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The world economy is being kept alive and functional by the #ZeroCOVID economics and social policy of the Far East (JP, TW, SG, PRC). Without it, global supply chains and the world economy would just crumble and collapse tomorrow
For those who say there is a “cost” to #ZeroCOVID: well, yes it's that you have to go to work keeping to the economy running, and you don't get to chill out while you lounge around for eternity as you push up daisies
And true, no country has had ZERO cases of COVID so #ZeroCOVID doesn't exist. PRC probably exaggerates its successes too. #ZeroCOVID aims towards zero by getting the Reff <1 in exponential decline. To do otherwise is to “live with” exponential eruptions of death Image
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A new modelling study on the value of vaccine boosters to mitigate the global impact of #Omicron

By fitting an immunological model to population-level vaccine effectiveness (VE) data, NAb titres for Omicron are reduced by 3.9 fold compared to the Delta variant 1/
Under this model, it is predicted that 90 days after boosting with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, efficacy against severe disease (admission to hospital) declines to 95.9% against the Delta & 78.8% against the Omicron 2/
Integrating this immunological model within a model of SARS2 transmission, the size of the Omicron wave will depend on the degree of past exposure to infection across the population, w/ relatively small Omicron waves in countries that previously experienced a large Delta wave 3/
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Zo? En wat gebeurt er dan @Ammer_B? Bewijs uit het ongerijmde? Omdat je niet weet wat er anders gebeurt was, werkt de door jou geadoreerde #lockdown

Hoef jij verder niets te onderbouwen? Aan te tonen?

Vast niet. Want ook jij bent een Hogepriester.

Ik zal je vertellen wat jij bent: een belediging voor de wetenschap.

Was jij ook niet een lid van het @C19RedTeam? Je weet wel, die mensen van #ZeroCovid.

Didn't age well, did it?….
Hogepriesters hebben namelijk altijd het gelijk aan hun kant, is het niet? Omdat zij vinden dat dat zo is.

De Jutland studie: nul verschil, in een van de best uitgevoerde studies.…
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The current #COVID19 media coverage around me seems to agree on three things: (1) there is nothing we can do against #omicron, (2) this variant is mild & the wave will be over soon, (3) we're soon going "endemic," to "live with the virus," & back to normality. /1
There seems to be very little push-back against this narrative, which is something that really surprises me. But worse than that: it does *not* bode well for the next pandemic (whether the next #COVID19 variant or something altogether more worrisome). /2
Re (1): we can't do anything & #ZeroCovid was never an option.

Well, we never really tried. Those few countries that did were isolated (either geographically or surrounded by countries who didn't implement any low-incidence measures). /3
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“Living with the virus” has failed. The wishful thinking, the regression to allowing biology to dominate society, the idea of normality of widespread disease has not worked. No way to justify the damage as health, economy and freedom are lost. Its advocates should reassess. 1/
Let us stop justifying the failure by claiming nothing else was possible, that we couldn’t have known, that we couldn’t have succeeded anyway. It is not becoming of our identities, it is not respectful of our ancestors, it is not a way to build our futures. 2/
Society, through medical systems, transportation systems, manufacturing, construction of homes, industries, cities, and scientific knowledge, links us in a shared destiny, MLK's "inescapable network of mutuality". Together, we transcend individual biological destiny. 3/
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Het virus ‘laten uitrazen’ is een slecht idee…

"Als we corona niet als griep gaan behandelen, komen we nooit meer van @ginnymooy af"

@C19RedTeam #ZeroCovid #mondkapjesplicht

Need I say more? Ga gewoon weg @ginnymooy.

You've had your moment of fame.
Niemand neemt je nog serieus. Niemand heeft nog aandacht voor je.

Behalve de intellectuele virofobe waanzinnigen van het @nrc

Nul verstand van infectieziekten. Nul verstand van ziekte en overlijden. Nul verstand van...

Waar heb je eigenlijk wel verstand van, @ginnymooy?
Ga gewoon weg. Het is over. Het is klaar.

