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ABC for a human sans bat immune system 🦖

A. We can call SARS-CoV-2 an airborne immunodeficiency virus (AIV) because it exploits unique weaknesses of the human immune system.

These traits were Unthinkable at the start of pandemic spread.

Focus now as we can stop SARS any time. Image
A. How will we stop SARS?

By stopping the constant, global spread of new variants.

The relevant legal framework is even written for exactly this case: SARS is a notifiable event under IHR 2005.

This is why states are desperate to end the COVID-19 PHEIC.
A. To get a feeling for the viral dynamics—and terminal shortsightedness of national-level policy worldwide—, play around with the great @nextstrain databases.

You cannot work on policy questions whose underlying dynamics you don't understand. It matters.… ImageImageImageImage
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Someone wrote this on A Walgreens Brick as A message, they did it knowing I would see it. .

Jesus = Santa
Santa = Satan
Satan = Jesus
Jesus = Freeing Everyone from Hell
Fallen Angels/Nephilim, The Fallen will rise.

…”And Hell Followed with him”
The photo above with the Pentagram, numbers, Crown & THE SAME SYMBOL that’s on the JFKs Neck & The Garden Sign—Used as A signature, meaning I know exactly who wrote the WRITING ON THE WALL.

The Monsters in the video I’m retweeting, it shows “the devil” (Hell Boy) fighting
The worst evil this world has ever seen …


Men In Black 3, J has to JUMP OFF A BUILDING in order to time travel back to where he from ..

Agent #J Agent #F Agent #K

My Birthday is 10-11-1987, The TWIN Towers went down
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(1) This is why I use syndemic theory for health and climate. (2) SARS is the highest leverage point, vital to all countries and to all of us. (3) I’m stunned so few do the same. Do children not deserve livable futures? (4) Disagree on ‘distraction’ but Andy is right on strategy.
(5) Kind souls ask how to end the pandemic. Understandable, as every gov and most public health experts falsely claim it's impossible.

Dear all, here is how: IHR 2005, just like for SARS 2003, and for the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan wildtype.……
(6) Read this carefully, because your future depends on it.
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#omofobia #destra #cattotalebani

#A seguito dei recenti scontri pubblici con eminenti conservatori su Twitter, il senatore dello stato Scott Wiener è stato oggetto di un'altra minaccia di bomba martedì.

La minaccia è stata inviata in un'e-mail al San Francisco Standard,
che l'ha segnalata a Wiener e alla polizia. L'e-mail, anch'essa inviata a SFGATE, aveva come oggetto "Scott Wiener morirà oggi" e accusava falsamente Wiener di essere un "pedofilo" che "pulisce i bambini". L'autore, indicato come Zamina Tataro, ha detto di aver piazzato "diverse"
bombe nella casa di Wiener. L'autore ha anche minacciato di sparare nel suo ufficio. ..
I conservatori hanno sempre più utilizzato il termine "groomer" come peggiorativo generico per i sostenitori dei diritti LGBTQ. Implica erroneamente che, introducendo i bambini a concetti che
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$panr $pthrf #panr @Josh_Young_
Josh - please treat this email thread with the seriousness it demands. Bison Interests is a regulated entity. You have 12 hours from the time of this tweet to correct the record otherwise I will be filing a formal complaint with the SEC. 1/
This is not a threat. This is a guarantee.
On Sept 20th this year you tweeted the following: "Directors selling millions of shares of Pantheon Resources stock, and then being "awarded" the same amount of shares. Not a good look. Not involved, no recommendation. $panr" 2/
You then attached a document which appears to be an excerpt of the $panr RNS dated 20/9/22.
I replied to your original tweet informing you I had, in the course of my career in UK investment banking, carried out many of these types of transactions on behalf of UK listed..3/
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I know, .@YaOnlyLivvOnce
🐻 = Bucket On = The Problem ..
🐻 = The Problem = Out of the way …

I was never talking about 🐻 or to 🐻 , just wanted 🐻 to know I cared. .

