss today’s show (not interview) whose topics covered role of investment, including FDI, in economy.
2. Of the many levers used for economic development and which ones to prioritize, choosing is hard because everything is a priority in subsistence economies. Economics not being a hard science (and even its social science status being questionable) it’s a lot of trial and error.
3. In #Eritrea, it’s all trial and all error because this not-really-a-science field (economics) is at the mercy of another not-really-a-science field (politics) which, being authoritarian cronyism, is less capable of auto-correcting. For example:
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#Tigray had it all. We had Ahmad ibn Ibrahim & the Ottoman Turks/The Egyptians, Italians, Menelik, Fascist Italy, Haile Selassie, Mengistu. But this genocidal war on #Tigray is incomparable to any that hitherto occurred. Its design, scope, intent, & the execution of action plans
defines its sadistic uniqueness. It was cataclysmic & is ongoing. They decided & came to eliminate #Tigrayans as people. Despite the incalculable sacrifices paid in lives lost, ethnic cleansing, genocidal rape, starvation, millions of IDPs, materials destroyed, in the end as
it has always been, our enemies have come back with unrevealed vengeance, the impact we will eventually notice & intent to rule the land of #Tigray. As things stand, they're back in, watched by #TEGARU they had tried & still desire to eliminate. Those who have not left are still
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At Qatar, in response to #Eritrean opposition leader Isaias Afwerki who keeps trashing all the achievement of his government, Ambassador Sophia outlines all of them. Speaking of Qatar….…
2010: After two years of denying it had any disputes with #Djibouti and getting sanctioned for its refusal to mediate the dispute, #Eritrea accepts Qatar mediation for its dispute with #Djibouti
2010-2017: #Eritrea and #Qatar have right relationship with Qatar Airways picking the president for frequent “consultations” on “bilateral and regional issues.” ImageImage
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Why would #Eritrea launch a premeditated attack on territories and locations such as Badme, which are Eritrean territories??
Western version of history that never happened!!
Badme is #Eritrea !!
In May 1998 Eritrea took the step to clear it from #TPLFTerroristGroup occupation
..and it's only because YOU didn't HV ave the balls to recognise who was the real culprit (#TPLF started infiltrating into #Eritrean territories by moving Tigrayans n their belongings into Badme n it's environs since 1996) that eventually they invaded #Eritrea
And you know well that if it wasn't for YOU n your intelligence support to Meles & Co, #TPLF was getting ready to be completely wiped out inside #Eritrea, as it's military forces where getting near Keren without realising they were going to be surrounded n closed by the back.
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Nice try to deflect the topic.
Nevertheless, as you brought it up:
Ethiopia was the aggressor as the war in 1998 happened because of #TPLFTerroristGroup border incursions during '97.
Obviously U take the flaring point on 12 May 1998 so to conveniently pont the finger at #Eritrea
The other 2, namely Djibouti n Yemen:
1st: in 1996 the Djibouti dictator lied in regards to an inexistent incursion by Eritrea while Petros Solomon, at the time foreign minister, was on official visit to the country.
The reality was the opposite, which dragged into 2018 events
All was about Djibouti trying to overcome the agreement made by France n Italy in 1935, and establish a status quo in regards to Ras Doumeira, an area that was given to Italy following the treaty signed & rectified in Rome.
Djibouti used a non exchange of documents are the time
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@mrubin1971 @TheNatlInterest @AEIfdp 1. Problem with the likes of Mike Rubin is b/c people ignore their nonsense they think they are right. He writes “At one time, he [Isaias] also considered attacking #Somaliland in order to gain a port on the Red Sea.” He gets an F in geography. Somaliland is not on the Red Sea.
@mrubin1971 @TheNatlInterest @AEIfdp 2. Rubin writes “Isaias cares nothing about the #Eritrean people.” It’s outrageous. Mike Rubin a hired lobbyist is telling us he cares about #Eritrea more than the incorruptible, selfless servant leader, who gave more 3/4 of his life for his people and country!
@mrubin1971 @TheNatlInterest @AEIfdp 3. Rubin “Isaias’ rule depends in part on his ability to cut Eritreans off from the outside world.” WRONG! #Eritreans have more access to information than Rubin and his neocon friends allow Americans to have.
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Meet Ciham Ali Abdu…

She was arrested by #Eritrean authorities a decade ago.

