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Pinning this 🙏 Simple argument, as COVID-cyberpunk as it gets. Add a shade of climate and you're good to fly: Reverse the global trend of supervillainy that SARS will usher into unless we stop it. - We CAN, by simple effective policy. Just as in all the WHO/UN superhero stories. ImageImageImage
1. Did the superhero stories forget to mention political scientists? - The simple effective policy is

N95+eye protection
test & trace
isolation of the infected
international travel surveillance & quarantine

They involve plane science, no rocket science.
2. We also forgot those who will end the pandemic: lawyers!

Not scholars or practitioners of international law alone -- but it follows from the structure of our systemic problems that no solution can work without them.
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This comes from the 2023 EIU global risk assessment. The trouble is, lifting China's #zeroCOVID policy is the very thing propelling the evolution of a “new, highly aggressive variant of COVID”🧵…
China is too dependent on the productivity of its factory workforce. Factories are ill-ventilated sardines cans ripe for COVID eruptions disrupting manufacturing. Mass death/injury means worker supply is less than demand, pushing up the cost of labour.…
Mortality from pandemics has historically increased the value of labour. The plague probably helped to end serfdom in Europe. Chinese manufacturing depends on cheap labour, but with #infiniteCOVID, CCP serfdom will struggle, and this critical cogwheel in the economy will stutter. Thomas Piketty: Capital and Ideology. One of the factors tha
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Mit der Öffnung von #China ist die #Corona-Pandemie zu Ende gegangen, und die Welt in einer neuen Ära angekommen. Im Westen wird eine #Zeitenwende propagiert. An den drei großen Projekten aber beteiligt sich China nicht. Ein 🧵👇
I. Der Krieg in der #Ukraine: Noch vor einem Jahr beteuerten #Xi Jinping und #Putin ihre ewige Freundschaft. Nun scheint hinter den Kulissen eine Kehrtwende eingeleitet worden zu sein. #China rückt etwas von Russland ab.
Langfristig aber hat auch #China kein Interesse an einer Niederlage Russlands. Fakt aber ist, dass #Xi einerseits von den westlichen Sanktionen gegenüber profitiert: China kauft russisches Öl und Gas derzeit zum Discount.
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Replacing Wang Yi as Foreign Minister & now shunting out‘wolf warrior’ Zhao as foreign ministry spokesperson, is the UTTER & DISASTROUS failure of #ComradeXi's combative, expansionist & aggressive foreign policy.…
It is absurd to believe that these officials were toeing anything other than the official line.

This retreat, is similar to the about turn on the disastrous #ZeroCovid policy of #XiJinping,which is resulting in millions of infections, swamped medical facilities & untold deaths.
It is the horrific failures of #XiJingping which are sought to be covered up:

* Trade War with America with disastrous economic consequences.

* The total failure of #CPEC, #BRI, alienating Austrailia & #Europe among others.

* Lunatic land grab with India & the murderous
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1/4 The lifting of #ZeroCovid restrictions in early December has, inevitably, led to infections, severe illness and deaths in #China, almost three years after the #virus engulfed the world but was kept locked down there.
2/4 “Bodies are overflowing everywhere,” a cremation fixer told Bloomberg. Yet the official count is unbelievably low - just eight deaths for the last week of December.
#China #Covid
3/4 Even after #China recently narrowed the definition of death from #Covid, to exclude underlying diseases, the official death tolls are impossibly low, with some estimates suggesting about 9,000 people were dying of Covid-related causes every day in late December.
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1/9 - “As an unparalleled #COVID19 outbreak swept through China in December, President Xi Jinping remained mostly silent on the health crisis in the world’s most populous country.”…
2/9 - “But during an annual pre-recorded New Year’s Eve address broadcast by state television on Saturday, China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong finally made a call for unity while defending his handling of the pandemic.”
3/9 - “The ruling Chinese Communist party’s attempts to downplay and distract from the worsening health crisis that has followed Xi’s decision to drop almost all Covid restrictions reflect the damage wrought on his credibility at home and abroad,just as he embarks on a 3rd term.”
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We shared pandemic information in high frequency and intensity. Governments and even media shared less. Why?

Because the alternative to international cooperation in the face of a highly transmissible, mutating virus, is isolation.…… Image
I may reach 50,000 people; government and media millions. Not all need all information (twitter is disinformation AND science-heavy, hence the schizophrenic vibe here)

Yet even basic warnings don't reach "the public" (I like the Chinese term, 老百姓)