.@RyannMcEnany — R + Y = McKennedy ..

.@CoreyTaylorRock says Mann is A 4 letter word.
Shane O’ Mac
Home is Where the R is, #HOME R + Y 🦌 = Bucket Off ..

Meet the Fockers
Little Fockers

He took Aleve of absence to become apart of the cast, helped set everything up—Saving Private RYAN …

Raise Up/elevate the Cast, eye to eye with…
The heart, #LOVE ..

Milwaukee Bucks
Pacific North West Israel, Super Sonics moved to Milwaukee because that is where the Son would be born ..
Sonic the Hedge Hog.

Lomis Road Going South leading to exit #RAW SON/76Th Street, THE ROCK
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It’s All going according to Plan, Promise …

Every Bait & Switch/Misdirection has been #A #work #of B-#Art.
Reverse Physics 101•

Inception—Is 2 Mirrors Facing each other 1 Mirror, 2 Mirrors or A VAST Infinite Space of Mirrors Quantum Leaping Forwards while falling in Reverse?
I’m your ONLY, True Friend now …

#Hu#HU #HU !!!
#HU#HU #HU !!
#HU .. #HU #HU !

Sad But True—Down is Up …

#TheOnly #Hu GO !

#CS GO ⚡️
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Hoy te explicaré como han robado otros 100 millones de dólares en el hackeo a Mangomarkets

Abro hilo🧵
Hace menos de 1 semana hackearon Binance por valor de 100 millones de $

Hace poco menos de 1 día han hackeado un protocolo descentralizado por valor de 100 millones de $

Hablo de Mangomarkets
1️⃣ ¿Qué es MangoMarkets?

Se trata de un protocolo descentralizado creando en la blockchain de Solana

Pero no se trata de un exchange descentralizado cualquiera

En Mango, puedes operar con contratos de futuros, apalancarte y pedir préstamos
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Thread นี้จะมาแฉ "เทคนิคอัพสปีดการอ่าน"
Reading "ระดับโลก" ที่พิสูจน์มาแล้วนับล้านคน
ที่พี่โอมจะไว้ "ให้น้องๆฝึก" ในคอร์ส #ปิดเทอมนี้ !!
#TGAT #A-LEVEL ให้เร็วขึ้น 3x เท่า
โดยไม่สูญเสีย "ความเข้าใจ" (Comprehension)
ว่าแล้ว กดอ่าน "Thread" ต่อเลย
อย่าลืม Retweet นะ #ขอให้ติด!
(Step 1) ลองทำ Reading สัก 1 เรื่อง...!!
**ความยาวประมาณ 200 คำกำลังดี
(ข้อสอบจริงจะประมาณนั้น/ 1 passage)
เพื่อ "วัด speed" ว่าเราอ่านได้ไวแค่ไหน
วัดจาก “Word per minute”
1 นาทีเราอ่านได้กี่คำ
โดยการ ใช้ไม้บรรทัด ขีด 2 เส้น
ลากลงมา แบ่งหน้าเป็น 3 ส่วน
5/7 ของเนื้อหาทั้งหมด
จะสามารถที่จะ "มองเห็น" ข้อมูลบริเวณนั้นได้
>เราจะลดสิ่งที่ต้องอ่านได้ประมาณ เกือบ 1/3
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King - 9.20
Bart - 9.21
Alpha & Omega - 9.24
Rattlesnake - 9.27
Lone Star - HOME #R
17(L) #B U Q UE R Que - 10-1(10/11)
#A #Z First & Last - 10-21 (12:01)
I R VINE 🍇- 10.7

Green Lights ImageImage
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All it is/has been this whole time is, ones who have been long gone for YEARS NOW but continuously put within the public eye with CGI or people wearing masks & Ones who sing/dance along with the false reality
Trying to give the truth BEYOND face value like I do but little to no one sees what those who have bo choice but to sing & dance along with the script are saying ..
Those who have to sing & dance along with the scripted reality that has been scripted for the last 100 years
Have bo choice but to leave it up to 1 “nobody”/GOD because of they try doing what God is supposed to do, the people will look at them with the eyes they’re supposed to look at God.