Pandemieën eindigden al lang voordat jij het levenslicht zag

En dat zullen ze ook doen nadat jij overleden bent - al of niet aan je virofobie of ijdelheid.
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1/n Alors que le nombre de patients en soins critiques COMMENCE A BAISSER EN FRANCE l'Assemblée a voté une loi pass vaccinal globalement durcie en invoquant comme prétexte d'éviter un nouveau confinement qui ne se profilait pas.
2/n Pour que ce soit clair, voici comment ont voté les groupes parlementaires.
3/n Cela alors que ce qui se passe actuellement correspond au scénarion LE PLUS OPTIMISTE évoqué par l'institut Pasteur qu'il jugeait peu probable. C'est aussi ce qui s'était passé en Af du Sud, ce qui montre qu'on surestime le risque lié à Omicron.
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School reopening advocates and apologists invariably invoke the impact of #remotelearning on children's mental health. What they do not talk or write about is the shattering impact on a young person of a parent's sudden death due to #COVID19. 1/
"The Burden of Bereavement," published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in September 2018 - before the pandemic - examined the long-term effect of parental death. "The loss of a parent," it wrote, "is one of the most stressful events that a child can experience." 2/
The study established that the loss of a parent is for children an emotionally catastrophic event with long-term consequences. Over a 7 year period, bereaved children suffered "depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and functional impairment." 3/
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Of all the vicious anti-Chinese propaganda pieces Ms. Li Yuan has churned out for the @NYTimes, this ranks among the filthiest. As always, her aim is to portray China's ZeroCovid policy -- which has kept deaths below 5,000 people -- as a monstrous violation of human rights. 1/
The article is titled: "The Army of Millions Who Enforce China's #ZeroCovid Policy, at All Costs." Her technique is to sensationalize individual incidents -- actually reported in the Chinese press -- as examples of pervasive brutality. 2/
Li Yuan cites the following incidents: 1) a man in Xi'an who failed to gain admittance to a hospital died of a heart attack; 2) a pregnant woman, with an invalid Covid test, lost her baby; 3) two security guards beat up a man who was caught violating lockdown rules. 3/
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I know you have. The point I'm making is that--whatever the intrinsic merits & demerits of these products--if we are at best in a similar place as b4 vaxx, it's largely owing to their having provided the scientistic illusion of forceful action, & thus cover for that dereliction.
Put otherwise--it can be plausibly argued that the way these ever more evidently flawed inoculants have been recklessly & counter-scientifically used has resulted in a weaker pandemic response than before them.
The vaccines (or their silver-bullet deployment) became the centrepiece of a high-viral circulation / mutation magical pony--instead of being used selectively in a #ZeroCovid low-circulation / mutation strategy.
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1/10 - “As #Omicron infections spread from Tianjin to Henan Province, several regions, including Beijing, urged residents to stay put during the upcoming Spring Festival, and tightened their #COVID19 prevention policies.”…
2/10 - “Anyang, a city with a population of 5 million in Central China's Henan Province, began city-wide testing and imposed strict #COVID19 prevention measures, such as stopping outbound railway, bus and taxi services, after the city reported 26 cases during the past 2 days.”
3/10 - “Most of the confirmed cases in Anyang are students from a local middle school in the city's Tangyin county. The local government has identified 1,495 close contacts and put them under quarantine. It began to test people in the whole city.”
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Μακροπρόθεσμα όλοι θα κολλήσουμε κορωνοϊό (αυτό σημαίνει ενδημικότητα).

Αυτό δε σημαίνει οτι θα πρέπει να το ΕΠΙΔΙΩΚΟΥΜΕ κιόλας, μη τηρώντας στοιχειώδεις προφυλάξεις.

Επίσης **όλοι έχουμε επιλογή** αν θα κολλήσουμε έχοντας πρώτα κάνει 3 δόσεις εμβολίου, ή όντας απροστάτευτοι.
Επειδή τα λεγόμενα μου βλέπω αναπαράγονται, και δη ατελώς / επιλεκτικά:

Το οτι **μακροπρόθεσμα** θα κολλήσουμε όλοι, ΔΕΝ πρέπει να μας οδηγεί σε χαλάρωση. ΤΟ ΑΝΤΙΘΕΤΟ: να λαμβάνουμε προφυλάξεις, με **ψυχραιμία** και σύνεση. Και πρωτίστως να εμβολιαστόυμε.…
Εσχάτως διαδίδεται η λανθασμένη αντίληψη οτι είναι καλό να κολλήσουμε όλοι γρήγορα, για να ξεμπερδεύουμε κ να επανέλθει η κανονικότητα.