⚠️ When she was 15.

Ciham has not been seen or heard from since then. She has never been charged with any offense.
The Eritrean regime’s outrageous actions seem to be some kind of political revenge against her father. He was information minister in 2012 but fell out with the president and fled the country.

Shortly after, Ciham – a dual US-Eritrean citizen – was arrested trying to escape.
#Eritrea has one of the world’s most appalling human rights records, and Ciham’s case is just one example.
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#Tigray negotiators Getachew and Tsadkan gave a media interview in Tigrinya on the negotiations tonight. They give the following highlights:
1. The key motive for signing the Cessation of Hostilities agreement was to stop the worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.
2. While it was necessary to sign the agreement, TDF can and will not disarm unless the security of the people of #Tigray is reliably guaranteed.
3. #Tigray will in any case continue peacefully to pursue the quest to amend the terms of the agreement, specifically those that are unfavourable to the people of Tigray
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Since the signature of permanent cessation of hostilities in Pretoria by the #Ethiopian Govt and #TPLF/ #EDF // #GovtofTigray (1 if them, or either 1 of them, or all of them or none of them), there has been a continuous concerted effort by elements against peace, particularly.. the Tegarus camp in diaspora (and not only), and within the so-called analysts, journos n anti-🇪🇷 elements, to spread a narrative that #Eritrea is inside Tigray, going deeper, occupying territories n committing all sort of crimes.
All without a single tangible proof...
..Just accusations, allegations, innuendos, and a continuation of fake news aimed principally at making sure the peace accord doesn't go ahead.
The idea of having to disarm n dissolve as a paramilitary force, to be still part of #Ethiopia, to relinquish the dream of being..
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The state of denial Tegarus in diaspora are finding themselves in is the result of years of brain washing done by #TPLF
In the past 2 years, they hv been bombarded daily with a well crafted n designed propaganda to became themselves part of a design to amplify a narrative ...
... pointed to convince western countries, NGOs, human rights orgs n mass media to support the quest of Tplf itself to paint the #Ethiopian Govt, #Eritrean Govt, #Amhara State and others as the enemy of the people of #TigrayWillPrevail.
The Tigray "genocide" hashtag, being the..
... tool used even before the hostilities started in Nov 2020, has been the main vehicle to start propagating a consecutive amount of false news and information that went out to the public also with the help of paid actors, analysts, journos n historical Tplf friends to make..
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On Nov. 2, 1958 #Eritrean nationalists founded the underground Eritrean Liberation Movement (#ELM), Harakat El Tahrir El Eritrya in Arabic; Mahber Shewate, in Tigrinya in Port #Sudan to topple #Ethiopian rule in #Eritrea through a coup d’état. 1
#ELM mobilized both the #Moslem & #Christian communities. By Apr 1959 clandestine cells were established in almost all #Eritrean towns. ELM held its 1st congress in #Asmara in 1960 under the slogan "Muslims & Christians are brothers & their unity makes Eritrea one nation" 2 Founders of ELM.
In 1965, despite #ELF's warning not to launch an armed struggle but to join the existing liberation front, #ELM sent its forces to the northern hills of #Eritrea. The ELF decided to resolve the disagreement by force & attacked ELM forces in May, 1995 at at Ela Tza’ada. 3 The first clandestine cells members of ELM, Mahber Shew'ate
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Alex de Waal, like another Briton from 80 yrs ago, is consumed by hate against everything #Eritrean. Hate towards #Eritrea & infatuation with Meles & #TPLFTerroistGroup had turned de Waal into a chief TPLF disinformation officer outdoing all other Wazngu mercenaries. #SayNoMore
2. de Waal’s words:
“The TPLF’s reported action was reckless. Its military leaders may have believed too much in the myth of their own invincibility in the face of an all-out attack.” Stop War Crimes in Ethiopia Today, African Arguments, Nov. 23, 2020
3. “There is good reason to suppose that z leadership of TPLF may have committed war crimes too. In fact z casus belli for z offensive by z Ethiopian army is an alleged mass killing of Ethiopian army officers on 3-4 Nov. as TPLF units overran army bases.” Nov. 23, 2020 #SayNoMore
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@mvreisen 1) It looks @mvreisen is loosing it. #TPLFTerrosristGroup must have shipped her “absho” (ኣብሾ) a known local hallucinogen. In disinformation campaign on behalf of TPLF, she is denying fact admitted by #TPLF: that it preemptively started the war on 3 Nov 2020. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 2) Fact: #Eritrea didn’t start z 3/11/20 war in #Ethiopia. It was z making of @mvreisen patrons: #TPLFTerrosristGroup. To z contrary it’s TPLF that attacked #Eritrea by firing rockets. Her hate of everything #Eritrean has turned her into disinformation agent. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 3) Neither #PFDJ nor #Eritrea are responsible 4 any atrocities in #Tigray. #TigrayGenocide was part of the pre-planned choreography of #TPLF enablers.

