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1. Dynamics of ZeroCovid policy #ZeroSARS #清零政策

Did it fail as China abandoned ZC policy? No.

A covid-conscious colleague calls me, concerned re conflict. They rightly observe conservative values match ZC:

Sanctity of life
National security
Sense of authority and hierarchy
2. I lost track of who follows me, beyond 1/3 climate, 1/3 SARS-health-systems, 1/3 dad jokes.

Yet this new follower somehow caught my eye.

Obvs conservatives are organizing to hold Biden and Democrats/liberals accountable for their horrific pandemic policy.

No surprise there.
3. Effective policy requires understanding the mechanics of SARS.

Transmission sustains the pandemic: "one ship every three months".

The ONLY way to eliminate SARS is to stop the ship before it leaves harbor. Before the virus gets on a plane on two legs.
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1. Taiwan and China's new world order

@AMFChina is right: time for experts. No state or empire aiming to "Live with" SARS can dominate world politics.

SARS-CoV will age and disable the population until elimination. Solutions require international cooperation under WHO guidance. ImageImage
2. Any practitioners or IR scholars that seek to defy reality will run up against the hard walls of biology. It's a dynamical problem; this can escalate quite dramatically if folks remain in denial.… ImageImage
3. I've been really subtle and patient, but apparently people need to face reality head on. Am I eager to see German life expectancy drop to 65 years? NO, but it will happen - it's biology, stupid - if you all don't wake up asap. Good luck everyone.
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1. What does #ZeroCOVID 2030 policy mean?

Three Zeros: Zero new cases, zero new deaths, zero stigma
COVID: same virus and pathogenesis as SARS
2030: workable policy goal. Essential to all effective policy.

First lesson of cognitive policy: Always Frame First. (AFF). Awesome AF. Image
2. Lesson from the HIV pre-ART era, i.e. where we are on COVID-19: use the lessons of 40 years of HIV medicine. We literally have no time for anything but drug repurposing. People are decompensating; SARS is cruel in this very specific way. #UequalsU U=U=U
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Airborne AIDS

HIV t-cell depletion test and HIV antivirals treatment is diagnosis and treatment not being offered to long term SARS patients.

If #LongCovid talks like a duck, and #LongCovid walks like a duck, duck off denying SARS is not airborne AIDS!
The entire #MedTwitter community is arguing over itself about terminology specificity!

When the other anti-science side is inventing fucken “immunity debt” terminology to minimize and misinform!
There’s ZERO interest in funding research to support what China has already evidenced about antivirals treatment!
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(1) This is why I use syndemic theory for health and climate. (2) SARS is the highest leverage point, vital to all countries and to all of us. (3) I’m stunned so few do the same. Do children not deserve livable futures? (4) Disagree on ‘distraction’ but Andy is right on strategy.
(5) Kind souls ask how to end the pandemic. Understandable, as every gov and most public health experts falsely claim it's impossible.

Dear all, here is how: IHR 2005, just like for SARS 2003, and for the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan wildtype.……
(6) Read this carefully, because your future depends on it.
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