Ουδέν αναληθέστερον!
Είναι συμφέρον μας να καθυστερήσουμε και να **επιπεδώσουμε** το πανδημικό κύμα. Κερδίζουμε χρόνο..
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As doctors+nurses fight to save lives, a media offensive is underway to deny the severity of the pandemic, desensitize the population to mass death, claim that Omicron is “mild” and insist that nothing can be done to stop it.

Please share this 🧵

@nytimes columnist @DLeonhardt writes that “Covid now appears to present less threat to most vaccinated elderly people than the annual flu does."

Covid increasingly resembles the kind of health risk that people accept every day.”

In the Wall Street Journal, financial executive Rob Arnott concludes, "The prudent response to Omicron might be to encourage vaccinated people and even unvaccinated young adults to catch it." 3/…
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'There was only ever one option and it is to do exactly what the Chinese did in Wuhan and have been doing ever since.

If your country is not doing that, then we enter the socioeconomic and political sphere, in which there are two possibilities'…
'1. Your country is incapable of doing what has to be done. In which case it is a failed state, by definition — it is failing at its most basic duty of protecting the life and wellbeing of its citizens.'
'2. The ruling class of your country does not want to do what has to be done. In which case that ruling class is guilty of premeditated mass murder on a scale never seen since WWII.'
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"Um mit Covid zu leben, müssen wir für eine permanente #Pandemie planen"

Ein #Endemie kritischer und #ZeroCovid lobender Artikel in der Financial Times❓ Wacht die Wirtschaft laaangsam auf?

Ein paar Highlight Zitate…
"Zwei Jahre nach Beginn der #Pandemie hält Europa den Atem an und hofft, dass #Omikron weniger virulent ist.

Offensichtlich haben wir die Pandemie weder in den Griff bekommen, noch gelernt, unsere politischen Reaktionen zu optimieren.

Hierfür gibt es keine Entschuldigung."
#Omicron kam, wie jede Mutation, unangekündigt.
Aber das Auftreten von Mutationen ist ein vorhersehbares - und vorhergesagtes - 👉 Ergebnis der weiteren Ausbreitung von Infektionen, die die Welt nicht verhindert hat. 👈
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Japanese messaging. Top priority is correct masking. Keep it on while talking. No chin masking. Ensure gapless fit. Avoid speaking loudly in crowded, poorly ventilated spaces
The slogan in the lower third box that goes 「目指そうゼロ密!」 means "let's aim for zero transmission". It's a very #ZeroCOVID message. The majority (2/3) of the poster focuses on aerosol transmission
Actually, a more accurate translation is “let's aim for zero close contact”. Even more emphatic here. Eliminating the three forms of close contact: physical closeness, crowding, and closed spaces
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Here is a classic rona nudge by @McKinsey from 2 months ago…
let's dive in in this #thread
@McKinsey since the start of the "article", after the #ZeroCovid communist nudge, rona apparatchiks from @McKinsey are nudging the next stage of wisdom "living with #COVID19"
@McKinsey psychological nudge following the previous #ZeroCovid gaslighting nudge to push the infamous #NewNormal down our throats... nudged "choices" are not and won't be "deliberate"
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@kasza_leslie @DFisman @DrEricDing @GosiaGasperoPhD @jvipondmd @PopAlberta @RajBhardwajMD @TehseenLadha @GermHunterMD @LeylaDAsadi @drdagly @FionaMattatall @kwburak Contrast w Dr Fauci's Nov 2014 speech to that same National Press Club, at height of unfounded Ebola fears in USA.

Many similarities & differences:
• Body fluid contact Ebola in Africa; airborne fear in USA
• 19th Century Isolate/Trace 👍


@kasza_leslie @DFisman @DrEricDing @GosiaGasperoPhD @jvipondmd @PopAlberta @RajBhardwajMD @TehseenLadha @GermHunterMD @LeylaDAsadi @drdagly @FionaMattatall @kwburak @kprather88 Even without slides, admirable clarity by Dr Fauci in explaining:
• every possible mode of transmission
• timing of symptoms/infectiousness
• risk-based approach to manage travel & quarantine
• methodical symptom-checking + immediate isolation + diligent contact tracing
@kasza_leslie @DFisman @DrEricDing @GosiaGasperoPhD @jvipondmd @PopAlberta @RajBhardwajMD @TehseenLadha @GermHunterMD @LeylaDAsadi @drdagly @FionaMattatall @kwburak @kprather88 I then obtained my MD in Infectious Diseases from the prestigious YouTube School 🙃 by watching Dr Fauci address Harvard Global Health's "Outbreak Week" on 100th anniversary of the 1918 pandemic.