To put it positively, we have a real challenge ahead.
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1/9 - “Ever since China ended its #ZeroCovid policy late last month, its hospitals have been overwhelmed by cases. But as concerns grow about the threat of new variants Beijing has been criticised by global health bodies for a lack of transparency.”…
2/9 - “At least 15 countries have introduced mandatory #COVID19 testing for travellers arriving from China, mostly to ensure that no dangerous variants go undetected. The UKHSA has asked hospitals to sequence all viral samples from patients from China hospitalised with Covid.”
3/9 - “But are surging infection rates likely to lead to powerful variants from China or other countries, such as the US? The chances are seen as low by many epidemiologists though they remain concerned that a lack of transparency in some countries could hinder detection.”
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1/8 - “Leading scientists advising the World Health Organization said they wanted a “more realistic picture” about the #COVID19 situation from China’s top experts at a key meeting on Tuesday as worries grow about the rapid spread of the virus.”…
2/8 - “The WHO has invited Chinese scientists to a virtual closed meeting with its technical advisory group on viral evolution on Tuesday, to present data on which variants are circulating in the country. It is not open to the public or media.”
3/8 - ““We want to see a more realistic picture of what is actually going on,” said @MarionKoopmans, a Dutch virologist who sits on the WHO committee. Speaking to Reuters ahead of the meeting, she said some of the data from China, such as hosp. numbers, is “not very credible”.
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1/9 - “China is mourning a growing number of public figures lost to #COVID19, from academics to opera singers, whose deaths have complicated the government’s efforts to minimise the scale of the unfolding outbreak sweeping across the country.”…
2/9 - “Since authorities last month scrapped most restrictions instituted to keep the virus at bay, #SARSCoV2 has rampaged through China’s vulnerable population with unparalleled speed, leaving hospitals inundated with the sick and elderly and crematoria overwhelmed with demand.”
3/9 - “The havoc has left China’s propaganda organs struggling to shape a coherent narrative and defend the rollback of Xi Jinping’s signature #ZeroCovid, especially after spending two years playing up the death toll in the west as evidence of China’s superior governance.”
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Back in the days of John Humphrey Noyes before he got suspended for posting a study indicating there's viral persistence in epithelium of kids, because everyone includes kids.
How does a twit like this get 108K views propagating “what if viral persistence is REAL”?

It’s almost like we are back to banning twitter accounts for insisting SARS is airborne!
WHEN the rest of non-SARS experts acknowledge that “viral persistence is a thing”, we will be one step closer to acknowledging the true immunity dysfunction threat of SARS
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Berechtigte Kritik aus CH: „Dtl hat viel weniger den Kompromiss gefunden, mit dem Virus zu leben. Viele Kräfte hätten über lange Zeit lieber eine #Zerocovid-Strategie verfolgt, mit ganz harten Lockdowns. Das wäre in der Schweiz undenkbar gewesen…“ 1/4…
„Aber wie gesagt: Im Vergleich zu Deutschland etwa, das keinen gesunden Weg des Dialogs gefunden hat, war es bei uns besser. Aber wir müssen auch mit uns kritisch sein, da wir alle zu viel Propaganda und Information gemacht haben - und viel zu wenig Kommunikation.“ 2/4
„Corona-Pandemie, #Klimawandel, Energiemangellage: Oft fehlt der breite Kontext und dominiert dieses monokausale Denken…“ 3/4
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1. How does SARS cause AIDS?

The virus SARS-CoV causes systemic chronic immune activation, loss of plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC), naive T and B cells, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

I would propose the name airborne immunodeficiency virus (#AIV) #SIDU 221225 Image
2. COVID19 (SARS) is transient because the virus clears as epithelial cells regenerate. It extends the infected cell's life (500-787 days in the renal epithelium). It causes #AirborneAIDS in SARS survivors; hence the need for #ZEROairborneAIDS (#ZeroCOVID)
3. Immune damage acquired from SARS (Covid) can be premanent

What causes SARS-associated chronic immune activation? - @fitterhappierAJ published early and warned the public most consistently. We all owe him………
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I wrote this before the ending of China's #zeroCOVID policy but it has become even more prescient in its relevance today. It was controversial to write that lockdown is “ineffectual”. I meant not that it doesn't work but that there are severe limits to its social tolerability. 🧵
As lockdown is inefficient, it is tempting to overuse it. Once *overused* it leads to social unrest and a reduction in trust in government. This makes it crucial to rapidly transition to socially non-disruptive mode-of-transmission-specific interventions.
What I said was contentious then but if China couldn't sustain lockdowns, nobody could. Lockdown is a temporary band-aid solution reducing close contact—which isn't a mode of transmission. It is vital to have a mode-of-transmission-specific exit strategy.
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1/7 - “Hospitals in Beijing are being overwhelmed by sick elderly #COVID19 patients just weeks after China abandoned its tough coronavirus containment measures with little preparation for the exit wave now ripping through the country.”…
2/7 - “Emergency rooms have run out of cots for patients, the infirm are waiting hours for ambulances and many doctors are too sick with #COVID19 to work. Some facilities are so overloaded they are running out of oxygen hookups for those with respiratory problems.”
3/7 - “Beijing’s healthcare system was long thought to be among the best prepared in the country to deal with a surge of Covid infections. But the gov’s decision this month to abruptly abandon its draconian #ZeroCovid, has sparked one of the country’s biggest Covid outbreaks.”
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Airborne AIDS

HIV t-cell depletion test and HIV antivirals treatment is diagnosis and treatment not being offered to long term SARS patients.

If #LongCovid talks like a duck, and #LongCovid walks like a duck, duck off denying SARS is not airborne AIDS!
The entire #MedTwitter community is arguing over itself about terminology specificity!