Most of The people have chosen everyone
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Peter Obi, his daughter and a secret business

Mr Obi has two children- a daughter, Gabriella Nwamaka Frances Obi, and a son, Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi.
Sometime in 2010, more than four years after he became governor, the politician developed an appetite to set up his first discreet company in the British Virgin Island. He named the company Gabriella Investments Limited, after his daughter.
To set up what has now become a convoluted business structure, Mr Obi first approached Acces International, a secrecy enabler in Monaco, France, to help him incorporate an offshore entity in one of the world’s most notorious tax havens noted for providing conduits for wealthy
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Can you believe the connections aren’t being made on what everyone is being shown, when they@re being shown what everyone is—Someone has been SHOWING Time Travel exists for the last 3 +++ Days/7 Years with all the proof anyone could ever want. All while explaining within
fine detail what ALL OF THIS has been about since day 1, all of it has been about PROTECTING 1 “Nobody” who MOSTLY everyone threw away/didn’t care about until they finally woke up seeing what everyone they look too at the highest levels of life have been showing them for YEARS
now, INCLUDING the Military & EVERY layer of life.
Everyone has been SHOWING “Nobody” is actually somebody & that somebody ended up being THE 1 someone everyone has been waiting on for A very long time …

I’ll say it one more time before I go live later this evening & Have
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⚡ All You Need to Know About CSS Specificity ⚡

A thread🧵👇🏼
❓ What is Specificity?

📌 If there are two or more conflicting CSS rules that point to the same element, the browser follows some rules to determine which one is most specific and therefore wins out.
🎯 Specificity Hierarchy

⇢ Every CSS selector has its place in the specificity hierarchy.

⇢ Four categories define the specificity level of a selector:

✤ Inline styles

⤷ Example: <h1 style="color: pink;">

✤ IDs ⤷ Example: #navbar
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⚡ All You Need to Know About CSS Specificity ⚡

A thread🧵👇🏼 Image
❓ What is Specificity?

📌 If there are two or more conflicting CSS rules that point to the same element, the browser follows some rules to determine which one is most specific and therefore wins out.
🎯 Specificity Hierarchy

⇢ Every CSS selector has its place in the specificity hierarchy.

⇢ Four categories define the specificity level of a selector:

✤ Inline styles

⤷ Example: <h1 style="color: pink;">

✤ IDs ⤷ Example: #navbar
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Looking ahead for #PantheonResources; although I expect gradual SP movement trending upward as investors disseminate/understand the latest RNS(see end of thread), below I list potential announcements/events which could trigger share price movement... $PANR #PANR $PTHRF #PTHRF
Note: This is a timeline(excl oil price vol) I have estimated based on past years. Although I expect them to occur, the timing could be vastly different. Please comment on anything I might have missed. Don't base any investment decisions on this info - it's not investment advice.
We should expect detailed @CanaccorGenuity and @WHIrelandCB notes in due course.
1. Potentially resume testing; <3weeks
2. Webinar update; 2-4 Weeks
3. Recoverable resource estimates SFS and potential for Summer Drilling; 1- 2 Months... $PANR #PANR
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Theta West Flows!! - the team averaged 57BOPD over 2.5 days, with peak rates exceeding 100BOPD.
1.2b barrels of high quality, light oil recoverable now significantly de-risked. $PANR #PANR
"The primary objectives of the LBFF test was (a) to confirm oil quality, (b) to confirm oil movability, and (c) to confirm reservoir deliverability. All of these objectives were successfully achieved in this initial testing operation" $panr #panr
"The well flowed high quality, light 35.5-38.5 degree API gravity oil at rates that averaged over 57 barrels of oil per day " $panr #panr
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Remember when DJT was in HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA?