If there’s anyone responsible 4 crimes against #Eritreans in #Libya it’s @mvreisen & her criminal syndicate. #EritreaPrevails
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PICTURES: President @HassanSMohamud along with Afwerki visits five thousand #Somali soldiers who have been in camps in #Eritrea for training for over three years under harsh living conditions.
Some soldiers died in training as @TheVillaSomalia confirmed, as the camps are hot during the day & cold at the night, without proper care. #Eritrea is under dictator with Int'l sanctions. @HassanSMohamud receives a salute from soldiers, some wearing plastic sandals. #Somalia.
It is not yet known why the ex-@M_Farmaajo administration chose #Eritrea to train the troops as several countries were available, incl #Turkey.

The PICs show soldiers with their faces thin and sunken cheeks & eyes, a clear sign that they were in difficult condition. #Somalia.
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#Evacuate #Migrants & #Refugees from #Libya! THREAD
@Refugees should actively & expeditiously work to evacuate sub-Saharan #African migrants from Libya. Libyan gov't's non-mea culpa is inadequate. It hoarded 1000s over several days before they stormed out in desperation.
What happened this past week was no accident; it was intentional, done in full public view, & abetted by external funding & political/moral cover. #EU-funded Libyan security always racialized & hounded such migrants & refugees since Gaddafi days - to reinforce fortress Europe.
Mr. @FilippoGrandi, with all the due respect, expressions of concern are woefully inadeqauate under the circumstance. Your good offices has to mobilize regional & international humanitarian support. Sub-Saharan African countries should be asked to give shelter - temporary or not.
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Why Do We Need A Government In Exile? Rationale:

Because (a) the Government-in-Power has lost the legitimacy to govern on legal, political and socio-economic grounds and (b) the conventional opposition approach does not rise to the state of emergency #Eritrea is facing.

(2) In 1992, #Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF) issued a Proclamation 23/1992 that
defined the Structure, Power, and Function of the Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE).
(3) The Proclamation unequivocally stated that TGE shall govern “until the #Eritrean people
decides its rights to self-determination through a plebiscite and until a constitutional
government is established." The mandate lasted until the successful conduct of the 1993 referendum.
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Let it be clear to the whole world, I have credible information that it was the #Eritrean troops [in civilian clothes] who abducted #Welday & #Marta at Shire two days ago.
The lady was interrogated, photos & videos in her phone investigated thoroughly, & brought to her home by the troops yesterday night at 8 pm Tigrayan Time. They warned her that she MUST stay at home for 10 days. If she violates this restriction, reprisals will follow.
They told her, "We will follow your situation. If we come to know that you disrespect our word and you fail to stay at your home for 10 days, the consequences will be severe." They have taken the contact numbers of everyone of her household.
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As we observe June 20, Martyrs Day, some facts about the 6th Offensive ( Ethiopian Red Star Military Operation) in which #Eritrea lost many of her finest sons and daughters.