When the other anti-science side is inventing fucken “immunity debt” terminology to minimize and misinform!
There’s ZERO interest in funding research to support what China has already evidenced about antivirals treatment!
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In Nov, I went to a town close to the #Colombia-##Panama border to cover Latin American migration across the #DarienGap to the US. Surprisingly, I discovered dozens of #Chinese citizens lining up for boats headed for the jungle crossing themselves. (1/10)…
A growing number of Chinese citizens are fleeing #China in search of a safer, brighter future, which they term “#runology” (潤學). Trekking through the Darien Gap to the US is perhaps the most perilous escape route they can take. (2/10)
The migrants enter South America via Ecuador, which allows Chinese nationals to enter without visas, before moving through Colombia and six Central American countries to reach the US. And the number of Chinese nationals making this trek has surged in recent months. (3/10)
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1. Summary of audio of a man in #Beijing who fought for more than 43 hours to try to get a #cremation service for his dead family: during the 2-3 hours when I was waiting, 20 more bodied were sent in. Now the waiting time is over 30 days. If I want to jump the queue,
2. the cheapest price is 30K yuan ( $43100). They have the phone numbers of all crematoriums there. I called 4 of them, but none could be reached. I called the crematorium in Changping. They also said the waiting time is more than 30 days.
3. And they only accept local people. Now I may have to choose to pay 30K to jump the queue. They said the body can be cremated in 3-5 days if I pay 30K yuan.
#chinalockdown #ZeroCOVIDpolicy
#CCPChina #COVID19 #CCPVirus #AmazingChina #COVID #ZeroCovid
#XiJinping #CCP #China
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1/9 - “Up to one million people in China could die from #COVID19 over the next few months, according to some of the first projections since the government lifted many of its strict #ZeroCovid measures.”…
2/9 - “However, two studies find that the number of deaths could be reduced by giving most of the population a fourth vaccine dose, combined with a high level of adherence to masking and reimposition of temporary restrictions on social interactions when death rates surge.“
3/9 - “Officially, the number of reported cases has been dropping since late November because of the changes in testing requirements, but there are indications that infections in some regions have risen rapidly.”
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1/4 - “Les pays [démocratiques] ayant renoncé [il y a près d’un an] au #ZeroCovid améliorent leur ventilation des espaces clos, continuent à imposer le port du masque et enregistrent une excellente couverture vaccinale.”…
2/4 - “Le coût de l'entêtement
du gouvernement chinois n'a pas encore été totalement chiffré, mais il devrait s'avérer colossal.”
3/4 - “L'augmentation massive des cas en Chine ne daterait pas du 7 décembre 2022. Nous pensons en effet que les digues du #ZeroCovid ont totalement lâché dans le pays depuis plusieurs semaines.”
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A long-established local media outlet in the capital, The Beijinger, has done a survey of people in #Beijing, on a series of Wechat groups, about #Covid infections here. So far a whopping 70% of respondents say they’ve been infected. #China
The sample group would include a lot of foreigners living in #Beijing and skew heavily towards Chaoyang and Dongcheng districts, however it would also seem to match other anecdotal evidence. It’s hard to find someone in the city who hasn’t caught #Covid over the last week or so.
Sadly, the incredible speed with which #Covid has ripped though #Beijing (could be more that 10 million infections in a week here) has put older residents/vulnerable groups in danger. This is pretty grim… #China
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Here's the #inflation story you're expected to believe (advance warning: this story is entirely false): America gave the poors too much money during the lockdown and now the #economy is awash in #FreeMoney, which made those poors so rich that now they're refusing to work. 1/ A vintage postcard illustration of the Federal Reserve build
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
That means the economy isn't making anything anymore. With all that extra money and all those missing workers, prices are skyrocketing.

To hear ghouls like @LHSummers tell it, there is only one answer to this. 3/
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Latest from me on… #China #Covid: Hospitals under strain in wave of infections…
Doctors and nurses are being forced to go to work even if they contract #COVID19 we’ve been told. So hospital staff could actually be infecting patients with the virus. #China #Covid crisis. Latest from me:…
Hearing stories like this all over #Beijing. #China #Covid 180-degree, high-speed, backflip…
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Wegens een sterk groeiende ergernis en hier en daar wat stoom uit mijn oren, kom ik nog één keer terug op de opmerkingen van @ryhertzberger en @woukevscherrenb.

Want wie hun opmerkingen leest, moet wel tot de conclusie komen dat de evolutie...
...zijn beste producten al een tijdje geleden heeft afgeleverd, en dat deze al flink op zijn retour is.

Want deze vaginale kletskundige en journalistieke pseudoloog weten het te vertellen dat COVID-19 een 'hel' wordt in China.
Wat er zou 'een miljoen' Chinezen overlijden aan #COVID19 in de komende tijd. Zo zo.

Da's een heleboel. Volgens deze kwexperts.

Laten we eens kijken hoeveel Chinezen er eigenlijk in China wonen: Warempel, het zijn er 1,425,887,337
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