He was/has always been showing the world subliminally, planning everything he was doing around slowly guiding everyone into A direction they should have been long ago … As time went on, everyone has been making it easier & easier
To see & WHY it’s been so important to see what was always being shown, the way it was all always meant to be seen.

Why risk it all for A skateboarder?

The easier it was being made for everyone to see, the more haters came out or the more ones tried dividing others away
From where all those who everyone looks to for comms, confirmations, Proofs the easier it was being made for all to see .. Why? Proving that the way MANY chose to treat others was wrong …
This is me at Love Park, I have posted it so many times saying LOVE is what will save the
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#A - #Z

I know one of the important people have to be 1 of the 1’s to show for anything to really matter like it does if the important ones do show, so here it is ..


Enjoi the Rally tonight & Be Happy!
More very important comms, “proofs” &
Confirmations will be given ..

The many call them “proofs” but to me, it’s just A conversation happening ..

You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see/hear it. .
Just embrace, confuse being kind & stop living in FEAR .. What others have to say about you for believing
Means absolutely nothing …

Unpack all of it having the purist of intentions & not just “decoding”/unpacking what’s being shown for attention/likes, followers ..

Come together as 1 Body, Soul, mind & Spirit ..

Have A Good Night & Peace be with you all!
I might hop back on
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🛑 La maison de l’écologie populaire à #Bagnolet abrite 1 mouvement très controversé, le Front de mères.
➡️ Des habitants interpellent le maire #PS et les élus sur leur soutien à une association aux thèses indigénistes et anti-républicaines. Un thread ⤵️
2. Il y a peu, la ville de #Bagnolet a apporté son appui à l'octroi de locaux de 900m2 pour l’ouverture d’une « Maison de l’écologie Populaire », également appelée « Verdragon ».
3.Trente habitants de la ville ont écrit une lettre ouverte au maire #PS Tony di Martino et aux élus de la ville pour s’émouvoir de cette initiative.
Ils appellent tous les citoyens à signer cette lettre ouverte et soutenir leur démarche.
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Don't quit or resign your positions that help ensure this Countries safety.
Law Inforcment, TO the Doctors, Nurses & Law that Protect THE PEOPLE, the people that really do LOVE & Honor ALL, Don't Quit.
CORRUPTION is Purposely Putting ones
In their respetive field Backs up against the wall.
WHAT the General Public Requires the most when there is an Emergency, [THEY] neede everyone dived - SHEEP are blind to humanity Purposely being poisoned or don't want everyone protected.
Divided Weak.
UNITED strong.💪
The ROOT of all evil:
People easily being paid off to be corrupt for A better lifestyle than so much of the populatiom has been pushed into for MANY years of living in (its nothing new). Everyone is NOT taking it any more. So their waking up to REALITY that has always been there,
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Here, we're going to thread the key #pitmad rules/guidelines, but please visit for full details. #PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 280-character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts.
Every unagented writer is welcome to pitch. All genres/categories are welcomed. All nationalities are welcomed.

#PitMad occurs quarterly. It will run from 8am ET to 8pm ET today, June 3.

Do NOT tag agents/editors in your pitches. Don't tag us unless you have a question.
Agents and editors make requests by liking/favoriting (❤️) the tweeted pitch. #pitmad

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#A different kind of people thrive a lot when they are pushed into a disadvantaged position.

The fear mode button on their keypad has long been deactivated.

They are fearless.

They are go getters

Hebrews 11:33 MSG
Through acts of faith, they toppled kingdoms, made justice
work, took the promises for themselves. They were protected from lions,
Hebrews 11:34 fires, and sword thrusts, turned disadvantage to advantage, won battles, routed alien armies.

Joseph turned his disadvantage to advantage. In prison, he did not sit sulking, he was busy
interpreting dreams.

Jephthah too did not sit down sulking when he was abruptly thrown out of his father's house through no fault of his.

He lost his inheritance.
Lost his heritage, but never lost his identity.

He was a man of valour.
Even in the land where he ran to, he did
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