During the Offensive (Feb-Jun, 1982) Derg/Eth soldiers shot
-26,230,549 bullets on #Eritrean freedom fighters
-1008 bullets per freedom fighter
-291,450 bullets per day
-#Libya flew supplies
-#SouthYemen provided combat pilots &
-1200 #SovietUnion mil advisers were deployed Image
-#EPLF’s defensive line stretched for about 400 km from Barka to Sahel across #Nakfa
-63 Brigades of which 53 infantry, 6 mechanized, & 4 Para commandos, a total of 136,540 Ethiopian troops were deployed. Image
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[VIDEO THREAD] Harrowing first hand video testimony from #UNHCR Camp in Hitsats. Part 1/6 #EritreaPrevails
Part 2/6 [Video THREAD] Harrowing first hand testimony from #UNHCR #Eritrean refugee camp in Hitsats. #EritreaPrevails
Part 3/6 [Video THREAD] Harrowing first hand testimony from #UNHCR #Eritrean refugee camp in Hitsats. #EritreaPrevails
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One Question Not Asked In 4 Months:

How many young #Ethiopia|ns & #Eritrea|ns enlisted or conscripted in the ENDF, ASF, TDF, EDF have been killed in the stupid war? Until we ask, and insist on an answer, the war will not stop. #HowManyDied?
If are comforted by the lullabies of your side (whichever side you are on),remember the 98-00 #Eritrea-#Ethiopia “border war” was 24 months of standstill interrupted by 1 month (cumulative) of battle. 100,00 young lives perished then! The current war is 4 months of non-stop war.
The horrific violations against civilians, including children 👇🏾will be accounted for because there are reporters and advocacy groups that will insist on it. But how will those addicted to claiming they won disclose what the cost of the “winning” was and who will make them?
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It’s #FatuousFriday: just back from Planet NNNN, with its alternative facts, and I am here to share with my compats. Since everything Isaias touches turns to ashes, the promising political career of @AbiyAhmedAli is facing the abyss too. But, hey: war is peace and peace is war Image
More “War Is Peace, Peace Is War”: According to the “Abiy Is Our Leader #Eritrea Is Our Country”mob from #Ethiopia, joined by Isaiaists, when 🇺🇸 and EU call for end to war, it is warmongering! Image
Walking is the new #Eritrea|n accomplishment, according to the #PFDJ. Plus it’s good for the environment in a country with the most expensive fuel in the world. Pass it on. Image
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🇪🇷🇪🇹#Ethiopia said #Eritrea has agreed to withdraw forces from the #Tigray region, almost five months after fighting broke out.

"Witnesses say soldiers and militia target civilians and use rape as a weapon." @MariaG_N reports from #Tigray⤵️

@MariaG_N 🇪🇹Across #Tigray, more than half a million people were forced to flee their homes. Thousands were able to find refuge in the regional capital Mek’ele.

🎤"We don’t have enough water, food, or clothes, we’re not receiving any help from the government," says a man displaced⤵️
@MariaG_N 🇪🇹🇪🇷Many survivors speak of massacres and accuse #Eritrean soldiers.

During a religious celebration in a #Tigray village, more than 150 people were killed by members of the Eritrean army, residents say.

🎤"All of those killed were like my own family.”⤵️
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Happy Friday: #Ethiopia|ns & “fellow #Eritreans across the border”! After 4 months of lies & denials, and less than a week after @ChrisCoons delivered the @POTUS msg that #Ethiopia is committing “systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing” in #Tigray, @PMEthiopia folds like a card: Image
The move came less than a week after @AbiyAhmedAli chose the parliament as his venue to admit what the whole world, except a few in #Eritrea|s NNNN Party #PFDJ and #Ethiopia|s Abiy Cult, knew: #Eritrean|s have been fighting inside #Tigray with knowledge & approval of @PMEthiopia Image
Now, there is only one country in the world whose media has not shared the news that #Eritrean|s are fighting in #Ethiopia and its leader has agreed to withdraw its troops. The country? Hint: its state media slogan is “serving the truth.” Image
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Short @AbiyAhmedAli: We defeated #TPLF (june tah) completely & #Eritrea is in #Ethiopia only because we are at war with TPLF whom we have defeated completely 4 month ago. Mayyybe our soldiers & Isaias did a little raping here and there but TPLF ATTACKED NORTHERN COMMAND!
(2) #Eritrea|ns have made a very strong argument as to why they cannot withdraw from sovereign #Ethiopia|n territories, because they fear being attacked by #TPLF (who I have totally annihilated) and I must say I find their arguments compelling. The war is to catch 12 people.
(3) The call for us to withdraw #Amhara Special Forces from #Tigray is like me telling the US: Colorado National Guard cannot be dispatched to California in a state of emergency. Everybody knows Colorado ethnics & California ethnics are analogous to Tigray-Amhara ethnies.
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