Fantastic Presentation w personable intro by @ashishkjha.
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There is an element of human nature that is in play that makes it hard to let go. It may have a more specific name, but it is at least related to the sunken cost fallacy. We have a segment of society that is deeply invested in #ZeroCOVID and has made major sacrifices.
They know, or at least have some cognitive dissonance, about the horrible and disproportionate burden we have asked kids to bears. They have a sense that there are many who had it much worse because of the effect on the economy. And for many there was a personal impact of COVID.
So all of the sacrifice and hardship can potentially be worth it if there is a victory, a payoff where, in part because of the sacrifice, COVID is defeated. But that isn't the same as this COVID armistice.
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And this is entirely fine--our conversation has largely sidestepped the ideological, or any need to join an information warfare campaign against vaxx hesitancy, or the WEF, etc.
We've seen potential harms & benefits for 2 options--without other nuances such as limited use of vaxx for high C19 risk & no jabs for high vaxx risk while pursuing
#ZeroCovid & / or
herd immunity thru Omicron &/or
a better vaxx selection & / or
prophylaxis & early treatment
We've recognized how isolated, healthy individuals (low risk to catch C19; moderate risk of severe illness) might opt out of (low) vaxx risk, or high-vaxx-risk (teen males) might still opt out of vaxx w/ high odds to get Omicron, but low expected C19 impacts.
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Yesterday I was blocked by Monica Gandhi after commenting on her thread opposing the fight to eliminate #COVID19. Unable to respond to my arguments, she chose to restrict my ability to comment and inform her followers about the science of elimination. 1/
In her tweet, she mocked the “lament on twitter today that COVID zero could have been possible," falsely claiming, “it is actually the properties of the virus itself that make that impossible.” Here is my reply, which was beyond the pale for Dr. Gandhi. 2/
The article I shared is the first serious review of China's #ZeroCovid. It provides a highly detailed examination of the public health measures pursued there, which have kept infections and deaths near zero since April 2020. 3/…
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😑 ImageImageImageImage
Tu veux dire quoi ? On a des gens qui portent un titre officiel de médecin et qui expliquent des choses à des patients. Ils écoutent.
Après, depuis plusieurs années, on est quand même très nombreux à produire, relayer et rendre disponible une somme énorme d'informations scientifiquement correctes en matière de santé, notamment sur les pseudomédecines, le covid et les pseudomédecines dans le covid.
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🇯🇵 Japon 🇯🇵

Voilà ce qui s'appelle maîtriser une épidémie.

Et il n'y a même pas de #ZeroCovid.
Juste une meilleure discipline que nous sur le port du masque.
Une compréhension de la transmission par aérosols.
Des efforts concentrés sur les lieux de superspreading.

Bravo à eux.
Alors c'est vrai qu'ils testent peu par rapport à la France (euphémisme).
Mais leurs tests sont mieux ciblés, et de toute façon, si le virus circulait intensément dans la population, ça se verrait très rapidement dans les chiffres de la mortalité (surtout que la moyenne d'âge au Japon est supérieure à la nôtre).
Or, on meurt très peu du COVID au Japon.
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We must stop SARS3 from making a totally-different COVID-21. That is what is happening right now. Take it seriously. Don't be sleeping like most people were in early 2020

We can do this. The strategies are same as for COVID-19, we just didn't do them. Let's follow them this time
(1) Respirators. Not masks. Not surgicals, not cloth. You want non-woven fabric: N95, KN95, KF94, FFP2, FFP3, N99, N100, P100.

DO NOT "save N95s for the doctors". Us NOT wearing N95s is what harms doctors. Because they will have to deal with exponentially many more sick people.
We can already make enough N95s for everyone who is willing to buy them now. We have the machines. They got turned off because no one was buying. They'll be turned back on when we start.

Don't save N95's for doctors. Save the doctors instead.…
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